Control Issues: Dessert

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Once again I must thank jacuzzigal for her excellent editing skills and the time she gave me. Thank you Jazzy!

Sweet silence pervaded the ride home. John held Cate’s hand in his as they rode home. They were both heady with emotion and lust for one another. She drew his hand to her mouth and kissed it. His soft smile made her excitement grow. The want in each of them was palpable. Her mind was full of thoughts about how he brought more and more desire from her. How easily he drew out her wantonness.

No words were needed they didn’t want to talk, just feel. So much had happened at the restaurant, so much revealed that words would only get in the way. His hand moved to caress her cheek and her head tilted into his hand. Each movement was like a symphony in motion and the conductor was love and want. The road held almost no interest to them. It was the destination this time. The destination was like their claim on nirvana.

He pulled into the driveway and leaned over to kiss her lightly before alighting from the car. She watched him, knowing his moves well and when he opened the door with his hand extended, she shifted and stepped out to his waiting embrace. They walked towards the door hand in hand. The world seemed in slow motion or maybe non-existent to them. He looked at her with gentleness in his eyes; she amazed him. She wanted to amaze him always.

Just before they reached the front steps she felt it – again. She looked at him shaking her head and then laughed when he waved that small remote at her. He pulled her to him hard. He held her hand behind her back and kissed her hard, deep, full of lust, want and control.

Catching their breath they stood looking at each other a moment before taking the last few steps to the door. He inserted the key and escorted her through. She kicked off her shoes and dropped her handbag on the table with the keys he had just placed in the tray.

“What an incredible night it has been John, thank you… for everything.” Her words were said in a long sweet sigh. She was overwhelmed many times with the way he loved her. She loved him in a way she’d never known. She reached out her hand to him and when he took it she quickly moved to hold his behind his back and then kissed him hard, trying to mimic his actions a moment ago. He let her toy with him knowing there was no way she could garner physical strength over him. The kiss was broken from her laughter instead of passion. He smiled at her and kissed the tip of her nose.

“You’re cute,” he tried to say it without laughing but couldn’t. She didn’t even try not to laugh.

“Last one up has to …” she couldn’t finish her sentence through her giggling. She bounded up the stairs to the bedroom. John wasn’t far behind. Before she could get to the changing room he grabbed her and pinned her against the wall, kissing her hard. She matched his intensity with her lips and by gripping him tighter.

Cate pressed as hard against him as he covered her body. Their kiss became something more than a kiss and more an outward sign of a pure and deep hunger. Their mouths were wide open to each other. She wanted to be swallowed up inside him and he wanted to devour her. There was no need for seduction that had ceased hours ago. This moment was about possession.

As he pressed harder his hand moved quickly down her body. He grabbed her skirt up and his hand was on her pussy in a moment. His fingers found what they were looking for. He removed the small silver vibrator. Her wetness did not go unnoticed and he pushed himself harder to her with his hips grinding and his tongue deep in her mouth. He tossed the vibrator on the top of the dresser.

When John broke from her mouth, she saw in his eyes the power he held. It was never misused. The fidelity was true and strong between them. His eyes bore into Cate’s like a hunter to his prey but these were lovers, the connection never broken. His hands held her face so lightly it just didn’t fit the intensity but they never really conformed. His lips brushed hers like a whisper. He had claimed her months before but tonight he would possess her more fully. Each discovery meant a deeper bond.

He let go of her hand, directing her into the changing room. He turned towards the bathroom. Cate felt so much inside, physically as well as emotionally. It was like two waterfalls merged creating a beautiful lake; it was magical. She hummed softly as she slipped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse. Her hands were deliberate as she removed her stockings. She enjoyed the tingles that ran up and down her legs. Each movement added to the stir she felt all over. She removed her blouse and hung it on a hook. Before she reached to unhook her bra she let her fingers lightly trace the curves of her breasts. She took a deep breath in and then exhaled enjoying the changes under her fingers. Once unhooked she let it slip down her arms and into her hands, now empty she caressed the garment.

She looked at the colorful küçükçekmece escort silky items hanging in front of her. John had given most of them to her. She took the hanger with the soft blue chemise and held it up to her. Looking at herself in the mirror she was still amazed she was looking at herself. So much had changed for her. She was momentarily lost in thought, the life she now lived, the love she had in her life, how her life had taken new meaning and dimension. When she heard John in the bedroom and she shook her mind back to the colorful array before her. She put the blue chemise back and without a second thought she reached for the bright cranberry red gown.

It was silky and slipped over her head easily. The pretty lace and silk that held her breasts gave way to a long, slightly flared gown. She looked at herself with wide eyes and noticed she was blushing just a little. She didn’t know if she’d ever lose that either but at the moment her cheeks were beginning to match the color of her gown. She brushed her hair out, noticing she was biting her lips and then letting a giggle out. John watched from doorway and smiled. He knew why she was blushing. He also knew she’d never lose that and he loved her more for it.

She gave him so much. He was in awe of her love. The more she showed her heart the more he knew she held the control over him. She just didn’t know it. He moved up behind her and lightly touched her shoulders. When she felt his breath on her neck she inhaled quickly and held her breath. “You look incredible.” His words were barely a whisper.

She let her breath out and thanked him, although it was difficult to get the simple words out. John took her hand and led her to the bed. He had pulled the covers down and placed a rose on her pillow, it was as bright red as her gown and her cheeks – still! She stood at the edge of the bed and John moved to her, lifting her head upwards and coming down to meet her lips. It started as a tender kiss but she felt so much want inside she couldn’t contain it. Cate’s arms grabbed his and pulled him down, she wanted him to smother her with his body. It aroused in her a feeling of safety and surety. That safety gave her courage to give herself to him in every way.

His lips began to roam just as his hands were. She followed suit and slowly let her fingers run down his spine. She felt his reaction and smiled with a touch of a grin. When her hands found the waistband to his boxers her hands slipped inside as if gliding. She cupped his tush and squeezed and let out a giggle. She felt John smile against her neck and he gave her a little nibble. He reached for one of her arms and pinned it down over her head and then did the same with the other.

“Well that’s no fun, John. I was enjoying myself you know.” She smiled up at him and he grinned at her. He kissed her hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth and she welcomed him eagerly. He shifted one hand to hold both of hers down. He slid the back of his free hand down her neck and over her heaving breast. He lingered there. He enjoyed seeing the result of his touch. When he made his way to her hip he found the slit of her gown, his hand moved tantalizingly slow and Cate squirmed towards his hand.

“Hmmm, in some kind of hurry darling? If you want this can be a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of thing.” His hand moved right to her womanhood and his fingers enjoyed the moist folds. “Something like this? Is that what you want?” His finger slipped inside her so quickly and so deep that she thrust upwards and moaned. He smiled, grinned really.

“You’re doing fine my love, just fi-” Before she could get the words out he was stroking her to her first orgasm. His eyes trained on her face. Her grunts and thrusts matched the rhythm of his fingers. Cate’s breath was ragged and then held as he sent her over the falls of pleasure.

John moved to his side and bunched her gown around her waist. His fingers went directly back to work on her. She was still so sensitive that it didn’t take long for her to again build towards the reward. His fingers were like magic. She always responded with high intensity and this time was no different, except what he said to her. He delayed her pleasure.

“You’re so close aren’t you? I can feel it. You want to come don’t you? She was shaking her head and biting her lip. “You’re tightening around my fingers. Is this what you felt with Mike? Did you like someone else touching you?” His eyes bore into her as never before. She almost felt nervous. Did he want her to answer? Did he think she could? His fingers moved deftly and when his thumb rubbed her clitoris she couldn’t hold back. Her scream, her breath and her orgasm exploded together.

He could see her shaking from sensations and held her tightly to him. It was a few moments before she could speak. “Wow. You’re so amazing, how do you bring me to these places?” Cate was still breathy as she turned on her side to face küçükyalı escort him. “Actually I don’t care sweetheart, just keep doing it.” Her hands slipped over his chest and she bent her head down to kiss his chest, and then his nipples. When she heard his moan she suckled it, her tongue then danced around the hard nub.

Her mouth sought more. He moved to his back as she trailed her way down his torso she looked back at him. His eyes were distracted by her breasts falling heavily but contained in the lacey cups of her gown. John reached out to touch but she moved more quickly and gave him a grin.

“You know if I want to touch I will don’t you? ” His voice was more exact then playful. Cate knew it was true though she couldn’t help but grin and raise an eyebrow to him. “Oh my sweet slut you are enjoyable. Now, crawl down the bed and kneel on the floor.” He stood at the end of the bed, Cate kneeling before him. His eyes bore into hers, “Please remove my boxers now.”

Her hands were slightly tentative as she looked up at him. He nodded to her and she moved her hands to the waistband, stretching it out, just as his erection did to the cloth. She loved the sight of his cock, especially at these times. It was as if it took on a personality or attitude. She knew he wanted to feel her mouth on him and that would just be the beginning of their pleasure.

“Now.” He need not say more. Cate began stroking him, up and down, up and then down again. She didn’t realize her mouth opened or she was licking her lips. He watched her intently, her hands moving all the while. When she slipped her mouth around him she cupped his balls. He felt one knee go weak. He steadied himself and grabbed a fistful of her hair. When he thrust into her mouth he heard a slight gag. He repeated his action again and again.

“Enough,” and he pulled out of her mouth. She’d never heard him talk this way, it was so different, she wasn’t sure if she was unnerved or not. She looked up, his hand still holding her hair. He gave it a small tugged and she stood. As quickly as he pulled out of her mouth, his mouth was on hers, kissing her hard. Her hair still in his grip as he moved his mouth to her neck, still pressing hard against her.

“Mmmmm so nice,” Cate moaned softly into his ear and his hand released her hair. He now held her head with both hands and pulled back to seek her eyes.

Everything seemed softer now, his look, touch and his voice. “You please me.” He caressed her cheek with his hand and then sat on the bed, bringing her onto his lap. They kissed tenderly and whispered those sweet nothings lovers say. He held her close, touching her softly as she did the same to him. When he slipped his hand over her mound there was a catch in her breath. She loved the way he touched her.

He slipped a finger into the folds, sliding easily in all her wetness. “Feels nice, doesn’t it?” She moaned. He pressed his finger inside her, feeling her close around it. “Did you like it when Mike fingered you?” She moaned again. Two fingers now, moving them but not withdrawing them. “Did you?” She kissed him hard, forcing her tongue deep into his mouth in answer.

He pulled his head away from her kiss. “That is not an acceptable answer. Tell me, did you like having Mike finger you?” See looked at him and saw sternness on his face. His reaction was new to her and she moved to kiss him again but he took her chin in his free hand. “I want to know.”

Her head hung slightly lower and there was a growing blush on her face too. “John, are you angry with me? Is something wrong?” Her words were timid and said quietly.

“No, I just want to know. Did you enjoy tonight? Did having Mike included turn you on? I want to know what you feel and think about all of it. How far would you go? What are your limits?” His hand switched from holding her chin to a caress on her cheek. “Tell me, tell me how you felt, what was going through your mind. Tell me what you wanted to happen.”

Now her blush burst through her skin. She stammered a little and then tried to kiss him again. She thought if she kept kissing him… but he held her head again with a fistful of her hair. With a deep breath she began with a whisper. “I loved it John. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I wanted to please you so much.”

“No, not about me. Tell me how you felt.”

“Well, ummm, dirty actually – no more like naughty. I loved the feelings and my pleasure was obvious. I wanted to do what you -” She was cut off again.

“No my sweet Cate. I know this is difficult for you but you are safe. What happened wasn’t bad. Tell me more, please.”

Her head lifted, she let out a deep breath as she told him how much it turned her on. That she never in a million years would ever have thought she would do that! “John, I thought I was going to scream out in the dining room, letting everyone know what I was doing and what was being done to me. It was fantastic. maltepe escort I wanted you to throw me on the table and fuck me right there. Inside I felt like a slut and it felt so good.” She released it all and her voice was strong and secure. “I would have done anything right there. If you wanted to fuck me or you wanted Mike to fuck me or even if you both wanted to, I would have done anything.” Then quietly again she added, “If that was ok with you.”

“Hmm, perhaps we should discuss a threesome sometime.” He grinned as he watched her eyes bug out. “No not tonight sweetheart. Someday.” He wanted to hear more about her comment about having permission. “If it was ok with me, explain more please. Do you feel you need to seek my permission Cate?”

“Well, yes, sort of. I know I can decide what I do and don’t want but it feels different inside. There is a feeling of attachment I guess.” She wasn’t sure of her words because her thoughts and feelings were conflicted. Her mind pushed certain thoughts out. But why then did her insides melt when she gave herself to John? Why did she call herself a slut? The fight waged on in her mind.

“Attachment? What does that mean?” His questions were so pointed tonight and that too had her off balanced.

“I’m not sure that is the right word actually. There is something but I can’t seem to find it. I’m searching for …”

“Searching for the word submissive maybe? Words that say you are mine and mine alone? Something like that?” Biting her lip she shook her head yes. He noticed her head dipped lower once again so he lifted it up to his. “You like the idea of being mine don’t you? I like it too, very much. There is that sense of belonging and control right? But it’s kind of hard to say isn’t it? That’s OK.” He brushed a wisp of hair from her face and gave her a soft caress. He knew the idea of submission was attractive to her but it was also a struggle. “So you liked the feeling of being a slut huh? You don’t mind me calling you my slut do you? Each time I do you react by wanting more and that’s a good thing isn’t it my sweet slut?” He had to hold her head up to keep their eye contact. He couldn’t stop her blush but he wanted to see her eyes and for her to see his. There was love in both their eyes.

All these thoughts, these things – it was just so new to her life. “I like it John.”

“Like what?”

“I like being a slut. I mean your slut John.” He held her crimson cheeks in his hands so gently. His soft stroke seemed to soothe the conflict she felt.

“I know. I love that you are mine. Admit to yourself how much pleasure we give to each other.” He moved his head to kiss her this time.

She was slow to respond still feeling that struggle inside. But when he pushed two fingers hard into her she responded mightily. She pushed her tongue inside his mouth, almost down his throat. Her hands were pulling him to her before breaking their kiss. “John, I love being your slut. Now fuck me. Let’s have some of that pleasure!” Her words shocked him – and her too.

“Well, well. Getting a bit forward are you? Who’s the boss here anyway?”

“Oh shut up and kiss me – hard!” She would have been laughing if he hadn’t quickly taken hold of her arms. He pressed her back onto to the bed. He towered over her. Both hands on either side of her head, he looked hard into her eyes. She snaked her hands up his arms, feeling the tautness. But he pulled one from her and then placed his two fingers, scented with her juices, at her nose and then her mouth. Just as she opened her mouth he pulled them away and put them into his mouth. “Hey. I wanted that.” She smiled at him as he licked his fingers clean.

It didn’t take long for the two to be fucking hard. He had pushed her gown away to the side and with no forethought he drove his cock into her. In response her legs wrapped around him and pulled him tighter. He knew she loved to hold still a while when he first entered her, he happily obliged every time.

While he was looking down at her he grinned, big. “What? What are you thinking about now mister? That look means something, I know it does.” Her smile was easy. When she felt him begin to withdraw she pulled him tighter with her legs and the muscles of her very wet pussy. She dug her heels into his back. “You’re staying right where you are, do you hear me?”

John laughed so much he lost his strength. “Well, you won that one by your coquet ways you vixen. But have you forgotten the conversation we just had missy? Where you said you were mine? I call the shots here don’t I?” He smiled at her and she giggled at him saying of course she remembered and of course he was boss. “Something about that wink and grin doesn’t go with your words my slut.” He ended any conversation as his mouth clamped down on hers and he pulled his cock out of her depths.

When he plunged back in she arched up sharply. So quickly she was overtaken by a wave of pleasure that it caught her by surprise. Again and again she accepted his loving assault. She begged for more and then begged for mercy. He felt her body quiver all over and then ended with his deepest charge into her and exploded. She clung to him with all of her, inside and out. Cate quieted slowly and softly thanked him for his love and the pleasure he gives her. He stayed right there, covering her.

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