Cotton Eye Joe Pt. 02

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Following their assault on Paula we hadn’t stayed for longer than it took to consume a single post workout beer and given the heat and the intensity of the workout that didn’t take long.

A month had passed. The four had been well behaved since taking advantage of Paula. It was a blazing hot day, perfect for spending drinking beer.

Mark invited us to stay longer. Paula looked at me, leaving the decision up to me. I made up an excuse about needing to be going. I did tell them once we stopped having such busy Saturday afternoons we would stay longer.

Rick was into his third beer. He was in his late thirties and competed as a heavyweight. He was tall and intimidating. He also didn’t hold his alcohol particularly well. I got the feeling he was used to bullying people into getting what he wanted. Sober, his dark side didn’t come out, but a few beers and we saw a completely different side of him.

He stared at me, “I’m holding you to it Toby.”

I didn’t particularly like his tone of voice. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. He was a big, strong, man and I was little and not even as strong as my wife who was freakishly strong, but I had a lot of fight in me for being a little dog.

Paula sensed trouble, “”Tobias, let’s go. Bye boys.”

The four looked a bit stunned. Rick asked, “Tobias? I thought his name was Toby. Who names their kid Tobias?”

“It’s a family name,” she explained.

Rick said, “That explains a lot.”

“How so?” I asked.

“You being a bit of a killjoy.”

I answered, “You invite your wife for a post workout beer and we’ll see who’s the killjoy.”

He looked like he was going to say something when Mark intervened.

“Toby, its the beer talking. You and Paula go enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I’ll handle Rick.”

Paula thanked Mark and said, “Tobias, let’s go.”

She actually had to tug at my shirt to get my attention. I had punched up my weight class my entire life so the Ricks of the world didn’t bother me.

We left, but weren’t out of earshot when we heard Mark yell at Rick.

“Are you out of your cotton picking mind? If our wives get wind of this we will all be in divorce court.”

The rest of their conversation we didn’t learn about for months, but it went something along these lines.

Rick mumbled an apology but said, “If you had had her lips wrapped around your pecker you’d be singing a different tune.”

The two bystanders, Tim and Bo, echoed Rick’s sentiments.

“That was a pretty nice titty we got a taste of. Ever since, weve both been dreaming about titty fucking her.”

Rick said, “I want to shove my hog down her throat. I just know she’s a swallower. Did you see the way she just latched onto my dick the second it was in front of her? Judging from how her eyes lit up I’ll bet a paycheck Tobias has got a small dick. We’d be doing him a favor because he obviously isn’t satisfying her.

Tim and Bo echoed Rick’s sentiment.

Mark said, “You’re not going to get into her pants by bullying her husband. You didn’t intimidate him Rick. You boys need to learn the meaning of patience.”

Rick said, “It worked with Chelsea and Tom.”

Mark said, “But Chelsea did whatever Tom wanted. Paula’s a strong willed woman while Chelsea will do what any man tells her.”

Tim said, “I’m no expert on how the mind works, but Chelsea was a lot of fun.”

They all agreed it was a shame the two had suddenly quit the club.

Bo said, “I’ve seen her around town. She’s about to pop out a kid. I think there’s a good possibility one of us is the father.”

“Do you think they played us?” Mark asked, “Maybe Tom couldn’t get her pregnant.”

Rick said, “We could always hunt them down and ask.”

All three looked at Rick as if he was insane.

Mark suggested it would be better to wait and see if they rejoin the club in a year or two

Tim asked Mark why he hadn’t joined in with Paula.

“I like directing things. Besides, I didn’t know how Toby would react. Hell, he might have gotten a pistol and shot us dead.”

“That could have gone south reslly quick.”

Rick was now on his fifth beer and said, “Getting shot while I’m getting head wouldn’t be so bad.”

The other three agreed there were worse ways to exit this planet.

Outside the gym, Paula told me she saved me from getting my ass kicked. I told her I didn’t care and that it wouldn’t have been the first time. I was more upset by Rick’s attempt to intimidate me. Paula pointed out how quickly Mark shut Rick down when I talked about having his wife join in.

We weren’t mad at each other, but I wondered why she left the decision making to me. As I saw it, she was a grown woman.

She explained she deferred to me because I was the one thinking logically.

“So you wanted something to happen?”

She admitted she was very torn.

“Tobias, it was exciting to be thought of as a sex object. Four men, four times the fun.”

“Four married men means four times the potential İstanbul Escort for disaster. As erotic as it was seeing you with Rick’s cock in your mouth and Bo and Tim playing with your breasts I was scared how quickly it could get out of control. Those men would want to do a lot more than play with your breasts and have you suck their dicks for a few minutes.”

“I know, Tobias, which is why I left it up to the only one thinking logically.”

We had some great sex that afternoon. She said it was a turn on watching me defend her. She also said the menace in Rick’s voice made her wet.

“Wet like you are now.”

“Not that wet, Tobias, but my panties were soaking and it wasn’t just from the workout.”

She pointed out afterwards I was a lot more physically aggressive with my penis than normal. She thought it was the Alpha dog in me the confrontation had brought out. I told her I didn’t notice the difference.

She retorted, “You noticed. You’re normally a very gentle lover, but today you pounded my pussy. Don’t worry. I liked it.”

“You did?”

She nodded her head indicating yes then explained, “Most of the time I prefer sweet Tobias, but tough guy Toby was a turn on.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

One might have thought it would have been more difficult to slip back into our roles after she deferred to me and I asserted myself, but it wasn’t. In fact, we both wanted to resume our routine. I had grown accustomed to waiting on her, being treated as a servant, and she rather liked calling the shots and being pampered.

I asked her if she had to periodically provide Mrs. Mayweather updates on our marriage.

“Of course. She wouldn’t be a very good supervisor if she didn’t. She says I’m doing very well. I’m much more assertive at work with the male employees.”

“So I guess our work is coming to an end.”

She looked at me and smiled, “It doesn’t have to end. Mrs. Mayweather said she has a course tailored for couples interested in assertiveness training.”

“Paula, you’re already pretty assertive.”

She answered, “Tobias, we’ve barely scratched the surface.”


“You could be doing so much more for me. And I could be doing a lot less to you.”

“Doesn’t sound like much fun for me. What do you mean by a lot less?”

“Rationing your climaxes. Allowing you fewer, but only as a reward based on your performance.”

“Sounds like you’d be treating me as an employee.”

“Exactly. I knew you’d grasp the concept, but will you embrace it?”

“I don’t know Paula. I like my climaxes. I’m not sure I want them rationed. I think I’m already doing a great job.”

“Don’t be so quick to say no Tobias. I believe you need this, but I don’t want to pressure you.”

“Need this?”

“Women and men approach marriage differently, Men normally don’t want their wives to change, but you’ve enjoyed my change. Women want to improve upon the man they married, mold him into their vision of a what a husband should be. You like being submissive to me, walking around the house naked, giving me foot massages, running my bath, doing the laundry. You’ve even taken to calling me Mistress. And I absolutely love it which is why I want to take it even further.”

“You’re not suggesting I be submissive outside of the house are you? That would be tough.”

“Difficult, but not impossible. Baby steps, Tobias. You obeyed when I told you to leave the gym.”

“That’s different, Paula.”

“But it’s not, you deferred to me. I said let’s go and we left.”

I didn’t look convinced.

She told me to sleep on it.

I asked myself why I enjoyed our role reversal as much as I did. The benefits for her were obvious. After all, most people want to be in charge. Being the househusband was more of a wade into the pool; it mainly involved looking around and doing what needed to get done; having me shoulder the entire burden we got a bit deeper into the water. Insisting I stay unclothed while she remained clothed, helping her dress and undress, giving her foot massages, masturbating, licking up my ejaculate, seemed kinkier than it was. I had found myself deferring to her with greater frequency and ease. Looking back I remembered the times I had hesitated or rebelled and how quickly I ceded to her superiority.

She hadn’t scolded me or shot me an icy glare when I failed to meet her expectations. To see her register disappointment in me for having come up short made me want to please her. She would thank me as only she could, a wink, a smile, telling me to sit beside her, pointing to the floor, running her fingers through my hair, offering me her feet, telling me to wank for her, to climax all over her pretty toes, to lick it off, then to lick her.

She showered me with climaxes as a reward for obeying.

As we got further into the pool her demands would increase and my rewards decrease. She was asking me to prove my devotion and submission by foregoing her traditional reward. Our marriage was going to be Escort Bayan centered around her needs and pleasure.

She didn’t ask me until dinner if I had reached a decision.

I told her I had.

She said, “Don’t tell me. Let me guess. You are going to say yes.”

I nodded my head.

She reached under the table and wrapped her hand around my penis, “I knew you would. We need this Tobias. I’m so happy you’re on board.”

“What do you need me to do Mistress?”

“Eat your dinner.”

We talked about our days and finished our meals. She left the table. I cleaned up. She returned, bath towel in hand, and spread it out on the floor. She set a pillow on the floor. She then proceeded to strip, but left her bra on. She then laid down on the floor.

“Paula, I mean Mistress, I’m done in the kitchen. Should I get a bottle of baby oil? You’ll need to take your bra off.”

“My bra stays on. Go turn on the stereo. Put on some music I like. And turn off the lights. I want it dark while we do this. And, no baby oil for this massage.”

I put on the music, turned off the lights, and joined her in the living room.

“Mistress, what do you need me to do?”

“Tobias, I’m going to relax and you’re going to work. You’re always telling me I have a great ass. Now I want you to show me how much you love my ass. Lay down between my legs. Put your face between my cheeks. Don’t worry. I’m clean, but in the future I might not be so fresh, but for your first time I thought I should be. That’s it. I want you to use your mouth on me. I can feel your breath on me. I’m happy you sound excited. Right down my crack and back up. I’m going to close my eyes. You’ll keep licking until it’s obvious I’m through or I tell you to stop. No touching except with your mouth.”

I wasn’t particularly squeamish and I loved her ass, but this was something we hadn’t previously explored. In the past, she had been a bit averse about me being anywhere need her anus, shifting her body away if I accidentally licked her. Now she was encouraging me to make it my focus.

Her reaction certainly encouraged me as she groaned, “Your tongue feels absolutely amazing.”

After five or so minutes of licking up and down her crack she said, “Go lower.”

When my tongue came into contact with her anus she said, “Oh, God. Don’t stop. Mrs. Mayweather was right. I need this. I’m going to want this a lot.”

Paula’s legs and buttocks were large and muscled. Imagine a female form with broad shoulders and chest, C-cup sized breasts, tapering into a well defined middle before flaring out into the buttocks and upper thighs of a running back. I had to burrow my face between those buttocks to latch onto her starfish shaped hole. It was a fight to get my tongue past that muscle, but I did.

Her reaction was positive and she encouraged me to French her asshole.

“I love it, love it, absofuckinglutely love it,” she shrieked as she experienced her first orgasm from analingus.

I liked that I was able to give her so much pleasure. What wasn’t so fun was what followed. She asked me to lay on top of her, but to behave. My erection was smack in the middle of her ass.

“You feel so warm. Thanks for doing that Tobias. It was a great way to unwind after the day I had.”

She then told me about her day. My erection wilted. She asked me to get off of her. She took the towel and spread it out over the chair.

She sat down, draped a leg over each arm, and signaled she was ready.

“Go slow Tobias because I want to talk. It’s a good thing you’re so oral because our marriage would be in trouble if you weren’t. There have been so few instances of me climaxing during intercourse and zero where my fingers or yours didn’t help. I’m not complaining because I know there are women who never orgasm. I just think this is an opportune time for me to remind you that you are in debt to me. I outearn you and have yet to find something where I can’t beat you. You wouldn’t think it, but I’m even more in love with you now than when I first fell in love with you. It’s because of your adoration, how my desires supplant yours. My goal is to make you push your wants into a remote corner of your brain and fill your mind with my wants. You will ask yourself all day what does my Mistress want and you will do your best to do it. You’ll do it for little to no reward other than a chance to sit here and have my fingers rub your scalp. You’ll do it because you know I deserve to be seated at the throne. You won’t question my decisions, but unconditionally support them. That’s it Tobias, lose yourself in my pinkness. When you imagine the two of us making love always picture your face pleasuring me, your tongue thrusting in and out of me.”

Mistress went on quite a roll. I hadn’t tuned her out so much as lost myself in the moment as her words sank in. I was inferior in so many ways. She deserved better. I owed her so much. What she demanded of me was small compensation. It felt right to be treated and thought of as her Eskort pet.

She experienced her second orgasm of the evening. She pushed my head away.

“Stop, Tobias. I need a break. Just sit there. Now, go get me a glass of wine.”

I did my erection oozing precum. I handed her the wine. She ignored my arousal.


The only times I got up was to pour her another glass, to go to the bathroom or to get a drink, but only after I had been given permission to do so, or because she needed her feet massaged.

As I worked on her feet, she said, “I’m enjoying this so much Tobias. Don’t worry if you’re not because eventually my pleasure will be the source of yours.”

She didn’t ask me to wank that night or any other night for the next two weeks. She also told me not to masturbate.

“Channel that energy to pleasing me.”

I did my best. My motivation in finding ways to make her happy started out as ninety percent desire to experience my own climax, but somewhere along the way my unrewarding climaxes became less of a motivator. It was as if a giant vagina had opened up beneath me and I had fallen in.

Two weeks turned into four as Paula joined me on the no climax wagon. She had read about men not having sex prior to a big fight or game who swore it improved their performance. She wanted to see if it was true. In some ways, it was a blessing to temporarily remove the sexual component from our marriage as we dove deeper into male submission and female domination. In other ways it was hell to be in our mid twenties and not having sex, By the day of the meet we were both very horny.

Tradition was the team traveled together in a bus and the families followed in separate cars. The bus was one of the old yellow school busses purchased at a vehicle auction. The last few rows of seats had been removed so the team could transport equipment. In those days it wasn’t unusual for clubs to help out the team hosting the event by bringing

their own equipment. I was a bit apprehensive about Paula being in a bus with four wolves. She assured me she wasn’t worried and pointed out the entire team would be in the bus, male and female, with a wide range of ages to include teen lifters.

“They’ll behave. Their focus will be on the meet, not me. I’ll sit with the other ladies on the team.”

My fears were unfounded. We arrived at the meet. We had talked about arrival no the night before and getting a good rest, but there were lifters who couldn’t afford the cost of a hotel. The team decided to do it all in one very long day. The meet was well run. It was nice to see a big crowd. Paula was a favorite at the meet. Not only was she freakishly strong she looked like a warrior princess out of a Conan comic.

I learned during the preparation for these meets it was all about training so one peaked at the right moment. The Russians and Eastern Europeans were applying science to Olympic weightlifting. Through articles and anecdotal evidence people started applying those techniques to how they trained for powerlifting. Not everything directly transferred, but a lot did.

Her deadlift and squat propelled her to victory as she competed against some other very strong ladies. The sport’s popularity had skyrocketed. Gone were the days when a woman would have only one or two competitors in her weight class. She bested her field of thirteen. I was the ultimate voyeur at the meet soaking it all in. As master lifters, the senior leadership of the team both lifted and coached.

One of the stranger practices was the use of ammonia followed by a slap to the lifter’s face. The theory was it would increase your aggression causing you to lift more. Tim and Bo did a lot of knee wrapping and unwrapping during the squat portions of the meet and assisting the lifters with putting on and off bench shirts. It wasn’t sexy, but a part of me felt a bit aroused watching them prepare my wife for her lifts.

Even weirder was watching Rick who towered over Paula as he held the ammonia in front of Paula’s face, see her inhale it, hear him yell at her followed by a pretty good slap across the cheek. My penis twitched more than a few times during the day. It was towards the end of the competition when Paula joined me in the audience. We were watching the male heavyweights compete. State and national records were broken.

Paula said she was ready to start breaking some records. I told her I was sure she had. I got up when the opportunity presented itself and asked the judges to check and see if Paula had set any records, They brought her up on stage and announced she had broken two national records. I was a bit upset at the favoritism shown towards the male heavyweights and wondered how many other weight classes had been slighted in an otherwise well run meet.

One of the judges told me there wasn’t time to research all the weight classes and reminded me what they did was on a voluntary basis.

“Maybe you could do the research for us or better yet, put out a magazine.”

The meet ended after the judges handed out the trophies. Paula took home four, best deadlift, squat, and winner in her weight class, She also won overall female lifter using the Reshel formula. The judges also reminded everyone of the national records she broke at the meet.

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