Corset Adventure

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Jacqueline Forster is 28 years old. A month ago, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror and spoke to herself.

“You’re looking old. You’re looking past it. No job. No man. No prospects. No skills. No qualifications. And you’re a virgin. What ARE you going to do?”

She had no ideas. Jacqueline was not ugly. She wasn’t even plain. But she lacked confidence, self esteem and ambition. She wasn’t a small size but not overweight either. She was taller than average and a UK size 14 but her dress sense was dictated by her mother and she tended to wear clothes at least ten years out of date, and sometimes from an earlier generation, selected from the same shops her mother visited. She’d become increasingly aware of her unfashionable appearance but didn’t know what to do about it since she had no close women friends. Her girl friends of schooldays were now all married and had moved away from the farming village where the Forsters lived.

A few days later, on a cold November day, she was in Leeds after attended a job interview, which she failed. She knew Leeds a little because that’s where she and her mother did her unfashionable clothes shopping, even though the city was full of stylish boutiques and department stores. She looked at her own reflection and saw the brown woollen coat, the brown hat, the brown and grey scarf, and the black flat-heeled shoes. She was despondent and looked through the great windows at the fashionable displays, almost daring herself to go inside and buy some modern styles for herself.

She became aware of a man standing next to her, also looking in at the women’s clothes. He spoke.

“That one there; it would suit you. And that sweater, and the scarf, and those boots over there.”

Instead of ignoring the strange man, as she had been taught by all the women in the family, she looked at the items he pointed out and saw such beautiful clothes that she never owned in her life and couldn’t imagine wearing. Then she turned to him.

“Do you think so?”

“Yes, I do,” he said, “why don’t we go and see if they do suit you?”

She flinched a little at the “we” but still didn’t turn her back on him and walk away. She looked at the prices and realized that she couldn’t afford to buy the outfit, anyway.

“Come on,” he urged gently, as an uncle might do, and she pondered for a moment how to say she didn’t have enough money with her or at home and she didn’t even have a bank account. She decided to come straight out and use that as her excuse to escape from a conversation that she didn’t start and couldn’t control.

“I can’t afford them,” she said clearly but with some embarrassment.

“But do you like them?” he persisted, “Because, if you do, I’ll buy them for you.”

She felt threatened by such generosity from a stranger.

“No,” she spoke firmly, “I don’t know you. What you’re saying isn’t right.”

“Well, I’m the general manager of this store and, yes, you do know me but you’ve forgotten.”

For the first time, she looked at him full in the face and saw something about him that touched a memory.

“Yes, but I don’t remem………,” she started.

“I’m Daniel Craven. In your last year at school, I was Amanda Dunn’s boyfriend,” he said quietly, “Now do you remember?”

“Yes,” she smiled for the first time and recalled for herself the details of Amanda and the boyfriend, who was ten years older than any of them.

“I liked you,” she said candidly, “but she kept you away from the rest of us.” And she giggled like the schoolgirl she once was.

“And I liked you, Jackie. I’ve thought a lot about you since then.”

Only her school friends ever called her Jackie.

“No you haven’t,” she giggled again, “Amanda wanted you all to herself.”

“Amanda and I finished because I wanted her to arrange parties and events with you there.” he was serious, “She pushed me away because I spoke about you too often.”

“Are you really the general manager here?”

“I certainly am.”


A month later, Jacqueline had her new set of clothes from that day, and others also. She was fashionable in her colours, her fabrics, her styles and her accessories. She was particularly pleased with her collection of boots. They made her feel taller and more elegant. Her hair was restyled. She discovered that she had a nice figure for her size, and that standard sizes in fashionable clothes fitted her very well.

Daniel was so caring about her and had started to teach her the ways of passion. How to kiss properly, not like a schoolgirl. How to play sensuously with each other’s bodies, including her own. In the past few days, how to make love with him. He was learning about her sensuality, and the latent passion that she had stored up all her life. She surprised him and he felt younger when he was with her. He was falling in love with her, after merely being interested and feeling lust from ten years before.

She was beginning to think of marriage Bayan Eskort although they hadn’t spoken of it. They were planning for her to move into his apartment over the store, sometime in the next few weeks. Her parents were happy for her friendship with Daniel but concerned at his age, and at the plan for them to live together.

One evening, after they’d been very close but not making love, he suggested to her,

“I’d like to dress you especially for me one evening. Would you do that?” he asked.

“Of course I will,” she replied in his ear whilst kissing his neck, “What will it be?”

“It’ll be a surprise for you and an adventure, I hope.”

“We’ll come into the store on Sunday evening and I’ll show you some nice clothes that we can both enjoy. How’s that?”

“Alright,” she agreed, “How exciting.” She imagined herself in furs and expensive satins, and started to look forward to the weekend.


A few days later, they took the lift from Daniel’s penthouse apartment to the Womenswear floor of the store. He’d posted the security staff on other floors and ensured that the CCTV was turned off on this floor, using his master key on the console near the checkout.

Jacqueline was dressed in her jeans and a shirt, with sandals on her feet. She imagined that she needed to be able to undress easily and quickly for the fine clothes Daniel would select for her. He took her to the lingerie department of the floor and she understood that, of course.

“He’s going to start with my undies,” she thought, “I wonder what he’ll choose?”

“Here, put this over your eyes,” he said and produced a blindfold from his pocket, “Then it’ll be more of a surprise as we go along. OK?”

She did as her said and couldn’t see anything at all past the shaped blindfold. He led her towards a display but she didn’t know what clothing was there.

“Let me undress you,” he said softly and proceeded to do so. In fact, he took off every single item of clothing until she was naked before him, in the cool air of the store.

She heard him moving and placing something on the glass counter nearby.

“Just step into this,” he said and she could feel something like a skirt being held out near her feet.

She stepped in with one foot and then the other, and Daniel started to lift it into place. She realized it wasn’t a skirt because it gripped her thighs too closely.

“Perhaps it’s a body or leotard, or something like that,” she thought but didn’t speak. Then she understood it was none of them either. Daniel kept moving it up into place over her bust and guided her shoulders into straps.

“Is it a swimming costume?” she asked him from behind her blindfold.

“Wait a moment and see what you think, when you’ve felt it some more,” he replied mysteriously. Then he did up some hooks at the front and she could feel a zipper running up to the bra top, as well as hearing it.

It was tight on her. She started to feel it with her hands and to analyze what she was sensing. For a start, it was smooth and very tight, and had big seams at various points which ran the whole length from shoulders to bottom. She soon could feel that the seams were more than seams; they were bones running flexible but straight from top to bottom.

Also, she became aware that it had no closure at the bottom. She reached down and felt it open between her legs and her hands took hold of a number of suspenders. Now she knew what it was: it was a corselette like her mother used to wear, years ago.

Now she was confused. Why was her dressing her in clothes even older in style than any she previously would have worn for herself or from her mother’s choice? Her mother had stopped wearing such things because they became unfashionable even for her generation and here was Daniel dressing her like an old woman.

“Why this?” she asked, “let me see.”

“Not yet.”

Daniel brought stockings and sat her on the edge of a chair whilst he carefully fed them over her feet, one at a time and up to her hips. Then he stood her up and fastened them to the suspenders. He attached them expertly and she could feel the smooth coolness of nylon stockings for the first time in her life. She reached down and felt the stocking tops in her thighs, held tightly in place and pressing onto her skin like an embrace.

She reached around her body again and felt the tightness and the support over her bottom, the flatness of her stomach, and the firmness around her thighs. She lingered for a moment over the curve of her hips below her waist and above her bottom. She liked the sensation but was still confused.

“Please let me see,” she pleaded, and he removed the blindfold. He had placed her standing in front of the long mirror, and she looked long and hard at her reflection. She wasn’t accustomed to see herself dressed in this way or in any firm foundation wear, but she liked the effect it had on her figure. She turned left and tight to see her flat stomach and tight bottom. She moved her legs a little and saw the effect of the corselette around her thighs and the firmness of the stocking tops. As she looked and moved, she appreciated her own shape for the first time. She turned to Daniel and saw that he was also completely naked and erect. He must have undressed whilst fitting her into the corselette. He held her to him. And she could feel the warmth of his body through the firm tautness of the fabric of her corsetry.

They kissed and she felt moisture between her legs. He moved his hand down her body, tracing her contours over the corselette, down the zip, until he reached the bottom edge and then slipped his hand underneath. She opened her legs a little and he placed his middle finger on her labia. He moved it and they both knew she was very wet. The whole of her body seemed to be electrified by the gentle pressure and restriction place on it by the corselette. She had no concept of bondage, and certainly no experience, but this slight restriction excited her and surprised her so that she couldn’t help running her hands over her contained figure, and onto her thighs.

He led her to the ladies’ changing room, where there was a couch. He sat her down, opened her legs, kneeled to kiss her vagina and then knelt his penis into her, holding her legs off the floor by gripping the backs of her thighs over the corselette. He moved slowly and deliberately whilst they looked into each other’s eyes. She was very wet indeed and her excitement was rising each second.

She put her hands out on the couch, either side of her hips, near his hands. He took one hand away from a thigh and she took hold of it, to support it as he moved his hand down towards her labia. There, he bent his thumb under the front edge of the corselette, and pressed on her clitoris. Whilst pressing he continued to move slowly in and out. Then he began to move his thumb up and down on the tender spot, and her orgasm began to build. He didn’t stop, but continued looking into her eyes as he moved in and out, and stroked her clitoris with the ball of his thumb. She came to a gentle orgasm with one great sigh and her eyes closed from watching him, her lips were open, and her vagina pulsed around his swollen penis. He stopped moving and stayed still until she recovered, and then came out of her.

“Oh,” she breathed out, “what was that?”

“It’s a new adventure starting.” he replied, “Will that be alright in future?”

“Oh, yes, anything you say,” she looked him in the eyes again and they kissed with him leaning over her corseted body, and she revelling in the all-over tightness again. She closed her eyes to savour the moment and the sensations.

His erection didn’t subside and she was on the point of suggesting he should satisfy himself inside her, when he rose and lifted her by her hands. She was guided back to the display and she knew, instinctively, that there’d be another item of firm underwear for her to try. She wasn’t wrong.

He placed something on the glass counter that was much heavier looking and totally outside her knowledge, but he offered no explanation or comment. He came to her and first undid the suspenders, leaving the stockings in place and flopping slightly around her thighs. Then he slowly unzipped the front of the corselette, lifted the shoulder straps off her arms and fed the garment down her body. She stepped out of it and he reached over for the second one.

Even as it began to move up her legs, she knew this was something different and altogether more serious as a garment. The front was not open but she could see that the back was, with rows of eyelets and a cord running all the way criss-crossed from bottom edge to top. She wondered what this would feel like and how it would affect her figure. She was soon to find out.

Soon Daniel had the garment in place, with her breasts neatly contained in the cups. She could feel the satin on the outside of the bra but the firmer fabric on the inside, and the short bones underneath, supporting her breasts and giving them extra shape within the cups.

When all was at the right height, Daniel went round her back and started to tighten the cord.

“Tell me when it’s too tight,” he said and she felt that she would be in charge of her tightening.

After a few seconds, she had to say, “It’s tight now.”

“No. It’s still loose. I want it tighter.” Then she knew that she wasn’t in charge of her own tightening, at all. That he would do as he wished and that she would accept his decision.

Only a few seconds passed and she was panting, and spoke again with a hoarse whisper as her breath caught in her throat, “Is that not tight enough now?”

“For now it is,” he agreed and he tied off the cord behind her back. She bent forward a little and tried to swivel her hips but she was rigid from shoulders to thighs. Daniel knelt down and brought the stockings back up to her hips and attached them to the suspenders. She saw in the mirror that there were four suspenders on each hip. She felt contained but also saw her shape.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, “that’s amazing. Look at my waist.”

“I am doing,” he replied and he held her across her waist, a hand above each hip, “you’ll see more later and that’ll really amaze you.”

“What? Tighter?” she asked, “I don’t think it’ll go tighter.”

“Come and lie down on the couch,” he said, “you’ll be pleased to see what can happen in a short time.”

She followed him and lay down but kept up her queries, “Why, what will it do?”

“What’s your normal waist size?” he asked her, although he knew it already.

“About 30 inches,” she confirmed, “what will this do to me?”

“Well, if you really want to please me and let me tighten it until I say so, we’ll take about one-quarter of that measurement off you.”

Jacqueline had no idea what that fraction meant but tried to do the arithmetic before giving up, “What will I be then?”

“Maybe 24 inches,” he spoke very very softly, knowing that she’d be alarmed. He decided not to tell her the truth: nearer 22 inches.

“You can’t do that to me,” she whined with her shortened breath, “I’ll not be able to breathe or anything.”

“Trust me, beautiful little woman,” he held her gently and kissed her hair, “I won’t do anything to hurt you. Do you trust me?”

After only a second hesitation, she replied, “Yes.” And left it at that.

She lay on the couch and he caressed her breasts through the firm fabric of the corset, and ran his hands up and down the smooth flat front of her shaped figure. He smoothed the stocking tops and stroked the insides of her thighs before placing his middle finger against her labia again. She was more wet than before and moved her head towards him in surprise.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“You’re very excited,” he told her, “can’t you feel it in your body?”

“I don’t know,” she said, “I’m a bit worried about what you’ll do to me.”

“It’s what we’ll do together, little one,” he reassured her, “don’t be worried.”

Twenty minutes later, he helped her to stand and stood her in front of the mirror again as he tightened the cords. Very slowly and with much massaging of her waist and ribs, he tightened the corset until it was closed. She was breathing very shallowly by then but she couldn’t resist placing her hands on her own figure and seeing her shape exaggerated.

“That’s really tight,” she said to him, “I can’t believe what you’ve done to me — to my waist.”

He decided again not to tell her the true measurement of her waist, but to enjoy her as he’d planned since he’d met her again. He led her to the changing room and helped her to lie down. He held her ankles and moved them apart as far as he could on the couch. Then, with the same erection he’d had for two hours, he lay gently on her and entered her against the resistance of the corset pressure on her organs. She felt even tighter and more virginal than she did at his first entry, all those days ago. He moved slowly to start, before quickening his rhythm.

She lay under him cocooned in her corsetry, unable to move very much and held magnificently in her hourglass shape. As his climax began to build, he realized that she was just as wet as ever, and was yielding to his thrusting. He gradually became more vigorous until he was lying full length on her corseted form, with her confined breasts against his chest, and her legs being forced more and more open by his movements. Soon, he was not making love to her; he was shagging her for all he was worth, as if his life depended on it. She lay there quietly, with her eyes tight closed and her body accepting whatever was happening, because it had to. He came to climax with a great thrust that almost lifted her off the couch, as he pumped his full load of sperms and fluids into her.

He breathed normally and withdrew from her, but she spoke urgently, “Don’t leave me like this. Touch me. Kiss me.”

He realized that she was on the point of orgasm, so he bent over her with two fingers of one hand in her vagina, the other hand rubbing her clitoris and his mouth playing on her pubic mound, licking and sucking at her intimate flesh. Her orgasm was as great as his had been. She breathed out and then in with a sound like a sob. She was close to weeping.

“Oh, Daniel,” she sobbed, “this is it, whenever you want.” Then she went quiet in her post-orgasmic reverie

Since that evening, they’ve made love regularly and frequently with her corseted, sometimes in gentle girdles and corselettes and sometimes laced-in to her physical limit. She’s made a discovery and together they’ve started the adventure.

Today, he called her and asked her two important questions.

“Dear little woman, will you wear something special and controlling for the rest of our lives?”

“Of course I will,” she replied, not telling him that she had intended to do it anyway, for herself.

“And, can we spend our lives together as well?”

“What do you think?” she played with him, “Of course; it’s just what I wanted since we met.”

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