Cousin’s Lust in the Occult

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We’re best friend’s, my cousin and I. Inseparable since young and thick as thieves. She’s a little older than me but only by a few months.

As we grew up, we were fascinated with such things as how people used to live “in the olden days”. What would it be like with no jobs to go to, or school to attend.

Living on a farm and fighting your enemies with swords! A world with witches and wizards. Magic potions for all you’re ailments and chanting around the fire.

Naturally this lead us to the discovery of Pagans and we quickly learned about Wiccan’s and the non “traditional” religions like we have today. As we got older, into our teenage years, our curiosity led us down a darker path. We would steal cigarettes and booze from either of our mothers and we would go deep into the woods, light mini fires and talk about the occult and people like Alister Crowley or Jimmy Page.

She had a printer in her house and we would skip school and print off loads of material to read and load up on stolen fag’s and bottles of stolen drink.

Concoctions we called them. It didn’t matter if it was 1 part whisky, 2 parts vodka and a splash of gin for good measure. These were our potions to broaden our mind’s and connect deeper into the seedy underbelly of our religion.

Being as we were now in our rebellious teens, other things naturally began to happen. We fancied people we knew at school and puberty was causing us to develop our bodies and sexuality.

We’re best friends, my cousin and I. Inseparable and as think as thieves.. even touchy feely at times.

We would play fight or almost flirtingly shove each other as we walked. We would sometimes sit so close to each other that our shoulders would be touching and if sat on the floor, our legs and knees might rest against each other. We would be so close some days in the woods that I’d be able to smell the shampoo from her dark blonde, shoulder length hair. Or catch a quick glace at the top of her now, nicely developing cleavage when she wore her usual low cut tops.

My eye always wandered when she would bend over to stoke the fire or pick something up. Trying to get a good look at her visible panty line or maybe see her whale tail protruding from the top of her jeans.

“I see she is wearing the white cotton’s today” I’d say to myself. Or, “Ah! My favourite, the purple satin ones, with the little black polka dots”. Truth be told, I knew them all.

By this point, I had long been into the habit of finding them around her house. Finding pairs of either her or her mothers dirty underwear and shamelessly using them for my own deprived, sexual gratification.

I’d find a pair lying around. Either from her messy bedroom floor or the laundry hamper in the hall. I’d stuff them into my pocket and go back to doing whatever we were doing. Usually watching TV or something.

I’d sit for a while with them, getting a semi at the thought. Keeping an ever watchful eye for anything remotely sexy. Her mother walking around in bare feet, wearing just her shorts. Imagining what it would be like to kiss her feet and suck on her toes. The smoothness of her legs on my hands as I ran them up her thigh. Or my cousin, yawning and stretching out, her chest pushing forwards and her beautiful breasts, almost swelling as she done it.

The baldness of her armpits were enough for me to imagine how soft her body was. How I longed to feel her skin on my lips!

I’d watch all of this, putting my hand into my pocket to feel the fabric of those panties against my fingers. Then I’d make my excuses, getting up to go to the bathroom while trying to conceal the shameful lust bulging in my boxers.

I’d closely inspect those panties. The stains marks from any womanly discharge. Even any marks or signs of their failure to properly wipe after taking a number two the day they wore them.

I’d inhale deeply through my mouth and nose to try and catch every last droplet of their scent. All the while, vigorously stroking my now rock hard cock until inevitably, shooting massive loads of hot white cum. Either into a handful of toilet paper or very occasionally, the panties themselves.

One day while skipping school. We were on the computer looking up our usual occult stuff. We came across an article that really peaked our interest. It was a weird moment and I’m sure she felt it too. The article was about ritual’s being performed naked at night in a ceremony they called ‘sky clad’.

It was almost like the air pressure in the room thickened. I could feel the blood in my body begin to rush and my heart rate elevated rapidly when she reacted to reading it.

“That is so cool! Can you even imagine how free and close to nature you would feel doing that?” She said.

I could see the gentle flush of red on her pale cheeks as she read on. She barely blinked and I could feel the sweet sensation of blood tingling the head of my stiffening penis while I imagined the possibility that she might be getting wet at the idea.

Then görükle escort bayan I noticed she blushed some more and I got the impression she might have become embarrassed by the way she reacted.

I offered her an olive branch by way of saying “that would be brilliant! I guess it makes sense too. The best way to connect to the god’s is surely to become free and let all of your inhibitions go”.

She agreed and seemed relieved at my response.

After a few more seconds of scrolling down the webpage she suddenly remembered to tell me something.

“The summer solstice! I almost forgot! It’s this Friday, we’ve got to do something!” she shouted.

This was good news for us. We always wanted to do some ritual’s on an important pagan holiday.

“Yes! We definitely have too! I already have a good concoction made that I was supposed to sneak out the house last weekend but couldn’t because my mum gave me a lift.” I said to her, with great delight.

We firmed up our plans to meet up before school on Friday. I was going to tell my mum I was staying over at a friend’s house for the night and she was going to say the same to my aunt. That way, we could camp out all night and wouldn’t have to worry about coming home at a reasonable hour while drunk.

We agreed the best place to do it was one of our usual haunts. A small opening in the woods. It’s about an hour’s walk out of the village and there is a small part of a fallen down stone dyke wall that worked like a wind break.

The next three days were torture! I couldn’t wait. The plan was well in motion. Our cover stories were in place and no further questions had been asked. I made sure to tell my mum I was being picked up off the school bus so would take my things in my school bag on the Friday. That way, I wouldn’t have to get a lift from her.

That Thursday night I hid my school books in my closest and filled my bag with some spare clothes, extra socks, the previously stolen booze and cigarettes, my pocket knife and a towel. I also packed some crisps and chocolate and a packet of beef jerky. Then I phoned my cousin and confirmed everything was still a go.

We spoke for a while and then I tried to get some sleep. But not before going into my bedside drawer and taking out a freshly stolen pair of panties.

They were light pink and had a cute cat face on the crotch. They smelled so good and I furiously stroked my cock to the thoughts of my cousin’s cleavage and imagining my cock being pressed in-between them. I wrapped the soft cotton pants around my cock and after a few more strokes, I covered them in my hot, white, sticky cum.

“Oh god”, I thought, how I wish my dirty fantasies could come true.

The next morning, instead of getting on the school bus, I slipped down an alley between two shops on the high street that led to a carpark. I jumped over the fence on the opposite side and walked along the secluded train tracks until I reached the small derelict bothy that we had agreed to met in.

I arrived first and since it was a hot day, I took my school blazer off and rolled it up in my bag. Just as I did this she walked in and said hi and we chatted briefly.

Like me, she was in her school uniform. A white shirt and red and black striped tie. She had the tie hanging loose and the top 3 buttons undone to show off her beautiful neck line and a tiny hint of the shape of her breasts.

She had a black blazer on and her grey school issue skirt. She always hiked up her skirt and rolled the top, like all the girls, in a bid to make it shorter. It was sitting about an inch above her knees. She never wore tights. Thank God! And her small white socks were barely visible in her black plimsoll type shoes.

She looked as amazing as ever. Her legs, I immediately noticed were smooth and freshly shaven and I could see from the unbuttoned portion of her shirt that she was wearing a dark red bra. I couldn’t wait for her to take her blazer off because I knew I’d be able to see it through her shirt.

Then she answered all my prayer’s. Seeing that I was putting my blazer in my bag.

She said, “good idea! We should change here so we look less obvious if anyone see’s us walking”.

I acted as though this was my idea all along and started to pull out my jeans and t-shirt from my bag. She dropped her school bag and started unbuttoning her blazer before taking it off and rolling it up.

We kept talking about general stuff as we did this, I wasn’t disappointed at the view of her bra underneath her white shirt. I wasn’t by any means leering at here. Just strategically glancing in her direction.

She took off her tie and undone another button of her shirt. I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head and then put on my t-shirt. I swear I caught her giving a side glance towards me as I did it, all while she took a top out of her bag.

Then she pulled her shirt up over her head as she turned towards her bag and I got the most amazing altıparmak eskort view of her stretched out body.

Her belly was pale and soft. She was skinny with a slight curviness and she wasn’t really tonned but was in very good shape.

Then there they were. He perfectly proportioned breasts. Neatly held together in her sexy dark red bra. Her bra had delicate black lace around the edges and I instantly became hard at the view.

This was a problem! How was I ever going to change into my jeans!

When she bent down to pick up her top I discreetly slipped my solid member up into the elastic of my boxer briefs and reached for my jeans.

I slipped my shoes off and started to slide my school trousers off. Holding the jeans in a way to try and conceal my incestuous shame.

She didn’t seem to be going through the same mental turmoil I was and after putting on her strappy black top, she proceeded to unzip the back of her skirt before saying,

“you should probably look away for this part” with what can only be described as a cheeky grin of her face.

I felt my face heat up as I turned about 90 degrees and carried on putting my jeans on. Still glancing over with my peripheral vision. She turned her back to me a little and let her skirt drop to the floor before bending over to pick up her shorts.

I literally oozed out pre cum at the sight of her perfectly rounded bottom. She was wearing marching dark red panties. They were slightly lacy with the same black ribbon material as her bra and were in the style of a thick thong or tonga type. I was surprised to notice that I’d never seen them before. They must be new. Especially since I took a sick pride in knowing all of her underwear.

Maybe they were bought specifically for tonight? I highly doubted it, but I can never control my thoughts about her.

As I hunched over slightly to pull up my jeans and she pulled up her skimpy dark green shorts, I glanced a little too much at her bum and just as I did this, she glanced over to mine!

Then our eyes locked for a split second.

“You’re not supposed to look!” she laughed.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing too and say “neither were you! Not that I blame you, I’m gorgeous!”

We laughed about this and exchanged comments with flirtatious undertones. Then we finished up and packed our things before leaving.

We walked along the tracks for a while and then cut across the corner of the golf course to get to the woods.

We kept walking while discussing school and stuff. I told her about a girl we both know in my maths class who is a total slut and how she gave a guy head in the toilets during the lunch break.

I admitted I was jealous of him and would love for her to be giving me a blow job. She wasn’t surprised by this! She also said she wished it was her giving the head in the toilets.

Did she mean she wanted to suck that guy off? Or was she speaking as though I was the guy? It was very vague and almost purposely unclear. My mind was racing! But I was pretty sure it was the first one she meant, I just wished otherwise.

We eventually reached our spot and set up camp. Which basically involved gathering loads and loads of wood and setting up a fire.

We actually done this for ages. Probably around two hours. It was nearly midday when we sat down.

She took a picnic blanket and laid it out and we ate some crisps and a sandwich she took with her. As the afternoon went on we had a few smokes and talked some more.

We were sat really close to each other. Bumping elbows and knees together. Her hair smelt like coconuts and I could smell slight undertones of body odour from all the walking and wood collecting. It drove me crazy. I could almost picture the way her vaginal lips would be tacky and slightly stick together because of the heat of the day and the sweat from collecting wood. After all, my balls were feeling pretty sweaty at this point.

Eventually we decided to have some drinks and start our secret ritual’s. She pulled out two warm bottles of ale she had stolen and also a full bottle of wine. With all of her plunder and my big bottle of mixed spirits, we definitely wouldn’t run out.

She had a small bottle of pepsi and a two letter bottle of coke so we could dilute the concoction into another empty bottle we had. We only had one bottle to mix in so we would have to share.

We started on the ale and then the wine while meditating and chanting the names of the god’s and goddesses we had memorised.

After the wine was done, we were definitely getting a little drunk. We decided to walk around the fire and jump through it while making up chants.

Then we sat cross legged and faced each other. I could see the shine from her sweating on her exposed chest and neck and we opened the concoction and ended up doing a blood pact.

We each made a small cut on each others palms.. barely enough to cause damage or even nilüfer escort hurt but enough to allow a little blood to leak out. We linked fingers and squeezed our hands together while looking into each others eyes.

We agreed that it was forever going to be us against the world.

We are blood, we are family and nothing would come between us.

It was about 7pm now and we were well on our way. The concoction was going down much better than expected but still pretty nasty. We left the bottle of pepsi unopened because other than that we only had one small bottle of water and thought we might need it.

Then the subject came up. Sky clad.

She had taken sheets of paper out of her bag with some of the stuff we had printed. Looking through them we reached the page explaining what it was. We looked at each other for what felt like the longest time. Trying to gauge each others thoughts. I was becoming excited by the idea and I could sense she was too.

So I bit the bullet and said, “maybe we should try?”

We were both drunk enough to shed any preconceived notions of unacceptably. For a moment, it wasn’t a bad idea because we were cousins. It was more that we were still young and a little self-conscious about our bodies. The fact we were so closely blood related didn’t cross our minds.

“It’s not like haven’t nearly seen each other” she said. “after all, you did peek at me earlier!” she continued as she looked down sort of embarrassed.

“Likewise!” I responded with a chuckle and then I pulled up my t-shirt as I stood up.

I figured we were doing it now so I didn’t want her first real look at me to be overshadowed by any stomach fat that might show while sat down.

As I dropped my top to the floor she stood to face me. We were both red in the face now and to make her feel a little more comfortable, I reached over and picked up the bottle of booze as she took off her black strappy top. Showing her beautiful breasts in her red bra in all there glory.

I panicked slightly as I felt the twinge in my boxers. I didn’t want my cock to be rock hard. I was hoping for something close to a semi so it looked good though.

I took a massive gulp and handed her the bottle as we took off our shoes and socks. She handed the bottle back and slowly unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off. I closed the bottle and pulled down my jeans so I was in just my boxer briefs.

My bulge was obvious. I wasn’t fully hard but definitely not far off it. I couldn’t control it as I stood looking at her.

We both just stood there for a moment. Looking at each others bodies. My heart was racing as I watched her breasts move up and down as she breathed and I moved my eyes down her flat belly. I took in the view of her pale, smooth legs and feet and moved my glare up to her crotch. The pretty red and black underwear, neatly containing her soft mound.

I could see no sign of any pubic hair so I thought she must be completely shaved or at least very neat.

I could see small goose bumps on her thighs and arms.

I said to her, “are you cold?” as I looked up to her.

She smiled broadly, almost laughing and replied, “Are you hard!”

I laughed out loud while also feeling super embarrassed and told her I wasn’t hard but if I was being honest, I wasn’t totally flaccid either.

I said “how could I be flaccid! I know I shouldn’t say it because we’re family but to be honest, you’re not bad looking and it’s not like I’m used to seeing a girl standing In front of me in just her underwear!”

We both blushed and laughed about it. I took another drink. Almost as an excuse to remove myself from that particular situation.

As I closed the lid on the bottle and dropped it onto the floor, she grabbed my hand.

“Come on!” she laughed and began to lead me in a sort of skipping dance around the fire.

I couldn’t help but take in the extraordinary view of her beautiful behind. The way her lovely full cheeks bounced as she did. The light from the fire flickering against her pale skin. I wanted so desperately to reach out and touch it.

Then she spun around, obviously catching where my gaze had been but made no comment about it. She smiled heavily and took hold of my other hand and began to sway me in a sort of weird hippie dance.

We were both laughing as we began to do a really bad impression of two tango dancers.

That’s when it happened. That’s when I completely lost control of my facilities. I was rock hard.

I was seriously hoping the darkness in the woods would cover up my obviously bulge and hoped to the god’s and goddesses that the fire light wouldn’t give me away.

Then she started running around the fire and twirling. I ran in an opposite direction so we past each other. I could see her breast bouncing in perfect sequence and she always seemed to twirl right before we passed. I was starting to think she wanted me to see her body.

She bent down and grabbed the bottle and a cigarette and sparked it up the smoke. Then handed me the smoke and took a massive drink of our religious potion before handing it over too.

As I took a sip, she hopped off again but this time. She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. On her way back round, I was dumbfounded.

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