Corporate Election, Mom Lust

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The luxury hotel was hosting a year-end event for one of the largest financial institutions in the world. 4th quarter dividends and annual bonuses were going to be paid at the party later that night. More importantly, shareholders were set to vote on top leadership positions for the next year.

Claire was losing her bid to become the CEO of the powerful investment bank. She was currently a Board member, which she was also about to lose because of a hostile takeover happening and outside money pouring in.

That’s why she agreed to meet with Mr. Fairbanks privately in her hotel suite that morning. The man was a broker of sorts, in his late 50’s, with slicked back gray hair and dark-framed glasses that matched his suit.

“Here’s the deal,” Mr. Fairbanks said. “We’ve concluded that you’re best for the global markets. We can tip the votes in your favor. We can make you the CEO tonight. But only if you’re interested in working with us.”

Banking. It’s a dirty game. With the amount of experience she had in the financial world, Claire knew what the deal was and how the game was played behind the scenes.

The truth was, although she was a highly-respected and accomplished business woman, Claire’s family had serious money problems. Both of her sisters made risky financial bets and lost. Her husband invested in the wrong stocks. And she was on the verge of losing her seat on the Board to wealthy investors.

Both of her children were attending Ivy League universities and she was paying full tuition for them, along with the education of her nieces and nephews. In addition, she was involved with various international charities that did important work; all of which required a great deal of her own money.

Landing this coveted job would be the answer her family needed. Their luck would turn around overnight. They’d be able to maintain their standard of living while being able to continue their charitable duties.

“I’m interested,” she said.

Mr. Fairbanks nodded, unsurprised. “There’s not much time so we’ll have to work fast to secure the right shareholders.”

“What next?” she asked, preparing herself for anything.

“We’ll need binding agreements and confidentiality from you.”

“Fine, I’ll sign whatever you want.”

Mr. Fairbanks was unmoved. “We both know that written agreements are useless.”

“Alright, what did you have in mind?”

The man was expressionless while he opened his suitcase and Claire knew this was something serious if they’d go through all this trouble. She understood the game. Only now, she was dealing with people in the heart of a clandestine world.

An electronic pad was placed on the desk, and after Mr. Fairbanks entered the password, it was moved in front of her. Claire was allowed to swipe the screen to view each image. What she saw shocked her to the core.

She was looking at pornographic images taken in what appeared to be a fancy hotel. There were separate pictures of women in their 40’s or 50’s having sexual relations with younger men. There were also separate pictures of middle-aged men with college-aged women.

Faces were blurred to conceal identities and none of the participants appeared to be models. The older men and women looked like they haven’t exercised in years, sporting bodies like many office employees at that age.

Different camera angles were used, which suggested that the participants were fully aware of the recording. The obvious question was, why did these people agree to take part in such a thing? And why was this being shown to her?

“What is this?” she asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“Our contracts,” Mr. Fairbanks replied. “It’s how we guarantee a level of mutual trust.”

She looked at the screen again. “Are these people in the financial industry?”


A cold shiver went down her spine. She knew she’d be next. It would be leverage over her to ensure silence or cooperation.

“Do I know any of them?” she asked.


Claire flipped through the images again, this time with renewed interest. At the very least, she did recognize a woman’s wavy red hair. The shapely breasts and body frame reminded her of an executive at an investment firm, even with the face blurred.

“I’m assuming it’s my turn,” she said. “That I’ll be expected to have sex on camera to receive your assistance.”

“That’s correct. Is this something that bothers you?”

“I’m assuming there’s no other option.”

“That’s correct,” he replied. “Rest assured, the unedited footage will be in a locked vault. It will never see the light of day, unless of course, you decide to make certain things public.”

Claire shook her head. “I have enough experience to know how to keep my mouth shut.”

“Your reputation suggests that.”

Flipping through the rest of the images, she wondered if someday her naked body will be on a screen for someone else to see. It seemed likely and a reality she’d have to live with.

“Has anyone ever turned down this offer?” Nevşehir Escort she asked, keeping her eyes on the screen.

“Millions of dollars in personal profits are on the line. Everyone is willing to do anything, so long as they don’t get caught.”

Claire gave a defeated shrug. “I guess I’m a part of that group now. I’ll do it. How will it work?”

“The other two sexual participants will be your son and daughter. It will be recorded by my associates. We’ve established a safe room in this hotel and you have until noon to make your decision.”

It was a stomach churning request as the man collected the pad and stood up to leave. Claire felt like she just received a gut punch. She was so close to having these powerful people on her side to win the election, now she felt it all slipping away.

“My son and daughter?” she asked, knowing it was pointless. “I doubt they’d agree to something like this.”

“Are you sure about that? Kayleigh has a girlfriend in college and Tyler frequently browses ‘milf’ and ‘mature’ pornography on the internet. They understand how sex works.”

It was chilling that this man knew so much, that he had already done a penetrative background check on her family.

“You’ve done your homework,” she said. “What about the other people you’ve shown me? I’m guessing they were also made to have sex with their adult sons and daughters.”

Mr. Fairbanks reached in his pocket and placed a note on the table which had a hotel room number written on it.

“Everything I showed you was incest. Make your decision fast.”

After collecting his things, the man left.


The atmosphere in the hotel was leisurely as the guests socialized with one another in the spa or dining areas. It was where new business connections were made and people got to relax after a stressful year. Anticipation was growing over the night’s big event and annual celebration.

Making her way around, Claire forced herself to smile and mingle. It was her last minute chance to convince key shareholders to elect her to the CEO position without the help of Mr. Fairbanks, but as she was hearing, her loss was inevitable and that was final.

Her husband was a former executive at a different bank who was ousted from his job, so he understood the proposition once Claire explained everything.

Claire’s son was a 22 year-old named Tyler, who was finishing up college to pursue a career in finances. Tyler was in awe of mom’s work and wanted to follow in her footsteps. He was a traditional and mild-mannered young man.

She also had a 19 year-old daughter named Kayleigh who was the opposite of her brother. Kayleigh was a computer science major and was outspoken on her viewpoints. Since going to college, Kayleigh was open about the fact that she was a proud lesbian.

After texting both of them to come to her hotel suite, Claire had the most unusual feeling. The last few weeks nearly made her numb to stress. Her job was stressful with all the instability in world markets.

By this point, sex was nothing more than a transaction. A final barrier that needed to be crossed so she could become one of the most powerful women in the world.

Her adult children seemed cautious when they arrived in her room, wondering what this would be about. With the door closed and all of them standing around each other, she broke the news.

“You two are smart enough to understand business,” Claire said, letting it all out. “I don’t mean the mainstream news. I’m talking about the inner-workings.”

Business and finances were the family trade. Her children were used to hearing insider talk because that was what her extended family always had conversations about whenever they got together.

“What’s going on?” Tyler asked.

Kayleigh added, “Have the results changed? God, I have a nervous energy in the pit of my stomach.”

Looking in their eyes, she couldn’t torture them with a long, drawn out explanation of what was happening. It was only fair to be direct and honest. Plus time was of the essence and this needed to happen quickly.

“There are people who can help me become CEO tonight,” Claire said. “They’re powerful operators and I know they can deliver.”

An unbelievable tension gripped the room and the eyes of her children were locked onto her. They barely blinked, clinging to every word.

Claire continued, “For them to trust me, they want compromising footage. It’ll never be made public. I need to do this, otherwise I’ll be ousted from my position.”

She breathed deeply and felt tears welling in her eyes. The emotions were too intense and she didn’t know if she could go through with it.

“What do they want?” Kayleigh asked, rubbing mom’s shoulder. “Tell us, we can handle it.”

“I’m having sex… on camera… with you… and your brother…”

Struggling through her words, she further explained their family’s financial troubles. The bad investments. The education funds. The charitable causes that meant everything Nevşehir Escort Bayan to them.

Claire did what she could to avoid bursting into tears. Every instinct in her body assumed her children would be repulsed and that she destroyed their relationship as a family by merely entertaining this idea.

That didn’t happen. Her children were shocked as expected, but they were able to maintain composure, aside from their dropped jaws and wide eyes.

Before anyone could reply, Claire added, “It’s the only choice I have. It’s not up for negotiation. I have to do this within the next few hours.”

Again, there was silence. They were devastated by the news, but at least there was that hope that she’d become CEO.

“Shareholders are asking you to do this?” Tyler asked in disbelief.

“Not exactly. It’s a long story, but these people have connections.”

Kayleigh inquired, “How do you know they won’t end up blackmailing you?”

“It’s a risk I have to take. I want to do it, but I need participation from both of you. I’ll be fully naked. Both of you will be required to… God, I can barely bring myself to say it…”

“Required to fuck?” the daughter asked, finishing mom’s thought. “We’ll have to fuck you? We’re adults now, so you can talk to us like adults, especially if you need our help.”

Her daughter’s strength reminded Claire of herself at that age. Strong, blunt, outspoken. She noticed that both children — although blindsided by the situation — were still determined to support her at all costs.

Claire nodded and echoed her daughter’s crude words. “They want me to be fucked by my offspring. It’s the perfect way to ensure I’ll never turn against them. It’s beyond cruel, but I understand the reasoning.”

There was an unusual tension between the siblings. Of course they were uncomfortable. Of course they hated this.

But at the same time, they loved their mother dearly and had devoted countless hours to her career so their family could be successful. Being a family in their position made them closer than most people could ever understand, and having mom be a leader in the global economy was a dream.

And frankly, Mr. Fairbanks had a point.

Claire knew that her son, as traditional as he was, had an interest in older women, including her. Mom or not, she knew that she occasionally enticed him by accident. Nothing outrageous. Sometimes she’d be dressed in a bathrobe on busy mornings and she’d catch her son stealing glances.

It was all very normal for a young man at that age, she thought. Only now, could that work to her benefit?

As for her daughter, Claire knew that Kayleigh was an open-minded young woman who was outspoken about women’s liberation. Her daughter had the view that a woman’s sexuality is a cornerstone for true freedom and equality. It was the idea that women should enjoy sex just as much as men.

Looking into their eyes, Claire got the answer she needed.


They went to the elevator and she could hear the siblings breathing. It was a natural response that their bodies were having, along with slight nervous fidgeting. Down the hall was the room they were looking for.

And after knocking on the hotel suite’s door, Mr. Fairbanks answered and there were four other men in the room. Each man looked like a typical office employee; neatly presented, with buttoned-up shirts, slacks, dress shoes, and combed hair. What made them different was that they were fit and two of the men wore rubber gloves.

There were professional-grade monitors, laptops, and recording devices arranged in the room. It looked like something out of a movie and Claire was intimidated by what she was seeing.

“Do you prefer to get started right away?” Mr. Fairbanks asked after closing the door. “Or would you like a moment to get comfortable?”

“Let’s get this over with. I have a lunch meeting in an hour.”

He nodded. “Understood. Once again, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m sure,” Claire replied with nervous confidence. “I’ve spoken with Tyler and Kayleigh and we’re sure.”

When the man looked at her two adult children, a sense of panic set in. This was going to be irreversible. Not only was it going to be recorded, but this experience would stay with them forever. It could never be undone and she wondered if they’d need family therapy eventually.

In her heart of hearts, it was a price worth paying.

Mr. Fairbanks snapped his fingers at three of the men in the room.

Two of the men did a brief patdown of the family, along with using anti-bugging equipment to ensure that nothing extra was brought into the room.

The other man opened a briefcase and picked up a few cotton swabs. Approaching the family, the man asked everyone to open their mouths so he could collect saliva samples. After getting what he needed, the man took the samples to a small machine and scanned it.

“The DNA samples show matching characteristics,” the man said. “There’s Escort Nevşehir a high probability that they’re all directly related.”

Mr. Fairbanks was pleased. “I needed to make sure that body-doubles aren’t being used. Now for the ground rules. You’ll need to be naked. Tyler and Kayleigh will need to be naked as well. I expect to see oral and vaginal sex.”

“What assurances will I have that my children won’t ever be blackmailed, and that this video won’t be passed around? I chose this life. But please, don’t punish them for my career.”

“Have you ever heard of this process?” he asked.

“No, never.”

“That’s all the proof you need. If I went around blackmailing people or showing unedited videos, then you’d have already heard about it. The fact is, we run a tight ship. We don’t play stupid games.”

Claire took a deep breath. “Fine. Thank you.”

“If it makes you feel better, I’ll edit this video immediately after we’re done so that Tyler and Kayleigh will never be seen. Their faces will be permanently blurred.”

“I appreciate that,” she replied. “I don’t want my family to be ruined.”

“Likewise. After this is complete and the video is secured, I’ll call my contacts and you’ll be declared the new CEO tonight.”

Her goal was within reach and she took a deep breath. She touched Tyler and Kayleigh on their shoulders, giving a soft, motherly rub.

“We’re ready,” Claire said, striking a defiant tone. “Please, make this quick for us.”

“Of course. Now undress. All of you.”


She nodded to her son and daughter to proceed. Then she led the way by undoing her clothes first. She kept telling herself that this was like going to a doctor’s appointment, that it was all business. That it was a necessity.

Despite her best efforts, Claire was nervous as hell and she could see that her children felt the same. She unbuttoned her blouse and let her bra show in the middle while stepping out of her shoes at the same time. Her children’s pace was much slower. They had shaky hands and nervous fingers.

“Do you need help?” Mr. Fairbanks asked. “It’s perfectly natural to feel anxiety for something like this and my associates can provide assistance.”

Looking at Tyler and Kayleigh, she knew it would be a long process. Why not make things easier? She had a lunch appointment in an hour and refused to be late, especially since she needed to re-compose herself and avoid looking like she’d just had sex.

“How can they help?” she inquired.

Instead of answering, Mr. Fairbanks gestured for the two men wearing rubber gloves to approach the family. The men didn’t say a word, but they started undressing the family, removing their clothes and placing it on a neat pile on a nearby chair. By Claire’s best estimation, these men were former military.

The shock truly started to kick in when the bras were removed. Claire’s slightly sagging breasts were exposed and so were Kayleigh’s upturned tits. Both of their nipples became hard. Both of them had a natural reaction to try and cover up while being in a room full of men. She noticed her son taking shameful glances, unable to resist.

Next came Tyler’s underwear, leaving him naked. His penis was soft and shriveled from nerves. It made sense. How could anyone expect a normal young man at that age to perform in such circumstances?

“We have pills for assistance,” Mr. Fairbanks offered, as if understanding a male’s dilemma when it came to performance. “All of you can take the pills. It will make the process go faster with heightened arousal. Otherwise you’ll be spending the next 30 minutes trying to get Tyler’s penis erect.”

It was a good point. Claire agreed and the person in charge of medical procedures gave a pill to each person in the family, which they swallowed. They were told the effects would take a minute or so before things started to work.

As the family awkwardly stood there naked, doing their best to hide their nudity with their hands and deal with their shame, it seemed they felt subtle changes within their body.

“I think it’s working,” Tyler blushed.

Kayleigh nodded with a faint smile. “Same with me. Honestly, I’m scared, but I know we can get through this. It’s a sacrifice we have to make.”

It was the first time Claire had seen her grown children naked as adults. And vice-versa. They were never supposed to see this of each other. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t natural. Her middle-aged figure was supposed to be guarded. She was never supposed to see Tyler and Kayleigh’s youthful figures.

But gradually, she noticed Kayleigh’s pink nipples stiffening beneath the fingers that tried to cover them. She noticed Tyler having to squirm and adjust his hands that tried covering his penis. An erection? Most likely.

“It appears things are ready to proceed,” Mr. Fairbanks said, eyes on their naked bodies. “Claire, I’ll need you to lay on the bed. Your daughter will get between your legs. I’m sure Kayleigh has experience going down on an older woman. Your son Tyler will be using your mouth.”

Giving her adult children another touch on the shoulder, this time on bare skin, Claire took steps towards the bed, her toes pressed into the carpet.

“I love both of you so much,” she said, rubbing their skin. “This will be over soon. I promise.”

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