Control: Asha’s Story

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It has been way too long since I posted anything, but I had some serious computer trouble at the beginning of this year and it took some time to resolve everything. This is the last of the Control series for a while, however there is at least one more that I will do. Again I appreciate ideas from those who read these stories. Just be aware that if it is a concept that does not interest me I won’t write it because I don’t think I would do a good job. I hope that I will return to posting with some regularity.


Asha’s first time was a brief fumble in the back of her boyfriend’s car. Later after she turned eighteen, she was with her second boyfriend in a hotel after prom. They moved to the bed and kissed as they clumsily undressed. He had to break the kiss numerous times as he needed his full attention to remove various items. At last they were both naked, she revealing dark skin with the tattoo of a rose on her arm, a recent birthday present and he revealing pale skin, although in decent shape as he was on the wrestling team. She stroked him, but not for long as he was already quite hard. She lay back and waited as he fumbled with getting the condom on. She meanwhile pinched a nipple and began stroking her lips as she wanted to be ready when he finally entered her. He set his hands on either side of her as he kneeled in position and lined himself up before slowly pushing inside. She moaned softly, he wasn’t huge, but she didn’t have a lot of experience so she was fairly tight. He set to stroking in and out by using a motion similar to the pushups he performed in practice. She pulled on a nipple and stroked her clit as experience told her that he would cum first. She also fantasized about being taken, not with force, but with the confidence that comes from experience.

It didn’t take long before he moaned and stroked slower and slower before collapsing on top of her. On his last hard inward thrust she felt herself cum and moaned. It wasn’t a hard orgasm, but at least she didn’t feel like she would need to get herself off later. As he drove her home Asha’s mind was on her plans after high school. She was planning to get into a pre-med program as her dream was to be a surgeon. When he dropped her off at home he tried to kiss her, but she shook her head and walked to the house. He merely shrugged and drove off. When she got in her mom was in the living room watching TV.

“Hi hon, is everything alright? I wasn’t expecting you until a little later.” Asha glanced at the clock and saw it was just eleven.

“No, we had fun. I’m fine.” Her mom nodded and returned to the TV. Asha went to her room relieved that her mom had chosen not to press her. She sat in her room wondering if there was something was missing in her relationships. Obviously she was only on her second boyfriend and she had been his first, so of course he wouldn’t have a clue, but despite that she felt like she wanted more. Sighing at the silliness of all of this she took a shower and went to bed.

School was increasingly a grind and Asha wanted to be finished, at least with high school as she obviously had eight or more years before she could start her career. One day they took a bit of time out for an instructor from a local community college to speak to them. Her name was Angeline Foster and she had severely cut blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Asha wasn’t paying attention as she had no intention of going to the community college. After the presentation was finished everyone got up to leave with Asha following behind. Asha was the last to leave when Miss Foster stepped into her path.

“So young lady, why weren’t you paying attention?” Asha breathed slowly as she was already annoyed and didn’t care for the woman’s attitude.

“I’m not going to the community college. My goal is to be a surgeon.”

“You should still show respect for you elders.” Asha held the woman’s gaze.

“Elder? You’re what, five years older than me and more importantly respect is earned, but I showed you courtesy. More courtesy than you’ve shown.” Miss Foster seemed to suddenly to shrink, to whither under the intensity of Asha’s glare. She stood aside and Asha walked out. That night Asha’s mother wanted to speak to her after dinner.

“Asha, are you sure you want to be a surgeon, it’s not too late to change your mind you know.” Asha shook her head.

“Mother, being a surgeon is what I want to do, I’m not going to join you in the family business.” Asha’s mother ran a cleaning service, the women in their family had been cleaners for generations, she was the first to attend college and she had been through business school. The cleaning service was quite high end allowing them to live in a nice home and Asha’s mother drove a high end car that was only a year old. Her mother sighed she wanted Asha to attend business school as well, she wanted to expand the business to cover much of the state and even to reach statewide, maybe even national. However, Asha disliked business and much preferred to work with her hands, rather than manage money.

“Asha, the cleaning business has been very good to our family and we cannot jeopardize that over what you ‘want to bursa escort do’.”

“The business will not succeed or fail because of me.” Her mother was taken aback by the sharpness of Asha’s response, however she sat back in her chair and calmly returned to her tea.

“Very well, I can wait if you change your mind in pre-med, but I hope you find out before you finish. I promise not to bring it up again.” Asha went to her room and thought about the day, particularly the way she had felt when Miss Foster backed down. Asha was used to people listening to her, but their compliance didn’t usually excite her. She fell asleep thinking about this.

Asha graduated and was looking forward to a relatively quiet summer until she started college in the fall. She decided to go the mall, although she mainly intended to walk around. She was surprised when she ran into Miss Foster coming out of a store.

“Miss Foster, what brings you to this mall? I would have thought you would frequent the other one.” Miss Foster nodded.

“The other one is close but they don’t have this.” She gestured to the store she had just exited. “I like the clothes. Why don’t you join me, I was just about to have lunch?”

“No, thanks I would prefer to be left alone right now, Miss Foster.” Miss Foster gently put a hand on Asha’s arm.

“Come. I think I can persuade you to reconsider the community college, and it’s Angeline. Only children and current students should call me ‘Miss Foster’.” Asha removed the hand from her arm as she turned to leave.

“I don’t think so.” Angeline put a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to stop her. Asha turned to confront the older women and was surprised to find her eyes downcast.

“I thought I was right when we spoke before. I’m glad I was right. Tell me when you’re with a partner who’s usually in charge?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I don’t have relationships like that.”

“But you wish you could tell them what to do, don’t you?” Asha’s first instinct was to tell this woman off and leave the mall, mood ruined for the day. However, she didn’t as she realized that what Angeline was saying made sense. “You have, it’s obvious that you feel this. I know, because I like being forced to submit. Have you ever thought about being with another woman?” Asha shook her head, but the idea was a bit of a turn on now that she was. “Do you want to come to my apartment?”

“Can you show me how to be dominant?” Angeline took her hand and led her out.

“I would love to.” Asha still couldn’t believe that she was following this woman, but she also had to admit she was intrigued by what Angeline had said. Angeline’s apartment was modest, but comfortable. After they entered Angeline gave her a bottled water from the fridge.

“Sorry, I wish I could give you something stronger, but as turned on as I am I don’t want to risk my job.” Asha laughed softly.

“As opposed to risking it by taking a girl home with you.” Angeline returned her laugh.

“Maybe. However, you’re eighteen and not one of my students.”

“So, how does this go?”

“Well, Asha the point is that it’s up to you. Obviously it will be a little tricky as I am more experienced. But let’s keep this simple, what do you want me to do right now?” Asha sipped the cold water as she considered the answer.

“Kiss me.” Angeline grinned as she leaned in their lips met and Asha moaned as she felt the softness of Angeline’s lips. The kiss continued for several moments and Asha was enjoying it, although she was disappointed that Angeline had only opened her mouth slightly. Suddenly it hit her, Angeline was waiting for her to take the lead. Angeline immediately grabbed Angeline’s head and forced her tongue into the older woman’s mouth. Now Angeline was moaning and Asha found herself slightly wet. After several more moments of bliss Asha leaned back and became thoughtful, completely ignoring the frown on Angeline’s face. Finally, Asha looked up into Angeline’s blue eyes.

“Strip, slowly.” Angeline stood and slowly raised her blouse before dropping to the floor. Asha stared entranced at Angeline’s pale skin and small breasts as the bra was also removed. It seemed that even before the bra hit the floor Angeline began to work on her jeans. The panties were like the bra, simple and white, but not devoid of sexiness. Asha removed her shirt and opened her own jeans to find some relief for the reactions her body was experiencing in response to Angeline’s striptease. Angeline lowered her jeans and kicked off her panties with her back to Asha. Asha finished undressing as the now naked Angeline bent over and shook her ass in her direction. Asha was now feeling on fire with lust and spoke.

“Come here, I need you.” However, Angeline shook her head.

“I don’t respond to anyone who wants something of me, try again.” Somewhat taken aback Asha struggled to focus through the fog when suddenly it was like something clicked into place. Asha held Angeline’s gaze until the older woman lowered her eyes, before point to the floor in front of her.

“Kneel.” Angeline slowly lowered herself to her knees and crawled to Asha. Wasting no time Angeline bursa escort quickly dove into Asha’s pussy. Angeline licked the lips in front of her and sucked on them before thrusting her tongue between them. Asha had never experienced a boy who knew what they were doing, so now she felt on fire with lust as the orgasm fast approached. Asha grabbed Angeline’s head grinding her pussy against the teacher’s face, her juices flowing freely. Asha couldn’t believe the feeling of being in a dominant position with a lover. Angeline managed to move her mouth to Asha’s clit and sucked hard. In moments Asha saw stars as she came hard, all over Angeline’s face and held on tighter as she rode out the orgasm.

Asha relaxed against the couch as her breathing returned to normal and she looked down at Angeline. The older woman’s face was covered in her cum and her head rested against her leg. Asha smiled at the sharp contrast of Angeline’s pale skin against her own dark complexion. Asha thought about the day since she had met Angeline. Asha knew she would want to do this again. Some part of her knew that she would have to reevaluate her life, but for now she was content to bask in the glow of her orgasm. Asha lost track of time until she felt a soft patting on her leg. She looked down to Angeline’s serious face.

“Sorry, Asha but we need to get moving. You may be finished with school, but I have papers to grade.” Asha nodded and they dressed before returning to the mall. Asha drove home as she was no longer in the mood for the mall. After dinner she decided to call her boyfriend as she wanted to be certain that it was sex with a woman and not just the dominance that made her cum so hard. Her mother was out so he came over and she invited him into her bed.

“Get naked.” He looked at her questioningly as she had never spoken like this to him before however he quickly complied. “Lay down on the bed.” Again he complied after a momentary hesitation. She undressed climbed on top of him straddling his face. “Lick.” This time the hesitation was a little longer before he complied. He was pretty useless as he licked up and down with no idea of where or how to move his tongue. She shook her head and forward to stroke him until he was hard, she adjusted her position to straddle his groin and quickly put his cock to her pussy before slowly easing down until he was all the way in. She rode up and down, enjoying the penetration, but it wasn’t doing much for her and soon his breathing quickened, signaling that he was about to cum. She groaned in frustration as she furiously worked her clit in the hopes of reaching orgasm before he became unable to help her. In mere moments, he began to orgasm, fortunately he stayed hard long enough for her to reach her own. She lay next to him for a few moments before turning to him.

“Get dressed. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He quickly did as she bid and left her to her own thoughts. Asha sat in her bed thinking about the fact that she had enjoyed being with Angeline far more than she had with her boyfriend. When she heard her mother come home she changed for bed.

The next day Asha decided that she wanted to see Angeline again. She called and breathed evenly in order to focus on being dominant, while it felt natural she wasn’t used to it.

“Yes, Asha.” Asha imagined the older woman on her knees in front of her.

“When are you free? We are getting together today.” Angeline’s response sounded like a barely stifled moan.

“I need a little longer to finish grading. Would you like to come here?” Asha smiled.

“Yes, I’m on my way, work quickly?” Asha considered what to wear, but quickly decided to go with her preference of jeans and a t-shirt. Asha was excited to see Angeline and felt herself growing wet at the memory of the previous day.

Later Asha sat on Angeline’s bed while she idly stroked the sexy teacher’s pussy, but not letting her cum. She wasn’t really paying attention as something was on her mind.

“Angeline, I like being with you more than boyfriend, does this make me gay?” She stopped playing with Angeline to allow her to concentrate. Angeline lay against Asha as she considered the question.

“Maybe, is he any good?” Asha shook her head. “Were you thinking about marrying him?”

“God no, I don’t want to get married right now. We were thinking about spending a few months together before college, but I’m just not that into him.” Angeline smiled.

“Then when you reach college, try both and see which you prefer.” Asha nodded as she relaxed against the headboard.


Asha sat in her dorm thinking about the past few months since she had graduated from high school. For the most part she had been seeing Angeline, although both knew it wouldn’t last. Once she reached college she had dated a few people, but the boys didn’t satisfy her and only one girl would submit to her, sadly she tended to submit to everyone, often more than one a night. She sighed, she needed release, but while her roommate liked to play, she was not submissive and more importantly she was gone until at least the following morning. Asha decided that she had only two choices, bursa eskort take care of herself or go out. She decided to try her luck, maybe she could find someone as she hated to play with her own pussy. It was a warm night so Asha left her dorm dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. She walked mainly to kill time, but with the hope of meeting someone. It was after nine and she was debating whether to keep going or to return to her dorm. She was just stopping to think when a blond several inches shorter than her just barely avoided a collision as she fell. Asha was annoyed at the interruption to her thoughts and she was irritable with her desire to find release.

“Watch it.” The smaller woman had initially looked like she might snap at Asha, but once Asha spoke she lowered her eyes and spoke softly.

“I’m sorry, I should have been paying attention to where I was going.” Asha crossed her arms as the other woman gathered herself.

“That’s alright. So, where were you heading in such a hurry?” The blond slowly rose to her feet, but her eyes were still downcast.

“Actually, I was just returning to my dorm to study.” Asha raised an eyebrow.

“A bit late to be rushing back to your dorm, isn’t it? Late class?” The blond nodded. “Name?” The blond hesitated as she appeared shocked by the question.

“Meredith. Meredith Smith.”

“Why don’t you come back to my dorm for a little while?” Although it was phrased like a question it was clear that Asha was not asking. Meredith was hesitant, but she nodded slowly. Asha took her hand and resisted the urge to smirk as she led the way back to her room. Once in the room Asha directed Meredith to her bed while she sat on a chair nearby.

“Are you curious about why I asked you back here?” Meredith’s response was soft and hesitant.


“Or are you more curious about why you accepted?”

“Both.” Asha nodded.

“I think it excites you to be told what to do. Honors student, high achiever and spotless record.” Asha wasn’t asking, these were statements that Meredith flinched as each one was made as if each was a criticism. “I will give you and order, follow it and we will see how far this game goes, or you can leave and return to your studies. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Meredith nodded. “Good, remove your shirt.” Meredith looked wide-eyed for a moment before she removed the light blue, long-sleeved shirt. Beneath the shirt, which she folded neatly beside her, was a simple white bra. Asha looked her over briefly estimating that if Meredith’s breasts were any smaller she could get away with going braless. Asha allowed herself a smile.

“I’m thinking one boyfriend in high school, but you probably have only had sex once and didn’t enjoy it.” Again Meredith nodded and Asha thought her eyes were a bit wet as if she were on the verge of tears. “Now the pants. And baby you are beautiful.” This time Meredith seemed to tear her beige slacks off.

“I bet if you took your bra off I would find your nipples hard.” Meredith removed her bra to reveal her nipples were indeed hard. “Are you wet as well?” Meredith removed her panties and Asha joined her on the bed. Meredith looked up with wide-eyed uncertainly, but Asha softly stroked her hair. Silently Asha lowered her lips to Meredith’s mouth, forcing her tongue inside. The blond’s breathing increased in speed and Asha’s hands moved from Meredith’s hair to her small breasts eliciting moans from the other woman. Asha wasted no time in moving between Meredith’s thighs, causing the blond to moan even louder into Asha’s mouth. Asha rubbed feeling Meredith’s wetness and quickly shifted to thrusting a finger inside. Meredith’s moaning reached a fever pitch, but was muffled by Asha’s mouth. Asha found Meredith’s g-spot and quickly pounded away with two fingers. Suddenly the blond broke the kiss and clutched tightly as she moaned out her orgasm. Asha lay on her side, head resting on her left hand as she watched Meredith who lay on her back seemingly asleep. Asha smiled as she watched the way the other woman’s breasts raise and fell slowly as she breathed. After a few moments, Meredith slowly opened her eyes. She smiled up at Asha, who stood to undress.

“Don’t get up sweetie. You will now make me feel good.” Meredith nodded looking a little uncertain. Pressing a finger to Meredith’s lips as she returned to the bed Asha straddled the blond, lowering her pussy to her lips.

“Mmm, now stick out your tongue and lick. Follow the taste.” Meredith’s first lick was tentative, but after she took a breath and soon began to explore with her tongue. Asha moaned softly. “You are a natural, enjoy. I know I will.” Meredith’s tongue continued her exploration of every nook and cranny around between Asha’s legs. Asha moved her lips with increasing speed, causing her pussy to move against Meredith’s seeking tongue, Meredith’s tongue soon found its way between Asha’s lips and began thrusting with force. The pressure was building as Asha’s moans came louder and she knew it wouldn’t take long. Asha was already pent up from not cumming that day and Meredith had only turned her on more with her ready submission. Asha stopped suddenly and grabbed Meredith’s head as the other woman thrust her tongue as far in as it would go. Once she was spent Asha rolled off of Meredith and lay beside her, breathing heavily, but content. Asha dozed listening to the soft breath of Meredith.

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