Country Life Ch. 03

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After Inga had returned home I felt lonely and after a couple of days I got horny. I had got laid several times during the week mother’s friend Inga had spent with us. And not only by Inga but also their friend Anna had been generous to me. I had learnt to like fucking and to give pleasure to women with my mouth and tongue.

Lena, our lovely young maid, hadn’t showed up to bathe for a couple of days. But I had gone to the lake in time for her bathe every day and got disappointed.

I was again sitting by the lake, waiting. I startled when I heard someone coming on the path and rose quickly. I was happy to see Lena coming.

“Hi Anders, glad to see you,” she said smiling.

Lena quickly undressed and did her usual little show. This time she bent over with her feet apart. She slowly shifted her legs from side to side showing her lovely ass and the deep crack in between. Instantly my cock swelled.

She approached me, as I thought, to as usual take my hand and pull me with her into the water. Instead she stroked lightly over my swelling cock.

“So, Mrs Inga has left. And you miss her. You miss all the lovely fucking and are horny. You got laid several times, didn’t you? Has she taught you well? Do you know how to please a woman?” She asked mockingly lightly stroking my cock.

“Uh, yes, yes I miss her,” I stammered, embarrassed by the frank questions. “Well, they said that I was good with my mouth and tongue,” I said, trying to hide my embarrassment by being bold. “Do you want me to show you?”

“They?” she asked a little puzzled. Then her face brightened. “Oh, these ladies. They both laid you? Mrs Inga first to teach you and Mrs Anna to check you out? They both got your eagerness and young hard cock.” She laughed loudly and squeezed my cock a little harder.

My face became beet red although I didn’t know why. I should have been proud.

Lena stood motionless and watched me for a long time. A faint smile now and then passed her face.

“Yes, yes I think I want to,” she suddenly said, smiling broadly. She saw my blank look. “Yes, I want to find out how good you are with your mouth. I want to be kissed and licked until I come.”

She lay down. “Come and kiss me,” she said and opened her arms ready to hug me.

I was speechless. I was asked to touch this lovely woman, to kiss her, to caress her voluptuous body and probably fuck her. I was in heaven.

“Come on, I am waiting,” she called, smiling sweetly.

I knelt beside her and found her open mouth. She twisted our tongues and we kissed for a long time. I slowly stroked over her belly and found her breast. When she didn’t object I cupped her breast and fondled it. I got her nipple between two fingers and felt it harden.

We broke the kiss and I started to kiss my way south. I spent a long time kissing and licking her breasts and nipples. I felt the first shudder in her body when I used my lips on her nipples.

I reached her belly and licked her button. The muscles in her stomach flexed.

Meanwhile my hand had caressed her from the belly to her knees, up and down. My fingers had entangled in her rich pussy bush. Her thighs were held together keeping my hand away from her pussy.

My mouth moved further south and was now biting lightly in her mons. I stretched her flesh in all directions. There were small movements up and down of her hips. She moaned and parted her thighs.

My mouth reached her pussy slit. She was moist and her clit could be felt. Not fully erect yet but swelling.

I changed position to be able to reach better. I knelt at her side facing down her body. Her thighs were now parted wide. I licked all the way down her slit to her butt hole and back up again several times. My tongue flicked over her clit at each turn.

She was moaning constantly and her bottom moved up and down meeting my licks. Suddenly I felt her hand on my ass. She fondled my thighs and ass cheeks before she took my balls in her hand and squeezed gently. She grabbed my cock and jacked it lightly. She kept fondling me nice and slowly.

My tongue parted her pussy lips and probed for her pussy hole. She hissed when I found her entrance and got a little inside. I increased my tempo licking up and down her slit, flicking her clit faster and harder and digging into her pussy. Her ass bounced up and down rhythmically, she moaned highly and cried out now and then.

I closed my mouth around her clit area and sucked hard. My tongue moved lightly over her clit. At the same time I inserted a finger in her wet pussy and pressed upwards.

That made it. She cried out several times and her body shuddered. She arched her back, tensed and a long cry came from her lips when her orgasm came to her. She held my balls in a firm grip.

She kept her rigid position for quite a while until she relaxed and slumped down. She pulled me up and looked at me smiling happily.

“Yes, these ladies have taught you well. You are good with your mouth,” she said and kissed me. First gently, then harder Güngören escort and again twisting our tongues. She caressed my cock and balls.

“Now, what shall we do with you? I won’t let you fuck me this first time. Besides, we don’t have any rubbers, do we? But I think we can get pleasure in another way. Straddle my stomach, will you.”

Lena made me kneel straddling her stomach and leaning forward supporting myself on my arms. She eased me upwards until my cock lay flat between her breasts. She jacked me lightly to get some precome to lubricate her skin. She bent her head and kissed the tip of my cock.

She pressed her breasts together around my cock with her hands.

“Now, fuck my breasts, I love it,” she said.

I tried moving up and down the tunnel between her breasts. It felt good and with some more precome my cock slid easily. Lena lifted her head and kissed the tip of my cock when I was at the end of an upstroke. It was very pleasant.

I fucked her breasts and felt my arousal grew. Lena noticed it as well and smiled happily at me. She started to moan herself and pressed her breasts harder around my cock. I felt my come boiling in my balls and soon fired the first shot. It landed on her face. The second shot came between her breasts and made the tunnel very slick. She bent her head and took my third shot in her mouth. The rest of my come landed in the hollow of her neck.

I rested on my hands and knees over her. She looked up at me smiling. With her finger she pushed the come on her face into her mouth.

“Liked it? Not too bad was it? I like it very much. Get my whole body to tingle. The massage of my breasts gets to my pussy. Will you lick me again? Please.”

Of course I was willing. I could do everything for this lovely woman. I moved and knelt between her legs. She looked at me and took the rest of my come and spread it over her breasts and rubbed it in. Then she spread her thighs wide and lifted her buttocks.

I dug in and licked her. She was very wet. I licked as before up and down and flicked her clit. I also licked over her butt hole and felt a nervous reaction. It didn’t take long until she started to moan and wriggle under my tongue. When she came she arched her back and lifted her ass off the ground. She cried out loudly.

She sank back down and swiftly pulled her thighs together around my head.

“Once more please. It is so good,” I heard her say.

Well, Lena held me tight between her thighs so there was little else to do than to obey. In fact, I was more than willing to do her again. So I dug in and she had another satisfying orgasm.

Afterwards she lay back and I rested my head on her soft belly.

“Yes, Mrs Inga taught you well. I love your mouth on my pussy. But now we should swim and then I have to go back to work. Come on, Anders, beat me to it.”

Lena rose and ran into the water swinging her ass. Her breasts bounced nicely. I got another erection.

“Nice, but there is no time for that now. I am sorry,” Lena giggled when she saw my condition.

The next morning I overheard her talking with my mother.

“I want to speak on behalf of your daughters. They are upset. They understand that something important has happened to Anders although they don’t know exactly what. But they think they are entitled to something as well. They claim they are older.”

“Oh, my, my. Did they really ask you to tell me that?” Mother said.

“Well, not exactly. Not in those words. But I know them by now. If nothing happens to their liking they might look somewhere else. In the stable perhaps. There are one or two fellows there I have looked at myself. You wouldn’t like that, would you?” Lena said.

“Oh, no. I wouldn’t like that. But what do they want?” Mother asked.

“Well, let me tell them about men and show them a few things. That will calm them down. For a while, at least,” Lena said.

“Would you? That is kind of you. They like you so much,” mother said relieved.

“All right. One more thing. It would help if Master Anders joined us now and then for demonstrations. After all, they already see him naked every day,” Lena added.

“Very well, but nothing improper, mind you,” mother said.

I met Lena just before lunch.

“I don’t want you down at the lake today. I want to talk to your sisters alone. Tomorrow you can join us again” she said and smiled sweetly.

I felt lonely that early afternoon knowing that Lena was at the lake and that I was not allowed there. As soon as I saw her come back to the house smiling happily I went to bathe.

My sisters were also looking happy. They looked at me and giggled between themselves when I undressed. I saw that their pussies were a little red and with swollen labia.

This time a year my mother had guests almost constantly. Today’s guest was Birgit also a friend that had visited several times before.

I was called to come and greet her. She made the ordinary remark about how much I had grown since İnnovia escort bayan last year and got a glint in her eye when she took a closer look. She swiftly undressed with me standing only a few feet away.

She had a buxom body with full bosom and ass. She moved her body to let her breasts bounce and her ass wriggle. That was enough to get my cock stiff.

“Yes, you really have grown since last year, I can see that now. You have a nice looking big boy,” she whispered coming close to me. She giggled and stood before me making her breasts bounce.

I ran into the water to shield myself. She followed, deliberately walking to show her body at its best.

A while later she openly swam to my side where I stood in chest high water. I startled when I felt her hand on my cock.

“You are so good-looking. You are welcome to my bedroom to night. I will be waiting,” she said and smiled. After another squeeze of my cock she swam away.

I was thinking about what to do all evening. Now and then Birgit caught my eye and smiled reassuringly.

At bedtime I had decided. I had nothing to loose. Inga had also told me to grab the chances I would get. I sneaked away to her room when it was quiet in the house. She was accommodated in the blue room, the same room as Inga had had.

The door was slightly ajar and a faint light filtered out so I stepped inside.

“Ah, there you are at last. Come to me darling Anders,” Birgit greeted me. She was already in bed and I could see her naked shoulders. She raised her upper body and her ample breasts appeared over the bedclothes.

“Don’t just stand there. Get naked and come to me. I have been waiting for you,” she said and pushed the bedclothes away. She was completely naked.

I quickly undressed and stood by her bed. I found her breast and started fondling. She sighed which I took as a good sign. I bent over and kissed her breasts and down her body prepared to lick her pussy. Meanwhile she had grabbed my cock.

“That is nice of you,” she panted. “But don’t bother. I have frigged myself for the last half hour and I want this hard cock inside my pussy right away. There are rubbers on the table. Put one on and come to me. Hurry. Here, let me help you.”

Birgit snatched the rubber out of my hand and expertly put it on my cock.

“Yes, now he is ready. Come, lay down. I want to be on top riding you. You don’t mind I hope?”

She quickly moved over and straddled me as soon as I was down on the bed.

“Yes, that’s better. Where is it? Oh yes, ah, it feels so nice and hard. Let’s see if I can get it inside.”

She talked all the time when she took hold of my cock and caressed her slit with its head. She impaled herself on my cock with short rapid movements.

“Yees, there it is. Very nice. Oh you really stretch my pussy, don’t you? What a fat cock.”

She went on talking when she thrust up and down. She stopped talking only when her moans took over and she came quickly. She sat down on me.

“Ah, yes, that felt good. But you haven’t come? Lovely, let’s continue then. Yes, I can feel it deep inside me now. Let’s fuck.”

She talked as she thrust up and down. But she made it good for me too and I started to explore her body with my hands. Her big breasts bounced heavily over me and her round soft ass was nice to fondle.

“Yes, that’s nice. Pinch my nipples. Squeeze my breasts. I love it. Grab my ass. Oh, I am going to come again.”

She commented everything I did to her without losing her rhythm. I felt my orgasm building up and told her.

“Yes, come. I will come as well. Are you ready?”

She quickened and shortened her thrusts and squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles which made me come. She shuddered over me and cried out and fell forward, her big breasts covering my face.

Birgit rested and was quiet but only shortly.

She sat up again and flexed her inner muscles. My cock was still hard which she immediately discovered when she used her muscles.

“Oh, that’s what I like with young men. They can stay hard and do it again. I love that. But let’s change position.”

She rolled off me and sat up in bed looking at my semi erect cock.

“It looks so nice. But let’s change the rubber so it won’t burst. I’ll do it for you,” she giggled when she removed the rubber and stretched over to get a new one.

She got quiet for a while after that. Her mouth was busy licking and sucking my come off the cock. When it was cleaned she sucked me to a new full erection.

“Well, now I think he is ready. Let’s get the suit on,” she purred and put a new rubber in place. “Yes, that’s it. Now he is dressed for another battle. Come and take me, Anders.”

She lay back on the bed pushing me aside. She spread her thighs and wanted me on top. I thought it best to do as I was taught and started to caress her from her breasts down to her pussy. This time she didn’t stop me.

“Yes, that feels good. I like it a little rougher though. Don’t Escort Kağıthane be afraid. Yes, squeeze my breast. Bite my nipple. Yes, that’s it. And now the other. Oh it feels so good.”

She commented and directed my caressing. She wasn’t quiet for a second.

“Nice down there, isn’t it? What are you doing? Ah, yes, that feels good. A little harder, please. Oh, yes.”

I had taken her fleshy mons in a firm grip between my teeth and moved it around. She wanted it to be stretched harder though.

“What are you doing now? Ah yes, good thinking. Yes, yes, yes go on don’t stop.”

I had moved down and sucked her clit area into my mouth and sucked hard. Her clit was big and protruding and I kept my tongue pressed on it. She cried out and bucked wildly under me when she came, but I had by now learnt to keep my nose out of the way. I kept her clit in my mouth and flicked it as soon as she had calmed down. She immediately responded.

“Yes, that was real nice. But let me rest for a while. You naughty boy, do as I say. Well then, go on. Don’t stop now. Ah, that’s even better. Yes, yes, yes.”

I kept on flicking her clit although she at first tried to stop me. Then I inserted a finger in her very wet pussy and found her sensitive inner spot. She came in a shuddering orgasm.

“Anders, Anders, you are so good to me. But now I want that fat cock of yours. Take me, take me hard.”

I soon was at her entrance and with one mighty thrust bottomed out in her. She had lifted her buttocks in the same instant as I pushed myself forward into her.

“Yes, that’s right. That was a good push. Now bang hard into me. Yes. . yes. . . yes. . yes…yeees.”

She guided me and set the pace when I used the long slow strokes I had been taught to use at the beginning. The difference now was that I put in more force and a twist in the last part of the in-stroke to get it harder. And she came very quickly, shuddering and bucking under me.

“Yes, good boy. Good work. Strong and hard. I love it.”

She panted hard and tried to catch her breath. I kept on banging her but without the extra force for a while. Then I quickened my rhythm and used shorter strokes.

“Oh, Anders, you are killing me. But it feels good. Go on. Are you ready to come? Let me know. Yes . .yes. yes. yes yes yes.”

Birgit took command again also banging my ass with her feet. But now I didn’t care any longer. Now I fucked only to please myself. I varied the angle of my strokes to get the most friction in her pussy. I told her I was on the way.

“Yes, come my boy. Sorry I can’t feel your spurt. Ah, you want more friction. How about this? Does it feel better?”

She used her muscles to tighten her pussy. I had to use more force to thrust into her and the friction made me come. I nearly withdrew and then used all my force in the last stroke to come deep into her.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s good. What about this, like it? Oh I am coming too.”

She milked my cock making me spasm five or six times. Then her muscles flexed hard around my cock and she bucked wildly and came, crying out loud. She kept on talking to the very end.

She pulled me down over her and buried my face in her full bosom

This time I was totally spent. My cock soon got limp and slid out of her pussy. She moaned softly and held me tight for a while.

“Anders, Anders that was excellent. My best fuck for a long time. I love coming so many times in a row. . . Can you do it again? . . . It’s so small and soft now. . . You can’t? Well, that’s a pity but I am a little sore anyway and feel pretty well.”

This woman was insatiable. While she talked she rolled me off her, took the rubber off and cleaned and examined my cock with her mouth and tongue. But I was spent. My cock didn’t respond and she lay back on the bed with a satisfied sigh.

“Well, I guess it’s time for you to go. Thanks for coming. Sleep well. See you in the morning.”

She pushed me out of the bed and waved good bye.

The next day she openly hugged me and was very friendly. The weather wasn’t good enough for Lena to go swimming but mother and Birgit had a quick bathe. Birgit showed off to me and I thought her pussy looked a little red when she opened her thighs. She again approached me in the water and invited me to her room that night.

When I came to her room Birgit was sitting on her bed already naked and ready.

“Come on in Anders,” she said. “I have been waiting all day. It was so lovely last night. Let’s get going.” She spread her legs and I knelt in between them and started to lick her pussy. She was indeed both a little red but also ready with puffy lips. As soon as I started to lick her she started talking and moaning and she fell back on the bed heaving her pussy in my face. It didn’t take long for her to come.

“Thank you, Anders darling. That was nice. But now I want your cock. Like it this way?” she said and knelt on the bed with her ass up in the air.

I quickly undressed and put a rubber on. She kept her position and urged me on. When I stood behind her and the tip of my cock touched her labia she moaned of anticipation. She got her hand in between her thighs and guided me to her entrance. With a few hard thrusts I was fully inside. I kept still for a while and grabbed her breasts and fondled and squeezed them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32