Country Lovers

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I grew up in the country. Way in the country. The county in which I was raised was exclusively farms, big farms that stretched for miles in every direction. Our closest neighbors were just over 3 miles away.

In many ways, this is ideal for children. I was forced to play with my siblings (2 older brothers, 2 younger sisters), and we were forced to be creative in finding ways to fill our time. We played in the fields, in the barns, we even managed to fool around with the tractors from time to time.

I love my family. I have great siblings. Of course we fought, argued, did all the things normal kids do, but overall we played well together, and were each other’s social circle. We watched out for each other at school (an ungodly 70 minutes bus drive away), and ended up at many of the same parties.

The Bornbrucks lived down the road from us. They had a daughter my age, a daughter 2 years older, and a son 2 years younger. Their son, Roger, was my best friend apart from my siblings. Whenever possible, Roger and I would be together. Often, the Bornbruck children, and my siblings, all played together. We grew up in similar families, and our parents had similar values and appreciated each other.

Because our parents farmed, summer vacations and the like were pretty much non-existent. We worked the farms (cash cropping), and earned pretty good money. Additionally, we would all help whomever was haying or building a barn, or whatever. Quite a quaint little community.

Roger and I were normal boys. We had a healthy curiosity of the opposite sex, but being so isolated there was a lack of opportunity for us to explore those strange urges we had.

In grade 12 I turned 18 right around the same time that Roger’s sister Beth did. We had a joint birthday party (just the families), and we started to get to know each other better, having more in depth conversations. After high school there was no expectation for me to continue my education in the classroom. I had long ago decided to continue my father’s farm, and none of my other siblings were at all interested. They all wanted to get into the city. My 2 older brothers were already in college, as was Roger’s older sister. In my discussions with Beth I discovered that she, too, wanted to remain “rural,” and was looking to embrace farming as a career. We openly discussed doing so together, though the thoughts of becoming romantically involved with one another never came up. In fact, these thoughts never even occurred to me. Not until Beth asked me about the dance, that is.

At the end of senior year, it was a tradition in our area that all the seniors get together at someone’s farm for a pig-roast/dance. Musicians would be hired and brought in, someone would donate a pig, and the graduating seniors would party until the morning. Being fairly clueless, I had not considered that the evening would go better if I had a date, I just figured on showing up.

Beth, being so much more organized and intelligent than I am, asked me one day, “So do you think we should go together to the barn dance at the end of the year? It would be fun to go together.”

“Oh,” I said, surprised by this question, “uh, sure! I hadn’t thought about going with someone, I was just gonna show up.” But now that she mentioned it, I started noticing that Beth was shaped differently than her older sisters. Beth, rather than being the fairly curvy, not taller woman that her sisters were, was fairly short, but slender, graceful, and very beautiful. She did not have large breasts, but what she had suited her just fine.

“Yeah, I figured,” she said, “but this year sounds like most everyone is going as a couple. And people are getting dressed up. Do you have a suit?”

“I do, for church. If I have to wear a suit, what will you wear?” I asked her.

“Oh I’m going into the city to get a new dress. I promise I won’t look like a troll.” She said, laughing.

“I don’t think you could look like a troll if you tried.” I said. She blinked at me in response, and I realized what I said. It was exactly at that moment that I had the most major epiphany of my life to that point: Beth was a girl. An attractive girl that I found pretty good to look at. She wasn’t just Roger’s sister, she wasn’t someone to go build a fort with, she was a woman. And a damn fine one.

I blushed deeply. “Uh, I just mean that you aren’t ugly, you know, like you’re pretty, or, uh,” I petered out.

“Ha ha, okay Mr. Smoothtalker. We’ll go together, and we’ll both look good.

More time passed, and I started noticing that Beth was, indeed, a good looking woman. I started making excuses with Roger that we would spend more time at his place, so I might see Beth from time to time, outside of school where she always seemed to be traveling with a pack of friends.

The night of the barn dance grew steadily closer. I had never actually been out on a date, so I didn’t have any idea about protocol or expectations. I confided in my mother, who graciously had no hint of mockery Escort Kız or satyr in her voice. “You should get her a corsage, I know where you should go to do that. You should also get a new suit. Yours is getting small, and you’ll need one. Let’s plan to go into town on Friday. I’ll call ahead.”

And so, that was that. I got a new suit, I arranged to pick up a corsage the day of the dance, and I was ready to go. The evening arrived, and I got myself ready. I drove over to the Bornbrucks and rang the bell. I was certainly not ready for the sight that greeted me when the door was opened.

Beth looked magnificent. Her hair was swept up, pinned in the back. She clearly had been to a hairdresser. Her hair accented her long and graceful neck. She had on very light make-up, something she didn’t often do. Her dress was absolutely stunning and had clearly been tailored to fit her body precisely. It was black, and elegant. It was not a poofy bridesmaid dress, nor was it scandalously slutty. It had thin shoulder straps. It was low cut enough that even at a quick glance it was clear she could not be wearing a bra — a fact that was confirmed when she spun around and had a completely bare back. However, because it fit so well there was no gaping and revealing what lie beneath the dress. The dress flowed down and stopped right about at her knees. She had bare legs, and shoes that were lovely AND practical for going to a barn dance.

I was dumbstruck. I looked at her with my mouth open. She giggled nervously and said, “Geeze, Troy, do you want to come inside?”

I was snapped out of my reverie. I looked her in the eye (though I desperately wanted to look at her body) and told her that I had never seen a more beautiful woman. “You look incredible, you are going to be the most beautiful person at this dance by about a mile.”

She blushed deeply, and I watched her blush spread down into her cleavage. “Well come inside for a moment!” and she grabbed my arm and pulled me in.

I presented her with the corsage (awkwardly). My mother had actually spoken to Mrs. Bornbruck and had given me excellent advice for the corsage. It was small, elegant, and would match her dress perfectly. It was for her wrist.

Beth’s mother made a fuss, and insisted on taking a million pictures. Inside, outside, in the car, it was ridiculous. Finally we were on our way, in my pick up. The drive to the barn dance was going to be about 45 minutes. Beth fiddled with the radio until she finally gave up and put a CD in. She left the volume quite low.

“You seemed awfully surprised when you saw me, why is that?” She asked me suddenly, as though she had wanted to ask for some time.

“Well, I have not seen you dressed like that ever before. And, well, just because.” I finished lamely.

“Just because, hey? I guess you don’t normally think of me as a date.” She said, looking out her window.

“No, that’s just the thing. Now don’t think I’m an idiot, though I am, and don’t think I mean anything negative, though it will probably come out wrong and make you mad…”

She looked at me, and merely waited for me to continue.

“It has only been recently that I have noticed you’re a girl.” I said.

She burst out laughing. “Geeeeeze, you’re smooth. Thanks a heap!” she said through her laughter.

Now I was feeling pretty silly, and felt the need to clarify myself.

“No no, let me finish.” I cleared my throat. She looked at me with expectation. “Recently I’ve begun to notice that, uh, well, it was always that you were Roger’s sister, you know? You weren’t anyone to look at because you were almost like family. We grew up together, and it seems like I just kept thinking of you as a 10 year old friend rather than a grown woman.”

She nodded. Apparently I was making sense somehow.

“So recently,” I continued, “I actually started noticing. I knew you were a beauty, but I always see you around the farm, in that kind of clothing. When I saw you dressed like that, I really realized just how beautiful you are. I meant what I said, everyone at this dance will be checking you out. You mark my words.”

She undid her seatbelt and slid into the middle of the bench seat. She put her arm through mine and rested her head on my shoulder. “I know exactly what you mean,” she said. “somehow you’ve become much more handsome in the last few months. You look very good too.” she said.

We drove in silence for a while. She suddenly spoke, quickly and nervously. “I’m going to introduce you to people as my boyfriend tonight.” She said, “unless you don’t want me to.” She quickly added.

I had about the biggest shit eating grin on my face that anyone could imagine.

“Nope, that should be just fine.” I said to her.

And just like that. We were a couple. It was obvious from the moment we got to the dance that our relationship had changed. We held hands, people checked her out, but no other guy asked her to dance all night long. That was probably helped by the fact that we were up for most every dance, and I am 6’8″ and quite built. She was tiny next to me, just over 5′ tall and maybe 100 pounds.

No one seemed surprised that we had become a couple. There were congratulatory pats on the back, and the few times that I was apart from her, my male friends commented on my luck. But around 3:00 AM Beth said she’d like to go home. I was a little disappointed, as I never wanted this night to end, but of course I did what she wanted.

As soon as we climbed in the truck I said to her, “did you notice? You were absolutely the belle of the ball. Every woman there was envious of your dress and your body, and the guys all noticed your dress and body as well.”

“So,” she said, sliding to the centre of the seat again, locking arms with me, “you noticed my body, did you?”

“Impossible not to, in that dress. It fits you so well, I can’t believe how low cut it is, but it isn’t riské at all. It fits you so well.” I commented.

“It was designed for me.” She said. Clearly her mother had spent some money on this night. “It was actually fairly uncomfortable, getting it made I mean. I had to have the tailor measure it many times, the first time he had to measure me when I was only in my underwear!”

“I did not have to get mostly naked to get a new suit.” I said, laughing. My laughing stopped quickly and I developed a lump in my throat when I felt her hand land on my leg, much much higher up than anyone simply being ‘friendly’ would have done.

“I wanted to leave, but I don’t want to go home right away.” She said. She leaned up and kissed my neck, it was electric.

“What did you have in mind?” I managed to croak out, though my constricted throat.

“I don’t know. I’ m new at this. What should we do?” she kissed me again and I concentrated hard on the road. I pulled over to the side.

“Okay, we have to figure a couple things out. First, how do we present ourselves to our families?” I said.

“Oh that’s easy. My parents would be crushed if we didn’t end up together. Your parents love me. We’ll be the object of much ridicule from our siblings who will be secretly pleased, and we’ll be just fine.” She said, she had clearly thought about this.

“And how pissed will Roger be with me?” I asked. This was important.

“He won’t. He asked me if he wanted him to get me condoms for tonight. Does that answer your question?” she said.

I swallowed hard. Condoms? This is not how I pictured this night when we agreed to go to the dance, though I was not complaining!

“And did he get you some?” I asked, hoping against hope.

“No,” she said, “I told him I didn’t need them.” My heart sank a little as she paused after saying this. But then she continued, “I’ve been on the pill for a year.”

I looked at her and kissed her. It was the first time I had kissed anyone, and it was her first too. It was wonderful. “Drive to the back acreage barn, it isn’t far from here.” She whispered to me. I tore myself away from her and started the truck and drove down the lanes to the barn. This was very secluded, you couldn’t see the lights of any farm houses from here.

Beth had prepared for this eventuality. She pulled me inside the barn, and inside there were blankets and drinks. We fell into the prepared ‘bed’ and my hands were all over her. I wanted to touch all of her at once. She pushed me away, and though disappointed, I let her stand up.

“We can not ruin this dress.” She said. Reaching behind her neck she undid the dress, and quickly stepped out of it. All she was wearing was an impossibly small pair of blue underwear. After putting her dress in a suitable spot, she stood in front of me, shyly, not trying to cover herself, but nervous. “You better take your suit off too, don’t wrinkle it.” She said.

I stood and pulled off my suit. My hands were a bit shaky, I was very nervous, and she actually came over and helped me undo my shirt and pull it off. We took off our shoes and stood there facing each other, each only wearing underwear.

“What should we do now?” I asked, unsure of how to proceed.

She laughed, and told me to sit in the chair that was to the side. She sat on my lap, facing me, her legs wrapped around my torso. She kissed me deeply, and I briefly felt her tongue on my lips. I did the same to her, and it seemed nice. Unbelievably nice. After a few moments of tentatively touching our tongues to each other’s lips, our tongues met in the middle, and it was wonderful.

Eventually she pulled away from me, and pulled my head to her breasts. I didn’t know what to do, so I licked her nipple, and she gasped. I became bolder, and put my hands on her back, and pulled her breasts toward my mouth. I sucked her whole nipple area into my mouth, and ran my tongue over her nipple over and over again. Her breathing increased, she liked it! I moved to her other nipple and repeated the process. Then, becoming braver, I kissed my way up to her neck, and then kissed her mouth again.

“I want you so badly.” She said when our kiss broke. “I am going to do something I’ve heard the other girls talk about, tell me if you like it.” With that she got off my lap, and told me to stand. She pulled my underwear down around my ankles and pushed me back into the chair. Then she kneeled in front of me and took my impossibly hard cock in her hand.

“Ooh,” I moaned, “That feels incredible.”

Without warning she leaned forward and took the tip of my penis into her mouth. She licked the bottom of it, and tentatively slid a little more into her mouth. I was in heaven! I could not believe this, and it felt so good.

She pulled off me, and said, “don’t, well, you know, don’t do it in my mouth, okay?”

I promised (ha, famous last words) I would not, and she went back down on me. The feeling of her tongue as she licked me, and her hand on me, touching my balls and my penis, and then her mouth…oh the inside of her mouth! It was not long, in fact very soon I said “you have to stop! I’m going to orgasm!”

She stopped immediately, and I groaned. “I want you to make love to me! Don’t orgasm yet, wait for a while. I promise you will!”

That was fine with me. But I had an idea. “I want to do the same thing to you, can I do that?” I asked sheepishly. I realized all of a sudden that she hadn’t take off her underwear, and I was asking to put my face into her crotch.

“I don’t know,” she said, wrinkling her nose, “do you want to?”

“Oh yes, I really want to.” I replied.

“Won’t that be gross?” she asked.

“Was what you just did gross?” I asked her.

“No, it was actually fun. I like to see how you responded to the different things I did.” She said.

“Well, that’s exactly the same.” She seemed unconvinced, but I pulled her to standing, and slowly peeled off her underwear. They seemed quite wet in the middle, and I knew enough to know that was a good sign. I laid her down on the blanked, and kissed her. I kissed her mouth, and moved down and kissed each one of her nipples again. I moved further down and kissed her belly, which was soft and beautiful. She was ticklish, but it was a good feeling for both of us. Then I moved around, and tried to get between her legs. She caught my hand and said,

“Are you sure you want to do this to me? You don’t have to, you know.”

“Oh I’m sure. I want to so much!” I moved my head down. I kissed and licked her legs, high high up, where they met her hips. I could smell her vagina, and it was very exciting. I was confounded as to exactly what to do, and thought that I must be slow. She certainly seemed to know what to do when she was sucking me…so I tentatively kissed her warm and wet slit. She jumped a little. “Sorry!” I said.

“Don’t be, it was nice. Just, surprising. No one has ever touched me there, and you just did with your lips.” She replied.

That encouraged me, and also made me very horny. I looked up her body, through her small breasts to her face. “I don’t know what I’m doing. You have to help me.” I confided in her.

She put a hand on either side of my head and guided me to her slit. “Just lick, I think that would be nice.” I ran my tongue up her vagina once, and her breath caught. I repeated this motion again, and then again. She liked it, so I started doing it with a regular rhythm. Soon, she gently rocked her hips in the same rhythm.

Using her hands, she guided my head higher up her slit, to where her clitoris was. I felt the end of her slit and the engorged clitoral hood under my tongue, though I didn’t know what they were at the time. She pulled my face into her. Taking that as a good sign I went back to the top of the slit and licked there. She moaned, saying, “Oh, oh, oh, there, that feels so good, right there.”

I flattened my tongue and pressed a little harder. She bucked up against my face, almost violently, and then she grabbed my hair and pulled me hard into herself. She moaned long and low, and the rhythm of her hips continued. When she released my hair I started licking again, but she gently put her hand under my chin, and pulled up.

“Wow,” she said, “that was a lovely orgasm.” I melted. I had given her an orgasm! I was so happy I hugged her. “Are you ready?” she asked me, and flipped me over onto my back. “I’m going to put you inside me. This will take time, I have to set the pace, please don’t rush me!”

I readily agreed, though I had no idea really what she was talking about. She lowered herself so my penis and her vagina touched, and she rubbed her slit along my penis, making it wet on the top side.

“This is my first time, it won’t be easy. Try to hold off your orgasm until I tell you okay, okay?” she said, looking into my eyes.

I said yes, and she reached between her legs and positioned my penis at the entrance of her vagina. “Ooh, I’m going to fuck you tonight!” she said.

I was surprised by her language, but suddenly stopped thinking about it when I felt the head of my penis enter her. We got that far and she stopped. She looked at me fearfully, and said “Don’t rush, stop here for a minute.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32