Cosplaying Yeina Ch. 02: The Shoot

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Julie gave Jana a few pages of the script and whispered, “Just take care that those are out of range for the camera. Don’t worry, you’ll make it!” She patted her shoulder and grinned, “Take care of your boobs, they are in real danger now!” The awkward girl finally poked her finger into Jana’s soft, beautiful orbs and giggled like a maniac.

Jana was proud of her large, teardrop-shaped breasts, and she hated when people made fun of them. She thought about the comic, about Yeina. Was Yeina feeling the same way?

Jana was surprised, almost shocked, that there was a comic character that looked so much like herself. She was just so similar! From her short, brown hair to her big, brown eyes, from her tight, strong body to the most prominent of her features. The one that got heads turning all the time; her big, heavy breasts that always got in her way.

It was almost like she suddenly found out about a virtual twin, about somebody just like her. Only that this somebody just existed in someone’s fantasy, brought down on paper; a strong girl; a warrior. Was she, Jana, too, a warrior? Was she like Yeina?

“Hey! Stop the daydreaming and get your cute ass moving!” Julie shouted.

Jana grunted annoyed, “Sure, whatever!”

Tom entered the cell, busily checking the script, “Jana, before we start… oh, you’re naked already?” He blushed, stared blankly at Jana’s impressive breasts.

“Yes?” asked Jana confused, Julie giggling behind her.

“I think you just petrified him! The raw power of your dangling darlings was just too much! Give him a kiss, maybe then he can move again!” Julie cackled.

“Uh.. alright, sorry for that, girls. Was just mesmerized by what… I saw… Jana… I… you’re so beautiful… I don’t even have the words to describe how… I feel… you’re… don’t know how to…”

Julie couldn’t believe it. What was Tom doing? She looked at them, shook her head. Silently, she sneaked behind Jana, and with a swift movement her arms shot around Jana’s body, her hands grabbing those huge, heavy breasts with might. She began to shake them, to jiggle and bounce them around.

“Hey Tom, are you so in love with those big melons of her? Do you like how cute they look when they jump and wobble like this? Stop the stammering and get real. What did you want to tell us?”

Before Julie could even blink, Jana turned around, slapping her huge boobs hard against Julie’s cheek, knocking her off balance. Julie shrieked and went down in an instant.

“What the fuck was that?” she babbled, trying to get on her feet again.

Jana looked at her with anger. “Don’t you dare touching me like that ever again, freak!” she snarled, blood pumping through her veins, “You might regret it dearly!”

Jana was furious. What was that girl thinking, treating her like that? Was Yeina experiencing similar situations? Did she just react like the warrior she was supposed to play?

Tom was quite shocked by what he just witnessed. He looked at Jana, her soft breasts still trembling from the giant slap they delivered. She was rubbing her boobs, which still hurt from the impact. Then he glanced at Julie, who still massaged her reddened cheek, casting her eyes down.

“What the hell was that? Alright, whatever… So Jana, before we start… I just wanted to give you some short recap. We’ll start with a bit of panning around your body, showcasing your beautiful features, your face, your rear, your legs, your… chest. Reason being, once you’re stuck up there, we won’t see much of you. So we need to take some time to introduce you to the audience, to introduce Yeina.”

“Sure, fine with me!” Yeina replied, still looking sternly at Julie, stretching her muscles to get ready for the shoot.

“Great! So let’s start then. Julie? Get out of here and let them do their work! And stop teasing Jana, ok?”

Tim and the camera team entered the room. One of the support guys came towards Jana, waving some sort of spray bottle before her.

“Jana, I’ll need to apply this to your body. It’s just a bit of oil with water. The mist will improve the visuals.”

Jana nodded, turned herself and let the guy spray her. Then the actual recording started. The team made sure that her beautiful, spotless face and her full, soft lips were well captured. They zoomed in on her deep brown eyes, showed her long eyelashes with her gaze tantalizing the viewer.

Yeina blinked, tried a few poses before they continued with her soft, short hair, waving when she moved her head. And of course her slender neck, rippling with muscles as she prepared to fight.

Jana was asked to do more poses, to look sternly, to smile, to look like she was afraid of something, like she was about to kill a freaking monster. She had to do some fighting moves, some jumps and more. Jana had plenty of fun doing this. She didn’t mind showing off, and her bright smile was enough to win over the whole team. She joked and laughed while she was prancing before them, showing every piece of her naked body glistening taksim esc in the bright lights.

Then, some more detailed shots were made, some close-ups of her muscular back, her large, symmetrical, almost teardrop-shaped breasts that were swaying and jiggling when she moved. It was apparent that the camera team liked what they saw, and Jana had the impression that they took quite a bit too much care capturing her big, soft twins.

Finally they moved further south, captured her tight belly, her slim waist, curvy hips and firm rear. She had to stretch her muscular legs, wiggle her ass, and even show off her slender ankles and beautiful feet before the crew signaled that they were done.

Jana was told by the team that they would use those shots and close-ups to create a quick intro to the movie. They would also be used in trailers and for some quick cuts between different scenes and such. Jana didn’t really care. It was fun, so it was cool with her. She smiled at the team, spinning her beautiful body one last time before she began to stretch her muscles in earnest, preparing for what was lying ahead of her.

“Are you ready?” asked Tom, his head sticking through the door.

“Yes, yes I am.” replied Jana. She was ready, ready to become Yeina, ready to be a warrior.

“Alright, everybody set? Action!” shouted Tom, and the session began.

The very first scene was simply showing the door of the cell, with light flowing through the gaps. The Orcogre, she still didn’t know who was behind that machine, shouted with its booming, distorted voice, “You’re going to stay in here until further orders, slut” and threw her, buck naked, with a powerful flick of its mechanical arm, into the cell.

Jana flew, with her big, swaying breasts bouncing like crazy, into a corner, slithering over the ground and replied screaming,

“You could at least give me some clothes!”

Damn, that hurt, scraping over the floor like that! Jana stretched herself, looked around. Just like in the comic, the monster replied, “Shut your fucking mouth!” then turned and disappeared.

She was alone, naked, sat there in this dark, cold corner. Well, except for the camera and the guys doing the recording anyway. She glanced at the script. Yes, she could do this! Jana looked around, watched her surroundings. Some light fell through a tiny window in the ceiling. Yeina, yes, yes she was Yeina now! Yeina the brave warrior, Yeina the hero! Yeina, proud of her strength, proud of her body! She needed to get into that role! Jana, no, Yeina stood up and said, “I better hurry up and do this before Orcogre gets back!” Then she looked upwards and whispered, “I’m not just going to sit around for what happens next. I’m getting out of this hole.”

The next scene was really demanding. She had to climb up a straight, tall wall, naked, with only some gloves protecting her. And then, when she finally made it up there, she had to get into this tiny air duct. Thank god Jana was a regular free-climber. She stretched her muscles one last time, closed her eyes to focus on the task ahead of her.

The camera panned over her body, showed off her wide hips, her slim waist, her impossibly well shaped, muscular legs, until it rested on her heaving bust, detailing her beautiful, soft, spotless, breasts for the audience.

Yeina collected herself, shouted, “Haaaa!!” and went up the wall with a huge leap. It was difficult! Very difficult! Her big boobs scraped along the rough wall, getting in her way. But thanks to her regular work-out and her well-trained body, she was finally able to reach the duct.

The muscles in her arms and legs were quivering under the strain, but she managed to sneak into the tight space. She made it! She was in there! Yeina relaxed for a brief moment, let her body recover.

She examined her surroundings, still panting from the climb. The guys indeed did a terrific job preparing the location. This narrow tunnel was well lit, and there were cameras everywhere, recording her every move! She crawled ahead through the duct, moving slowly, making sure her bosom didn’t get caught by some odd screw or other debris.

Finally, she reached some metal bars that prevented her from going any further. A quick look to the script told her what to do next. She grabbed the bars, shook them, cautious to put her big breasts just above the carefully modified metal plate on the ground.

This was the position; this was where the ‘accident’ would happen. Jana sympathized with Yeina the warrior, felt with her challenges, her fight against the Orcogres, her desire to escape this hell-hole. She knew what was in front of her, but Yeina didn’t. For Yeina, her big boobs always brought trouble, but also strength and power.

This was quite similar to what Jana experienced. Her big breasts caused some fair share of problems in the past, but also some beautiful moments and incredible power. Jana, in full knowledge of what would happen, pressed her body slightly downwards. She felt the plate move a tiny kağıthane esc bit. Almost there…

She pressed her boobs down again with more force and felt the plate finally give in. The metal went down and her huge, breasts fell into the tight opening, jumping around wildly. That metal plate landed squarely on the Orcogre’s head, just like it should, metal squeaking and rattling.

The huge beast, apparently in the middle of a card game, was just telling to someone else, “Good, I’ll put my monster in attack mode and leave this card of… HUAGG!”

Yeina was squeaking a surprised, “Haaa! What?!” as her bountiful boobs fell down in the room underneath her. She whispered a scared, “Oh my!” and waited for her oscillating breasts to come to a standstill.

The Orcogre looked around, puzzled. His card-playing pal was equally confused and pointed to those gigantic boobs hanging out of the ceiling. Jana couldn’t see a thing, her huge breasts blocking the view, her bouncing melons stuck in the tiny opening

“What in demons name!” the big monster grunted, while the smaller one shouted excitedly “Colonel! It’s the human girl! She is in the air duct!”

The big Orcogre screamed, “Quick, she’s getting away!” Yeina tried to get away fast, tried to pull her breasts free, tried to use her strength, her quick reflexes to escape. Tears shot in her eyes when she felt the strong, steely hands of the monster digging deep in her bouncing flesh, tearing her down.

The warrior cried in pain, and even Jana, as she enthusiastically was playing the scene, couldn’t hold to herself. This guy below really meant business and tore at her sensitive breasts like a madman! She wanted to bitch about this, but she swallowed her anger to not interrupt the shoot. She couldn’t stand any retake of this scene!

Bob was trying his best to control his second skin in this critical moment. He somewhat got used to the fiddly control, but grabbing those dangling breasts with precision was a real challenge. He maneuvered the mechanical arm of his toy accurately and indeed was able to close the hand of his robot just enough to grab his bouncing targets and pull on them lightly. Pheww! That worked well!

The monster grunted evilly, “If you try to escape from me again, I’m going to rip these enormous juicy jugs right off, slave!”

Yeina screamed furious with anger, “Hey, let go of me, beast!”

“Teach her a lesson, so she will not try to escape again.” the soldier laughed.

Huge claws tore relentlessly on Yeina’s chest. The commander shouted at her, “I can’t hear you, human slut, are you going to stay put?”

Now, Jana had to look straight into the camera in front of her. She opened her beautiful brown eyes as wide as she could, blinked, and squealed, “Please stop! I’m sorry I’ll do whatever you say, but please, just stop!”

The Orcogre grunted, “Good, human, first let’s see what juicy tits sound like!” He laughed evilly and hit hard against her dangling breasts.

Jana’s large, soft tits went flying around, crashing against the ceiling with incredible force. Yeina cried out loud, surprised and shocked. But then she took her chance, strained her muscles and tried to pull herself free one more time. She would make it! This time Yeina would be able to escape!

The monster screamed, “What did I tell you about escaping! Slut!”

His claws shot upward, closing quickly around her soft, warm cushions, tearing her downward with might.

Jana looked down, panic in her eyes. Who the fuck was hiding in that beast? Tom? Tim? Bob? He was playing his role quite convincingly. A bit too convincing in fact! His artificial hands were groping her vigorously, and he put quite some force behind his groping. This wasn’t pleasant at all!

Jana’s breasts already hurt like hell, and this was far from over! She swallowed her pride, glanced at the script and let Yeina shout, “Haaaagggg No! Let go of me!”

The Orcogre grunted, “I think these belong to me. I told you to stay put, now you’re going to lose these juicy tits.”

It was Bob! She was almost certain about that! The way he spoke was kind of familiar. And she remembered hearing the voices of Tim, Tom and Julie during the preparation. But she didn’t hear nor see Bob. Yes, yes it had to be Bob who operated this monster. This guy surely had a lot of fun playing his part!

Jana never let him near her in the past, but he kept approaching her, flirting with her. He obviously was in love with her, or at least with her tits. He always bragged about being a tit lover, and how a good set of tits was all he cared about. What a jerk. And now this guy is mauling her boobs! No, not really… he made a giant robot maul her boobs! Was that any less scary? Guess not! And how did that happen? How did she get herself into…”Aaaaiiieee!”

Jana screamed on the top of her lungs. The pull on her body was incredible! Something was definitely wrong! Those claws were biting in her orbs, pulling her tits to the extreme. Jana screamed, çapa esc “WHAT THE FUCK!!”

And then she heard an incredibly loud, metallic creaking. Plenty of voices screamed from down below. Tom shouted “Bob, careful! You’re losing balance!”

Indeed, Bob screwed up big time. He probably was just too caught up in the task of grabbing Jana’s boobs with those fickle arms that he didn’t pay much attention to other stuff around him. Like the stabilizers that helped keep the robot upright… Now, the huge beast tumbled, tilted slowly but steadily, steel creaking.

And then, like in a slow-motion capture, the huge structure shook and fell backward. Almost. But there was something that prevented it from falling further. Those two bouncy objects that hung out of the ceiling, in which the robot had its dirty claws tightly embedded.

Jana’s two twins were the only things that held the metal beast upright, and they were under immense strain. Jana was howling behind the ceiling wall, pulled down hard into the dirt by her very own, trapped beauties that were pulled horribly out of shape. Everyone appeared deeply shocked.

Tom was shouting, “Oh fuck! Oh my god!” Tim was dumbstruck, gawking in disbelief, unconsciously pointing his camera upwards zooming into the spectacle.

Then Tom jumped into action, ordered the others to help him get some heavy steel pipes from next door. In moments, they were able to somehow prop up the machine with them, relieving the stress on Jana’s tits a bit.

“Ok, Jana, are you ok?” Tom shouted towards the still tightly trapped breasts.

“Ughhhh, I… I think so! Still hurts like a bitch but much better than before…Need to get… out… can’t see my damn tits, but feels like they’re still there. What the fuck happened?”

“Bob, you damn idiot, open those hands and let her tits out, NOW!”

“Uh… y…yes, s…sorry guys… my fault. This beast is really hard to c…”


Motors spun, some metal creaked, and Jana’s trapped boobs finally sprang free and bounced around wildly. Jana sighed and immediately pulled out of the opening, climbing back into the cell.

“Bob, come out. We need to talk. Everyone, let’s have a break and take stock. This shouldn’t have happened, but it looks like we have just avoided a major disaster. Everybody assemble outside.”

“Jana, are you really ok? Oh god, your boobs look like shit” Tom whispered when he saw the shaking girl.

“I… I think I’m fine. Looks worse than it is, I hope. Just a bit red where those hand…things dug into me… Now can anybody tell me what the hell just happened?”

Bob scuffled through the door, head hanging low, face flushed, whispering, “I’m so sorry Jana. I screwed up. Shouldn’t have happened. I …I just lost control of that thing for a moment and then… it lost balance. Thank god you’re fine!”

Jana looked at him sternly, “This was dangerous, Bob. I thought you like my boobies? You should be more careful with them!” Then she smiled, “They seem to be fine though.”

She carefully lifted one of her boobs, showed them to Bob for inspection. “They… they look delicious. Are those red marks from…”

“Yes, that was your robot hand. And they feel very tender, too.”

“Let me see!” demanded Julie and inspected Jana’s breasts carefully. “Can’t see anything except for some small marks,” she kneaded Jana’s big breasts, squeezed and pulled her boobs, “How does that feel?”

“Uh.. ouch… kind of tender… ahhh be careful, please?”

“You’re fine, girl, don’t worry. Your tits are stretchy and soft. And so fucking huge. They can deal with a bit of stress.” She slapped Jana’s boob hard, the girl screaming in surprise.

“What the hell was that, Julie?”

“I just wanted to demonstrate that everything feels like it did before, or did you feel any different?” she said, grinning evilly.

Tom looked at Jana, then at Julie. “Is she really ok?”

“Yes, of course she is. Look at her! Everything still where it belongs, right Jana?”

“Ummm yes…?”

“It’s not that bad,” said Julie to Tom. “We should continue. Jana will be fine, she’s a tough girl. Don’t you agree, Jana? Your boobies are maybe a bit tender, but that’s about it.”

She slapped Jana’s boobs again lightly and grinned, “I like her titties, they’re fun! And so durable! Can’t wait to see more of them!” Then she turned around and shouted, “Get back in, we’ll continue in a moment!”

“Are you really ok?” asked Tom concerned.

“Yes… I think…” Jana looked down at her breasts, lifted them, inspected them again. “Just a bit tender, like Julie said…”

“OK, let’s go inside then.”

Everybody went inside again. Bob, still embarrassed by his stupid mistake, was awfully quiet while he was getting strapped into the robot again. Jana went back into the duct, this time taking a ladder to get there.

When her big, soft boobs finally showed up in the small opening, swaying and oscillating as they should, Tom looked up expectantly, comparing what he saw with what the comic demanded. He announced “Honestly, her boobs look like shit. Look at those pressure marks! We can’t leave them like this, it would definitely show. Bob really screwed up! Julie, any idea how we can fix this?”

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