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Jen had been baking cookies all day, so her skin and hair smelled of sugar. It was all for a good cause, though. The man in the apartment below her loved homemade cookies.

Considering that they had been flirting shamelessly for the past weeks; Jen decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to get her foot in the door.

Satisfied with the arrangement of cookies, Jen headed to the bedroom to change. At the closet she chose her shortest miniskirt and 3/4 sleeve v-neck red top.

She moved down to the dresser and selected a black corset, black stockings and a pair of black cheeky boy shorts. Each of these in some way accented the curves of her body and the boy shorts hugged to her ass perfectly showing just a little bit.

After dressing she slipped into a pair of 4 inch black heels and checking herself in the mirror, running a hand through her short brown hair. Armed with her ticket in, she left her apartment and headed downstairs.

One leg cocked to the side, Jen knocked again on Jason’s door. Her hands fidgeted nervously with the line of her shirt, absently stroking her breast.

Just then the door swung open and there Jason stood in a white shirt and tight jeans a bewildered look on his face.

“Hey, Jen, Can I help you?” he questioned.

“Oh, I was upstairs making some cookies when I realized I had too many for me to be able to eat.” laughing, she answered. .

“Would you care for some of my cookies?”

“Of course, come on in, just sit them there on the table.” he responded.

Jen’s heels made no sound as she crossed the threshold of Jason’s apartment, though her heart thudded in her chest. “Why don’t you sit down, make yourself comfortable, I’m just gonna put these away.” Jason murmured from the kitchen.

Jen adjusted herself on the couch, making sure that the skirt rode up just enough and that her shirt attracted attention to her breasts.

Looking coy, she sat and waited for Jason to return…

Hearing him start to walk towards her she began to pick at the line of her shirt and when Jason entered she barely Kütahya Escort gazed at him, batting her eyes and turning back to her shirt.

Jason sat on the part of the couch right next her, his arm touching hers slightly. “So aside from the cookie baking what else is going on?” he asked.

Jen cocked her head to the side as if recalling all the things she had been doing lately. She adjusted herself in the seat because just being this close to Jason already had her becoming wet.

It didn’t help that she could smell his soap and know that briefly before he had been showering, hot soap and water sliding down his skin.

Jen shuddered slightly and said, “Nothing much really, this and that. You?” “The same, aside from working on some creative outlets.” Jason stated.

Jen began pull at her stockings, making sure that her skirt slid up higher almost showing the bottoms of her underwear. She heard Jason take a deep intake of breath.

Settling back in her seat she stroked his arm slightly.

“What kind of outlets?” she asked. “Painting mostly, though I have attempted at writing.” Jason answered.

They sat and talked for a bit longer, with Jen getting wetter with each stoke of his arm, each breath that brought the scent of skin in. She drank him up with as many of her senses as she could.

Feeling a little bit more brazen, Jen pretended to accidentally run her fingers across the part of his pants where she figured his cock might lie.

Jason jumped a bit, but seeing the outline in his shorts, Jen knew it wasn’t from him being unhappy. Her nails grazed the head of his cock through his jeans and Jason’s head tilted back.

Jen felt fingers on her spine and pressure from his cock against her hand.

Smiling she leaned in close and breathed deep against the base of his neck, her lips brushing lightly against his skin.

A small sigh escaped Jason’s mouth and he turned placing a hand under her chin. He leaned in his lips brushing hers, soft.

Jen returned the kiss delicately and feeling his mouth open slightly Kütahya Escort Bayan she darted her tongue in. Grazing his teeth she found the muscle she was searching for and slowly circled it with her tongue. Jason returned the kiss with added enthusiasm.

Jen felt her panties begin to dampen more and pressing her hand against his jeans she squeezed.

Jason let a low moan, and his hand started to trace lazy circles up her thigh. Reaching between her thighs he grazed the silk material of her undies.

“My god, you’re already wet.” Jason said.

Jen’s mouth murmured something incoherent because at that moment Jason began to slightly stroke her clit through her panties. The sensation was one Jen loved, teasing just enough.

Jason began to kiss her again, his hand rubbing against the material of her underwear as she stroked the outline of his cock. Moaning, Jen began to swivel her hips.

Taking her cue, Jason slipped a hand under the material and gingerly entered a finger inside of her. Her pussy was tight but slippery wet, his finger sliding in easily as he pumped. Jen murmured something close to more and Jason entered another finger inside of her.

Using his other hand he moved towards her breast.

Sensing this, Jen removed the shirt, showing her D cup breasts straining against the fabric of the corset.

Jason began to kiss the tops of them as his fingers moved in and out of her pussy. Jen tightened around his fingers, soaking them again.

Using his free hand he managed to release one of Jen’s breasts and his mouth began to move towards her nipple. Circling it with his tongue he began to slowly lick and suck until the nipple perked.

His cock was tight with tension by then Sliding his fingers out of her, he undid his jeans. Jen’s eyes gleamed as she witnessed him presented rigid for her.

Sliding down she moved close to his member.

Drawing in a breath she began to kiss all around his groin. Her tongue then traced the underside of his shaft, and circled underneath the head.

She Escort Kütahya opened her mouth and began to suck. She pushed her mouth down and traced her tongue against his skin. Jason’s head flew back a moan flowing from his lips. Jen’s pussy began to get wetter just from hearing him.

She continued to pump his member in between moaning as his hand found her pussy again. She began to pump faster getting the feeling that Jason was close.

She felt a hand under her chin, and drawing her eyes up she saw Jason nod. “Lay down.” he instructed his voice gruff with sex

Adjusting herself on the couch, Jen did as she was told, and Jason began to kiss down her body. His breath was hot against her pussy, the sensation causing her to drip. As his tongue found her clit Jen let out a loud moan and her back arched.

He continued to kiss her pussy, and darting his tongue into her hole over and over. Until she was so close to orgasm her back was coated with a fine film of sweat. Jason withdrew from between her thighs and instructed her to lie on the floor.

Sliding a condom on, Jason lowered himself close to Jen’s pussy.

Placing his cock in between her vaginal lips he began to slide up and down. He then slowly entered. Jen let out a guttural noise.

He pumped up and down as Jen’s nails dug into his skin. Her sharp teeth found flesh on his shoulder and bit.

He grunted and in that moment, he felt her press against him enough to topple him to the bottom.

Jen straddled him and began to ride him slowly. Lifting from his cock she would rise and then slide back down quickly. When he began to feel her get closer, he tossed her over again and instructed her to get on all fours.

Jen’s pussy was on fire and aching for release. Jason slid his cock into her from behind, feeling her pussy tighten involuntarily. He began to push in and out. Jen moaned.

Jason began to pump faster and Jen let out a scream of harder. Jason began to pound into her pussy lifting her knees off the floor. Their orgasms beginning to get closer, Jason reached around and began to finger Jen’s clit. Her orgasm was an explosion, hot wetness streamed down her thighs.

Hearing her cry out “Fuck me, Jason.” sent him over the edge and he came hard.

Falling to side, covered in sweat. Jen asked if he needed anything. “Cookies, I could really go for some cookies.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32