Consumed By Desire

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It was a black tie affair and the wait staff had been asked to dress in black on black. She was nervous.

She didn’t have much experience waitressing let alone with silver service. In any event she was excited to have this opportunity and better still, a night away from family responsibilities. Her matching bra and panties gave her a secret confidence boost. She had also chosen a tight button down shirt. She might have been a rookie, but knew intuitively that boobs equal bigger tips. A form fitting black skirt, smart low heels, and flesh colored tights completed the look.

Upon arrival she took off her coat and stood waiting to be called, with face flushed and heart racing. If she did well, this is useful money and could lead to more work. She composed herself taking several deep breaths. Noticing her nervousness, the maitre d’ pulled her to one side and reassured her that she would do just fine. Seeing that she was still shaking he relayed his favourite trick.”Each course is more and more tricky, every time that you serve take a small shot of liquor and as the evening passes you will feel more and more confident and relaxed. When you feel comfortable, stop”.

Not one to turn down liquor she pours herself a large glass and takes a swig before heading towards the kitchen to grab the soup course. Checking herself in the mirror, she’s pleased at her reflection. The outfit shows her fine figure. Black skirt hugging her ass, black bra pushes her breasts up in a pleasant, classy manner. Checking the mirror one final time, dark hair-check, red lips- check, nervous smile- check. What the hell? She undoes a button. Why not flaunt it a little?

Grabbing two dishes, one cradled in the nook of her arm the other in her hand she heads towards the dining room and her designated table, dishes teetering. Wishing that she had paid more attention on how to carry rather than her appearance, she weaves her way through tables and guests. Narrowly avoiding a collision with a guest who clearly had drunk too readily at the reception and was now telling a very animated story. She caught an elbow, knocking her slightly off kilter. She regained her composure as she approached the table. Trying not to stare at the elegantly dressed guests she became conscious of her own overly displayed bosom.

She heard him before she saw him, his accent drawing her attention. Scanning the table trying to pinpoint whose voice it was that caused goosebumps to rise. She waited until she heard the accent again, Australian? No..English, yes English avcılar elit escort she locked on. A red headed gentleman with a neatly trimmed beard was the source of the voice. He looked as sexy as he sounded in his tux.

Floundering for something to say to this exquisite man, as she yearned to draw his attention, all she could come up with was “Would you like more water”? The guest, barely noticing her, rapt in conversation gave a polite nod. She was determined to catch his eye as the night progressed.

She set the dishes down, the clatter of plates momentarily disturbing the crowd. Losing her concentration she dropped a bowl. She watched the soup, as if in slow motion, slosh over the edges of the bowl and land sweetly on the guests lap. She braced herself for an inevitable berating.

Both looked at his lap, steam rising from the hot soup, then at one another. Tears welled in her eyes. She knew that things had not been going well recently and a complaint would leave her job in balance.

He stood and she braced herself for the inevitable hairdryer of abuse but was surprised when he leant in To whisper ” Not to worry. I was looking for a way to extricate myself from the conversation in any event. Have you a napkin and somewhere that I can clean up?”

Her hands shook as adrenaline, bourbon and emotion took hold. She felt light headed with relief her as she guided him towards the rest rooms.

She led him to the staff cubicles knowing the waiters would be busy and clients would be distracted elsewhere. She began to dab a wet napkin on the soup stained trouser but stopped abruptly when he looked at her aghast. She knew instantly that she had overstepped the mark, she moved to withdraw but felt a stirring and a warmth beneath.

They stared at one another for what seemed an age, she smiled sheepishly at first. The smile slid into a full blown grin as she saw a flash in his eyes. Whether the excitement of the moment or too much wine she knew from his face that they felt a connection. Remembering herself, she straightened and shoved the napkin towards him. He began brushing his pants, but she was unsure whether he was trying to remove the soup stain or hide his growing erection. She felt her nipples harden. She quietly hoped the smell of bourbon on her breath was strong enough to cover the scent of her arousal.

She felt him move towards her, taking her off guard. What was he doing? Her kids, her husband, her job all flashed through her mind before instinct avcılar escort took her. She wasn’t sure whether it was the accent, the cologne the alcohol or the fact that no one had looked at her with such hunger for years. Not a word was spoken as she found herself pressed against the cubicle wall with his tongue thrust deep inside her mouth. Backed up against the shabby wall, he brushed her hair to the side as he kissed her neck, and one hand deftly unzipped his trousers. Audibly gasping as she felt his warm swollen cock against her leg.

She kissed him back as she was overcome by the sudden need to have him inside of her right then and there. Surprised by the sudden aggressiveness of her kiss, he groaned. Precum smeared on her thigh. Apologetically he dropped to his knees and hitched her skirt, licking his juice from her flesh coloured tights. Looking up as if for encouragement, and accepting her lustful face as assent, he ripped the crotch of her tights in an attempt to access the delights inside.

Moaning at his touch she pushed her hips forward as he pulled her black panties to one side. Throwing her leg over his shoulder he started to lap, greedily eating her hot wet pussy. As he deftly licked and sucked her clit, she felt herself become wetter and wetter. He paused, peering up to check her satisfaction, and continued with the job in hand. Taking a long lick of her bud, from clit to ass, he elicited a delighted gasp. He slid two fingers inside. Feeling the new sensation, added to the the persistent licking and sucking she could feel her orgasm build as she circled her hips in rhythm with his tongue. Suddenly her pussy clenched and her clit pulsed. He could feel her squeeze and her throbbing pulse against his fingers. Moving his head upwards, his rough beard rubbing against her pulsating quim glistening with juice he rose to his feet. His kiss tasted of pussy and bourbon. She shuddered at the feeling of his tongue darting in and out of her mouth.

She knew that the second course was only moments away. Unfastening his belt, she watched his trousers drop to the floor. She turned towards the wall, wanting to feel him inside of her. She had a feeling that he was going to fuck her like she had never been fucked before, and she had never needed it so badly.

Spreading her legs, she grabbed his cock and guided it towards her lips. He drew in a sharp breath at her touch. She pushed backwards, easing him inside.The feeling of her warm wet, still throbbing pussy was almost too much. avcılar eve gelen escort The tightness he felt around his fingers was even more delightful around his cock.

As he penetrated her, she moaned and opened herself to take him, feeling first the ridge of his cock, then her lips drop onto his curved shaft as he worked himself inside her. The two fucked hard, quickly finding their rhythm. Her pussy was full, his cock curved just right. With each thrust he pressed farther until she could feel the pleasant tap as he bottomed out inside of her.

A feeling of urgency swept over them, not just passion, but their sudden awareness of how long they had been away. She gasped as he took control and thrust himself deep inside her, excited to hear him groan. She could feel he wouldn’t be lasting much longer. he grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head sharply back, sliding his free hand around her neck squeezing her throat he drove into her harder. Choked for air, she urged him to pound her deeper. His balls slapping her clit drove her over the edge. His hand covered her mouth, as she reached her second screaming orgasm. Biting down she felt bitterness of blood on her lips.

She felt him stiffen and knew instantly that he was on the cusp of climax. Pushed her to her knees, she realized her role and knelt obediently. Staring at him expectantly, tongue poking, she watched him pump his shaft. She knew that he would not last long, she’d felt his rising inside of her. As he arched his back, ready to explode, she enveloped his cock, catching all of his salty cum in her mouth, saving her black uniform. Making sure she drank every last drop as she sucked and flicked, yanking his balls, keeping him hard in her mouth. Finally she released and presented her tongue to show that she were a good girl, and proceeded to swallow his load. He pulled her up for one last kiss, which seemed to last forever.

They were brought back to reality by the sound of the head waiter shouting service. Without a word she rose, adjusted herself and ran to grab the next course of dishes before she was noticed missing.

She watched him return to his table with the scent of his cologne and musk in her nostrils and the taste of him in her mouth. Her legs were raw from his rough beard and her clit still swollen from their stolen moment.

Disappointed they didn’t have longer she smoothed her ruffled skirt to hide the tell tale evidence their of liaison. As she flattened her pockets she felt a hard unexpected edge. Her pussy twitched as she withdrew a small envelope with the with a room number scrawled and a plastic card decorated with the hotel’s logo inside. She looked again at the table and knew instantly he’d be staring at her. Biting her lip she was already imagining a debauched night of tights, belts and ties and a morning of hastily made excuses.

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