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The following is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years of age or over. Any similarities with real people is just your dirty imagination.


The divorce was fairly clean and easy. Jenna would receive the beach house and a healthy allowance every month for the rest of her life; as long as she didn’t remarry. God, she loved California divorce law! He got to start a new life with his young mistress, turned second wife, and Jenna had no need to ever work again if she didn’t want to. To boot, she had the gorgeous home in the hills of Laguna Beach to spend her days.

Home in the hills was a bit of an understatement. It was more of a mansion than a house. It was a monstrous four thousand square foot house, built in a very modern style. It was more windows than walls, and it blended into the southern Californian hillside. Nearly all of the floor-to-ceiling windows provided an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, just a few hundred meters below the large infinity pool that sat up against the hillside.

The only sticking point to the divorce was the boys. He was adamant that they finish their last year in a prestigious Catholic boarding school in the mountains. That would mean Jenna would go practically a full year without seeing her precious twin boys. The alternative would be fighting his powerful lawyers in court, and he had made it obvious that he was going to play dirty if she fought him on this one.

She rationalized that they would soon be out on their own anyway, so this time without them was a small price to pay to have freedom for the rest of her life, allowing her to do practically whatever she pleased. She agreed to his terms for divorce, and settled into a quiet life in her mansion overlooking the ocean.

She thought at first that she would relish the peace and quiet of living on her own, but after a little over a week, she became extremely bored. The first thing that she did after the divorce was change her look around a bit. She wanted a new start, a new life. The divorce made her feel a bit like she had wasted a good portion of her life. She wanted to change into someone new, and sometimes the best way to do this was to change from the outside in. She cut her hair so that it fell onto her shoulders rather than dangling past her mid-back. She was tired of her constant search for grey hairs so she decided to dye her hair for the first time. She went with a shade of blonde that was just slightly darker than her natural hue.

At forty-two she was in better shape than she had been in years. Seeing all of the young, gorgeous girls in southern California motivated Jenna like nothing else. Seeing her ex-husband’s new trophy was good motivation as well. Jenna had been running regularly and even competing in local 10K races. In the last race she was in, a Turkey Trot in Dana Point on Thanksgiving, she finished fourth in her age group. She was in greater shape physically than most people her age, but emotionally she was a wreck as of late.

Jenna had never been self-conscious about her figure; well, not since high school. But she wasn’t exactly proud of her lack of curves. Her 5’10” frame had always been rather slim and devoid of the curves that many models had, but she liked how she looked. But Jenna decided to enhance her figure with some new breasts. Maybe it was because her ex-husband’s new wife had big, fake breasts, or just because almost every woman her age had them. She had always liked her perky little A cup breasts, but nursing the twins and forty two years of life had taken their toll on her bubblies. She decided to go with small “C” cup breasts, and she was shocked when she got home from the surgery. They looked huge! Then she realized that they were swollen. The doctor said the swelling and immense pain would subside in about a week.

So now she was bandaged, in pain, and alone. She was never one for television, so she avoided falling on that crutch as long as possible. She read by the pool, surfed the internet, and called about every friend she still had after the divorce. It is funny how you find who your true friends are after a divorce and who was just being friendly because of the relationship they or their spouse had with your husband. Now she was finding that most of the people that she thought were her friends were far from it.

After being alone for a while, Jenna started to get antsy. It was a combination of being alone, unable to work out, and in pain. Oh, and there was the horniness too. Jenna had always heard about a woman’s sexual peak hitting around the late-thirties to mid-forties, but she never knew what to expect. For the most part, Jenna had become increasingly horny over the last few years. She was constantly finding dirty stories online, and fantasizing about all kinds of wild sexual escapades. Unfortunately, this new found horniness coincided with her relationship going sour with her husband, so as she was wanting satisfaction more and more, he was around less and less. Also, when he was around she seemed to be pissed off at him for one beyoğlu escort reason or another and definitely not in the mood for sex with him. Now, alone for the first time in years and unable to do much of anything while she recovered from her surgery, she returned to seeking out good erotica on the web. She would sit on the deck overlooking the ocean, sipping her coffee and reading all kinds of steamy stories. If a particular story was good enough, she would slip a hand into her lush cotton robe and play with her pussy unabashedly.

There was something about masturbating outside that was such a thrill for Jenna. Perhaps she was a bit of an exhibitionist, but she always enjoyed playing with herself outside. Even if some of the workers that kept up her estate were around, she would play with her pussy until she came day after day. Sometimes she would get so lost I a story that she would literally scream out as she came. More than once she startled a gardener or pool man with her shrieks of pleasure.

After the swelling in her chest went down, Jenna realized that a new wardrobe would have to accompany her new figure. She went down to Nordstrom’s, got a personal shopper, Jeff, and spent a few months allowance on a whole new wardrobe. Jeff was a young handsome fellow whom she initially was attracted to, until she found out which team he played for. They hit it off right away, and he had her spilling her life story to him as they shopped. The first time they hit the private dressing room, they had close to a hundred different outfits to try on. .

Jenna, having confessed to having new breasts, was standing in just black lace bra and panties waiting to try on another dress when Jeff asked, or more accurately demanded that she show off her new tits.

She looked like a goddess from another time, with her bronze skin, long legs, and now prominent breasts. She pondered his request to see her new breasts, and was actually curious for an outside opinion of her new body. She reached back and unclasped her bra and let out her new treasures. Their alabaster hue stood out greatly from the bronze of the rest of her body. Her breasts looked massive against her thin frame and they stood straight out from her body as if gravity did not exist in that dressing room.

“Girl, they look great! I am glad you didn’t go too big. God you have amazing skin.” With that he caressed her left breast and the human touch felt amazing to Jenna.

“They are going to hang a bit more realistically in a few weeks. I guess they need to settle.” Jenna said, cupping the bottoms of her breasts and shaking them a bit.

“You are gorgeous girlfriend! No wonder you got all that dough from you ex. Has anyone taken that gorgeous new body out for a test drive yet?” Jeff pinched Jenna’s ass and tickled her stomach as he talked.

“Just my fingers and my dildo so far.” The two of them started giggling like school girls.

When Jenna left Nordstrom’s five hours later, her bank account was down about what some people pay for new cars. Her BMW was stuffed with bags of new clothes, and many more were scheduled to be delivered later in the week.

At home Jenna tried on most of the clothes again. Jeff had convinced her to go with a few new looks. One of her new looks was the sporty, hip mom. This look had short shorts and short skirts that showed off her long shapely legs. All the tops were tight, and they all accentuated her new big breasts.

The second look was what Jeff called beach casual. Lots of flowing comfortable clothes along with tight jeans, and t-shirts galore made up this look . Jenna had never spent eighty dollars on a t-shirt before, and now she had drawers stuffed with expensive T-shirts that cost at least that.

The final look was what Jeff called the cougar look. This is what Jeff said would get Jenna the young studs that she needed to satisfy her hunger for cock. This look consisted mostly of short skirts and blouses that were extremely low cut. “You paid for those bad boys, and now it’s time to put them to work” was how Jeff had put it.

A week and a half had passed and she was standing in front of her mirror, checking out how she looked in the denim short skirt and tiny white blouse that showed off about half of her new breasts. Jeff had told her that when she was feeling extremely “on the prowl” she should wear this outfit with no underwear, and she could flash her ass or pussy for a second at her unsuspecting prey.

She remembered Jeff’s words clearly. “Girl you are as bald as a baby down there. That is so out! You got to have some hair above that pretty pussy.” He petted the area above her vulva. “Maybe a heart, or thin strip of hair. What color is your carpet? Blonde! Great, then a thicker square of hair to catch the eyes of your lovers. Also gives them a target to cum on.”

Jenna lifted her denim skirt revealing her pussy to the mirror. She petted the little patch of blonde fuzz that she was allowed to grow above her cunt. “All dressed up and nowhere to go.” Her finger drifted down to her outer sarıyer escort pussy lips, already swollen with lust.

“Damn, it’s so wet already just thinking about fucking.” She slipped two fingers into her wet cunt. Her other hand drifted down and started rubbing her clit. It felt so hard already under her finger. She rubbed her clit as she thought about flashing her ass at some stud. Her two fingers slid easily in and out of her pussy as she thought of flashing her cunt at some hot man. She was rubbing her clit in powerful circles as she imagined watching the crotch of some gorgeous thing rise under his jeans. She imagined him shifting in his seat as his cock grew uncomfortably hard. She envisioned herself bending over and picking up something by his feet, giving him a great view of her now expansive cleavage. She would rise slowly giving him a long glance deep down into the cleft of her bosom and also getting a good view of what monster was waking up under his tight jeans. Maybe she would pause, reach out a hand, and pet his cock through the fabric of his pants.

Jenna loved feeling a hard cock under her hands, and the excitement of a new cock, a cock she has never seen or tasted yet, added to the excitement. Jenna felt moisture slip from her pussy and run down the inside of her thigh. She could hear her sloppy pussy as her busy fingers worked feverishly to bring herself to orgasm. In her mind’s eye she unbuttoned the stud’s jeans freeing his monster cock. She loved when a man didn’t wear anything under his pants. The mushroom head was huge, about the size of her fist. She reached out and touched the smooth head and pre-cum oozed out. He moaned with her touch, and then Jenna’s legs started to shake as a wave of pleasure rolled over her body. She came so hard that she had to sit immediately on the bed panting. Her tiny skirt had fallen back down over her pussy, and was now darkened with her love juices.

“Shit I will have to get these washed before I wear them.” she laughed to herself as she sat in the glow of her post-orgasmic bliss.

After a few weeks of being alone, Jenna decided that she needed to get some kind of human contact. She was masturbating at least three times a day, and she needed some real sexual release. Her first instinct was go to a local bar and see what the nightlife was like. So she dressed up in super tight jeans and a white button up blouse that was so tight on her new ample breasts, she thought the buttons would burst if she were to sneeze. She decided to go without a bra, and through the shirt one could clearly see the outline of her dark areolas.

She put her hair into two braids, and after approvingly admiring herself in the mirror, she drove to the main drag of Laguna Beach. Her hand dropped to the front of her jeans and gave her aching pussy a rub as she waited at a red light.

“Time to get you fed” she thought out loud and smiled.

It was a Thursday night at 8pm when she made it to her first bar and there were already throngs of partygoers. She grabbed a spot at the bar, ordered a martini extra dry, sat back and tried to take in the craziness. It wasn’t long before the first person approached her. He looked to be in his fifties or sixties and by the way he was dressed he seemed to be pretty well off. After talking to him for two minutes Jenna thought that he was probably married and definitely a douchebag. She made an excuse to end their conversation and then moseyed to the bar next door and tried again.

All night long this same narrative developed. Older men, who seemed rich and may or may not have been married, kept approaching her and trying to impress her with their wealth. Despite her hunger for cock, these guys sickened her too much to put up with.

At around midnight, she was desperate and about to give up. She walked into a surf themed bar that was filled with college aged kids. The music was loud, and nearly every song was about surfing or sitting around a bonfire. She sat at the bar again, and was quickly approached by a young man who seemed to be enjoying his first beers ever. His name was Dylan, and was cute enough. His mop of sandy blonde hair kept falling over his dark blue eyes. He appeared to be in pretty good shape, and Jenna was curious to get into his dirty jeans to get a look at his cock. The problem with Dylan was that he was already shitfaced drunk, and he was sucking down beers like they were oxygen. After about ten minutes of small talk, Jenna decided he was worth investigating further, despite his drunkenness. She leaned in and kissed his cigarette-smoke and beer-soaked lips. As he kissed her back she dropped her hand to the front of his jeans and rubbed his cock to let him know that she meant business.

“Want to get a room across the street and continue this conversation in comfort?” Jenna asked him as she felt his cock swell beneath the fabric of his jeans.

Dylan’s jaw dropped. All he could do was nod. She grabbed his hand, led him out of the bar and crossed the street where a swank hotel was located. The clerk at maslak escort the desk didn’t bat an eyelash at the attractive older women leading the drunk, young gentleman to a room for the night. It was Laguna Beach after all, a super-rich enclave in the heart of southern California, and such a thing was more than common.

As soon as the elevator doors swung shut Jenna pounced on her prey, feverishly kissing him deeply. Her tongue flung deep into his mouth, and she realized why she didn’t date very many smokers. The taste was awful, but she was horny as hell for some real man-meat. He was less than half the age of her ex, and she wondered how many times a young stud like him could get his dick hard for her to enjoy.

They spilled into a luxurious third floor hotel room overlooking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. The nearly full moon was reflecting off the faces of the large waves rolling in from the south, but neither noticed. Their faces were locked in a mad make out session. Before they even closed the door behind them, Jenna had Dylan’s tight rock and roll t-shirt ripped off of him. She kneaded his chiseled chest, and ran the tips of her fingers down his defined abs to his belt. She kicked the door shut and pushed Dylan onto the bed.

“Now you sit tight, let me show you how to please me.” And with that she began to slowly unbutton her blouse.

Dylan just sat with a dopy smile on his face and didn’t say a word. She continued unbuttoning her blouse slowly as she stared at Dylan. His eyes were fixed on her chest and he gave out an approving sigh as she released her supple breasts.

Her nipples were hard from the anticipation of sex, and she reached down with both hands and caressed her breasts. She circled around her dark areolas, and then took both of her large, hard nipples and gave them a squeeze.

“Do you like my breasts Dylan?” She asked as she continued to toy with them.

Dylan nodded stupidly.

“Tell me what you want to do with these tits, Dylan?” The question surprised him. He struggled to answer.

“Fuck… Fuck them.” He stammered while smiling.

She hadn’t thought of that possibility. She had never been “titty-fucked” but thought that it looked very sexy when she saw it in the films she loved, and now she had the equipment to accommodate it.

“Fuck them, you say. You want to fuck by big pretty titties do you? That might be a possibility. If you play nice, I might let you do that. You must understand Dylan that you are here to please me. Do you understand?” With this Jenna put her hands on her hips and stood before Dylan with the blouse open and her breasts saluting him.

“Yes. I understand.” Dylan answered.

“Good boy. Now undo your jeans and take out that young cock of yours. I want to see how my tits are affecting it.”

Dylan began to stand, but Jenna picked up her high-heeled foot and sternly pushed him back to his seated position.

“While sitting, slip off your pants and underwear.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Dylan struggled to slide his tight jeans over his raging hard-on while sitting, but after a moment of struggling his jeans sat at his feet.

The first thing that Jenna noticed was that he was completely shaven. She liked that look a lot, and had never seen a shaven man before in real life. She had only masturbated to the endless shaved men in her porn movies. She wondered what it would feel like to stroke his smooth balls.

The next thing she noticed was his size. He had a longer cock than she had ever seen, outside of porn. It looked comically long and unusually thin compared to his muscular legs. She wondered if his being shaven made his cock look longer, and if its length made it look thinner. She typically preferred a thick cock, but the sight of any hard cock right now got her excited. She loved feeling her pussy lips being stretched out by a hard thick cock, but the thought of taking in his length excited her still.

“Good boy. Well since you are showing me yours, I guess I should show you mine.” Jenna started to unbutton her jeans as she spoke. She slowly unzipped them, revealing her smooth pussy with its little blonde landing strip of hair.

Dylan’s hand instinctively went to his cock. As he grabbed it, a bead of pre-cum was squeezed out of his mushroom head.

Jenna quickly slapped his hand away.

“No, no. You only do what I tell you, or I will zip up these jeans and walk out that door. Understand?”

Dylan nodded and then looked at her face for any approval.

“Good boy. ” She spoke as she wiggled out of her incredibly tight jeans. Her tanned skin stood out starkly from her light colored jeans. She stood before him naked with her pants at her ankles covering her black high-heeled shoes.

“Be a dear and help me out of these clothes. Bend down and remove my shoes and pull off mommy’s jeans one leg at a time, please.”

Dylan wanted to grab her hips and bury his face in the beautiful pussy before him, but he controlled himself. If this was the game she wanted to play, then he was in. She was so fucking hot he would practically jump out of the window if she asked. Dylan bent down and gently removed a shoe and pulled the bare foot through the jeans. Then he went to the other one and did the same.

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