Contract of the Collar

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*This is a modification of a contract made for a wonderful slave of mine. The actual contract was too short to be published and catered to her specific limits and fetishes. Though keeping contracts vague allows the imagination to run wild, adding scenarios helps my kittens understand what I want and helps me know if they will be a good fit.

My dearest,

I’m giving you the opportunity to be collared. You may collar yourself of your own free will, but when I lay out the collar for you, your inner slave must accept it. The collar’s cold caress around your neck shall remind you that you are agreeing to submit your will completely to me. I want it freely. I want you to give all of yourself to me and kneel at my feet. You should not take this lightly because you will find that true submission is empowering…It is incredible and I know already that though you resist, part of you wants so badly to be put in your place. To feel so much pain and pleasure that you can think of nothing else. Submission is in your nature whether you want it to be there or not, part of you longs to be controlled and put in your place so let the collar free you to embrace your desire to be controlled. Since you will be controlled there is no guilt for you to feel. I will be responsible for the inner slut you and I will release together.

When presented with the collar, you should take a moment to clear your mind before putting it on. Let go of your conscious thoughts and frustrations and put them to the side and hold it in your hand and think about giving all your problems to the collar and preparing yourself to serve your master. Then put it on and think about what it means to belong to someone else and how good it feels to be taken care of. Wash yourself from head to your toes; that ass better be clean and ready for exploration. Prepare yourself, embrace your submissive desires and then come to me on your hands and knees.

When you put on the collar I will be a loving master to you. I will take the position seriously. I will not hurt you with concerns of the outside world or be critical of you. If you disobey, you will be punished and you will thank for me for your punishments as you know that my paddle cracks out of love. My duty is to take care of you and ensure that you know that you are mine.

Out of respect for you there are activities that I will not demand out of you. I will not make you do anything that will embarrass you to friends and family. I will not command you to do anything that will bring our games to public light. I will not shame you publicly. I will be considerate of your anxiety and press it softly at your own pace. The safe word Pineapple will be in effect and respected and will release you from your binds.

When you wear the collar you will address istanbul escort me as Master. You will seek to please me and only do those things that please me. You are to obey me so that you may be rewarded. You will be teased, tormented and tortured. Your body will be loved and abused; and pleasure will mix with pain. Disobedience will be punished. You are to seek reward obediently. I may keep you to myself or I may share you if it pleases me. Remember your desire is to please me. I will mix pain and pleasure ruthlessly and teach you to be thankful for the act of submission. You may not cum without permission and if you do, you will be punished until I have made you into my own obedient, little whore.

Once you put on the collar, only I can take it off. You may ask for it to be removed, but you may not touch it yourself as you belong to me. Once off, our normal lives resume.

I like it when you crawl on your hands and knees to me when I beckon you. I want you to happily accept your place below me as my sweet, little slut. I want to hear you say “yes sir” and “please sir” and “may I have another.” I want you to look up into my eyes, longing to receive praise and reward from my hand.

Your acceptance pleases me. Your surrender pleases me. If I turn you around, bend over and spread your cheeks to me eagerly. If I tell you to kneel, I expect to see your mouth open and tongue out like the cock whore we both know you are.

I’m imagining you waiting for me, naked except the collar. Soon your hands are tied to my spreader bar, eager for my touch. Will I smack your breasts or toy with your clit? Which will come first, the crack of the whip or the hum of the vibrator? It will be up to me to decide as I throw your legs apart, spreading you wide to toy with your sex.

How beautiful you will look, arms tied to the posts of my bed, standing there blindfolded and ear plugs in so you can concentrate on the sensations I bring against your skin. Can you imagine the different touches? I bet you can’t think of all of them. Will it be ice or electricity, the tickle of a feather or will it be something sharp? My cock twitches as I think of you being that exposed to my hands and my will. Oh the things I will do for my good girl. Now open your mouth to accept your damp panties. Don’t you drop them from that mouth of yours no matter what comes.

I’m imagining instructing you to put on the collar. You think it is just going to be us until the doorbell rings. Surprise flashes over your face as I welcome a friend inside. You blush as I introduce you as my pet. He looks you over lustfully and I invite him to try you out. You look at me confused, and I nod and demand you unzip his pants with your mouth. I tell you to say to him how much you love cock, and escort bayan he starts to rough fuck your mouth. I whisper in your ear to make sure he has a good time and you let him use your mouth like the cum dumpster that you are.

I’m imagining stripping you and blindfolding you then tying you spread-eagle to the bed. I force you to confess that whatever I want to do is what you want to do… It seems like an hour that you are there, alone, naked and tied to the bed…When I return… the hands that caress you are thicker, more callused as they caress you. Soon it is not two hands but four that touch your blindfolded body. Your pussy is soon attacked by fingers and tongues as you lay there, restrained and confused to what is happening. Your legs are untied and you fuck. Blindfold still in place you accept cock in your mouth and your pussy, hypersensitive without the sensation of sight. One person leaves and eventually I take the blind fold off, never letting you know your other lover.

I’m imagining the collar waiting for you alongside instructions. I will be out tonight while you will be home. Do not put on clothes except for these heels and this wonderous plug. This you may wear in your ass. You can play with your ass if you like but do not touch your clit or pussy under any circumstances. Don’t be surprised when I send you vibrations to make sure it’s well seated. Now sit yourself before my computer and press play. Enjoy watching all the porn I have prepared for you, but remember, no touching yourself tonight, only I get to do that.

I’m imagining you standing naked and exposed in front of me. You stand still patiently as the rub of rope binds your skin. Around and around the loops go, beautiful and delicate yet firm and strong like the body they bind. Soon you find yourself admiring the lace work while bound in the position of my choice. I tug and pull and spin you around as I see fit, the rope holding you exactly as I want you.

I’m imagining informing you that we will have a guest tonight because I am tired of your disobedience. I put you in lingerie and in chains then cover you in my jacket. We go to my truck. No one knows that you are wearing next to nothing under my rain jacket. I take you to a woman’s house and she opens the door dressed in black stilettos and a slinky corsets. You listen as I complain about how I want you to better embrace your submission and she nods knowingly, I clarify that she can do whatever she wants to you to train you and then I instruct you to follow her every command. I sit back in the corner of the room and watch as she scolds you. She takes your hands and ties them firmly to rope and then pulls you up. Her whip is sharp, her vibrator is exceptionally strong. She introduces you to two of her assistants who Maltepe escort help you learn to give in completely to whatever she wants. By the end of the night your body is bruised, beaten and your throat and your pussy and ass are all sore. Your thank me for introducing you to the collar and agree not to be disobedient again.

I’m imagining informing you that I will have a guest tonight. Confused you kneel at my feet as I wait for the doorbell to ring. Soon you watch as I open the door and welcome in an attractive young woman. I take her to the couch and direct you to pour us two glasses of wine and bring them to us on a tray. There you are, serving another woman as she looks over you and praises your beauty. Naked and exposed you stand there, immobile as I laugh and flirt with this stranger you have never met. You watch as her mouth opens and my tongue slides inside. She watches you while we kiss. Our wine glasses return to your tray and you see my devious smile as I warn you not to spill our drinks. I reach below you and start to pinch your nipples. Clamps replace fingers, which then proceed to brush your pussy lips with my hand. I invite the woman to do the same and warn you that you will be punished severely if you spill the wine. I reach behind the sofa and soon your plug enters your ass and your pussy receives its egg, which rumbles softly, shaking the wine. It’s her turn to touch, and she explores your wet hole. The tray starts to get heavy as her fingers explore you. You can’t help but drop the tray and soon the swish of my flogger starts to sing through the air onto your back.

The egg goes on high as I hand her the whip and you start to feel the stings of a curious whip holder. I spread your legs and take back the whip, spinning its soft sting against your thighs. The whip goes down and soon she finger fucks you softly as you whimper against her light strokes, and the soft vibrations inside your sex. As her fingers trace your clit you fight the urge to orgasm. Your obedience pleases me so I sit you down in the chair next to us, spread your legs to give me a delicious view and ensure the vibrator is all the way up.

“Don’t take your eyes of me and no touching” I say. I look deep into your eyes as my cock slides into my new plaything. The hum of the vibrator makes it hard for you not to close your eyes. I insist you hold my gaze as I thrust in her again and again, finally pulling out and squirting all over the top of her ass. I beckon you forward to use your mouth to clean her off while my hands reach your clit, and I whisper in your ear that you may cum as soon as you thank her for fucking your master so well. I grab another vibrator and press it hard against your clit and let you cum a second time. You explode from the intensity and collapse as a pile. The woman leaves, the collar comes off and I caress you in my arms.

These are the sort of adventures that await you when you agree to wear this collar. You will experience the depth of mind and be rewarded with pleasure and affection for your submission.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32