Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 08

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“We were supposed to meet Lisa for lunch today, oops.” I said to Robert.

“Time did get away from us didn’t it, she could come over for dinner.” Robert suggested.

“Sorry about lunch time got away from us both, want to come over for dinner?” I messaged her.

“Sorry guys I have a date for dinner tonight, another time maybe.” Lisa sent back to me.

“It’s just you and me Babe, we can have dinner then a movie, then some fun afterwards.” I suggested to Robert.

“Sounds perfect to me Tom, as long as its you and I sounds good to me.” Robert said to me.

Robert got a call from someone, it was not good by the looks of it, the look on his face said it all.

“Whats wrong Babe?” I asked concerned.

“It’s the nursing home my Dad is in, they say he is on his death bed once again, he wants to see me before he dies.” Robert said a look on his face not a happy one.

“So shouldn’t you go see him Babe? I can go with you if that helps in any way.” I asked him.

Robert sat there not a word said, he looked at me, then like a light bulb going off he stood up and pulled me to him.

“Would you come with me Tom? Think I would like him to meet the man I am falling in love with before he dies.” Robert said a sly smile on his face.

“We can go now, lets put on some clothes and head over there in case he really is on his death bed as they said he is.” I said to Robert.

Robert and I got dressed up, Robert insisted we go on the motorcycle, I was good with that, I got to feel the man up as he drove and I did not have to drive. When we got there, the place was nice looking place, kind of depressing, your typical nursing home. Robert signed us in, telling me he would go in first then call me in to meet the man.

I could not hear the conversation he and his Dad were having, but Robert came out warning me that the man was very homophobic and he had told him he had met the person he planned to live with the rest of his life with. I expected this man to be a huge burly, evil looking man, but in reality he was this frail older man, who looked like he may die at any moment.

“Dad this is Tom, Tom this is Robert Senior.” Robert introduced us.

“Is this some kind of fucking joke you bring in this fairy, this fruit cake, this fucking faggot saying your going to live the rest of your life with this guy are you fucking kidding me? You always were a disappointment to me and your Mother, God rest her soul. Now you’ve gone and hit rock bottom, I always suspected you were a fucking queer, get out of my room you fucking homos.” His Dad yelled at us.

Robert and I stood there looking at each other, if he wanted us to go then we would go.

“Are you trying to kill me? Telling me your a fag now?” He asked Robert.

“I’m being Kale Escort the man I always was and always should have been, sick of living a life I was never happy in, all for what to please you? I love Tom an he and I plan to live together. You want me to leave I can leave, but I can also stop paying for you to be in a place like this, you can’t afford to be in a place like this on social security, it takes most of my income to keep you here, but you can be on your own if you want, but you won’t be living in a place like this one.” Robert said pulling me close to him.

“Lets go Tom, this was a mistake, I should have never come here with you, show you the nightmare I lived with all my life, here I thought maybe once in his miserable life he could be happy for me, cause I was finally happy for once in my life. Why would I think that, he lives to hate he breaths hate he is hate.” Robert told me.

Robert and I stood there while his Dad looked at us both.

“Wait Son, I’m sorry, Tom I am sorry for all this, you’re right I should be happy you are happy with whoever you choose to be with be it a man or a woman, I am sorry please forgive me Son and Tom too please.” His Dad told us.

Robert stood there his arm around my back, holding me in tight to him.

“Should we walk out and try this again?” I asked them both.

Robert and I walked out he kissed me, then walked right back in.

“Dad this is Tom.” Robert told him.

“Very nice to meet you Tom.” His Dad told me.

“You as well Sir, a pleasure for sure.” I told him.

We made some small talk, I excused myself to go to the washroom, leaving them a minute or two to talk to each other. I went to the lobby to get the man some flowers, try to brighten up his stark white room. I found the perfect bouquet, vase and all. I walked in they were talking like a Father and Son should.

“Tom you shouldn’t have.” His Dad told me his face aglow seeing the flowers.

“Nonsense everyone loves flowers.” I said to him.

“Yellow roses your Mothers favourite, Thank you so much for this Tom.” His Dad said again, tears in his eyes.

“Oh your most welcome Sir, nice to see a smile on your face. Is there anything we can get you while we are here?” I asked.

“No Tom the visit is more than enough, you two made my day, and I am sorry about what I said to you both.” His Dad said to us both.

“Water under the bridge Sir, no worries we are all good.” I assured him.

Robert and I sat and enjoyed the visit with his Dad, the man a wealth of knowledge, some of the facts not so accurate, but most dead on the money. He talked about his wife and how much he missed her, what a good boy his son really was, taking care of his old man when he no longer could. Robert hung Kale Escort Bayan his head feeling emotions he had never felt with or for his Dad before. He talked about how much fun he and Robert had in the summer time, fixing old cars in the driveway, just spending time with each other.

Robert told a few stories himself, of him his Dad and Mom going for a drive in one of the cars they had recently repaired, going for ice cream on a Friday evening their Friday night ritual. How his Dad had allowed him to drive most of the cars they repaired, even thought he was under age and did not have a licence, barely able to see over the steering wheel.

Robert and I sat and talked with his Dad for over two hours, telling him we would be back tomorrow for another visit as his dinner was being brought in. Robert and I fussed over him making him comfortable propped up so he could eat his dinner.

The food not very appetizing but it was food, Robert and I would have to bring him to the house get him out of there for an afternoon, have him over for dinner one night. Robert and I said our goodbyes, we both gave the man a hug, his eyes filled with tears. Robert too could not hold it all back, we made it to the front doors and Robert broke down, he pulled me to him crying in my chest.

“Tom why did I wait so long? We could have had a real relationship, my Dad and I, now he may be on his death bed and he finally comes around by me introducing my boyfriend to him.” Robert said pulling me in for a kiss.

Robert and I got on the bike and headed home, when we got there I started supper for us, Robert helped but his mind was not here, he felt regret, remorse, but also he felt so good that he and his Dad had finally reconnected, and his Dad got to meet the man he was falling in love with. Robert turned to me giving me a funny look.

“Something wrong Babe?” I asked him.

“No nothing wrong, could not be better actually.” Robert said pulling me in tight to him.

“Tom I have to say it, I’m in Love with You.” Robert said the tear running down his cheek.

“Robert I am sure you already know yourself but, I’m in Love with You too Babe.” I told him kissing his lips.

Robert and I had dinner, then a movie, he and I snuggled while it played on, the credits rolled he and I both exhausted. Robert stood up, pulled me to my feet, held me in tight.

“This was the best day in my entire life Tom, me and my Dad, you and I telling each other we love each other, wish my Mom was here to meet you Tom, she would have loved you.” Robert said smiling.

Robert and I cleaned up, shut it all off and I got in the shower, I wanted, no I needed him so bad right now, I had to have this man in me like he had done before. Once showered I walked Escort Kale into the bedroom, my man was out, the day had taken its toll on him. I quietly shut the light off and snuggled in close to him, he pulled me in, the man was out.

I laid next to him, my head on his chest, his signature snore, his arm pulling me in tightly to himself.

“Love you Tom.” Robert whispered to me in his sleep.

“Love you too Babe.” I whispered back.

I woke at seven Robert up peeing, the man was like an alarm clock, seven am he was up pissing. He snuggled back in, pulling me to his chest, he and I slept another two hours this was our last day off, he and I back to work tomorrow. I woke at nine, the man was out, I ran my hand along his chest to his abs, grabbing his cock firmly in my hand.

His cock rock hard and ready, the precum oozing out of him was amazing, I leaned in and lapped it all up, but I had another idea for this hard cock of his, I needed the man in me, and I needed it now. I grabbed the lube slicked him up and climbed on. Robert woke as his cock was sunk deep inside me. I leaned in and kissed the man.

“Morning Tom someone is horny it seems.” Robert said to me.

“Morning someone is, that is for sure come on Babe I need it so badly right now.”I said looking deep in his eyes.

Robert flipped us so he was above me, my legs on his shoulders, my ass for him to use as he pleased. The man was gentle at first then his tempo was up then slower, then his strokes harder, he slammed his cock into me, he had me so he could shove his huge cock in deep. The man was incredible, he was rough and gentle, then loving, but forceful. I never knew what his next stroke may be, he leaned in for a kiss, his cock swelled his balls in tight.

My cock exploded, I was covered in my own cum, Roberts cock like a machine his cock started to shoot I could feel his cock unloading, each one felt deep inside me. Robert gently slid out letting my legs back down, the man so careful so thoughtful.

Robert got up grabbed a warm damp cloth to wipe us off, once cleaned up he pulled me into him, he and I held each other kissing, and hugging.

“This only gets better each time you and I do this Babe.” I said to him.

“Best way for a man to wake up is his cock being slid in to a tight hole, by a handsome man.” Robert said to me kissing me.

“Coffee? Breakfast?’ I asked him.

“Not yet I am not done with you yet, I need you close to me Tom, I need you and I to just lay here, holding each other.” Robert said to me.

He and I held each other, he needed to be held, to know I loved him, to know someone cared for him.

“I need to pee and I also need coffee Sir.” I said laughing.

I peed emptied out his seed out of me, then stopped kissed him then on to the kitchen to get coffee brewing. I was filling the machine with water when he slid his cock into my hole, he bent me over pushing his cock in deep. The man was horny, he needed relief, Robert gave it to me, his cock a piston, my hole would be sore after this one.

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