Court Seduction

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Lady Catherine Silverton looked out over the hall, searching for some nobleman she could try to seduce. Her eyes wandered over the dancing men and women, whose colorful clothes swirled around their legs. At the other end of the hall, Elizabeth I sat overseeing the scene with a slight frown on her painted forehead.

“The queen is troubled,” Catherine said to the woman beside her.

“She is only thinking about politics,” Lady Camden said with a smile. “You’ll learn to see when she needs you soon enough.”

Catherine nodded. “I only want to serve her the best way I can.”

“Today, you can relax. The queen already favors you. Let someone else tend to her needs for once.”

Catherine smiled and let her eyes wander to a handsome, dark-haired man standing in a far-away corner.

“I haven’t seen him before,” she said.

“You have only been here a week. How can you expect to know every face at the queen’s court?”

“Who is he?”

“Richard Crowden,” Lady Camden said. “One of Seymour’s trusted men. Rumor has it he will soon work his way to the top.”

Catherine wrinkled her nose. Being a part of the queen’s court meant she could talk to important men in the hopes of an advantageous marriage. She wasn’t going to waste her time on a man without land or title.

Richard Crowden looked up, and their eyes met over the dancing crowd. Christine felt a jolt in her stomach, and her body became warm as if she had just drunk a cup of wine. She cleared her throat and shifted her weight, feeling an unfamiliar desire rise within her.

“Beware of him,” Lady Camden warned, seeing Christine’s reaction to his looks. “Many women have felt what you feel now, only to have their hearts broken when he refuses them. He is not like other men. He says he will find love before he shares a woman’s bed.”

“Is that so?” Christine shrugged, trying to appear indifferent. “It matters not. What has he to offer a woman like me?”

“Not much,” Lady Camden agreed. “A broken heart and a damaged reputation.”

“None of which I care for.”

Christine excused herself from Lady Camden’s company and left the hall. With a sigh of relief at the sudden stillness, she leaned up against the wall. Her body was flushed with excitement, as if she had been dancing for hours. Keeping up the pretence for Lady Camden had been more than she could muster. Fanning herself with a piece of her shawl, she thought back to the look Richard Crowden had given her, the very reason for her current state of mind.

“My lady.”

The stranger’s voice made her jump, and she startled when she found herself face to face with Mr. Crowden.

“Mr. Crowden,” she said and inclined her head.

“I haven’t seen you at court before,” he said. “But it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“I arrived only a week ago.” Christine straightened her back, trying to look her best despite cheeks that burned like embers. “As a handmaiden to the queen.”

She felt a pang of excitement at the sight of his full lips curving into a smile. His dark eyes, glittering with amusement, went from her face down to her full bosom. She should be horrified at this rude gesture, but her body filled with desire instead of shame.

“And how do you find the queen’s court?” Crowden asked, his eyes returning to her face. “Is it to your liking?”

“Most certainly,” Christine said. “I am very pleased to spend time with such prominent members of society.”

His smile made her knees weak. “If you meant to include me in that remark, you are too kind.”

“Not at all,” she said, but she had to admit she hadn’t intended to include him. “I hear you are making a name for yourself at court. That is most admirable.”

“I thank you.” Crowden bowed and took her hand. He placed a kiss in the air above it, and the look he gave Catherine was so full of joy and lust that she nearly lost her breath.

“Mr. Crowden,” she said. “This is most inappropriate.”

“Forgive me, my lady. I cannot help myself. When my eyes fell on you across the queen’s hall, I knew I had to speak to you at once. You have stolen my heart.”

“Nonsense.” Christine snapped her hand back and raised her chin. “I have done no such thing. Now, please excuse me.”

She strode atakent escort off despite the fact that all she wanted was to remain in Crowden’s company. His eyes burned on her back, and it was a relief to turn a corner where she could sit down and think.

I can’t waste my time with a man like that. She sank down on a window seat and sighed. He doesn’t have anything to his name. It would be foolish!

On the other hand, it would be wonderful as well. Her body ached with something she had come to know as lust. She had felt it before, from the looks of a stable boy at her mother’s estate, from a soldier who had spent a night dining in her father’s company. But she was not one to give in to such notions. That could ruin all her plans for the future. What man would marry a woman who had already been touched?

She swallowed and dismissed all thoughts of Crowden and his intoxicating gaze. When she was ready, she returned to the queen’s party and smiled at all those gathered there. Soon, she found herself in Lady Camden’s company yet again.

“I had a word with Mr. Crowden,” she said, forcing her voice steady. “He is a most insolent man, is he not?”

Lady Camden looked up at her and smiled in amusement. “Is he now? I wouldn’t know. Though I do believe most men are like that, when they find a woman they cannot resist.”

“He will have to resist me,” Catherine said. “I have my sights on other men.”

Lady Camden pointed at a man standing a little to their left, with a cup of wine in his hand and his face flushed over his tall collar. “What about him? He is respectable and owns a bit of land in the south. He is a lord, too. Though I doubt he has as much money and influence as Mr. Crowden, he does have a good family name.”

“And a very large waist,” Christine said.

“Then Lord Bailey. He is both young and handsome, and his family is most influential.”

“Too young,” she said.

“You are being very difficult,” Lady Camden said with an amused smile. “He is one of the most handsome men in here, and he is at least the same age as Mr. Crowden. Might it be that you already have set your mind on another man?”

“Not at all.” Christine snorted. “Mr. Crowden does not tempt me at all.”

Lady Camden nodded, and they both fell silent. Christine watched the celebrations, but her thoughts kept returning to Crowden and how he had kissed the air above her hand. If only those lips had touched her hand instead, or her neck. If only his delicate fingers had been placed on her waist…

“It’s very warm in here,” Christine said and fanned herself with her shawl.

“I would disagree,” Lady Camden said. “Haven’t you seen the weather outside? Rain and more rain. Though you do look a bit flushed. Are you certain you are well?”

Christine swallowed and ran a hand over her forehead. “Perhaps I am not, Lady Camden. Perhaps I should rest for a while.”

She left the hall and its dancing crowd. The corridor outside was pleasantly silent and cool, and she took a deep breath in relief.

“Yet again I find you trying to escape the party.”

Christine spun around to face Mr. Crowden. “And yet again I must leave you,” she said. “Talking together in this manner is highly inappropriate.”

“Please, my lady.” Crowden walked up to her, so close she could smell his breath. “I beg of you, give me a chance. You are the most beautiful woman I have every laid my eyes upon, and I wish more than anything to get to know you.”

“I’m afraid I must disappoint you.” Christine began walking to her chambers.

“You reject me because of my low birth,” Crowden said. “I understand that. However, I do have other virtues than a title and a rich family. I have a lot of money to my name and many important friends at this court. In a year or two, I am sure to have both title and lands. Can you not find it in your heart to give me a chance?”

Christine forced down a lump in her throat. There was nothing she wanted more than to accept his invitations, but she was determined not to.

“I respect a man with ambition,” she said. “A man who works for what he wants. If you are sincere in your advances, and you believe with all your heart that you deserve my attention, you must show ataköy escort it to me.”

“How?” Crowden reached out for her and brushed a hand against her dress. “Please, tell me how.”

Christine bit her lip. “Some bold gesture would do.”

Crowden smiled and nodded. “I will not disappoint you.”

She gave him the briefest of smiles and returned to her bedroom. The thought of his eyes on her made her skin burn with lust and shame. Should she have accepted his invitation? Could her reputation remain undamaged even if she gave in to her own desires?

She paced her room, listening to the pattering of rain against the window. Slowly the gray day turned into black night. In the distance, she could still hear the music playing. She should be there among the nobility and make herself known, but she preferred to stay here where her thoughts could remain a secret.

It had only been dark for an hour or so when footsteps in the corridor were followed by a knock on her door. She opened it and gasped in surprise.

“Mr. Crowden,” she said. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Is this a bold gesture enough?” he said and pushed past her. “Does this convince you of my sincerity?”

He rushed up towards her and pressed her against the wall. Catherine sucked in a breath of air. She could cry for help, but she already knew she wouldn’t. His hands held her firmly in place, and his eyes burned with that same fire she had seen in the hall a few hours earlier.

Crowden placed a warm, wet kiss on her lips. She shivered, and waves of pleasure ran down her spine. Their tongues intertwined, and she was forced to give in to the desire that had held her in place throughout the day. His hands moved from her arms to her waist, up to her chest. Panting, she let him undo her dress.

Still holding her against the wall, Crowden reached for her corset. He kissed her mouth, then her neck until he reached the soft curving of her breasts. She reached out and touched the rippling muscles under his tunic. Her pulse beat in her ears, and all she could think of was to feel his body against her skin.

Crowden undid her corset in a practiced move and let it fall to the floor. She shivered, naked now except her underwear in the cold and damp air. Then Crowden’s hands moved from her waist, up along her sides and to her breasts. Warm desire flared up inside her, from her stiffening nipples and down between her legs. She gasped and pulled off his shirt, then ran her hands along his back.

Crowden grabbed her hips and spun her around. She walked backwards, her hands on his chest and buttocks. Then she collided with the bed and fell, her legs sprawled wide in the air above her. He caught her ankles and pulled off her underwear. His dark eyes burned as they took in her naked body, her breasts, her stomach, the triangle between her legs.

He placed her legs on either side of him and removed his hose. Kneeling above her, he took his red cock in his hand and began satisfying himself. Christine moaned at the sight of it, wishing nothing more than to feel that cock inside her. The wet lips of her sex burned with desire, and she squirmed hoping he would satisfy her soon.

Crowden grinned, and the sight of it brought another wave of pleasure through her body. She knew then that she would have to wait.

“For your insolence,” Crowden said. “For dismissing me and making me think you didn’t want me.”

“Please, I do want you,” Christine panted.

Crowden smiled, his hand moving up and down the length of his penis. “Good. That was all I wanted to hear.”

He moved his hands to her thighs, digging his fingers into her flesh. The sensation was one of both pleasure and pain, and she felt a shock of excitement. He was still punishing her, but now in a different way than before.

He moved one of his hand down to her butt and the other to her triangle of hair. Her clit burned with desire, and when he touched it she couldn’t help but to give off a loud moan. Then he pushed two fingers inside her, hard, and she bent her neck and cried out in pleasure.

Crowden smiled and moved one hand back and forth her while using the other to stimulate her clit. Excitement burst out within her at the sight of him. atalar escort This was better than she had ever imagined, even better than the servant girls’ detailed stories of their affairs with stable boys. If she had known how good this could be, she never would have rejected Crowden in the first place.

Pleasure built up inside her slowly as he moved his hands on her sex. She gasped in pleasure, hoping that it would never end. It did, though, when Crowden pulled his hands away to touch his own penis.

“What are you doing?” she said and sat up on her elbows. “Don’t stop now.”

“I’m teaching you some humility.” Crowden grinned, then sighed in pleasure as he stimulated himself.

“No,” Christine said. “I won’t have it. Continue what you were doing before at once.”

Crowden’s body shivered, and his face was flushed. “When you beg me for it.”

She frowned. “Excuse me?”

“Beg me to pleasure you and I might.” He looked down on the throbbing cock in his hand and smiled. “And do it fast. I can’t contain myself much longer.”


Christine lay down and bit her lip. Her vagina throbbed, and her body tingled with excitement. She needed more, and she needed it fast.

“Fine.” She sighed. “Please, Mr. Crowden, don’t stop.”

Crowden nodded and placed his hands on the insides of her thighs. Then he lifted her legs up in the air and thrust his cock deep inside her. The feeling of his member penetrating her brought waves of pleasure through her body, even stronger than before. She squirmed under his touch, but he held her firm and thrust inside her again.

He moaned and moved back and forth inside her, deeper and deeper with each thrust. His rough hands left red marks on her thighs, which brought excitement through her body. She could never have guessed that he was so forceful, so determined.

Then all thoughts blew from her mind as a violent orgasm tore through her body. She screamed as the sensation filled her and grabbed hold of the blankets for support. Crowden grinned and pulled out of her, then turned her over. Without pause he penetrated her from behind, his hands firm on her hips.

She grunted in pleasure and took a piece of blanket between her teeth. Then she felt a hand come down on her ass. The pain mingled with her pleasure, intensifying it, and she bit down on the sheet hard. Crowden gave her another slap, and she gasped in shock and awe of how wonderfully pleasant a little pain could be.

Crowden moved faster inside her, and between each thrust he either pinched or slapped her ass. Another orgasm built up inside her, and when it exploded it was even more powerful than the one before. Her back arched and her hands clutched the blankets underneath as she screamed out her pleasure.

Crowden pulled out of her again and turned her over. Lowering himself on top of her, he let his cock slide inside her vagina. She clutched his back and sighed in pleasure as she felt his sweaty torso against her naked skin. Grunting, he took his pleasure inside her and gave her pleasure while doing so.

The two of them moved together in rhythm, occasionally exchanging a wet and steamy kiss as their lips met. Christine dug her fingernails into the soft skin on his back, then found his hard ass and held on while he thrust inside her. His body shivered above her, and they both cried out in pleasure as he came.

Crowden collapsed beside her and smiled. “Was that a big enough gesture for you?” he said.

“I believe so,” Christine panted. She ran a hand over the hairs on his chest and smiled. “You have showed yourself to be committed, at least.”

“I’m glad.” He touched her ass and smiled. “I hope I didn’t hurt you too much.”

“You did hurt me,” Christine said. “But I forgive you.”

“I hope you don’t intend to hurt me again with your harsh words,” Crowden said. “Or I will have to punish you even more severely.”

Christine giggled and hid her face among the blankets. “I still doubt you are good enough for me, Mr. Crowden.”

He laughed and sat up beside her. “Don’t you dare say that again.”

“You are not good enough for me,” she said.

Crowden brought down his hand on her ass, sending pain through her body. Then he caressed her gently, moving his hands from the reddening mark on her butt to her wet lower lips. She spread her legs and bit her lip as Crowden entered her again.

“Perhaps you are,” she mumbled into his ear. Then she leaned backwards and gave in to pleasure, foregoing all thoughts of family, wealth or reputation.

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