Conversations on the Phone

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This isn’t a true story but rather the conversations between parents and their adult children, all of whom were under lockdown in different states.

The parents got stuck in NY under lockdown and their kids are in Fl under lockdown.

Please read the actual story first, “Staying at Home isn’t so Bad” and you will understand better.

This is the compilation of the conversations they had during the lockdown.

Mom and dad have no idea their 25 year old son and their 19 year old daughter are fucking each other…

I hope you enjoy this novel approach to entertain you.


Day 1 –

Just then the phone rang. I answered it and it was my mother. She said, “How are you two?”

I said to my mother, “Everything was fine and your daughter was even doing her part in making things very pleasant.”

Mom asked to speak to Lisa and I put her on the phone. I heard Lisa say to my mom, “Everything is great mom. Your son just gave me a great facial and he promised to help me later with another one. Ok mom. We love you. Bye.”

Later that night –

As we relaxed, the phone rang. I knew it was mom again. This time Lisa nişantaşı escort spoke to her, “What’s up mom?”

I heard our mom say, “Nothing important, I forgot to tell you that you make sure your brother takes good care of his baby sister. You tell him that.”

Lisa answered, “Mom, don’t worry. Vince just gave me my evening facial and he is definitely taking care of whatever I need.”

Our mother went on, “Well, I hope he gave you a good facial.”

Lisa answered, “Mom, he gave me a great facial. He is good at it. I promise to take care of him too. Hope to see you both soon. Bye.”

Day 2 –

The phone rang and I picked it up. This time is was my dad. He said, Are you taking care of your sister? I wanted to make sure. She is somewhat helpless.

I replied, “Trust me dad, I make sure she has a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. I even make sure she gets a good night’s sleep. I give her facials at least twice a day too.”

Dad replied, “Ok, that’s good to hear.”

I continued, “Hey dad, don’t be mad but Lisa found a little kitten by the front door and took it in until we can find its owner. She makes me pet her little kağıthane escort pussy all the time and her pussy likes it.”

Dad laughed and answered, “Ok, hopefully it will be gone by the time we get home though.”

I replied, “Ok dad. I’ll take care of Lisa and her little pussy. Here it comes now. It wants to be played with. I got to go.”

Dad ended by saying, “Ok son, go play with your sister’s little pussy. Good night.”

A Couple of Days Later –

The phone rang. I picked it up and it was our mother. She asked how things were going with our guests and I told her everything was fine. She asked if Lisa got her facial and I told her I was busy but that Bob gave her a good one. She said that was nice of him. Then she said they may be home in a week and she would let us know.” Then she hung up.

Later that night –

Just then the phone rang. Lisa picked it up. It was our mother. We all got quiet as I heard her say, “I hate to bother you but I just wanted you you to know that we will be home in three days. By the way how are things?

Lisa answered, “We were just fooling around watching Bob give your son a facial. It was funny. osmanbey escort Laura and I thought Bob did a great job with Vince. Now Vince is going to give Bob a facial.”

Mom answered, “That sounds like fun. Don’t make a mess though. You know how messy facials can be.”

Lisa replied, “No problem mom. Laura and I will gladly clean up any mess.”

Mom went on, “How is your little pussy? You find its owner? Does everyone play with it?”

Lisa said, “Mom, they all love my pussy, especially Laura. That’s all she wants to do is play with it.”

Mom continued, “That’s nice. She must be a good girl. You all have fun and we will see you soon. Maybe we will even see your pussy and play with it. Bye.”

The Last Day –

One morning, the phone rang and it was dad. He said, “Hi son, we are in Georgia and will be home tonight. Your mom and I can’t wait to see you both and finally sleep in our own bed.”

I answered, “It will be great having you guys home. We missed you. I’m sure your bed missed you too. It’s been tough keeping Lisa happy but I think I was able to. Oh, by the way, we found the owner of the kitten and it’s a bit lonely here now. I’m going to miss her little pussy.”

Dad replied, “That’s ok son, maybe you can find another one to play with.”

I said, “I guess so. But Lisa’s pussy was cute and loved to be petted and played with. Anyway, hurry home. Bye.”

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