Consuela , Jed

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“Honestly, mate, I’ve never seen a woman so horny” Johnny was saying enthusiastically as Jed approached their table, carrying their beers.

“Went well last night then, did it?” Jed asked, sighing inwardly. The last thing he needed was to hear about another of his friend’s successful conquests.

“Amazing” he replied. “She let me walk her to her room, right, and I thought ‘hey, might be in with a chance here.’ So when we get there, I go off to the kitchen to get some water, and when I get back, that little slut’s bending right over the bed, panties around her feet, and tells me to fuck her!”

Johnny looked deeply pleased with himself, smirking inanely. The whole students’ union bar could probably hear their conversation. Jed felt mildly ashamed as he felt his own cock stir in his pants as he listened.

“Well, did you?”

“You bet I did, my friend. Can’t believe how wet she’d got so fast. She liked it proper rough as well, you know?”

Jed didn’t know how much more he could take; he totally didn’t need this right now, not after the night he’d had. The conversation was making him uncomfortable in more ways than one.

The truth was that Jed, at 23 years old, was still a virgin; an unwilling stranger to the pleasures of love. Something that should by all rights have happened two, or three, or four years ago had cruelly eluded him.

Sure, it hadn’t used to bother him. In high school, other guys took the piss from time to time, but Jed knew that most of them were virgins too, the tales of their exploits empty bravado. He assumed that, once he went away at university, it would happen. That’s how it goes, isn’t it? Besides, with his rugged good looks and broad shoulders, Jed knew plenty of girls were giving him a second glance as he passed them walking around campus, or leaving a lecture theatre. That was how it happened for other guys he knew, but not for Jed. But it was only as he began to notice this attention he was getting that he realised how shy he was around the opposite sex and, inevitably, the more he worried about it, the worse the nervousness became. Instead, he focussed his attentions on academic work, sports, and the physical satisfaction of the campus gym. And gradually, over the three years of his undergraduate degree, he ceased to worry about losing his virginity.

But lately, as he graduated and moved on to a postgraduate PhD course, sex had begun to occupy his mind more and more frequently. His embarrassment about being a virgin became more acute until, the previous night, he’d finally had a date.

Danni had a tall, gym-toned body and luscious blonde hair; totally his type, or so he thought. When he had struck up a casual conversation with her in the gym not long ago, he had surprised himself by working up the courage by asking her for a date and, to his surprise, she had accepted. She was from a wealthy family down south somewhere and accustomed to the finer things in life; Jed had been more than happy to oblige in wining and dining her in a local bistro restaurant that night. All had been going well. The conversation was intelligent with a tantalising undercurrent of sexuality from Danni; an eyelash-flicker here, and lip-lick there. Afterwards she had driven them both back to campus in her car, a brand-new Mazda two-seater given to her by her father, and parked up in a secluded lot on the edge of campus. It was only then that things started to go wrong.

Jed hadn’t noticed earlier, but at some point on the drive back, Danni had allowed the top couple of buttons to come open, exposing the gully between her porcelain breasts. Now, she slowly crossed one thigh over the other, skirt shifting on her thighs, and moved to face him in the seat. He could see her nipples straining against the fabric of her top. Jed felt his cock growing and growing, throbbing in his pants, as she pouted a sultry expression.

“Like what you see, huh?” she drawled, slowly running her tongue across her lower lip.

Jed said that he did, very much. He was aware of his heart-rate quickening, his breath becoming heavier.

“I hope you’re a good lover, Jed” Danni continued. Now she was drawing two fingers teasingly over his cheeks as he pressed himself back into the car seat. “I deserve it, after some of the so-called men I’ve had to put up with.”

“Er, actually… I’m… er…” Jed struggled. He didn’t know how to tell her he was a virgin, and it was difficult to think with her firm thigh pressing against his and her ripe breasts so close to his face.

“Oh, but of course you are” Danni went on. “Sporty boy like you…” She stroked her hand down his chest and towards his swollen crotch. “I bet you really know how to please a woman.”

Jed felt like he must be harder than he’d ever been in his life. To be this close to an attractive woman, in a car permeated with the scent of her perfume, was sending his brain into overload.

“Well, what have we here?” she cooed, feigning innocence. She was pressing onto his crotch with her palm now and beginning pendik escort to massage his engorged member through his pants. He throbbed against her pressure, squirming in the seat.

“Please… don’t…” he gasped. But it was too late. Her voice, her proximity, her touch… It was all too much. As he felt himself reaching the point of no return his body stiffened up and then went to jelly. Involuntarily he grunted heavily and, his cock spasming, helplessly pumped his copious pleasure into his pants.

As the momentary ecstasy subsided, humiliation washed over him. Danni, feeling the damp warmth seeping through the fabric and spreading accusingly from his crotch, withdrew her hand.

“Oh” she said flatly.

“I’m sorry…” Jed muttered.

“You came” she said, incredulity creeping into her voice, which had lost its warmth of just a few seconds ago. And then she began to laugh. That was the worst part, Jed thought: she laughed. Not a light-hearted, ‘it’s ok’ sort of laugh, but a harsh, unkind, disappointed sort of laugh. Embarrassment overcame Jed, red-faced.

“I guess I’d better…” was all he managed before throwing himself out of the roadster and slamming the door. Danni made no attempt to follow. He set off across the car park towards the heart of the campus, drawing his coat around him in a vain attempt to hide the now cooling stain at his groin. Not long afterwards, he heard Danni start her car and speed petulantly away. He did not look around to see her go.

Back in the students’ union bar, Johnny had finished telling his story.

“And how did it go with Danni last night? She seemed hot, dude.”

“Not well” Jed muttered sadly into his beer.


It was still early in the evening when he left the campus bar, two pints of beer having done nothing to alleviate his shame. Rather than heading back to his room, he made his way to the science labs to put in a couple of hours work on his project. The PhD was hard, long work, and tonight that was exactly what he needed to take his mind off things.

The lab was still open and the lights still on; someone else must be working late too. Once inside the building he went straight to the shabby common room and turned on the kettle to make a coffee to drink whilst he worked. As he waited, he thought bitterly about Danni, his humiliation now evolving into bitterness. Who was she to laugh at him, the bitch? At any rate, why couldn’t she have stayed down in whatever posh London suburb she came from instead of coming up here?

Trying to take his mind off Danni, he looked around to see who else was in. Through the adjoining window into the lab, he saw: it was Consuela, a middle aged Filipina mature student who he often made small talk with during the day. She was a petite lady, 5’3″ at the most, and had shiny jet black hair. Jed was only just beginning to admit it to himself, but just recently he had found himself looking at Consuela more and more. He had never considered himself to be attracted to either older women or Asians, but his body said otherwise. Maybe it was her exotic and dignified appearance; maybe it was her sing-song voice which still carried a sweet Filipino accent despite having, she once said, lived in Britain for over twenty years. Or perhaps it was an increasing contempt for girls his own age or younger, with their slutty dress sense and shrieking, no doubt exacerbated by his recent experience with Danni. Whatever it was, though, the feeling was getting stronger and stronger every time he saw her. And yet the overwhelming shyness that usually affected him didn’t seem to apply with Consuela. Even now, he felt a stirring in his crotch as he watched her moving around the lab, oblivious to his presence.

Even so, Jed would probably have shrugged it off, except for the fact that he was becoming convinced that the feeling was reciprocated. Several times, whilst passing her in the lab or looking up from his work, he thought he’d seen Consuela looking at him; at his body, smiling wistfully. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, the longings of a man deprived of sex for far too long, but…

Just then, she happened to glance in the direction of the window and her eyes met his, catching him unambiguously in the act of staring at her. Jed hastily looked away, but it was too late: she was already coming in his direction.

He tried to make himself look busy with his coffee as Consuela entered the small common room, but she came and sat down right next to him.

“Hi Jed” she said, smiling softly. “What are you doing here? Working late, like me?”

“Yeah” Jed answered, red faced.

She shifted in her seat. Was it to move closer to him, Jed wondered? Or just to get more comfy? He shook the thought from his head.

“You seem sad today, Jed” she continued. “What’s wrong?” Her voice was pleasant and soothing, instantly seeming to make the events of the last two days seem a long way away. Her brow furrowed. “Is it a girl?”

Was there a glint tuzla escort of something exciting behind the polite concern in her dark eyes? Jed wasn’t sure. But somehow he felt comfortable and safe in her presence; it made him want to tell her everything. Seemed to say he could tell her, and everything would be okay.

“Well, yeah” he said, lifting his head and relaxing his body. “You see, I had a date last night and, well, it went very badly.”

“Hmm” Consuela said. There was a pause, during which she was now definitely looking him over. “You’re a virgin, aren’t you, Jed?”

He almost choked on his coffee, taken aback. “How do you know?” And then: “Yes.”

“Call it female intuition. I can tell: it’s in the way you’re so shy around girls, the way you act around them. Why, a young man with a body like yours, there’s no way you would be that nervous around women, unless it was because you’re a virgin.”

As she talked, she was close enough that he was aware of a delicate scent. Not an artificial designer perfume like Danni wore, but something else. Something natural and sensual. And, with little hesitation, he poured out his whole story: the years of waiting for something that never happened; the shyness; the date with Danni. It didn’t seem to take long. She listened intently, occasionally murmuring sympathetically or nodding in encouragement.

“It’s really ok, you know Jed” Consuela said when he’d finished. “That can be how it is, especially for a man who’s waited so long. My husband was the same on our wedding night. We were both virgins, we learned together.”

Jed glanced down at her delicate brown hands. There was no wedding ring there.

“He left me” Consuela said sadly, nodding. “We’d only been married five years. Left me for a younger woman. He said the sex was too uninteresting, so he went to look for it elsewhere. I guess that’s something that just happens, too.”

“I’m sorry” Jed said simply. He felt bad for her; he’d never know she’d been married before. Her face bore the look of someone who has come to terms with their betrayal, but beneath the surface the hurt was still raw.

“It’s okay, really” she replied, sighing. “At least some good came of it. I decided to leave the province I grew up in and work abroad. And then, after years of saving up the wages from working as a domestic helper for this rich family, I was able to do what I’d always wanted to: study. And here I am, a university graduate and a PhD on the way. Not bad for a simple farmer’s daughter, wouldn’t you say? I was always a clever girl.”

Jed’s gaze sank into his cooling coffee mug. Hearing the story had made him feel slightly depressed for a reason he couldn’t quite figure out. Silence reigned for a few moments.

“Jed” Consuela said eventually. “I know you’ve been looking at me” she accused gently. “The thing is… I don’t understand, what could a young, attractive, obviously fit man like you possibly want with a used-up old thing like me?”

“Used up?…” Jed was taken aback. “But, you’re beautiful, Consuela.”

Again there was silence, but this time their eyes met. He gazed at her dark pupils, wondering what mysteries they held. He let his eyes rest on her petite face, maturely dignified but made no less pretty by age. She didn’t seem to mind his attentions.

“I must be twice your age, Jed” she said quietly. “How old would you say I am?”

“Thirty-five, perhaps?”

“I’m forty-six, Jed.”

“You look marvellous.”

Jed looked around, unable to hide from the woman’s eyes. There was no-one else in the labs.

“Come back to my apartment tonight” she asked. “I normally don’t mind being alone but tonight… tonight I’d like some company. You don’t mind, do you Jed? I get lonely, sometimes.”

He nodded. What choice did he have?


Consuela’s apartment was located in a nondescript concrete block, but its interior was sumptuously appointed and warm. Consuela showed him to a large sofa and poured out two glasses of wine.

“Thank you for coming back with me, Jed” she said. He noticed her eyes clearly dart hungrily to his crotch, which was already swollen, and then away again. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all.”

“Make yourself comfortable. I’m just going to get changed, then I’ll be right with you.”

With that, she disappeared. Jed wasn’t sure what her intentions were, but he did know one thing for sure: he could no longer deny his desire for the older Asian lady. It was growing stronger by the second. To try and take his mind off it, he glanced around the small living room. It was dominated by a large photograph of a rice terrace above the fireplace. The rice paddy looked lush and fertile, and somehow that only served to arouse him further. The caption below read ‘Luzon, Philippines.’ Consuela must have grown up in someplace like this.

“Jed” came Consuela’s voice. She was back and now dressed in a beautiful red silk robe. It was tied around the waist, tightly enough to kartal escort provide a hint of her curves. “Sit.”

He obediently returned to the sofa and she moved in front of him. He looked up at her, no longer attempting to disguise his desire.

“You really meant it when you said I was beautiful?”

“I did” Jed replied. “And sexy, too. Unbelievably sexy.”

Without warning, she silently moved her hand to the strap and loosened it, and let the robe fall from her shoulders, collecting at her feet. Beneath it, she wore a pair of pink lace panties, and nothing else. She smiled mildly as Jed gasped, drinking in the sight of her. He ran his gaze over the golden brown of her skin, trying to take her all in. Her boobs were small, a B-cup perhaps, but still pert and tipped with wonderfully dark nipples.

“Wow” was all he could manage to say.

“Have you ever seen a woman naked before? In real life?”

“No, Consuela. And I can’t imagine a more stunning sight than this in the whole world.”

“Jed, I want to be your first” Consuela murmured, standing still and letting her virgin man take in the sight of her. “I want to give you a better initiation than some white slut like that Danni could ever give you. And I want to teach you to please me. I’d like that very much. Would you allow me that honour, Jed?”

“Yes” he grunted. He was hornier than ever. The familiar sensation of his engorged cock straining against his pants was there, but the threat of humiliation that he’d felt with Danni was not. He felt like he was in safe, loving hands. “But why, Consuela? Why do you want this?”

“I like you, Jed” she said coyly, shifting her feet. “I’d love to give you your first experience.” She helped him out of his shirt silently, smiling with lust as she saw his well toned chest, and moved down to his belt. “May I?”

Jed nodded and she slid his trousers off him. He felt drunk with lust and passion.

“Mmm, Jed” she said, seeing his substantial, rock hard cock straining to be free of his boxers. “We are going to have some fun with you.” He moaned as she removed them, leaving him totally naked on her couch, nude in front of a woman for the first time in his sex-deprived life. A bead of clear pre-cum was already present at the tip of his shaft, glistening in the candle light. Smiling lustily, she moved forward, as if intending to straddle him.

“Consuela?” he murmured, his voice gruff with arousal.

“Jed, its ok” she soothed. “I know you’re worried that what happened with Danni might happen again. And I want you to stop worrying about it. If it happens, it happens.” And with that, she opened her legs and straddled him, sitting on his lap. Her petite frame was not heavy. He moaned in pleasure at the sensation of her warm thighs pressing smoothly against the top of his. Her hands began to gently stroke his chest.

Jed felt overwhelmed with desire. That scent he’d smelt in the common room was here now, but stronger and more erotic than ever. It was, he realised, the musky scent of woman, of female arousal. Was she wet behind those lace panties? Yet, as much as he wanted her, now that she was in his lap he had no idea what to do next. He was very grateful that Consuela was taking the lead. Sure, she seemed unassuming on campus, but why would a middle-aged woman be wearing underwear like that unless she planned on seducing him all along?

“Go on” she encouraged. “Go ahead and kiss my breasts. Please.”

He leant forward slightly and she thrust her breasts forward into his face. Moaning softly he buried his face between them, inhaling the scent of her, and ran his tongue down that valley. Moving forward by instinct more than anything else, he gently took one rock-solid, dark chocolate nipple into his mouth and nibbled it tenderly, hearing her gasp with pleasure as he did. Below, her panty-covered pussy pressed against his bare, stiff cock and he felt exquisite warmth from it. Could she really be wet and horny, just from this? The feeling made his cock feel like it was live with electricity and he groaned again, letting Consuela’s nipple slip from between his lips.

“Oh, baby” Consuela moaned, beginning to grind her pussy against his cock. “You feel so good.”

Jed couldn’t take it much longer. The Asian woman squirming exquisitely in his lap, seeming to want him as much as he longed for her, was driving him closer and closer to the inevitable; he was quickly losing control. He groaned ever louder. Consuela seemed to realise what was happening as he surged towards his peak.

“Oh Jed” she said, tender and erotic all at once. “I want you to let it all out. Come for mama.”

“Oh. Oh…” There was nothing he could do to stop it. He felt waves of pleasure pulse through him as his balls tightened. “Ohhhhh…” He closed his eyes as he emptied his balls, spurt after spurt of hot come shooting upwards. Consuela murmured in sympathy.

He opened his eyes to see the sexy, older Asian lady in his lap, smiling benignly. It was as if he had ejaculated pints of come; several generous spurts had splashed onto Consuela’s breasts. One stream was now trickling slowly over her left nipple. More had landed on her soft, brown belly. Hardly any of his load was on himself. And yet, this time, he knew there was no need to apologise.

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