Connie – The Next Adventure

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For the next few days I was unable to keep my hands from my mom’s body. Unfortunately for us, my dad was always around us. So the most I could do was to grab her butt or breasts whenever dad was out of sight. Both of us were getting frustrated and very horny.

“Honey, I can’t control myself when you squeeze my butt,” my mom, Connie, whispered breathlessly and I cupped her butt cheeks while I hugged her in the kitchen when she was getting dinner ready.

“I know mom, I know. I want you so badly my dick has a constant hard-on just thinking about you,” I whispered back.

As she began fondling my stiff cock in my shorts, my dad walked through the front door calling out that he was home. We had to break our embrace quickly and I went to get the plates down while mom went to greet her husband. However, she and dad stood in the doorway and I had to squeeze by her, but my mom pushed her butt into me so I had to rub my cock against her as I carried the dishes to the table.

It went on like this all week long. My mom would sit next to dad in her chair and spread her legs so I could see her bush and pussy lips. I would in turn raise one leg up and show her that I too was not wearing underwear. Other times we would just rub against each other as we would pass each other. We did go out of our way sometimes so we would have to pass by in the narrowest of areas in our house.

On Friday morning my car would not start, so mom offered to take me to school as I was a senior that year. She wanted to know if I could get a ride home as it would be hard for her to get off work early enough to pick me up. I assured her it would not be hard to get a ride home. With that out of the way, I got into the passenger seat and mom drove me to school.

All the way to school that morning I kept rubbing my mom’s thighs as she drove. She hiked up her dress to give me better access and raised her left leg up so I could play with her pussy and clit. I had her moaning all the way to school and just before we reach my drop off point, I plunged two fingers into her dripping wet pussy.

“Oh my God, that feels so good,” she cried out as she gripped my hand to keep it there. “I am cumming you bad boy and I am going to be wet all day just thinking about this!”

I just wiggled my fingers inside her while she came. Then I removed my fingers and licked them clean and told her that I would taste her all day long. I gave her nişantaşı escort a quick kiss on her lips and squeezed her left breast before getting out of the car.

“Bye, mom, I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, honey. Have a good day and think about me,” she replied as she drove off.

I had to go to the restroom and take care of my hard-on before I could go to my first class of the day. Unfortunately for me, I could not relieve myself and had to wait until lunchtime before I was able to masturbate. I must have pumped out a gallon of cum before stuffing my cock back into my jeans. However, I was unable to forget my mom’s lithe body as I pumped her pussy with my fingers that morning. I went around with a hard-on all day long. One thing kept me sane that Friday afternoon, was that my dad was going to be at the baseball field all day Saturday and Sunday as he was the head umpire for a local little league.

That afternoon, mom came home before dad did and I was waiting for her at the door. As soon as mom walked through the door, I wrapped my arms around her and began kissing her lips, ears, and neck while my hands began massaging her breasts. I had her moaning in moments.

“Oh god, honey, that feels so good, but your father will be home soon,” she said between her moans.

“Then I better hurry this up!” I exclaimed. And with that I dropped to me knees and raised her dress. I began running my hands up her thighs to her panties and pulled them down and stuffed them into my short’s pocket

“No, my love, there is no time,” she started to say, but stopped when my tongue started flicking her clit. Mom started crying out “Oh God” rapidly several times and wrapped one of her legs around my shoulders as she leaned against the front door. I then plunged two of my fingers into her dripping pussy while continuing the tongue lashing my tongue was giving her clit.

“Oh yes, OH GOD YES, I am cumming!” my mom, Connie cried out.

At that moment, I removed my fingers from my mom’s pussy and clamped my mouth over her pussy, lapping and sucking all of her juices out of her pussy. As her massive orgasm was winding down, we heard dad’s car outside. I then stood up and kissed mom open mouth so she could taste herself. I then left her leaning against the door, pantyless, to greet my dad when he walked through the door moments later. She gave him a big kiss on the lips and dad did not even kağıthane escort mention the taste of her juices on her lips and mouth.

Dad then left to go change out of his work clothes, when my mom said to me, “That was close, honey, but very satisfying. Your father has never done that to me ever.”

“What,” I said, “he has never eaten your pussy out before?”

“No never, he thinks it dirty and disgusting.”

“Then he is a fool, because mom you taste just great and I want more of you,” I replied.

“So do I my lovely boy. Now please promise me something, don’t take care of that rock hard cock right now and mommy will make it up to you later,” she told me as she walked into their bedroom to change.

“Ok mom,” I promised as she closed her door. I then went to my room and pulled her panties from my pocket and began to sniff them. Her smell was heavenly and I really wanted to relieve my tension, but a promise is a promise. So I stayed in my room until mom knocked on my door to tell me dinner was on the table. As I got up off my bed, my mom raised up her spaghetti strap mid-thigh house dress to reveal she still was not any panties. She smiled brightly and went to the dining room swishing her hips as I followed her to the table.

Dinner was agony for me with my dad talking happily about the Little League games he would be umpiring tomorrow, but most especially for me, because my mom, Connie, was rubbing her leg against mine all throughout dinner. Must have been really out of it because my dad had to ask me three times what was wrong with me. Should I tell me it was because his wife, Connie, was erotically rubbing her leg against mine at dinner? I must have mumbled something before mom said:

“I think, he might have a girl on his mind and I intend to squeeze it out of him completely.”

“MOM!” I cried out horrified.

But dad just laughed and said that mom could get it out of a dead man if she put her mind to it. With all these double meanings floating out there, I excused myself and went back to my room to lay down on my bed and put my headphones on to listen to my music. It must have been about an hour later that mom knocked on my door, but I did not hear her through the music in my ears. Next thing I know she was sitting next to me on the bed running her hands over my cock. I opened my eyes wide and took off my headset and looked at my beautiful mom.

“Sorry about osmanbey escort teasing you at dinner, but your father mentioned how distracted you seem lately and I had to think of something,” my mom said as she stroked my cock. “Now come out to the living room and watch a movie with me. Your father should fall asleep on the recliner before too long and I promised to take care of you tonight.”

“Ok, mom,” I said as I got up and followed her once again as she swished from side to side as she walked. Just before we got to the living room, my mom lifted the back of her house dress to reveal she was still not wearing any panties.

I sat on the sofa nearest dad in his recliner in my usual spot. My mom, instead on sitting in her chair asked me if she could join me on the couch since it was a long movie as she wanted to get comfortable. What else could I say, but “Yes” to her. Mom then proceeded to get a blanket and laid down on the couch with the blanket over her luscious body.

About an hour into the movie, dad fell asleep on the couch and mom moved up the couch and place her head on my lap and began running her free hand up my thighs with her nails. It was sending chills up my body and my cock got hard as a rock in seconds. Her hand went under my shorts and started massaging my shaved balls. She then proceeded up and started stroking my cock with my dad only three feet away from us on the couch.

I wanted to touch her body, but she said no. Mom then released my cock from my shorts and began licking my shaft. She then started giving me little love bites as her hand continued massaging my balls. I was in heaven when my lovely mom took my cock in her mouth for the first time and starting a slow motion of taking me deep into her mouth. Mom went up and down with her mouth on my cock massaging my balls the whole time. She must have sensed my cumming, because she stopped and told me she was not ready for me to cum yet.

My mom then glanced at her sleeping husband and roll over on her back. She then proceeded to finger her wet, juicy pussy for a few minutes until she came all over her fingers. Connie then turned back over and ran her wet sticky fingers over my cock before sucking me off. She would go slow for a time and time ram my whole eight inches down her throat and leave it there for a moment. Other times she would just lick my shaft up and down. Mom kept me going for an hour before she left me cum in her mouth. She then stood up put two fingers in her pussy and gave them to me to lick and suck on before she went to dad and woke him up to go to bed.

Mom came to give me a kiss and said that she could not wait until tomorrow . . . . . . .

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