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I like being in charge. Control is important. I like being able to keep up with the guys when we’re drinking and I like being strong. I’m a lesbian but lately that girl thing hasn’t been going very well for me and I’ve taken to just hanging out with the guys, drinking and bitching about girls. I have one friend named Jack that I never get to see. He always has some girl keeping him from me. His girlfriends always hate me.

The other day my doorbell buzzed and there he was. I jumped up to hug him tight. He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead. He’s such an asshole. He picks fights but he won’t fight me, he says he doesn’t want to hurt me. Most guys saying that would piss me off, but, honestly, I adore the guy. Jack is an Adonis: tan, muscled body, beautiful pouty mouth and intense eyes. I’ve always told him he’s my hero. I have to be able to do everything he can and only one thing makes me tougher than him. I pierced my nipples and he couldn’t.

Jack told me we were going out. I asked if I needed to change clothes. He looked me over, motioning for me to twirl for him. I’m 5’4 curvy but not hefty, I have short red hair and big, amber eyes. I would date me. I was wearing a little t-shirt with HEAD embossed on the front. When I bought that shirt he scolded me because he didn’t want guys to get the wrong impression.

Now, grinning, he said, “You look damn good to me.” Jack has always said flirty stuff to me but, being I’m a lesbian, I never do much. I’m always flattered that someone beautiful and perfect like him would think I’m attractive. I guess I’m cute; I look like I’m fifteen. I’ve noticed guys like that. I think guys really like the idea of corrupting a sweet young girl.

We hopped into his car. It’s a stick and his arm always rubs mine. “So where are we going?”

He looked at me and smiled. “We’re going to see Dropkick.”

I squealed and hugged him. “I love concerts! How much do I owe you?” I hate owing people because they always want more.

He shrugged and said, “Don’t worry about it. You can make it up to me later.”

I wanted in the pit at the show but Jack said he didn’t want me to get hurt. I went in anyway and he waited against the wall. When I got back he held my chin and brushed blood off my lips with his thumb. “I told you not to get in. Those guys are assholes. Which one did this? I’ll kick his fucking ass.” I hate how he’s always right and told him I kicked the guy in the balls. “You always could take care of yourself.”

I told him I’d feel much better with another beer. He said he’d only buy me another if I promised no more pits. I held up the Boy Scout salute. I tried to give him money for all the drinks he bought me. There must have been five or so. He waved it off. I joked that it was like being on a date with him and, in the darkness, I think he blushed.

After the show we headed back to Jack’s place. It isn’t far from the venue and we were a little drunk so we left his car and walked. I was still bleeding a little and sucked my lip so he wouldn’t see. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. I started to pull away but he said, “Babe, you’re running into people.” I didn’t think I had been, but it was cold and he was very warm so I leaned into him.

We got to his place and I flopped on the couch. He sat next to me. I grabbed his head, kissed his forehead and said, “Jack, you know I had a really, really good time. Thank you, I’m glad you came to see me… God, I need another drink.” I grinned, “Any Jack around?” He found a bottle. “Good stuff.” I took a swig and shivered. He laughed and I offered him the bottle.

He shook his head, “Nope. I have to take you home.”

“You’re gonna make me drink all alone? Am I that big of a loser?”

“Baby, you’re not a loser. If you spend the night I won’t have to drive you home.”

I agreed, “Now we don’t have to walk all the way back to your car.” He grabbed the bottle and took a long drink. I took it back.

“You’re the only girl I know who can drink Jack like that,” he said.

“Most guys can’t, either. I’m tough.” He arched an eyebrow, mocking. I jokingly bristled a little. “Are you challenging me?”

“Maybe.” I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“What do you suggest?”

“Let’s fight.”

He never fought me; I was the only person he wouldn’t hit but I wasn’t about to back down. I kicked off my shoes. “This is like Fight Club! No shoes, no shirt.”

Jack kicked off his shoes and took off his shirt. “It’s only fair if I have to take off my shirt you do, too.”

I sucked on my lip a minute. I didn’t want special treatment for being a girl and the Fight Club thing had been my idea. “I reserve the right to keep on a bra. I don’t want to get hooked on anything.”

“Fair enough.” I tossed off my shirt and felt a little chilly but, because of my rings, my nipples were already hard. He said, “Nothing below the belt.”

“You really have nothing?” Everyone knew Jack was well endowed. He was a legend.

He smirked, “There’s something there we don’t merter escort want to get hit.” I play-kicked his butt and he even more gently pretended to punch my belly. Eventually our fight turned into tickling and then we were rolling on the floor, laughing.

“This is nothing like Fight Club,” I said between giggles. He leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. He was staring at me, eyes all pupil. “Wha–?”

Jack pulled me to him. I tried to squirm away, but he pinned me. His hands rubbed over my body gently but firmly holding me in place. “Relax. Give me a chance. I’m not gonna hurt you.” He kissed me again.

I wanted to fight him off and scream, “I like girls!” but my body wouldn’t do it. Maybe I didn’t really want to fight him off, maybe that was just reflex. When he pulled away I said, “The guys in Fight Club never kissed.” Then his tongue was in my mouth again. Rubbing on the floor while he kissed me hurt my bare skin so I wiggled away and stood.

He looked lost and hurt. “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. You’re a lesbian. I got carried away. Don’t hate me. I’m sorry.” I took his hand and pulled him into his bedroom. Once I was on his bed he wiggled over me before pulling me to him again. I giggled and threw one leg over him while he kissed me. I sucked on his tongue hungrily. Girls think that’s dirty. He pulled back, licked his lips and looked at me. “You’re still bleeding.”

Jack’s so cute. “I’m fine,” I said softly and kissed him again. I felt his hand slip down the front of my jeans. I hadn’t expected that and went rigid. Still kissing, he unbuttoned them and slid them off. I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me and tried to relax. I made an effort to wrap my legs around him, but he pushed me down. He straddled my belly and grabbed my wrists easily in one hand, holding them over my head. He unhooked my bra and let go of my wrists just long enough to slip it off.

He started kissing me again, still holding my arms as I squirmed under him. His body was so hot I felt like he was burning me. I felt his hands begin to wander down my neck and gently touch my breasts. His thumbs brushed over my nipples, lightly tugging on the rings on their way down my belly. I gasped. None of my girlfriends would touch them. I was pleased he didn’t feel the same. “I always wanted to see those things without a shirt over them.”

“You should have asked… Are they what you expected?”

“Better.” He started kissing my neck. “Are you ok?”

“This is more foreplay than any girl ever gave me.” He smiled, kissed my lips and leaned over to touch the tip of his tongue to one of my nipples. I jumped and tried to pull away. He whispered for me to be a good girl. I realized at that point my panties were damp, I had no control and I was his. His tongue was tracing a map around my nipples, every once in a while stopping to lick or suck gently. The bastard knew what I wanted and was playing with me. I whimpered and squinched up my eyes.

“What is it, baby? What do you want?”

I blushed, “Please?”

“If you want something, tell me, baby. Do you want me to stop?”

I could feel him large and hard against my leg. He knew I didn’t want him to stop. Softly I said, “Don’t stop. Please… Pull my nipple rings.”

He smiled; I could hear it, “Look at me when you say it.”

“Do I have to?”

“Baby, I need to know you really want it.” I opened my eyes, looking into his.

“Please pull my nipple rings.” I’ve never felt more turned on in my life.

He kissed the tip of my nose, “That’s all it takes.” Still staring into my eyes, he tugged on one lightly, “Like that?” I whined and shook my head. Out popped Jack’s devilish grin, “Show me.” I hesitated and he took my hands to my breasts. I started pulling and pinching hard. “Ah, I see, my baby likes to play rough.”

I blushed, looking away. “Sorry, do what you want…”

He brushed some hair from my face, “I want what you want. I want this to be amazing for you. I’m your first guy, right?”

Was he being arrogant? “My first guy, but don’t think there’s a cherry left for you to pop. Is that what this is really about? The virgin thing?” I was getting edgy.

He looked hurt. “I didn’t mean it like that. I meant I want this to be a good experience for you. I don’t want you to hate me in the morning.” He took my hand in his and kissed my palm.

He looked so sweet, I took his face between my hands and whispered, “This is amazing for me and I could never, ever hate you.” I kissed him and mid-kiss there was a sharp pinch on my nipple. I thought I was going to cum then.

“How was that,” he asked looking at me while lowering his mouth to my other nipple at the same time. He bit hard enough for me to yelp.

“Very good,” I murmured between breaths. He looked proud. He kissed down my belly to the edge of my panties, and then slid his tongue along the elastic. He slipped them down my hips and said he was keeping them for later. It’s amazing how he knows just what I need to hear.

“My, mutlukent escort my. Bad girl, you’re cunt is soaking. And I thought you didn’t like guys.” He kissed me again, letting me suck on his tongue. He smiled coyly and said, “How about sucking something else?”

“I never…”

Smiling, he shook his head. “You’re so fucking hot and you’ve never sucked a dick.” I blushed and started to apologize. “No, baby, it’s good. I like it.” He stood up and said, “Undress me.” I slipped on to the floor and realized how naked I was. “Unzip me.” I carefully did and then looked to him for more direction. “Take them off.” A moment later, “Now my boxers… Good girl.” I pulled them down around his large erection carefully. He sat on the edge of his bed and told me to get on my knees in front of him.

I was staring at his cock the whole time. I didn’t want to make him feel bad, but it seemed too big. Jack was watching me. “Touch it.” He took my hand and guided it. I suddenly didn’t feel like my usual confident self. He groaned. “That’s a good girl. Will you kiss it for me? The tip?” I wanted to make him happy so I kissed the tip swiftly and looked up at him expectantly. He put his hand on the back of my head. “Be a good girl and put my cock in your mouth.” My eyes opened wider. I’d never heard him say anything like that to me. It sounded like something out of a porno. Then the hand he had on the back of my head pulled me in. “You’re such a fucking tease.” He kissed the top of my head. I began trying to suck him and he said, “Baby, guys like it when a girl can put the whole thing in her mouth.”

There was too much and it hurt my jaw. Jack grunted, “I’m gonna help you, baby.” With that he put both hands on back of my head, thrust up and proceeded to force his cock down my throat. “You like that, don’t you?” I gagged as he humped my face. “Relax, baby.” He groaned, “It feels so good… You’re good at this; suck my cock in your sweet little mouth… I’m gonna cum in your mouth, baby. I’ll spank you if you don’t swallow, slut.”

I ran one finger around my neglected clit. It did not go unnoticed. “Look at you, touching yourself. Finger yourself. I want to see how a slutty dyke fingers herself.” I slid one finger in and out of myself with him still fucking my face. Finally he grabbed my hair and shoved in my mouth hard, “Swallow.” He shot most of it down my throat but there was too much. It was so hot. He came all over me and my nipple rings had droplets of cum clinging to them.

I looked up at him, licking my lips. It didn’t taste like girls. At first he looked pleased then, “You look like a slut. Get your finger out of your hole. You aren’t allowed to cum yet.” I looked at him with big eyes. “You wasted my cum.” I started to wipe it off of my face but he said, “Not until I’m done.” I noticed his dick getting hard again. He saw me watching. “You are a slut, you already want more dick.” I blushed. He laid me across his lap, face down and began running his hands up and down my thighs, his dick hardening against my belly. “Having my cum all over you made your pussy awfully wet.”

There was silence as he rubbed my back. “Why couldn’t you swallow it all?” A loud slap and my ass was on fire. “Why can you drink that Jack,” he pointed to the bottle, “but not this Jack,” he reached under me to slap his dick against my belly. Then I felt his hand gently push my legs apart. One finger slid inside of me and I couldn’t help but ride it. “You’re tight.” He tried to slide a second in me but it didn’t go smoothly. “Tell me you’re my slut.” I pushed against his hand instead. He spanked me. “Tell me you’re my slut.” He sounded impatient.

“I’m your slut,” I whispered.

“Good girl.” Jack spanked me again and gently put me back on my knees. He held his finger out for me to clean. “You like that, don’t you?” I moaned as I sucked it and then he wiped my face off with a shirt. He leaned in and kissed me, “You’re so hot. No girl ever let me cum on her face and spank her for it.” I wasn’t sure if that was good. Then he hauled me up onto his bed and took my place. He put my legs over his shoulders and said, “This is a position you know well.” There was no teasing, he just shoved his tongue right in. He rubbed his thumb against my asshole roughly and I squirmed. He was forceful, not like girls I’d slept with, and I liked it. He lapped at my clit and then, abruptly, he pulled away.

I thought I was dying. “What are you doing?”

He smiled condescendingly, “I’m not a carpet muncher.” I moaned and moved my hands to finish but he was on me, “I told you. You only cum when I tell you.” I was close to tears. He kissed me but I wouldn’t respond. He smiled and then there were two of his big fingers forced in me, fucking and tearing me, his mouth sucking and biting my nipples. It hurt so badly in a very, very good way. “No girl ever made you cum as good as I’m gonna make you cum.”

All I could think about was my clit. I murmured, “No girl ever made me cum.”

He stopped completely, “Are you otele gelen escort serious?” He sounded worried; I tried to push back onto his fingers. He spanked me gently and then continued his assault. “I can’t believe no girl ever got you off.”

I didn’t feel much like talking. “Can I cum?” I was ready to explode. I couldn’t believe I was asking him. It made me so much wetter.

Jack tugged roughly on my nipple ring and said, “You’re so wet. You like this. Maybe if you beg I’ll let you cum.” I gave him a mean look. “I’ve always wanted to see you beg like a whore.” He smiled and gently smoothed my hair.

“Please, Jack?”

He shook his head. “That isn’t begging, say something to make me hard.”

“You’re already hard, Jack…” He spanked me. I wanted him and he knew it. “Can I please cum? I want you to finger me hard so I can cum for you. I’m sorry I touched myself. I’ll be a good girl. Please?”

He licked his lips and shoved his fingers back into me hard. His voice became harsher, “You’ll be my good girl, huh? My good girl that eats pussy and fingers herself. My good girl that gets wet being spanked.” I was damn close. “My good girl who begs to cum.”

“Please? Can I cum now?”

He pinched my clit hard. “Of course.” He smiled, shoved his fingers hard into me one last time and then did the “come here” gesture. The whole time I was trembling in orgasm he whispered in my ear, “I made you cum. You need a man. You look like such a slut when you cum. Only dirty girls cum like that.” It made me cum harder.

As I came down he said, “Look at what you did.” He was gesturing to his cock. “A good girl doesn’t leave a man with a hard-on.” He sucked the wet fingers and I started to go down on him but he stopped me. “I had another place in mind.” He kissed his way down my thighs and whispered tauntingly, “Get on your hands and knees like a slut.” Once in position he rubbed his dick up and down my slit. “I bet you want something big and hard in your pussy, don’t you baby?” I had never had anything larger than his two fingers in me and I was scared. From back behind me he whispered, “Are you ok?”

“Don’t stop.” He kissed my ear and I felt him lining up with my hole.

“You want this, don’t you, slut?” He started shoving himself into me gently. I tried to push back to take him but he spanked me for trying. I wouldn’t be sitting much tomorrow. He held me stationary as he was easing in slowly.

“Are you sure you’re ok? We can stop. I’ll never say a word.”

I laughed, “I’m so wet. Fuck me already.” I love him.

Jack slid in and hit something in me. He sounded triumphant, “Liar. You do have a cherry!” He was so happy he didn’t ask if I was ok, he just pulled out and shoved back in harder. “You’re not a virgin anymore,” he growled. I felt like the wind was knocked out of me and suddenly I was being split in two. He moaned, “God, you’re tight.” After a couple of attempted thrusts, “This hurts me more than it does you.”

“Doesn’t hurt a bit.” That was a lie.

He was groaning with every thrust. “You’re so fucking tight.” He growled, “I can’t get it all in.” He spanked me, telling me to stop clenching before he pulled all the way out and slammed back in several times. “I took your cherry,” he taunted.

I screamed, “Don’t stop, don’t stop. Harder.”

He reached around to tug on my nipple rings and started pounding in and out of me. “You really are a whore, aren’t you, baby? It’s your first time and you’re begging for more cock. I got the whole damn thing in you. How do you feel? My big dick in your little virgin cunt.”

“Full.” I needed to touch my clit.

“You better feel full.” His cock pounded in and out of me again several times. He shoved a finger roughly in my ass and I started to orgasm. He slapped my butt, “You’re not allowed to cum until I tell you.”

It felt so good I thought I was dying. “Can I please cum? Jack?” He ran his dick along my cunt lips and then along my ass crack.

“I wasn’t going to do this, but since you’re such a dirty girl anyway…” His voice trailed off and his fingers went to my clit. Finally. “Cum for me.” Then his big dick was shoved in my ass. It hurt so bad I came harder than ever. “That’s a good girl, you keep cumming and I’ll fill you up. All you needed was my cock to make you cum.”

I couldn’t help it, him telling me to cum made me cum again harder. He pulled in and out. It hurt so bad. He slid two fingers in my pussy. I whimpered and rubbed my clit, cumming again. Jack seemed to swell in my ass. “I’m going to pound you so fucking hard… You dyke slut. What would the carpet munchers think about you cumming with this big cock in your ass? Huh?”

“They’d say I’m a whore.”

“My dirty little cock whore.” He was swelling up in me. How did he get bigger?

“Your cock whore.” I panted and told him I was cumming again.

“You better fucking cum!” He started spanking me harder than before, one hand on my ass and the other one holding my hair in his fist. “I’m gonna fill you up, slut. I should take pictures of this shit. A virgin dyke cumming with my big cock in her sweet little ass.” He shot his load in me. It felt hot and good filling my ass. I came again when he pulled out; the feeling of his cum dribbling down my thighs felt so dirty. He rubbed his cock on my clit while I came and spanked me again for being such a slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32