Consequences Ch. 09

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Frank set down the book he was reading and leaned back into the couch’s comfort. Sitting with only the light from the reading lamp illuminating the room he quietly contemplated where his marriage stood. Days ago he had introduced Julie to the lite bondage and spanking, and had watched her powerful orgasm wrack her body. He did have something more planned for the coming weekend, but he believed that would be the end of his demanded concessions. He was going to let his wife off the hook for her transgressions after that. She had been enjoying their recent adventures and had expressed interest in continuing them. And Frank figured that by giving up control and having her share her ideas as well they could compound the fun. Just thinking of the possibilities stirred his imagination. At that moment he wished she was there to try something else with, but she had been called out of town by work and would not be back until Tuesday.

As he contemplated watching a porno by himself he heard the front door opening. Looking over his shoulder he saw Cindy come dancing into the room.

“Hey Dad, what’cha doin’?” She asked, giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Hi, Baby. Just a little reading.”

“Ok. Well, I’m gonna go change into my jammies.”

He watched her disappear, her ass tightly encased in a pair of jeans that looked like they had been painted onto her.

When she was gone he turned his thoughts to his beautiful daughter and what was going on between them. Since surprising him that first night she had proved to be a constant flirt and showoff around the house. She usually wore little more than skimpy t-shirts and panties, while finding plenty of excuses to bend over around him. Not that he had a problem with this. Nor did he have a problem with her asking to be spanked the other night. In fact, it was because of her that he had added the spanking to his bondage fantasy with Julie. It was just that the level of Cindy’s sexual adventurism surprised him, especially when compared to her mother’s. He had to wonder where his sweet little girl got her playfulness from.

Lost in his thoughts he barely heard her come back into the room.

A moment later though his thoughts were forgotten as she stood before him with her hair pulled up in a set of pigtails and wearing a solid pink Baby Doll nighty. Except for her height and curves the outfit made her appear very much the little girl she had once been, so much so that it took Frank a second to remember she was no longer that little girl and was actually an adult now.

“Daddy? Can I sit in your lap?” she asked in a coy little voice.

“Of course you can, Sweetie,” he managed, his pecker twitching in his sweats.

Hopping into his lap Cindy snuggled down against him, burying her face in his chest. Her nighty completely covered her breasts and, when she had been standing, hung a couple inches below the point where her legs met. But as she settled into him he saw the edge of her white cotton panties peeking out.

While he held her with one arm around her shoulders, his hand caressing her arm, she quietly sighed against him. Every few seconds she wiggled around, pressing her little butt down against his cock that was pulsing to life beneath her.

“Mmmm, Daddy. It feels so good being your little girl,” she purred after a couple minutes.

Again he was surprised by her level of playfulness.

As she wiggled her ass against his hardening cock once more, he raised his free hand to her chest, cupping her breast through the nighty.

“Mmmm, Daddy,” she sighed, pressing herself into his hand.

Massaging the hidden mound of flesh, he felt her snuggle down deeper into him, her butt rubbing against his growing cock more. Soon her nipple stuck out hard against the nighty. Cupping her tit he alternated between sliding his thumb back and forth across the swollen nub and tracing small circles around its edge.

“Ohhh, Daddy.”

The whole situation, her look and shy tone, had Frank’s blood hot already and her husky sighs were adding to his arousal. His hand became heavier on her tit, squeezing it and rubbing at her hard nipple. The cock growing in his sweats was making it uncomfortable to keep his legs as they were and he shifted them open. This caused Cindy to have to shift also. She wiggled herself down between them so that she could continue rubbing herself against his pulsing member. As they continued these acts her breathing grew steadily more labored, her chest rising and falling with it.

After another couple minutes she pulled back and slowly raised her face to him. Her eyes were filled by an amazing mixture of uncertain innocence and hungry lust.

“Daddy,” she whispered.

Frank leaned in and gently laid his lips against hers. They kissed deeply as he pushed his tongue past her lips. His hand covered her tit, his palm flattening and rubbing her swollen nipple through the nighty.

“Mmmm,” she whimpered into his mouth.

They kissed again and again, their lips meeting, parting, meeting. Their tongues dueled, swirled across one another. Frank massaged her bursa eskort bayan tit, squeezing the firm little bud with growing need. His actions pulled at the nighty she wore, tugged the hem up, exposing her thighs and more of her white panties. Adding to this unveiling were Cindy’s own actions. She raised one leg, slid it up over his thigh while her other foot remained reaching for the floor. She continued to rub her ass against his burgeoning cock. Her shifting body helped lift the nighty’s edge and more of her flesh and cotton garment became visible. With their lips locked together, their tongues swirling over each other, she pressed her body into his harder, pushed her chest into his hand.

The hand caressing her arm came up to take her chin in its fingers. Breaking their kiss he pulled her face away, tilted it away from him. He leaned into her, his lips brushing the flesh of her neck. Using several light kisses, and nipping at her with his teeth between some, he moved up toward her ear. As he did he reached out and caressed her lips with his thumb. Mewing, she slipped her lips around the digit and suckled on it. He pressed his lips to her flesh just below and behind her ear and inhaled her scent. Slipping up to her ear his tongue flickered out to quickly dart in and out of it once, then he blew warm air across the sensitive nerves.

“Are you going to be a good little girl for Daddy?” He whispered.

“Mmmm,” she whimpered in response, increasing her suction on his thumb.

“You going to let Daddy do things to you? Are you going to let me play with you, and put my thingy in you?” Having come to the conclusion that he could not take it too far for her, he had decided that, although she had started this game, he was going to play it the way he wanted.

Again she whimpered, grinding her ass at his crotch and pressing her breast at his hand harder.

He kissed his way down her neck to the edge of her shoulder, then began working his way back towards her mouth. As he did he tried to extract his thump, but she kept her lips clamped tightly around it, not wanting to let it go. Pulling back he stared down at her. With her lips holding his thumb, her mouth sucking on it, she returned his gaze. The desire in her eyes expressed her building excitement with their game. Reflexively his eyes dropped to her covered sex and he saw a small dark spot where her wetness was beginning to stain the delicate cotton of her panties.

“Oh yes, you are going to be a good little girl for Daddy,” he sighed, his eyes rising back to hers, his hand plying at her tit.

Once more the suction on his thumb increased, her eyelids growing heavy.

“Yes, you’re going to be a good little girl.”

Smiling, his hand continued massaging her tit, molding the little mound through her nighty and teasing her swollen nipple. He kissed her forehead, her cheek, her eyelids, the tip of her nose. And he whispered to her how she was going to be a good little girl for her Daddy.

Wiggling and sighing Cindy suckled on the thumb between her lips.

Shifting, he started lowering her backward onto the couch, his hand pulling away from her breast and coming up to her face. Following his lead she allowed him to pull his thumb from her mouth, quickly accepting the other one in its place. He used his freed hand to support her as he carefully laid her down on the cushions. This moved her off his lap. She ended up with her legs spread, the one against the couch back, the other dangling over the edge. Frank drew himself up to lean over her, rising on one knee between her legs and his hand by her head. She looked up at him with her cheek cupped by his palm, his thumb locked between her lips. Her nipples poked at the nighty as her chest rose and fell under it. Its hem had been worked up to her waist, completely uncovering her panties, the white cotton contrasting with her skin tone.

Leaning down he applied more soft kisses to the warmth of her features. After some of these he tried to pull his hand from her cheek, and with it his thumb from her mouth. Her eyes grew wide, her lips tight, silently expressing her desire to keep it.

“It’s okay, Baby,” he reassured her.

“Mmmm,” she whimpered sadly, her eyes closing for a second.

Extracting his finger, Frank slowly drew his hand down her body. At her breast he lingered momentarily, his fingers pressing at the hidden mound before moving on to crawl down across her abdomen and to the edge of her nighty. There his hand slipped under the garment. For the first time that night he touched her flesh. He watched her lids droop from the heat of that contact, saw her inhale deeply, her chest rising.

“Yes, such a good little girl,” he whispered, his hand slithering up across her quivering abs toward her breast. “Such a good girl.”

Inching up to her tit his hand curved around the firm little mound, cupping it.

“Mmmm,” she mewed as his fingers squeezed gently.

He held himself above her, watching her while he massaged her breast, molding and plying it. Slipping his hand up, he covered it, his bursa merkez escort palm flattening her nipple beneath it as he continued to shape her pliant mound. Then he turned his hand again, shifting it so he could hold her hard nipple and pull it, tweaking the little nub a few times then returning to cupping and massaging her tit. Back and forth he went, one moment molding her firm, young breast, the next tugging at the swollen nipple atop it. He watched her shift and wiggle on the couch beneath him, her body responding to his attentions. He felt her arch up to press her tit into his hand, felt her legs bump his as she worked to spread them further open, bend her knees. All the while she looked up at him, her eyes filled by a confused innocence, showing him just how committed she was to the role she was playing.

He leaned down, pressed his lips to hers. She kissed him back, lifting her head to push her lips harder against his. He drove his tongue at hers. His hand grew heavier on her breast, hungrier. And she lifted herself higher into that hand.

Pulling his lips from hers he kissed the tip of her nose then raised up to smile down at her and whispered; “Lift your nighty, Baby. Pull it up so Daddy can see your titties.”

From beneath her heavy lids she looked up at him with hesitation and uncertainty.

“Be a good girl and lift your nighty, Sweetie,” he pressed.

Her hands tentatively moved to the garment’s hem and began pulling it up her body. She arched her back off the couch so that she could do so unhindered. Inch by inch she exposed herself to him until the nighty was piled above her young breasts.

“Oh, such a beautiful little girl,” he sighed happily, looking down to watch his hand squeeze her little tit, its twin beside it.

He stared at the swollen, red nipples perched so delicately atop the two pliant mounds of flesh and lowered his lips to the one he held. He kissed her flesh, planted dozens of gentle kisses along a trail that wound over and across her tit.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” she whispered. “Ohhh yes, Daddy.”

Kissing her flesh again and again Frank smothered her breast with affections while keeping his lips away from her nipple. Beneath him Cindy’s body gyrated. Each time he drew near the hard nub the gyrating would stop, her body freezing, and her back arching, lifting the nipple toward his mouth. But then Frank would move past it, and she would start to slither beneath him again.

Eventually it was his turn to freeze. He did so with his lips hovering just centimeters above the swollen nipple. His warm breath blew across it, swirled over the fleshy mound he held as an offering to himself. Looking through the tops of his eyes he saw her lift her head slightly, saw her looking down at him over the pile of her nighty’s material. That was when he pushed his tongue past his lips and swiped it across the aching red nub. The contact made her frozen body jerk, caused her back to arch and her head to fall back.

Darting his tongue out more and more he swiped it over her nipple with varying degrees of pressure while Cindy’s lithe body squirmed beneath him.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” she pled, giving voice to her body’s desire.

As the last syllable passed her lips Frank dropped his mouth onto her breast, covering her nipple. He swirled his tongue over the sensitive nub as he held her tit in his mouth’s wet embrace.

“Ohhh yes, Daddy,” she whimpered, her hand coming up to the back of his head and her body pushing her chest at him. “Ohhh yes. Suck my titty, Daddy. Suck my little titty.”

Cupping her breast he worked his tongue furiously over and over her swollen nipple while suckling on her flesh in his mouth.

“Mmmm yes, Daddy. Ohhh yes. Suck on my titty, Daddy. Suck my titty.”

Her encouragement was not needed. Frank was reveling in the feel of his daughter’s firm breast in his mouth, her pliant mound under his squeezing fingers. He was loving the scent of her skin as he sucked and licked her. And he was enjoying her writhing beneath him, her body squirming, her back arching. For long moments he continued suckling her tit. His tongue swirled over and over the flesh in his mouth, stroking the swollen nipple.

Then he pulled himself away, lifting his mouth from the one nipple to quickly drop it toward her other. As he locked his lips over that nipple her body shifted to shove it at him. With this tit in his mouth Frank gave it the same treatment he had given the first, suckling and licking it for a couple minutes.

When he next pulled his mouth away he lifted himself up to gaze down upon her.

She was enthralled by her passion. Her eyes smoldered beneath hooded lids. Her mouth hung open slightly, her bottom lip quivering as she panted past it. Down beyond where his hand was molding her young breast her hips were rolling upon the couch, her legs shifting as the fire in her loins made her flesh shimmer with small beads of sweat. Between her legs the dark spot in her panties had grown.

“You’re being such a good girl,” he told her, gazing into her bursa sınırsız escort bayan eyes. “Such a good little girl.”

For just a second her eyes closed and she turned her face away as if uncertain and afraid. Between his legs Frank’s cock throbbed in response to her act.

Leaning down he kissed her forehead, her eyelid. “Yes you are, you’re being such a good girl for Daddy,” he whispered.

Then he locked eyes with her and pulled his hand away from her breast. Releasing the pert mound he drew his fingers down across her abdomen, feeling her muscles quiver under their path.

“Yes you are, Sweetie. You’re being Daddy’s good girl.”

His hand reached the top edge of her panties. He ran a finger back and forth along it a few times before inching it down further.

“Daddy?” She whispered.

“It’s okay, Baby. It’s okay. You’re being such a good girl.”

He could sense her legs shifting. He felt them slide a few inches, then freeze for a second, then slide again. The couch cushion shifted under his knee as her hips rolled upon it.

Instead of heading down the center of her panties his fingers slid off to one side. He scored them across the cotton material, down to the bottom edge where he scratched at it some more before pulling them back up. Still avoiding the wet spot, and her pussy beneath, he then drew his fingers across the upper section of her panties, dragging them down the other side. Next he brought them back up to run back and forth across the top of her panties.

She bent her one knee, putting her foot where the cushion met the couch back. Her other leg, while partially bent as well, still hung off the edge. Her hips were rolling and lifting, her pussy following his fingers.

“Daddy?” she repeated, her voice shaking.

“It’s okay, Sweetie.”

Reducing the weight of his fingers he slid them across and over the wet stain to delve down between her legs. Following the curve of her pelvis he cupped her sex, bumping her clit with the heel of his hand.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” she whimpered, her hips jerking.

For the next couple minutes he massaged her pussy through the damp cotton. Up and down his fingers rubbed, over and over the wet material, over and over her slit beneath. Under him she squirmed.

He dragged his hand up toward the top of her panties. He traced the edge, his fingers running lightly back and forth across her flesh. Then he slipped them underneath and down, quickly reaching the top of her pussy then moving further down. They brushed across her clit, dipped down into the wetness of her slit. When they found her opening they froze, only a single centimeter of one digit pressing at the very edge of her canal.

“Daddy?” She whimpered.

“It’s okay, Baby. Daddy won’t hurt you,” he assured her.

He looked down to see his hand disappearing beneath her panties, to see the once pristine material being stretched. He watched her hips roll, freeze, then roll some more under his teasing attention. He watched her entire body quiver with anticipation.


She drew his eyes to hers where he saw her hunger. Saw her lust pushing aside her uncertainty and fear. Her bottom lip shivered as she sucked in a breath, trying to steady her nerves.

“Daddy, wha . . . Ohhhh.”

Frank allowed his finger to enter her up to the first knuckle, pressing it against her wall and rubbing. Cindy’s hips spasmed, her ass rising a few inches off the couch. Her sudden movement caused her breasts to catch his attention. He was drawn by the pert mounds, the red and swollen nipples topping them. Feeling his own lust he dropped his mouth to one, planting his lips over it and sucking.

“Ohhh, Daddy. Ohhh yesss, Daddy. Suck my titty. Suck my little titty, Daddy.” She moaned, her chest rising with her ass now.

Making small circular motions with his finger he massaged her opening’s wall. He felt her entrance spreading. Her hips kept pushing her sex at his hand, trying harder and harder to get more of his finger to enter her. Struggling with his hunger Frank forced himself to maintain the miniscule penetration for a moment, continuing the delicate massage. But the sensation of her gaping hole at his finger tip, the juices soaking into her panties, and the need in her writhing body were taxing his self-control.

“Ohhh, Daddy. Ohhh God, Daddy. What’re you doin’ to me? What’re you doin’?”

The tone of her voice coupled with her words caused Frank to loose his self-battle. His finger drove into her as far as it could.

“Ugghhh,” she moaned, her hips jumping off the couch.

He rolled the finger around inside her, hooked it and rubbed at all her inner walls. He pulled it partially out, then stuck it back in, rolling it inside her some more. Restrained by her panties he pumped it in and out of her as best he could.

“Ohhh, Daddy, what are you–. Ohhh God, Daddy.”

Pulling his mouth from her breast he raised up to stare down at her. Her head was twisting atop her neck, her pigtails bouncing around with its actions. Her eyes were tightly shut, a tear leaking from one corner. Her mouth hung open, her lip shuddering as she panted and gasped. Below the bunched up nighty her young breasts were topped by her swollen nipples. Her abs quivered as her hips twisted and jerked upon the couch. At the top of her spread legs her heavily stained panties were stretched out of shape.

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