Control Ch. 08 – Mommy and Daddy Go to the Sale

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Mommy and I looked like unkempt whores when we left the garage. That is exactly what we were at the moment. Mommy had just fucked two black guys with me, which would spell trouble if my racist Daddy ever found out, and we had fisted each other. We had taken several loads of cum and we were a mess.

But, we weren’t done. I led Mommy next door to the Department store. The same ladies who had been there a couple of days before, the first time I had gotten my mother fucked, and they started to watch us carefully. They didn’t offer to help us, but they didn’t take their eyes off of us.

I led Mommy to the lingerie section. This was the foundation. Mommy was beautiful, but her large tits had started to sag just a tiny bit and some support was essential. I found a black shelf bra that would leave her large nipples free to imprint the front of her top. I got a matching pair of panties and then got the same thing in white.

I handed them to her and then led her to the tops. After looking for a few minutes, I came across a white button up vest with a black lapel and a matching pair of shorts. Very short shorts. She would look phenomenal in these. We didn’t even try them on. I had come to know her sizes well.

Then, we left there and headed to our last stop on this trip to town.

We walked across the parking lot into the porn store and, once inside, the cashier recognized us immediately. He knew he was going to get at least a blowjob before we left, so he was happy to see us.

“Back is pretty crowded” he said, nodding to us.

“Good” I said, winking at him.

He smiled back.

Mommy looked excited. She had grown to like being free to be the slut she wanted to be. She did everything I said. First because I had her convinced I would tell Daddy about all her sex. But, secondly, I had broken her will. I had fucked Daddy in front of her, letting her know I could take him, and then I let her know just how much I liked it and when she started to cry as I licked the tears off her face and made her lick Daddy’s cum from my pussy.

Since then, she had been mine. But, the thing was, she liked it. More and more every day. The biggest problem was that I was out of control. I was addicted to the adrenaline of more outlandish things. This was to be just the latest.

We went through the swinging doors into the dark rear of the store. Down each wall was a series of video viewing booths, each of which had gloryholes to the booths on either side.

As we walked into the back, all eyes turned to us. It was not a common sight to see women back here, but I had become a regular over the past week. Mommy, however, was still relatively new. That was going to change.

Standing in the middle of the large, dark room, I kissed my Mommy and started to explore her breasts with my hands. All the men were watching. I kissed her more deeply while lifting the front of her shirt to expose her bra and a portion of her breasts.

The men were forming a circle around us.

I began to take her top off, and she lifted her arms to make it easier. I was proud of the slut she was becoming. She thought she knew what was coming, but she did not have a clue.

I went around behind her, kissing her neck and letting my hands maul her breasts, which were now facing the largest group of men. We were putting on a show. They were cautiously getting closer.

I snapped the clasp on her bra and let her big tits fall free. They sagged a bit but were still huge impressive boobs with sexy dark areolas. I cupped her tits, lifting them as in presentation.

One man tentatively came forward to touch her tits. I lifted one higher to give him easier access. When he touched her and there was no reticence on her part, the rest of the men moved in and began to touch her everywhere.

While they were all mauling her tits, I bent to my knees and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. She instinctively lifter her feet, one at a time, to allow me to pull them off. Immediately, there were fingers exploring her pussy, and immediately she began to moan and press in toward them to stimulate herself more.

She was on autopilot now, so I stepped away to watch. There were 11 men of varying ages, but mostly older men. None acted overly aggressive. They were just pouncing on what they thought was free pussy.

I stood and pulled one of the men aside, whispering in his ear.

“Twenty dollars for anything you want.” I said.

“What?” he looked at me as if I was crazy.

“Twenty dollars or you are out.” I repeated.

He looked at me quizzically for a moment, and then asked “What about them?”

“They are all going to pay too.” I said matter-of-factly, “or they are out. Twenty dollars in the in price, and she is here for the group until you are done. Whatever you want.”

“Really?” he asked incredulously.

“Uh huh” I said, nodding.

He reached for his wallet and pulled out a twenty, which I took and told him to tell the others to see me.

He went back to the group Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort and spoke to one other guy, who looked to me. I crooked my finger, signaling him to come over. I repeated my spiel to him and then the others one by one. Eventually, I had 160 dollars in my hand and there were eight guys left surrounding my mother, who was now on her knees sucking their cocks in turn.

I picked up her clothes and turned to leave. She didn’t even notice.

But, the cashier did.

“Where’s your friend?” he asked.

“You mean my mother? “I corrected him. “She’s still back there. Having some fun.”

“You know THAT is illegal here” he said.

I moved toward him and as I did, I reached for the swell in his pants. “Yeah, but you won’t say anything, right?” I was stroking his swelling cock, already dropping to my knees.

As I took his cock out and put it in my mouth, he replied “I guess it’ll be OK.” And I took his cock to the base and gave him the most efficient blow job ever. Over and over I took his entire shaft balls deep, only stopping for air. He didn’t try to touch me or change what I was doing in any way, and I didn’t encourage him to.

I just wanted to get out of here before Mommy realized I was gone. I did it. I made him cum, and I sucked all the cum out of his dick, swallowing it as I stood up.

“She’ll be fine” I said as I exited the store.

I arrived back home early, about noon, and the house was empty. The boys and Daddy were still in the fields and I had left Mommy with a group of strange men, each of whom I had charged twenty dollars to use her as they saw fit.

I went up to my room and tucked my money away. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I put on a white wifebeater and a pair of white cotton panties.

Not knowing when or how Mommy would get home, I started getting dinner ready. I didn’t want her to get beaten by Daddy because dinner wasn’t ready.

There we some chicken thighs in the fridge, so I got that, some peppers, some onions and some cherry tomatoes. I trimmed and cut everything all up and made skewers for the oven.

I started cutting vegetables to make a garden salad and got some corn off the back porch.

That would do. Chicken skewers, corn-on-the-cob and a garden salad. Even if Mommy didn’t get home until right before Daddy, everything would be all right. I would have dinner on.

I had started to get mildly worried, so at 4 I put dinner in the ovens. But, shortly after 4:30, Mommy burst in the door wearing nothing but a very large oversized T shirt.

I went to the kitchen door, and before she could speak I asked her sarcastically “Did you have fun?”

“What the heck. You left me there alone with no clothes.” She practically screamed.

“Oh” I replied nonplussed. “Sorry, I forgot. Here” I said as I tossed her clothes back to her. “Your new ones are on your bed. Pick out something nice for tomorrow. We’re going back.”

“I am not” she spat the words at me.

“Yeah you are. Daddy could find out if you don’t keep me happy.” I threatened.

“I don’t care. I will tell him tonight. You won’t have any power over me then.” She called my bluff.

“Go get cleaned up. Daddy is gonna want both his whores to be clean when he gets home. I might even let you fuck him tonight if you are good. But, don’t push me too far.” I waited. “Mommy.” I added.

Her face drooped, and she turned and left the kitchen to start setting the table. As I was setting the table, she came back to the kitchen looking drawn and frumpy in some of her older clothes.

“Mommy, go make yourself look better. You have better stuff than that.” I scolded her.

She obediently turned and went back to her room. I finished setting the table and went back to the kitchen and when she appeared, she looked much better. Black push up bra and white button up vest with a pair of white shorts. Her hair was pulled back into a smooth pony tail. She had on black flats. She was stunning.

“Much better Mommy” I said as I approached her. I moved in behind her letting my hands trace the curve of her hips. I leaned in closer to her ears as I whispered “I bet all those guys loved fucking this pretty body.” I kissed her neck. “How much did you love it Mommy? How did you get home and whose shirt were you wearing? How many loads did you take and where? I made a hundred and sixty…”

But before I could finish, we heard Daddy’s truck pull in. The boys wouldn’t be far behind.

Mommy ran to her room to get check her makeup and was barely through the door when Daddy burst in.

“Where’s your Mother?” he asked brusquely before he even had the door closed.

I approached him and reached for his massive cock immediately. “She’s getting changed. She spilled something on her clothes, but she got dinner ready and I have the table ready. We can eat as soon as the boys are home.” I said as I lowered myself and began to unbuckle his pants.

“No time for that” he said as he shoved me away. “Dawn” he yelled, “Market tonight. Let’s go. Gonna be a herd of cows tonight.”

“Be right there” came Mommy’s voice from their room.

“We’ll eat at the sale” he said to me. “Make sure the boys are fed. Take care of them.

He didn’t say a word as Mom appeared from her room. She was all fixed up revealing plenty of cleavage. It was all stuff that I had picked out. I smiled as I saw Daddy’s mouth agape.

“I’m ready, John” she said as she smiled as well.

They turned to walk out the door and the boys truck appeared in the driveway.

“The boys are here” Daddy said.

“Good. The food is still warm. Mommy worked hard on it.” I said with a sly nod to my Mother. Then, just to show her I was still the one in control I kissed Daddy while she watched.

I kissed him deep and hard and he kissed me back. Our tongues met and he tasted of cigarettes and coffee, as he always did. As I kissed him, I squeezed his cock through his pants. Mommy just stood there and watched, knowing there was nothing she could do.

Finally, Daddy pushed me away and said “Let’s go” as the door swung wide and Stephen and TJ burst in.

“Where are you guys going?” Stephen asked.

“Sale. Cows tonight.” Said Dad.

“Cool. Get some good ones.” Steve said, looking at TJ.

Dad and Mom disappeared out the door and the boys disappeared up the stair without another word. I immediately followed them up the stairs hoping to get fucked from now until Mom and Dad got home. But, when I approached their room, they were both on the phone.

They shushed me before I could speak. I ignored them and entered their room. I climbed in Stephens bed and started to stroke his cock as he talked to someone about coming over. He pushed me away. I glanced at TJ and put my face to Stephen’s crotch.

He didn’t stop me, so I nibbled his cock through his pants while he talked. I saw that TJ was watching. I pretended to him and reached for Stephen’s zipper. I pulled his cock out and it was already getting hard as I took it in my mouth.

I lay on his bed slowly taking his massive cock deeper and deeper into my mouth with each thrust, and he was obviously getting distracted from his phone call, but I could make out that several of their friends were coming over since Mom and Dad were away until late.

Mom and Dad went to the sale about 6 times a year and that was really the only time they were both gone from the house for an extended period of time. The boys, apparently, planned to take advantage of that.

Stephen hung up and pushed me away, pulling his cock back into his pants as he spoke to TJ.

“They’ll be over about 6. They’ll bring the beer.” Stephen said.

Mom and Dad did not allow drinking in their house. It was part of the weird church thing that they subscribed to. You know, the one where you go to church on Sunday, sometimes, and then fuck your daughter and beat your wife the rest of the week

“You better be careful. If Daddy catches you…” I began.

“We’ll be finished and cleaned up before he gets home and you won’t say anything” he said menacingly.

“Not me. But, Daddy just finds out things.” I said, worried.

“He didn’t find out about you and Mommy.” He said.

“What about me and …” He cut me off.

“You think we don’t know anything. The garage, the store, the clothes.” He listed our sins.

“How did you know?” I asked, shaken.

“Don’t worry about it. Just disappear. We have some friends coming over tonight.” He instructed.

“Well, eat. I’ll clean up when you are done.” I said and I started upstairs to my room. I had some thinking to do. If they knew what Mommy and I had been doing, they had power over me, and that had never been my goal.

In my room, I sat on my bed, cross-legged, and wondered how I could take advantage of the situation tonight. Mommy and Daddy gone until late, and the boys and me alone in the house and they were having friends over.

I could only think of one thing. Cock. There were guys coming over and cock was all I saw.

So, that was the plan. Stay in my room and disappear until it was too late. The boys would forget all about me and I would make my presence known at the right time. In the meantime, I did what I always did when I was alone and horny and bored. I watched porn on the computer and played with my pussy

Finally, I could wait no longer. I had heard several cars pull in and seen several guys carrying in beer. They had all gone to the basement.

I took off my top and my panties and went down the stairs to the first floor, through the kitchen and to the basement door. I opened the door and started down the stairs. I heard guys playing pool. Lots of talking. I made sure to bounce a little more than usual to get my tits going as I approached the bottom.

I turned the corner into the room and immediately, Stephen yelled “Get the fuck upstairs!” I recognized a couple of the guys from school and Les was there. I remembered his big black dick and I wanted it. But, I wanted all of them.

I ignored Stephen for a moment and slinked up to one of his friends. I didn’t know him, but I immediately stroked his cock. My tits were rubbing against his chest.

“Wait a minute. Who’s this?” he asked as I stepped up to kiss him.

“My fucking sister” Steve said with disdain. “Get the fuck upstairs” he repeated.

“Dude, this is your sister?” interjected Les. “I didn’t even know you had a sister!”

Les approached me and star ted to kiss me. TJ was watching in silence but Stephen was fuming, with a reddening face that screamed I’m gonna kill this bitch.

I brushed by Les as he approached me and let my hand brush his hardening cock in his pants while I made my way to Stephen. I was emboldened because he couldn’t hurt me in front of all these guys even if he wanted to, so I was safe. I had bided my time wisely.

There was no doubt what I was going to do. I always tried to do the most shocking thing possible. The biggest turn on to me was being more outrageous than anyone and when I kissed Stephen full on the lips while stroking his cock, everyone’s mouth went agape.

Stephen couldn’t stop himself for a moment. He kissed me back for a second before pushing me away. In an instant, our lips were locked again and again he pushed me away, but I could feel his resolve wilting. Again, I kissed him and he kissed me back. Firmly.

Then I pulled away and went to TJ. He backed away from me as I approached, but I pursued him until we were kissing. He had no willpower. He was in love with me and though he lacked the courage to stand up for me against everyone he didn’t have the resolve to resist me.

He put his hands to the sides of my face and pulled me closer to kiss me. I stroked his cock as our tongues met.

Suddenly, I was pushed harshly to my knees and TJ shoved my face into his groin, grinding his hard cock into my face through his jeans. I reached for the zipper and pulled out his cock. Before I had it in my mouth, however, there were several others, including Les and Stephen’s almost matching cocks in vanilla and chocolate versions circling my face.

I worked back and forth between those two magnificent members, ignoring the others for a moment. And suddenly, I could ignore them no longer. I was picked up and pushed against the pool table without a word and TJ put his cock to the entrance to my vagina, thrusting into my wet cunt, making me almost scream.

Stephen and Les climbed onto the pool table and placed their cocks at my mouth and I took Stephen as deep as I could and Les pushed my head down on it. My throat stretched painfully and it went past my long-departed gag reflex. Stephen added his hands to the back of my head and held me firmly in place until the lack of oxygen started me gagging.

I tried to pull off but the two of them held me there. Stephens cock pulsed in and out but only about an inch. Not enough to relieve the stress but enough to keep the back of my throat working. Without warning, the contents of my stomach came up.

Some of the contents came out of my mouth onto the pool table and some were trapped in my mouth. The taste of my own vomit was terrible and made me even more nauseous. I felt like I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen and choke on my own vomit when he pulled his cock from my mouth.

I surprised them all. Taking a deep, quick breath, I attacked Les’s dick. I forced myself down on his cock and threw up immediately. Again, some made it’s way out of my mouth and some of it stayed there for me to taste.

The cock that had started pounding my pussy at some point was going deep and hard. I found it was TJ fucking me harder than he ever had while the rest of them watched.

Suddenly, I felt a warm stream on my face and I turned to see it was Stephen pissing on my face. The urine ran down my face, stinging my eyes and getting on Les’s cock taking it into my mouth. It ran down my face and mingled with my vomit on the pool table.

When Les pulled himself from my mouth, before anyone could stick another cock in my mouth, I bent down and began to lap up the urine and the vomit.

“You nasty bitch” cried Les and I smiled looking in his eyes.

I pulled away from TJ and climbed on the table, lying on my back in a puddle of my vomit and Stephen’s urine. Someone pushed TJ out of the way stuck his cock in my pussy and I almost came right then. I started to writhe in the mixed vomit and urine until I saw Les cock approaching my face. I was on my back on the pool table and he was at my head on his knees with my head between his legs.

I ignored his cock and went straight for his asshole. I licked it quickly and then buried my face against his ass which reeked of a hard day’s sweaty work and a couple of trips to the bathroom. I produced a lot of spit and lubricated his ass well. My saliva turning brown from his ass, and I sucked it back in , kissing his ass and trying to bury my tongue deep inside him.

He let all of his weight come down on my face, and suddenly I couldn’t breathe again. He kept the pressure on, but began to grind his ass against my face. The cock that was pounding me was just a vague sensation as I began to drift away. As the world began to darken, I felt my pussy let go in the wildest orgasm I had ever experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32