Cory’s Story

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I was looking at my reflection in the mirror, twisting and turning, wondering what you would think. I had just changed into a white satin nightgown and couldn’t help assessing the ample body in the reflection. Earlier that day I had picked you up at the airport and now we were finally alone. I was nervous, as this would be the first time we became lovers.

I thought back to how it all started, talking online, then progressing to cybering. I felt my face flame as I thought about the amount of times I had sat at my chair, vibrator deep in my pussy, and the things that were said. I thought of the times I had cum listening to your voice on the phone. I was feeling a bit embarrassed but also turned on at the same time. My hand went up and began to slide down my throat towards my breast.

Suddenly I hear a noise behind me and look into the mirror; I don’t know how long you’ve been there but your watching me. My first reaction is to cover up, but I resist it and meet your eyes. I can see desire in them as you devour every voluptuous curve of my body. I know you like what you’re seeing and this begins to make me wet.

Slowly you move away from the doorway and begin to walk toward me, I want to turn to you but I’m frozen in place, fascinated by the contrast of your tall lean form and my short full one. Finally you are behind me, not quite touching but close. I begin to turn but your hands settle on my shoulders and hold me in place.

“I want to see your sexy body,” you whisper in my ear causing a shiver to move down my body.

You lift my hair away from the side of my neck and bury your face in the curve of my shoulder. I feel your hot breath and the slight rasp of 5 o’clock shadow on my smooth skin, which sends a jolt down to my breasts. My nipples harden under their silky covering. I look at you and meet your eyes in the mirror. You haven’t missed the reaction I’m having and you continue to watch as you kiss the side of my neck and ear. Your hands are running up and down my arms, learning the feel of my skin.

Your mouth lifts and I turn my head, searching for a kiss. Our mouths barely touch really more a mingling of breath then a kiss. I lightly lick your full bottom lip and I feel your hands momentarily tighten on my shoulders. I gently bite your lip and then sooth it with my tongue and suddenly our mouths meet. Your tongue searching for mine as your hands slide around to my breasts for the first time. I know what your feeling, my tits soft and heavy, your hands sliding over the silky smooth surface, my nipples like little pebbles against your fingers.

You pull your head beşevler escort away and turn to watch us in the mirror. We both watch your dark hands against the silky white mounds my breasts make. Your hands cup the weight, your fingers lightly teasing my aching nipples.

“Please Cory, ” I beg……wanting to feel more while at the same time loving your touch.

Your body moves in closer and comes up flush with mine. Now I can feel all of you pressed into my back, can feel your hard cock pressing against my ass. My eyes close and my head falls back against your shoulder. I’m basking in the sensations your generating when I feel your hands start to slide the straps of my nightgown off my shoulders. My eyes open and my head comes up as once again I am momentarily feeling self-conscious. I look at you and know you want to see all of me so I don’t stop you. You have a burning need to see for real everything in the pictures I had sent to you. The nightgown glides over my body and forms a white pool at my feet.

“Don’t you know how hot you are?” you ask me.

I look at my body in the mirror and instead of the overweight woman with large slightly drooping breasts and the stretch-marks gained through childbirth I usually see I now see through your eyes. Here is a woman with exaggerated curves, wide hips made to cradle a man, and breasts made to overflow over his hands and mouth, thighs large and soft to hold him. I was ripe for your loving. I lift my hand up and caress you head that is resting on my shoulder, so thankful too finally see what you do.

Your hands touch me on my sensitive skin under my arms. They lightly slide down my body, following all the curves and hollows, causing my breath to catch. They cup the ample curve of my hip and slide around to my stomach.

I’m still looking into your eyes when your hands reach up and under to cover my tits. They are large and spill out over your hands but so very heavy and responsive to your touch. My nipples harden even more against your hand, begging for your touch.

Your still clothed body presses against my now naked one again. I can feel you slowly rocking your straining erection against my fleshy ass. I want to see you undressed, want to feel your naked body pressed against mine. I go to turn around to undress you but again you stop me.

“No just stay there………. This first time is for you.” You tell me.

I watch you pull off your shirt my eyes devouring your chest. Then your pants quickly follow. You stand naked to my gaze in the reflection and my büyükesat escort breath catches. I so want to touch every part of you, to kiss and lick each and every inch, but I know that will be for later. For now I continue to watch and want.

This time as you press against me I feel your chest rub against my back, your cock slides against my ass as you step closer. I want you closer still……want you inside of me.

You reach around and your hand cups my chin, turning my head to yours for another long hard kiss. When your mouth leaves mine your finger caresses my face, trailing over my lips, then into my mouth. I suck and lick your finger like it’s your cock. You moan and your hips move harder against me. Your wet finger leaves my mouth and you move it down to my nipples. Wetting the hard tips with my saliva.

“Oh God, I can’t stand it.” I tell you.

“Yes, you can”

Your wet fingers begin to pinch my nipple, pulling and twisting it till I’m squirming my ass against you. Your free hand is playing now too, moving down to my shaved and oiled pussy, lightly caressing it. I move my legs further apart wanting to cum. I feel your fingers part my lips and dip into the wetness awaiting you. You spread my juice up and over my throbbing clit and I whimper. I don’t know how you can hold back, as I want you to make love to me so bad now. I try to slide my hand between us wanting to feel your hard cock in my hand but you catch my hand in yours.

“Please let me touch you,” I beg. My eyes pleading with you in the mirror.

“You can’t baby,” you answer “I want this first time to last and I’m so hot right now I would have to take you.”

You place both my hands up and onto your head as you return to stroking my nipples and clit. Your hands are moving faster now as I watch it all in the mirror. I can see you watching me also and my legs start to shake.

“I can’t wait much longer, cum for me,” you whisper in my ear. “I want to watch you cum for me.”

This causes my body to arch against you as I feel my orgasm rip through my body. I can see my juice soak your hand and run down my leg. You lift your dripping hand up and bring it to your nose to smell and then to your mouth to taste.

You hand comes round to my mouth and you rub your fingers on my lips. I’m watching you in the mirror as my tongue comes out to taste my own juice off my lips. Fire blazes in your eyes as you watch.

I feel your hands on my shoulders, gently pushing us both to our knees. We are so close that my legs must part wide to make çankaya escort room for you to kneel behind me. I can see into he mirror how this opens my pussy further for you to look at. Your hand goes to my back and slowly pushes me forward. I know what you want and drop to my hands and knees. You can see my heavy tits hanging in the mirror. Your rock hard cock brushes against my wet pussy and my eyes close.

“Open your eyes,” you tell me. “I want you to watch everything while I fuck you.”

I watch as you grab onto my wide hips and begin to probe the entrance to my hot slit. I want to push back but you are holding my hips preventing me from doing this so I hold still and wait. I feel the head of your cock enter my pussy but then you pull it out again.

“Fuck me……….oh please Cory do it.” I scream out. I meet your eyes in the mirror and as soon as I do you bury your cock hard and deep inside me.

“Yes!!!” I bite my lip with the pleasure I am now feeling but continue to look into your eyes.

I can see so much reflected back at me, the passion in both our faces, your hands squeezing my hips as you pull out and drive your cock back in hard over and over. Each time you do this my breasts swing. The heavy weight pulling them down and the nipples are still hard with wanting. Your eyes are following their movement, watching the sway and bounce each time you drive your cock into me.

I start to moan. Getting closer and closer to climax. Your hands release my hips and capture my tits. I can now push back against you as we begin to move faster toward fulfillment. I can hear our skin slapping together and the sound of my juices surrounding your cock.

“I want to cum…….please help me…….oh fuck I need it so bad,” I start mumbling, pleading.

Your fingers pinch my nipple while your other hand slides down under my belly and straight to my pulsating clit. Instantly my breath catches and my head starts to shake from side to side, almost as if to protest the passion sweeping through me.

“Cum for me now baby.”

“Oh YES!!!!”

I feel the built up tension finally crest. My pussy starts to spasm around your cock, milking it for the cum you have been holding back. My cum gushes out and sprays all over us both and you can’t hold back anymore. Your eyes finally close as you drive in deep and start to cum deep in my pussy. You moan loud and the look of pain that crosses your face tells me you are cumming hard.

For a time you remain inside me, slowly softening as we look at each other with wonder. We are far from done and know that through out the night and the week even we will climax together many times and in many ways, but this first time will be special. You finally pull out and I turn and kiss your mouth in thanks. As my mouth leaves yours I decide to give us a taste of what is to come soon. I bend over and take your cum covered cock right into my mouth. Tasting our passions mingled together.

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