Convenience Store

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The sun was brutal, 102 degrees and no relief in sight. I had been working on a house in the heat for the past ten hours. I was exhausted and the heat had taken its toll on my energy. Finally putting my tools in my truck, I cranked it up heading for a cool spot to relax. About two miles down the road I spotted a little store on the side of the road. There was only a single car in the lot and was probably not going to be many more since the local country folks mainly used this road.

My thirst was getting the better of me and I had to get something down my dry throat. I yanked the truck into the lot and coasted to a stop. Waiting for the dust to settle, I checked myself in the mirror. Not being able to tell where my tan stopped and the dust started, I wiped my face clean with a rag and straightened my dark hair. Stepping out of the truck I felt the heat again. Rising from the ground and beating down from the sun, I hurried into the store at least for the shade and a cold one.

As the door squeaked open, I squinted to help my eyes adjust to the darker surroundings. Looking around, I saw nobody attending the place so I headed for the cooler. I stood there for a minute to let the air conditioning give me a short arctic blast before reaching for my favorite brew. Grabbing a couple of bottles, I heard a voice come from the stockroom off in the far end of the store. It was a friendly female voice and I acknowledged the “Hello” with a grunt and went to the counter.

Standing at the counter, I saw a female carrying boxes from the stockroom towards the counter. Having made this trip countless times, she didn’t need to see where she was going, her feet instinctively knowing the path. I could not see a face or body because of the boxes but I did see some legs. They were apparently coming from beneath a dress that was short enough to be hidden by the boxes. The legs were beautifully tanned and strode with confidence. Coming to the counter, she passed by me so she could get behind it. As she passed, she looked at me with a friendly smile and said “Hello” again.

Her brown eyes danced with life as she spoke and I smiled back at her, glad that I had cleaned myself up some before coming into this place. When she was behind the counter, she turned with her back to me and bent over to put the boxes down. As she bent over, her dress rode up and I could almost see her ass. I could picture it in my mind though and I knew I would love to get my hands on it. She turned around to speak and I darted my eyes away quickly hoping she would not see me staring at her. It appeared that she blushed ever so slightly as she began to ring me up.

“Is that all? she asked.

“That’s all I can afford right now, Beth” I said as I noticed her name tag while catching a look at her breasts.

“That’s $2.24. Are you from around here?” she inquired.

“No, I’m framing a house a couple of miles up the road and I’m staying with some friends in Clarksville ankara olgun escort until I’m through.” I responded while handing over $3.00. “How about you?”

“Clarksville? That’s 42 miles from here. I bet you get tired driving that every day.” She replied as her hand touched mine while taking the money from me. “Me? I was born and raised here. My folks live in that house in the field behind this place.”

“It’s awfully quiet around here.” I said as I intentionally touched her hand again while getting my change. ” What is there to do for fun around here?”

“All we do is work, eat and sleep. At least that’s what it seems like. Most folks around here are farmers, you know, early to bed, early to rise.” she explained as she began to clean around the counter.

“Well, mind if I hang out here for a little bit and enjoy the air conditioning?” I asked.

“No, I don’t mind. I could use a little company anyway.” she replied as she looked at my sweat soaked shirt. With that, she turned and started towards the boxes she had put on the floor.

“Let me help you at least. I’m not a freeloader, I’ll work for my stay no matter how short or long it is.” I said as I moved around the counter.

“O.K. Take this box over by the canned goods for me.” Beth said as she bent forward to pick up the top box.

When she bent forward, I caught a view of her breasts. They were round and had filled her bra up with some coming over the top. She looked up when she had the box but I didn’t look away this time. Keeping my focus on her breasts, I reached out to grab the box. Taking the box to its location, I heard Beth call out, “There’s more where that came from.”

“That’s O.K., I can handle it.” I responded jokingly.

“I bet you can.” she said under her breath and I smiled as I returned to the counter.

“Here’s another one. Take this to the bread section.” she said as she bent further forward to pick up the next box.

She had unbuttoned her top another button while I had gone with the first box and this time when she bent forward, I could see all the way past her breasts to the top of her panties.

“This is a good one.” I stated as I turned from her smiling. When I set his box down, I noticed that I was no longer tired. In a matter of a few minutes, this young woman had, through her enthusiasm and enjoyment of life, had given me some enthusiasm and life.

Returning to the counter, she had turned around and had her back to me. ” What now?” I asked.

Bending all the way over again so she could get the last box, I could get a close up view of that ass that I had admired earlier. I moved my hand within an inch of it as if to grab it when she stood up.

“That’s the last one of this bunch. This goes over there.” She said as she turned with the box and nodded with her head towards the fruit area.

“Your wish is my command.” ankara ucuz escort I jokingly said as I went to the fruits.

Over my back I heard her say that she was going back to the stockroom to get some more boxes. I went back to the counter and took a couple swallows from the beer. I felt somewhat revitalized and could feel energy returning to me. I felt energy returning to my groin also as I reached into my jeans to adjust my slowly growing tool.

“Can you help me in here?” I heard her call.

“Coming” I replied and wished.

When I entered the stockroom, I couldn’t see her. There was a stack of boxes jutting out forming a wall that I had to go around in order to enter completely into the room. After walking around that wall of boxes, I saw her. She was bent over looking into the box on the floor. Her ass was sticking out proudly as if daring me, taunting me. I quietly walked up behind her and reached my hands under her dangling dress and lifted it slightly. I looked at the loveliest ass I had seen in quite some time. It was round, tight and covered with the laciest pink panties I can remember. I was too far gone now to go back. I lifted her dress and laid it on her back and placed my hot hands on her ass. I felt of her cheeks and moved my hands up her sides a little bit. She quivered in my grip and I held her by her hips and ground my enlarged tool into that ass. She returned my advance by backing up forcing my cock into her ass some more. She moved her ass back and forth while making a groaning sound.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and pulled her into a standing position. I turned her around and her brown eyes looked like they were on fire. She reached down and grabbed my cock through my jeans and started pulling. I finished the job of unbuttoning her dress. She released my cock and let her dress fall to the ground. Her beauty entranced me. Her hands reached behind her back and released the hasp on her bra. Her tits jumped for freedom and I reached for them to hold in my hands. I cupped them in my hands as I felt her hands return to my jeans. Within a moment she had released my hot muscle from its bindings.

She stepped back to look at me and I saw the lust engulf her face as she saw my throbbing cock. She stepped forward and dropped to her knees in one motion. Her mouth engulfed my dick as she began to move her head back and forth while her hands toyed with my dangling balls. I stepped back, sat on a box and spread my legs wide for this attention. While I was sitting there getting the sucking of my life, I saw a blanket on the floor down a side aisle. I pulled my dick from her mouth, stepped out of my jeans and pulled her towards the blanket.

Laying down, she tried to get back to business on my cock but I stopped her and turned her around. She understood my desire as she laid on top of me with her pussy in my face and proceeded ankara yabancı escort to continue her work on my dick. I spread her legs farther apart and breathed in her luscious scent. Her pussy was already dripping and I began to lick her juice from around her lips. I reached up and with my fingers, spread her sweet pussy lips apart and started licking her pussy. My tongue probed her tunnel as I made it dance in and out. I felt her squirming with passion. I began to use my tongue to massage her clit. She began to move her hips in motion with my tongue. I could feel the surge in my balls growing and I didn’t want it to end like this.

I rolled to my side causing her to lose contact with my cock. She looked at me with pure want in her eyes as I turned to face her and laid her on her back. I had to feel the depth of her pussy and I was about to begin the exploration. She spread herself wide and I leaned into her. The head of my dick pushed on her pussy and with ever so slight pressure I felt her heat. Her pussy felt so warm and tight I almost exploded then but I withdrew and bent forward to kiss her nipples which were erect and longing for attention. Feeling my urge suppressed somewhat, I entered her again and drove my dick as deep as I could. She squealed with delight as her pussy was engorged with my meat. She was panting rapidly and I was mesmerized by her tits heaving it time with her increased pulse. I started pumping slowly driving my cock as deep as I could with each stroke.

“Oh God, I feel like I am going to explode!” she squealed.

I reached down with my hand and massaged her clit while driving my meat into her cunt. She was writhing with ecstasy.

“Oh God……..Yesssssssss, Fuck me…..Fuck me……” she screamed.

“Baby, I love that tight pussy!” I retorted.

“Pump it Baby, Yes……Yes…..Yessssssss.” came sounds from deep within her.

At that moment she convulsed into orgasm as her entire body shook with pleasure. I felt her pussy flood with juices and only prompted me to pump harder and deeper. I lifted her legs to get even deeper still.

“YES!”” she screamed as her eyes rolled backwards and she pulsated with involuntary spasms. I pumped one last time and absolutely exploded in her. My cock jumped at the release of my cum. She relaxed her body and I shook as I continued to fill her pussy. After finally running dry, I collapsed beside her.

We laid on the blanket for about fifteen minutes before she got up. She gathered her clothes and said she had to clean up in case she had another customer. She came back fully dressed and directed me to the restroom where I could clean up as well. After getting dressed, I entered the store and found her at the counter back at work. She looked at me and smiled. Returning the smile, I drew her close and kissed her passionately. After the kiss, she said my beers had gotten warm and I could replace them with cold ones if I wanted. Doing so, I looked into her satisfied eyes and smiled.

“I hope you found what you were looking for at my little convenience store.” she said as she slyly smiled.

“I sure did.” I responded as I headed for the door with my beers.

“Well, thank you and please, do come again!” she responded.

“I’ll consider that an open invitation” I said as I walked out into the heat again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32