Connor’s Senior Year Ch. 06

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Thanks for reading and for all of the past comments and e-mails about this and other stories.

Every character in this story is over eighteen.

This story contains incest, group sex, dudes sucking cock, and a lot of unrealistic behavior and physical proportions. If that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.


I led the way from the game room, into the hallway, down the stairs, and into the living room. The rest of the family was ready for us. I descended the stairs with my cock swaying in the air in front of me, rock hard and glistening with Martha’s and Riona’s pussy juice. Riona was directly behind me, wearing nothing but her tattoos, her big tits shiny with Martha’s saliva from the cleanup just performed. Martha was next, shorter and darker, her own even bigger tits bouncing as she descended the stairs. Our cousin Brennan, Riona’s brother was last, his own massive cum-covered cock pointing straight up in the air and eager for the evening ahead.

The scene that awaited us was breathtaking, almost as though they planned it for our benefit. On the big sofa sat Dad, Uncle Martin, and Uncle Sam, in ascending order of cock size. Facing away from them and riding their cocks were Mazie, Taylor, and Aunt Tracy, siblings and their mother fucking themselves up and down on those big meaty fuck-sticks. I watched Mazie’s big tits bounce on her chest as she rode Dad’s big thick cock. Dad’s cock was somehow the smallest in the room, but it still wouldn’t quite fit all the way inside Mazie’s beautiful pussy. Next to them, Taylor rode her father’s slightly bigger cock with just as much intensity as her sister beside her. Taylor noticed me staring at her bouncing tits and the huge cock disappearing into her pussy, or at least as far as it would go, and she winked. Finally, there was Aunt Tracy, Mazie and Taylor’s mother, riding her brother’s massive cock. Uncle Sam’s enormous prick was almost as big as mine and Brennan’s matching monster members.

Mom had told me back when we started fucking that big cocks ran on both sides of the family.

The view of my two cousins and aunt riding those big thick pricks and showing off their big bouncing tits distracted me for quite some time before I noticed Mom and Aunt Siobhan crawling naked across the living room floor to me and Brennan. Aunt Siobhan got to her son first, and started greedily sucking his cock, but Mom wasn’t far behind. She stuffed as much of my long thick fuck-pole into her mouth and down her throat that she could.

While our mothers sucked our cocks, Brennan and I watched our sisters move up and down the line on the sofa, interrupting each busty cock-riding beauty to suck the cock that was fucking them. Martha started with Dad, sucking Mazie’s pussy juice off his cock, and Riona started with her own father. Uncle Sam responded with a loud gasp when Riona started sucking as much of his cock into her mouth that she could fit.

“Wanna switch?” Mom asked, elbowing Siobhan as she worked her head up and down her son’s enormous cock. “I’ve never had Brennan’s beautiful fucking monster cock in me and I want to try it.”

“You’re going to love it, Maggie,” Siobhan said. She kissed my mother and the two women moaned into each other’s mouths. Brennan and I smiled at each other briefly, stroking our saliva-slick cocks and watching our mothers swap spit and press their big luscious tits together. I winked at Brennan and walked around our mothers and presented them my cock on one side, while Brennan did the same on the other. We moved in close and Mom and Siobhan broke off their kiss for us to make room for our cocks. We stood almost close enough together for our cock heads to rub against the other’s stomach while our mothers licked and sucked up and down the sides of our shafts and caused our cocks to rub together between them.

Finally Mom had had enough, and she grabbed Brennan by the cock and pulled him over to the love seat where she sat down and spread her legs and commanded him to eat her pussy.

Siobhan looked up at me and smiled. “Lie down, Connor. Right on the floor.”

I obeyed, lying on the carpet so Siobhan could crawl over me and go back to work sucking my cock, but now with her pussy directly in front of my face. I launched my tongue at my father’s sister’s pussy as she closed her lips around my cock shaft. She worked my cock in booth swirling fists and sucked hard on my cock head while I probed my tongue into her delicious pussy. I felt the tiny vibrations of her voice as she moaned onto my cock, and I replied by humming into her pussy as I licked and sucked.

The rest of the room was invisible to me as I feasted on Aunt Siobhan’s pussy and licked her asshole. Mom’s was the only asshole I had ever fucked, but having Siobhan’s right there in front of my face made me lust for another tight butthole to fuck. But I focused my attention for now back on her pussy, drinking in her delicious flavor, licking Nevşehir Escort her clit and driving her toward an orgasm with my mouth. I held her plump bottom in my hands as I feasted on her cunt and she wailed onto my cock. Her back arched when she came, and her mouth popped off my cock as she howled at the ceiling and bucked her pussy against my licking sucking mouth.

“So fucking good, Con!” she wailed. “You licked my cunt like a fucking pro!”

She rolled off me and helped me to my feet. “Are you ready to fuck me, Connor?” my aunt asked me in her lovely Irish accent.

“Fuck yes,” I grunted.

On the loveseat, Brennan had progressed to fucking Mom’s pussy instead of licking her. He held on to her big luscious tits as he pumped his monstrous member as deep inside her pussy as it would go. “Holy Christ, Auntie Maggie, your pussy feels so good!”

“Fuck me, Bren!” Mom screamed. “FUCK MY FUCKING CUNT!”

On the sofa, the dads had rearranged, and each of them had his own daughter riding his cock. Martha bounced up and down on Dad’s lap, her thighs slapping down onto his and her big tits nearly knocking him unconscious. Mazie had moved over to Uncle Martin, but she was still facing out, and she gave me a wink when she saw me staring at her big bouncing boobs and the big stiff prick plunging into her juicy pussy. Riona was on Uncle Sam’s monster cock, while Taylor licked the considerable length of his shaft that wouldn’t fit into her pussy, tasting her cousin’s dripping juices on her uncle’s cock and balls.

Siobhan matched my mother’s position on the loveseat, ass on the edge and legs spread wide, and I grabbed my cock hard around the base and slapped it on her dripping-wet fully exposed pussy. “Are you ready for me to fuck you with this cock, Aunt Siobhan?”

“Fucking drill me, you donkey-dicked fuck-machine!” she glared up at me with a look I couldn’t possibly disobey.

I slapped her cunt one more time with my cock, causing her body to rock on the loveseat, and she let out a bark of lust-filled delight. Then I stuffed my bulging cock head and the first few inches of my vein-rippled shaft into her incredible pussy. She pushed back against me and forced me deeper and we groaned together at the sensations shooting through our bodies.

“So fucking big just like my Brennan!” Siobhan wailed. “Brennan, baby! Your cousin’s cock is just as big as yours!”

“Auntie Maggie’s pussy feels so fucking good on my cock, Ma!” Brennan wailed. He was really hammering Mom’s pussy now, and Mom bucked and thrashed on the loveseat as he fucked her through one powerful orgasm and into the next. She had the same look she frequently got with me and Dad, flushed chest, tears on her cheeks, and barely able to breath as orgasms exploded through her body. All she could do was hold on tight and ride and fuck back as hard as she could.

Siobhan fucked just like Mom. Dad and his sister had learned to fuck together before leaving Ireland for college. Mom and her brother Martin had moved in with them and the two sets of siblings had fucked like animals almost every day they lived together, until they were finally joined by Tracy and Sam, the third set of siblings that made the foundation of our insane triangle of a family.

“FUCK ME!” Siobhan screamed. “Fuck me with your fucking monster cock!”

“Oh fuck yeah this pussy feels so fucking good,” I groaned as I increased my pace and fucked her a little deeper and harder.

“You like watching these fucking tits while you fuck me, don’t you Connor?”

“I love your fucking tits, Aunt Siobhan!”

“Slap them you motherfucker! Slap my fucking tits while you drill my fucking cunt!”

I was holding her hips as I fucked her, so I moved my right hand up and lightly slapped her left breast on the round heavy underside.

“What the fuck was that?” Siobhan roared. “I said fucking slap my tits!”

“Just fucking let her have it, Connor,” I heard Dad say off to my right, his voice straining from the pleasure of Martha riding his cock, assuming there hadn’t been another switch. His accent was starting to slip and revert to match his sister’s. “My cock-hungry slut of a sister loves it!”

I slapped Siobhan’s tit again, at least twice as hard, and immediately felt like it was too much, like I might ruin her fun.

“That’s more fucking like it, Connor!” she growled. “Fucking rail my pussy and slap my fucking tits, baby!”

I was pounding her pussy now, giving it to her as hard as I’d ever fucked anyone, and I reached back and slapped both of her tits, one with each hand: THWACK-THWACK!


I wasn’t ready to cum yet after such a busy day, so I held my cock still in Siobhan’s clenching cunt and grabbed her heaving tits as she bucked and thrashed on the seat in front of me.

Brennan pulled his cock out of Mom’s pussy and fed it to his mother, who’d barely managed to catch her breath. So I followed his lead and pulled my cum-soaked rod out of his mother’s Nevşehir Escort Bayan pussy and took his former place in front of my mother. Mom greedily sucked Siobhan’s cum off my cock. Nobody could suck my cock like she could. She stuffed my cum-covered cock all the way down her throat and I felt the tip of her tongue on my ball sack.

“Holy fuck, Mom!” I gasped. “Holy fuck you’re taking the whole thing!”

“Your mom has always been one of the greatest cocksuckers alive,” Uncle Sam said, appearing next to me and pointing his huge cock at Mom’s face. Mom pulled my cock out of her mouth, a thick strand of drool briefly bridging the air gap between my cock head and her tongue until it splashed down onto her tits. She turned her head and swallowed Uncle Sam’s cock and I left them to it.

Back on the sofa, Aunt Tracy had taken her brother’s place on the sofa while her daughter Mazie licked her pussy. Martha had moved over to ride Uncle Martin’s cock, and Taylor was taking a turn fucking herself up and down on Dad’s cock.

I tapped my cock lightly on Mazie’s ass and she pulled her face away from Tracy’s pussy. “Yes, Connor!” she moaned. “Put that fucking monster cock in me.”

She got onto her hands and knees and pointed her ass back at me, but kept her mouth glued to her mother’s pussy. I stared at Aunt Tracy’s big tits and the look of rapture on her face as I stuffed my spit-soaked cock into her daughter’s pussy. Mazie wailed into Tracy’s pussy and pushed back against me, forcing my cock even deeper.

“Fuck her, Connor,” Tracy said. “Fuck Mazie’s yummy little pussy!”

I pumped my cock as deep into my cousin’s pussy as it would go, deeper than I’d managed to fuck her or her sister last night. She bucked and thrashed between me and Tracy, screaming into her mother’s pussy while I held on to her big tits and fucked her cunt.

“So fucking good,” I groaned. “Mazie, your pussy feels so fucking good on my cock!”

Beside us, my sister dismounted our uncle’s big cum-covered cock and sucked it into her mouth, tasting herself all over him. Dad managed to stand up beside them with Taylor still impaled on his cock. He walked to the middle of the room while bouncing his niece up and down hard on his cock. Taylor shrieked with pleasure and surprise and covered his cock with cum. “Fuck me, Uncle Ciaran!” she screamed. “Fuck me and cum in my pussy!”

“Oh fuck yes, here it comes!” Dad bellowed. “I’m gonna fucking cum!”

I watched my dad empty his balls deep into my cousin’s pussy while I fucked Mazie hard from behind. Mazie screamed and thrashed as an orgasm exploded through her body, and her pussy clamped down hard on my cock.

“Fuck, Mazie!” I growled. “Cum all over my fucking cock, just like that!”

“Martha, you’re gonna make me fucking cum!” Uncle Martin wailed as my sister bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

I helped Mazie up onto the sofa between her parents while she recovered from her orgasm and Uncle Martin surprised me by sucking his daughter’s cum off my cock. While he worked my cock in his mouth, Dad returned and set his other daughter gently down beside him. He presented his own cum-covered cock to his brother-in-law, and Martin began to switch back and forth, sucking both of his daughters’ pussy juices off two huge rock-hard cocks.

“I need you to fuck me now, Connor,” Aunt Tracy said. I pulled my cock out of her husband’s mouth.

“Are you ready to keep going, Mazie?” I asked their daughter between them, ignoring Tracy.

Mazie smiled at me and nodded.

“Suck my cock for me and get me ready for your mom’s pussy,” I said.

While Mazie started sucking my cock, Martha pulled Dad back away from Uncle Martin. “Dad,” she said. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Dad’s cock visibly twitched in reaction to Martha’s request.

“Your cock is a little bigger than my boyfriend’s,” Martha continued. “So he’s been getting me ready for you, and you can get me ready for Connor.”

Mom and Siobhan were both shrieking with delight again, and I looked over my shoulder to see Brennan and Uncle Sam fucking them hard, Brennan fucking his mother, and Uncle Sam fucking Mom. Riona would interrupt them every minute or so to suck their cocks and taste the pussy juices all over them before stuffing them back into her mother or mine.

“Okay, you’re ready,” Mazie said, and I looked down at my beautiful smiling cousin and her mother, who stared at my cock with open lust and desire.

“You fucked me so good yesterday, Connor,” she said. “I want you to fucking pound my pussy with your giant fucking battering-ram of a cock.”

“Why don’t you ride me as hard as you want so I can watch Dad fuck Martha’s ass?” I suggested.

“Give it to me!” Martha wailed on the floor. She was on her hands and knees and Dad had already managed to stuff his bloated cock head into her asshole. “Fucking give it to me!”

Tracy stood and let me sit in her seat next to Mazie, and Mazie fisted my cock around the base and pointed Escort Nevşehir it straight up at her mother’s descending pussy as Tracy settled into my lap.

“MotherFUCKER!” Tracy wailed as my cock filled her juicy pussy. I grabbed on to her tits and sucked each of them in turn, trying to stuff as much of each big luscious globe into my mouth as possible. I didn’t spend as much time as I might have sucking those incredible tits, because I wanted to watch Dad’s long thick fuck-pole disappear deeper and deeper into my sister’s ass.

“Oh my fucking God, it feels good!” Martha cried. “Your cock is so fucking big!”

I turned my attention back to Tracy. She wanted to cum as hard as she did yesterday, and that meant I needed to fuck her like I meant it.

“Ride my fucking cock, Aunt Tracy,” I groaned. “Fuck! Your pussy feels fucking amazing!”

“It’s so fucking big!” Tracy wailed. “I love your fucking cock, Connor!”

I let go of her tits and slapped both of her plump butt cheeks before grabbing her hips and pulling her down even as I drove my cock up.


I continued to pound her pussy from beneath her while she slammed herself up and down on my cock. Mazie got up from the sofa and was replaced by Riona, who directed Uncle Martin to fuck her doggystyle beside me and Tracy, her arms on the back cushion of the sofa while Martin stood behind her and fucked her hard from behind while pulling her long red hair. I reached over and squeezed each of Riona’s plump tits and then rubbed the pad of my middle finger on her clit as Uncle Martin fucked her.


“I’M CUMMING TOO!” Tracy shrieked.

I couldn’t hold back any more. Tracy’s pussy squeezing and clenching around my cock pushed me over the edge and I exploded inside her. My balls churned hard and sent huge thick jets of cum deep into her pussy while she thrashed on my lap and her pussy squirted all over my cock and balls and legs and stomach. Uncle Martin was right behind me, bellowing as he shot his load into Riona’s pussy.

Across the room on the loveseat, Brennan and his dad had taken seats while Mom, Siobhan and Taylor took turned riding their cocks. It took me a moment to realize that Brennan’s cock was stuffed up his mother’s ass while she squirted pussy juicy into my mother’s mouth. Brennan filled his mother’s ass with cum while Uncle Sam blasted a huge hot load into Taylor’s pussy.

When Tracy and I were done cumming, she rolled off me and got on the floor to suck her husband’s cum out of Riona’s pussy. Riona sucked the cum off Uncle Martin’s cock, and I got up to feed my cum-covered fuck-pole to my sister, who bucked and thrashed and wailed on the living room floor while our father fucked her asshole. She latched on to my cock, practically inhaling it like Mom did, but she wasn’t as skilled as our mother yet, and she gagged a little. But she didn’t stop sucking the mixture of Tracy’s cum and mine off my cock while she screamed onto it in her pleasure.

I watched Dad’s cock disappear up her ass, and I thought about pumping my own cock into that tight sexy sphincter. She’d told Dad she wanted to get ready for me. Maybe I would get a chance this weekend. But for now she was having the time of her life cumming hard and screaming onto my cock, and I watched Dad’s pumping slow and shorten as he started to unload a huge blast of cock cream into Martha’s bowels.

* * *

We gradually showered and some of us dressed, but the orgy never really stopped, it just fragmented as bedtime approached. I took a shower with Riona, and we played with each other, but we didn’t fuck. Even I needed a little recovery time after so many orgasms.

We emerged from the shower in the in-law apartment we called the game room to find Brennan and Martha waiting their turn. My sister grabbed my flaccid cock and gave me a kiss before leading our exceptionally well-hung cousin into the shower with her. Riona and I toweled off and returned naked to the main room where the air beds were set up around the sofa and pool table. Mazie and Taylor were watching one of our porn scenes on the big TV, Leo and Megan fucking. My two best friends had amazing chemistry, and watching them fuck made my cock hard again in just a few seconds.

I checked my phone to find a text and a pic from Madison. The text said, “I miss ur huge cock.” The picture was a mirror selfie. She’d put a mirror on the floor and she was sitting in front of it naked, with her legs spread and two fingers holding her pussy open and her big tits pushed together between the arm holding her phone and the arm reaching down to her pussy.

“Ooooo,” Riona cooed. “Who is that absolute stunner? Your girlfriend?”

“Not exactly,” I said. “But we do fuck a lot.”

I took a picture of my long thick iron-hard fuck-meat and sent it to Madison. “This cock right here?” I teased.

“My parents are going Black Friday shopping tomorrow,” she said. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

“I can’t wait either,” I replied.

Unlike Madison, I had someone to help me take care of my immediate itch for sex. Several someones. My three cousins, Riona, Mazie and Taylor were all looking at me smiling at my phone with my ridiculous cock pointing straight up in the air.

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