Controlling Aunt Jenny Ch. 01

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The summer break was almost over, and Jennifer, a young math teacher and volleyball coach at the local high school, was spending one of her last days before moving doing what she loved.


“Say it again!”

“Aaaah, I’m sorry master! Please forgive me!” She loved it when he smacked her ass like this. It always made her wet instantly, and she couldn’t help falling into being his submissive slut when he let her have it like this. She was really going to miss these get togethers.


“Why should you I forgive you, my little slut?”

In reality, she hadn’t done anything actually needing forgiveness, but even when they were role playing like today it was so exciting to just give in to his demands. “I’ll do anything sir! Use your slut in any way you want!”


“I’ll give you a chance, but only one. Get on your knees and shove my cock down your throat, now!”

“Yes sir!” She rolled off his lap and had her mouth on his cock as quick as she could. She knew her arousal was dripping on the floor between her knees, but she didn’t care. The sex was always so good when he just owned her like this. She kept her arms behind her back, just like she knew he liked. She’d spent so many hours on her knees in front of him this past year. Truth be told, she loved being ordered around like this. Especially when he put his hand in hair and shoved her head further down his cock. She could feel the puddle getting bigger by the second.


“Not good enough, bitch! Turn around. Let’s see if that cunt can do any better.”

He knew how to push all the right buttons with her. She eagerly flipped around on her hands and knees and shoved her ass out towards him. He immediately shoved her face down to the floor as he lined his tool up with her slit.

“You better squeeze me like your life depended on it or I’ll move to your ass without any lube, slave.”

He then slowly started pushing into her core and she obliged his request. She’d done Kegels since she left for college 6 years ago, so she had the strength to really squeeze his shaft. She felt every vein on his thick cock as it slowly slid deeper. His cock may not be the longest she’d ever had, but it was nice and thick, which suited her just fine. She felt his balls against her lips and knew he’d bottomed out. She knew what was going to happen next.

“Ah, that’s more like it, slut. Now let’s see how much this pussy can handle.”

He reached down and grabbed her hair to pull her head up, and then really started pounding her. He was just using her for his pleasure, and she loved it. She hoped she could find someone to role play with this next year, cause she couldn’t go too long without this in her life. She kept squeezing him as he let her have it, knowing it would drive him to fuck her even harder. As she felt his pace pick up, she could feel her orgasm creeping up on her too. She shoved back on his cock as hard as she could in this position, and after just a few more thrusts, she came. He didn’t slow down at all, knowing how much she loved it. As her orgasm slowed, he pulled out and ordered her to turn around. He immediately shoved his cock back down her throat and came. She swallowed every drop, like the good little slut he’d trained her to be this year.

She collapsed on the bed, and he fell next to her. After they both recovered, he got up to get dressed.

“Jennifer, this really has been fun. I hope whoever they hire to replace you is just as much fun as you are.”

“Ha, you wish. Just admit it, you’re going to miss this ass.”

“You’ve got that right. That ass on your petite frame is amazing. I might just keep you instead of letting you go.”

“Hey, I may be small, but I pack a punch! You’re just lucky I let you take the dominant role when we play.”

“Yeah right. All I have to do is smack your ass and you start drooling over my cock.”

“Ugh, fine. I gotta admit that’s right. Whatever. I’m actually leaving in the morning to meet a lawyer for something before leaving for Texas.”

“I may just have to visit you down there some day. It’ll be hard to find someone like you. Good luck with everything though. I’m gonna miss you, for real.”

“Whatever, now get out of here.”

He left her there on her bed as he walked out. The movers were due in just under an hour to start packing her stuff, so she needed to get up and shower. She wanted to make sure she was gone before the movers arrived.


It had all happened so fast. Earlier this week she’d been called by a lawyer. She hadn’t heard from her brother in years and definitely didn’t know there had been an accident with him and his wife, and then she found herself sitting in her brother’s lawyer’s office.

“Wait, so you’re saying they left me as guardian of their daughters?”

Jennifer was only 28 while her brother was in his 40s. They had never really been close because of their age difference, but they were still family. Though now she was almost alone, with nişantaşı escort her parents, brother, and sister-in-law all gone. It would be just her and her nieces left. Her nieces were probably in high school or college by now, though she couldn’t remember exactly how old they were the last time she saw them.

“Yes, Jennifer, that is exactly what I’m saying. Along with all their assets as their daughters are not yet 25, as required by the will. You will be their legal guardian.”

“Wow.” That was all she could say out loud sitting there across the desk. She had no idea how to take care of two teenage girls. Well, aside from for short amounts of time at school while teaching. She’d never even been a babysitter growing up. She had always been focused on her education and figuring out what she wanted to do with her life.

Jennifer finally landed in becoming a schoolteacher. She would be starting her 4th year of teaching this year, but at a new school as she had recently accepted a new position in a new city. Actually, it was going to be a big move from Colorado down to Texas. She was excited for the new opportunity, but now she would have to add in the raising of the girls. Well, by now they should be old enough to take care of themselves. She had, after all. Her parents passed away just after she graduated high school, so she’d been on her own for 9 years now. Her train of thought was halted when the lawyer spoke up again.

“There is one condition. It looks like your brother and his wife were concerned about your ability to raise their daughters as well. They specifically request a CPS agent to check in with you and the girls monthly to make sure the girls are safe and in a good environment. They will keep checking in every month until they are sure everything will be ok for the girls. If at any time the agent disapproves of the situation, the girls will be removed from your care to go to the next in line to take care of them, along with the money.”

Interesting. As much as she was excited/scared to be taking care of her nieces, the money was an amazing prospect. All she would have to do is keep the girls happy and show the agent that they are in a good environment for a few months and the money would be hers. That was definitely possible.

“Ok, but as long as the agent approves, I will remain their guardian and I will keep the money? Will I be able to use any of it ahead of that time, as I will need assistance to take care of the girls?”

“Yes. You will be allotted a large amount up front to buy everything needed to take care of the girls, and then smaller portions each month to supplement your income. After the agent approves of you as their guardian, everything will be released to you. They expect 1/3 to go to each of the girls when they turn 25. Now, if you don’t have any more questions, I’ll just need you to sign here to accept everything.”

After signing and initialing in all the right places, Jennifer walked out of the office deep in thought. She was definitely worried about being a parent for the girls as she was rarely mistaken for an authority figure. She had always been the runt of the family, standing only 5′ and didn’t like to admit it but was definitely embarrassed by her A-cups (she would NEVER admit she owned a few padded bras to help in that department). She at least had a nice curve in her waist because of her fitness, but all this combined to give her a very youthful appearance. She dressed very professionally and always wore heels while teaching to ensure she had the respect of the students. It had always been a struggle, but she always made sure others knew she couldn’t be pushed around, despite her size. She just needed to get off on the right foot with the girls.

After Jennifer’s meeting with the lawyer, her nieces were asked into the office to have the same discussion with the lawyer.

“Wait, so you mean as far as the records go, I’ve only made it to 9th grade?!?!?!” Jenna shouted.

“Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out, Jenna.” Emily, her older sister, consoled.

The barely 18-year-old was meant to be entering her senior year of high school this year. Their family had been traveling the last 3 years, but after the accident, all their records were lost. Their homeschooling, well, at least her homeschooling, basically never happened now. Her 20-year-old sister wasn’t as bad off, as her records should have shown she had graduated already, but apparently, she would need to complete her senior year again.

“There will, of course, be options when you get settled with your aunt. The CPS agent will work with you to help you fix all your records. If you would like, you will be able to take tests to show your understanding of the required material. It will all work out, I promise. Your CPS agent will meet with you every month until he is confident that you girls will be ok.”

“So, what happens if we aren’t ok? What will happen to us?”

“You will be moved on to the next in line to care for you, which is your great kağıthane escort aunt Sylvia.”

The girls hated their great aunt Sylvia. They would do absolutely anything to avoid being sent to live with her.

“We can’t be on our own? We are legal adults.”

“Yes, you are of age, but we need to get your schooling sorted out before you can be on your own. I promise this will all be sorted out after you move in with your aunt Jennifer.”

As the girls were leaving the office, Emily’s mind was moving very quickly, trying to come up with an idea. She wasn’t worried about herself, as she knew she could make it through one year of high school if needed. But her sister having to go back to 9th grade would be humiliating and horrible. Plus, she would stand out ridiculously. While the girls definitely looked like their father’s side of the family, they were far from average size. Jenna was near 5’8″ and toned due to all the years of playing volleyball. Emily was a couple inches taller than her younger sister, and only slightly less toned having played volleyball as well. Luckily, they had curves in all the right places, and their C-cups didn’t get in the way too much with sports.

Emily was definitely worried, but she was confident they would figure something out after moving in with their aunt. She had no idea what, but something.

As they met their aunt outside the lawyer’s office, she immediately wanted to show them she was in charge.

“Hey girls. I’m so sorry about everything. I know you’ve gone through hell these last few weeks. But chin up, we gotta catch a flight. We are moving to Texas, which should be nice after your years traveling. Let’s go, we are running late for our flight!”

She called an Uber and barked at him to get them to the airport as quick as possible. The girls sat in the back seat texting each other during the ride.

-Em, does she seem kinda cold to you?-

-yeah, but I hope it’s just an act. I don’t remember her being like that when we were kids-

-me neither! Ugh, and the way she is talking to the driver…she’s being a bitch-

-give it time, I promise we will get everything figured out after we get to the new house and get settled-

-fine. But I swear, if she keeps that shit up I’m gonna punch her-

-ha! Get in line sis! I call first swing lol-

-isn’t she only a couple years older than you?-

-ya, I think she’s in her late-20s or something, but she doesn’t look it!-

-haha agreed! She looks like she could pass as our younger sister!-

They arrived at the airport and were off again, being rushed through the airport, a trail of upset travelers left in their aunt’s wake as she pushed her way to the plane. They had only spent a few minutes with her and were already worried about how everything was going to turn out. They made it to the gate with plenty of time and proceeded towards the entrance. When they approached the door, the woman checking tickets stopped them, and turned to Emily.

“Traveling with you and your younger sisters today, ma’am?”

All three were confused as she was clearly talking to Emily, but Jennifer spoke up quickly.

“Nope, these are my nieces. We are heading to our new home.”

“My mistake. Please go in and have a nice flight.”

The small mistake made Emily and Jenna smirk behind Jennifer’s back since it confirmed what they’d been texting about in the car, especially when the stewardesses made the same mistake, and each received an earful when they made the mistakes. Emily did not want to be with this rude woman for a whole year, but she definitely didn’t want to go to her aunt Sylvia. Maybe there was some way to fix this whole situation. She would figure it out somehow.

After arriving in Texas, the three caught an Uber to their house in a nice suburb in the Dallas area. They made it to the house and would have a couple hours before the movers would finally arrive. The girls took this time to get a short break from their aunt and look around the place. It wasn’t bad, three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large back yard and a two-car garage. The neighborhood was quiet and hopefully friendly (they hadn’t actually seen anyone so far). While they were wandering the house, they finally took a bit to talk about the situation.

“Jen, she hasn’t gotten any better so far.”

“If you are talking about the way she tore the head off everyone she’s talked to since we met up with her, then I definitely noticed that, Em. It makes me ashamed to be named after her. Why would mom and dad leave her as our guardian? I’m really wondering if we would be better with Aunt Sylvia…”

“I know it doesn’t look good, but at least she isn’t disgusting like Aunt Sylvia. She at least has good hygiene and hasn’t hit anyone yet. I think this is still our best option, we just need to find a way to survive this whole ordeal. I think I’m going to talk about it with her. We are all adults, even if just barely,” Emily teased.

“Ok, if you say so sis. I’ll follow osmanbey escort your lead. You’ve never let me down, so far. I trust you. I’ll have your back when you bring it up.”

“Mom and dad raised us to know better than being that rude.”

“You know, Em, what she needs is a good spanking!” joked Jen.

“Haha, you’re right! Too bad she didn’t receive enough of those growing up or she may have learned this lesson a long time ago.”

They then heard the moving van and headed out to the front to meet the movers. They ended up beating their aunt outside and greeted the movers, who were already starting to unload and carry things into the house. When they walked inside, they were unsurprised to find their aunt berating one of the movers for bumping one of the walls with the couch. After the poor man walked outside, Emily chose the moment to talk to her aunt about her attitude.

“Hey, Aunt Jennifer. We should probably be nice to them as they are moving all of our stuff.”

“Excuse me? I will treat them how they deserve to be treated. If they keep messing up, then I’ll keep getting in their face. We are paying them, so they must do everything as we want it. I’m the one in charge here, and I won’t let you tell me that I am doing it wrong. Until you are both out of school, I will be in charge.”

With that she walked out of the room to monitor the movers further. Emily stood next to her sister; mouth wide open at the absurdity that her aunt really didn’t care about others. Maybe this year would be harder than she thought. As she saw her aunt yelling at another mover who was bringing in more furniture, the man in charge of the movers approached Emily.

“Ma’am, can you control her or get her out of here or something? She is getting out of hand and disrupting my men.”

That made the girls smile again because he also seemed to think Emily was in charge of her aunt. This was the moment Emily realized what she could do about her aunt’s attitude. She walked over and grabbed her aunt’s arm.

“That’s it! I will not let you treat others this way! You’re coming with me, missy.” And Emily dragged her aunt over to the couch while she was yelling and screaming at being dragged by her niece.

“What are you doing?! Let go of me!”

“No, I will not let you treat others like that. You will learn how to be nice, and I’ll make sure of it!”

Before Jennifer knew what was happening, Emily had pulled her over her knee, stomach down, and pinned her down. Emily was significantly bigger than her aunt and held her down with little trouble. Jennifer was stunned to be in this position, and she could feel her skirt flipped up around her waist. She was immediately reminded of all the times she’d been bent over a lap this past year. She was too focused on the memories and was caught off guard when she felt the first slap.


“What are you doing?! Stop that!” Fuck she could already feel herself getting aroused. She couldn’t let that distract her though, she was in charge here and had to stop this.

“No. You will learn to treat others with respect if it is that last thing I do! You are being a bad girl and deserve this and you know it!”

Emily continued to spank her aunt, hoping the message would sink in.

“Now, what are you?” Emily asked as she continued to spank her aunt.

“I’m not a little girl! You can’t treat me like this!”

“That’s not the answer. What are you?” She really started letting her aunt have it, holding nothing back.

“I’m in charge here! Let go of me!”


Oh no, she could feel her pussy getting wet already. No, she needed to get out of this position quick!


“FINE! I’m a bad girl and I won’t be rude anymore, just stop!” Her aunt finally gave in, tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t help falling into her submissive role after doing this so many times. Her arousal was taking over and she couldn’t stop it.

Emily wanted this message to stick. She did not want to deal with this rudeness all year and now was her chance. Before she could let her aunt up though, she noticed something shocking: it looked like there was wet patch on her aunt’s panties. It looked too small to be pee, did that mean…

“Are you getting wet from this? No way!” She whispered down at her aunt, before continuing the spanking. Emily noticed the patch getting larger, and before she knew it, she heard a small moan escape from her aunt. She took a moment to grab her aunt’s crotch and squeezed to show her aunt she knew her secret.

Jennifer felt Emily’s hand and knew she’d been found out. Fuck how did that happen so fast?!

“Are you going to be a good girl from now on? Or do I need to show all these men here how wet you are?”

“Ooooh, yes. I’ll be good.”

“Good, it’s about time.” Emily then called her sister over, who was flabbergasted by the whole event. Emily leaned in to speak quietly to Jenna.

“Hey, take her upstairs and get her cleaned up. She clearly gets off on this stuff. You can smell her arousal from here!”

“What?!?!?! That’s ridiculous, and you’re right, you can totally smell her! I’ll take her upstairs and take care of her, don’t worry.”

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