Conflicted Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: He Sorts Her Out

‘Babe? Why r u ignoring me?’ read the text from Stuart. Leslie deleted it straight away before she had a chance to hesitate.

It was Monday now; last Wednesday was the last time she’d spoken to him, right after he’d fucked her in the school toilets. Over the last few days, she recalled the events in her head over and over, almost unable to believe they really happened; she was being carried by her son’s bully, inside a cubicle in the school toilets, pinned against the door when her shoe flung from her feet and clattered to the floor. Her son, the only other person in the toilet at the time heard this and innocently asked if the occupant of the cubicle was ok. Leslie climaxed quietly as her teenage lover taunted her son, telling him that Leslie was being fucking right then and there.

It was bad that the reason she was in the school was because she called a meeting between her son, his bully and the principal, in order to ensure Stuart was punished for his behaviour. Instead, Stuart had secretly fingered Leslie to orgasm during the meeting and she turned on her son, agreeing Stuart was harmless.

The worst bit however was dinner that evening. Leslie recalled how her family had all sat down to take-away pizza; Leslie’s mind was racing too much because of her actions that day to cook.

“So, how’d it go at the school, today?” asked Malcolm, unaware he was breaking the uneasy silence between mother and son.

Leslie gathered her thoughts, about to reply to her husband when Lewis jumped in, “Well, basically, we started off and might have made some progress then Mum decided that Stuart was the greatest guy under the sun.”

“What?” said both parent’s simultaneously but Leslie was sure Malcolm wasn’t filled with the fear of Lewis’s next words like she was.

“He learnt nothing but he convinced Mum and our useless principal that he was really sorry and would lay off.”

“Well, OK, if he really did convince your Mum, how do you know he didn’t mean it?” asked Malcolm.

Leslie knew full well that Lewis’s mistrust was spot on because of the taunting Stuart dealt out in the toilets. She, of course, couldn’t admit she heard the whole thing because she had been in the toilet cubicle with Stuart, her body wrapped around his having her second illicit orgasm within that hour. She continued in feigned ignorance, “Well, he sounded sincere.”

“Can I have a proper explanation, please?” asked Malcolm.

“Basically, we explained the situation to Mrs Bullock, the principal, and she said that Stuart wasn’t particularly known for bullying and then he simply said that he was too rough with Lewis because he and his friends act that way. He took on board that it wasn’t acceptable and should stop, in fact he volunteered that. It seemed more prudent to just accept that than aggravate the situation.”

“That was complete rubbish,” replied Lewis, his voice aghast.

“He shook your hand,” she said, immediately regretting her words. Guilt nearly forced a tear from her eye when she thought about why Stuart had done that. Stuart had been fingering Leslie and he just used the excuse to touch Lewis with the hand that had been pleasuring Lewis’s mum.

“Look, enough quabbling. Your mother seems to think it’s resolved. Why don’t you?”

“Well…” Lewis began hesitantly, “I went for a walk because I was annoyed with Mum, then I decided to nip to the loo before the next class began. I heard what I thought was someone bang their head or something in the cubicle so I asked if they were ok. Stuart was the one in there and he just started saying how he hated me and how he didn’t mean anything he said. Swearing loads at me. I said nothing pretty much and he started… saying… so many awful things.”

Leslie fought back a few tears. Lewis was exaggerating the story perhaps but one side of her completely agreed that Lewis was just being thoughtful and instead he got abuse hurled at him. She couldn’t even tell him she understood because she was too busy being fucked by Stuart. That horrible boy Stuart.

The other side of her, however, felt angry at Lewis; angry that he was trying his best to spin it in the worst way possible. If he’d just left the toilet Stuart wouldn’t have taunted him. Who asked him to stay and bicker like a child? Outside the cubicle her son was acting pathetic and inside Stuart was strong and in control. He had carried her as he fucked her; she had let her body fall to his mercy and the mercy of his solid muscles and he had rewarded that trust with a spectacular climax. That wonderful boy Stuart.

She couldn’t control herself and she wanted to be held by her new lover, to feel his thick body heavy and powerful against hers. She was addicted to the feeling of bliss and relaxation he gave her and it made her want to run to him right now. That was why she couldn’t. She had given herself one more time to go to him, but she didn’t trust herself. That was why she deleted his text on Thursday, then Saturday, then Sunday and now, regretfully, Escort Fatih again on Monday.

She felt guilty for wanting him and now she felt guilty that Stuart thought she was ignoring him because she was upset at him. She was ignoring him because she wasn’t. She was ignoring him because she had to.

Dinner was some microwave meals from the supermarket. Leslie hadn’t felt like cooking again.

“Leslie? Sweetie? You ok?” said Malcolm as Leslie had her head in her hands.

“I just have a headache,” she lied. She was just trying hard to control her tears. “I think I’m going to go to bed. You guys finish your food.”

“Sweetie, are…”

“Finish your food. I’m going to bed. Just leave me be, I’ll be fine.”

She had exited dinner early on Wednesday too and her husband had come to bed and comforted her. He had believed that Lewis’s anger was the reason she was stressing out and Malcolm had talked to her kind words about how Lewis would be fine and things would work out. He had no idea that his kindness only made her feel more guilty for betraying him.

Today, she didn’t want him to join her and gratefully he didn’t straight away. She curled up and was trying to drift off to sleep when she heard her phone go off. She went to texts and saw the fake name she had saved Stuart’s number under. ‘Babes? If ive done sumthing just say plz id rather u just say.’ She couldn’t ignore him.

The idea of him worrying like this made her feel just as bad as betraying her son and husband. She owed him a break-up in person. ‘Hi. You free tomorrow?’

‘Yup :)! Looking 4ward 2 it’

Tuesday morning and afternoon flashed by. Leslie oscillated between feeling relaxed that she would sort things out by the end of the evening and anxiousness over having to break the poor boy’s heart. She tried to make herself feel better a couple of times by thinking that Stuart deserved this for hurting Lewis but that train of thought only made her feel more ashamed when she realised she had far less sympathy for her son than she should do. Her greatest fear in all this was being blackmailed. However, Stuart only had a few text messages from her and she hoped that if he decided to use them maliciously, the absurdity of the situation would help her convince people that an elaborate fabrication of these texts was more likely than her actually sleeping with him.

Leslie wore a particularly non-sexual outfit to Stuart’s home. It was her most conservative work outfit; black trousers that weren’t too tight fitting, a cream blouse with a high neckline and a medium knit grey jumper. As far as underwear went she wore a black bra and a pair of black with purple frills French knickers, both plain and not overtly seductive, not that he would get that far to find that out.

She had also made a point of wearing flat shoes; until now every time she went to meet Stuart, her heels had provided a tapping that had become like her marching song for infidelity. This time she silently made her way up the driveway and rang the doorbell.

“Hey babe,” answered Stuart then his face dropped a little, “Oh, did you come straight from work? More covered up than usual.”

Leslie stood in the hallway, staying close to the door to remind herself she needed to leave before she got carried away. Stuart kissed her and she reciprocated only for a couple of seconds. She resisted being directed towards the stairs, which made him look at her curiously and perhaps anxiously. Carefully, she spoke, “I… can’t see you anymore.”

“Why? What have I done?”

“It’s not anything you’ve done…” she paused, “it’s just that I’m much older than you, I’m married and you pick on my son.”

Each of those was in itself a strong logical reason not to be with Stuart but she didn’t feel the emotion behind her response. ‘You pick on my son’ almost came out as an afterthought, more like ‘it’d be better if that wasn’t the case but I can live with it’. That’s why when Stuart kissed her again she didn’t resist then either.

“Baby, I can’t,” she said, holding his face with both hands.

“Once more,” he asked. She silently followed him to his bedroom, feeling immediate disappointment in herself for caving.

When they got to his bedroom, Stuart tried to undress Leslie enthusiastically, but her response was fairly lacklustre, almost mundane. Both in their underwear, he stopped and looked at Leslie with the same disappointed expression he wore when he saw her at the front door, “wow, didn’t even knew you owned underwear!”

She sniggered half-heartedly before he pounced at her and they began to kiss. She managed some passion now but guilt, remorse and shame dominated her thoughts nearly as fully as lust had done in previous encounters with Stuart. He turned her round and unclasped her bra before roughly pushing her towards the bed. She crawled onto the mattress and was about to turn round when she felt Stuart’s hands on her hips.

“No, I want to try from behind today. We’ve not done that yet,” he Fındıkzade escort announced, standing between her calves, by the side of the bed. That was fine with Leslie, she didn’t know if she could look him in the face right now. He tried to enter her but she wasn’t ready. A sharp gasp of pain exhaled from her mouth as he forcefully tried to push his thick erection into her.

“Not wet… that’s a first,” he said and started groping around her clit. He did seem to have a natural talent for sex though, and after thirty seconds she may still have not been in the mood mentally but physically she was pretty much good to go.

He pushed past the entrance to her tunnel, which was still giving him a little resistance, until he was just inside; far enough to reach her natural lubricant. Momentum taking him forward he slammed into her cervix causing her to coo out and collapse onto her elbows.

“Oh, this always feels so good doesn’t it babe,” he said. His standing position allowed him a huge range of motion to thrust his hips; Leslie’s response was to breathe deeply but her thoughts were still filled with self-pity.

“Yee-haw,” he shouted as he thwacked her on the side of her right butt-cheek. She groaned in pain but didn’t say anything; she just wanted to go back to her bed and mope.

“Babe, do you think your dickhead son would be more pissed off that I’m spanking his slutty mum while riding her ass or that I got her off in the principal’s office,” asked Stuart boastfully.

“I… don’t know,” she replied, not really thinking about the response.

Within a second she felt Stuart pull out of her and motion her to flip round with his hands against her hips. She obliged to see his face look genuinely concerned, “Babe, what’s up?”

“Nothing? I just think we have sex this last time and part ways,” she said, stifling a sniff.

“I thought you were just saying that because you felt bad because Lewis, I’m guessing, was a whiney twat at home.”

“Well yeah, he was pretty pissed off at me…”

“Babe,” he interrupted, “this seems more than that. You’re not breaking up with me because you’re pissed. You’re acting like a grumpy emo kid.”

“A what?”

“Basically a whiney… never mind. Why you being all depressed?”

“Why do you think? I’m supposed to be protecting Lewis but instead I’m here fucking you!”

“You’ve been doing both so far. Pretty fucking pissed you hauled me to Bullock’s but you don’t hear me whining, yeah?”

“Yeah where I completely sailed him down the river with no paddle! Not to mention had you with your hands all over me.”

“Well sorry, you seemed to enjoy it enough.”

“I did, that’s not my point.”

“I get it but you heard Bullock. Teachers don’t like to admit bullying and fights happen. She’d have swept this whole situation under the rug in any way she could.”

“Well what about Lewis. I genuinely just wanted him to disappear when I was…” she paused and looked down at the floor.

“About to cum all over my dick? Yeah, course you did. He’s an annoying dick, you said it yourself remember?”

“I… yeah,” she sighed. She was about to argue that she actually didn’t disagree when Stuart called her son a ‘dickhead’ but she felt a lesson in semantics was not what this situation called for.

“That’s nothing to do with you being his mum. That’s about you being a woman and a slutty one at that.”

“Where is this going?” she asked, totally lost to the point of this conversation.

“My point is that, whether or not I fuck you, I’m not gonna stop hating your dickhead son. You said they were two separate things. Lewis doesn’t know about us so his life is unchanged and, fuck it, maybe I’ll even learn to actually lay off him if we’re fucking so if anything, this might be a good thing for him. You being a slut for me doesn’t affect his life but it seems to make you happy enough that you keep coming back. So why are you beating yourself up? You might as well just keep enjoying it.”

“I suppose you have a point,” she said slowly. She wasn’t fully convinced but she did actually feel a little better.

However, before she had time to really think about his words, Stuart grabbed her on either side of her rib cage and nodded his head towards the top of his bed. Both lying across the bed, Stuart on top, he entered her again, and this time she was a lot more enthusiastic. She threw her legs around Stuart and locked her ankles together so that they were above the small of his back. Her arms went under his armpits and her hands were touching alternate shoulder blades. She buried her nose into his neck and inhaled deeply, drifting into a contented state.

“Oh god that’s good, baby,” she groaned. She moaned and yelped and cursed freely between passionate kissing.

“I’m sooo glad I can be loud. I don’t have to worry about…” she drifted off then started kissing Stuart again.

“Worry about your wiener son listening in?”

She kissed him again rather than answer Gaziosmanpaşa escort the question. She pulled away from the kiss after a few seconds and pushed her forehead against his, the sex-fuelled sweat making their skin feel sticky. Through gritted teeth she struggled to speak, “You are the kind of giving me orgasms baby.”

“Do you love me?” he asked suddenly.

“What?” she replied through heavy breathing and buried her head back into his neck so she could breathe in more of his musk.

“Do you love me?”

“I…” she responded slowly; one because her mind was cloudy like it always was on route to an orgasm, and two because she really didn’t know what to say. She continued nervously, “Even if… it wasn’t for… the… uhnnnn… oh god… why ask me now… if it wasn’t for the circumstances… ohhh… so close.” He started to slow down.

“No, baby, no don’t. Make me cum. It’s too soon for love. It’s been two weeks.”

“Do you love me?”

She knew what she had to say, “Yes.”

“Say it and keep saying it until you’re done cumming.”

“I love you… So much. I love… you. Stuart, baby… I love you. Make me…cum,” she gasped. “I… oh… uhnn… love…. Oooohh,” she descended into wailing before she finally came. She held Stuart as tight as she could until she made whole body convulsion that made way to completed muscular relaxation.

Leslie lay motionless on the bed. Her head was limply facing to the wall on the left. Stuart kept thrusting, slowly and softly. The skin between her thighs was now exposed, as opposed to tightly wrapped round her lover, and her orgasm had made her so wet that her upper legs felt a little cold.

“You still going?” she asked lazily, with enough energy to be impressed.

“Yeah, but do you really love me?”

“Stuart,” she answered, summoning enough energy to sit up on her elbows as he continued to drive his hips, “I’m sorry, I… not yet, no.”

“Then why did you say it?”

“What? Well because you made me!”

“I didn’t make you, I asked you to. Just like I didn’t MAKE you turn up to Bullock’s in no clothes.”

She started to feel guilty again, and stumbled over a reply, “No…well… I… you said…”

“You like me ‘making’ you do things. I’m a guy who likes to be in control. Whether it’s making Lewis understand he’s a flaccid knob or telling you what to do. You like being at my whim. So far you’ve enjoyed it and nothing’s gone terribly wrong. Hell, I told Lewis, right then and there that I was fucking you in that toilet stall and nothing went wrong.”

“I suppose.”

“So just let go. Stop being so uptight. Enjoy being a slutty mum. You might not love me but you certainly like me hell of a lot, so did I hurt to say it?”


“I made you promise to come to Bullock’s in a slutty outfit and I made you cum twice. Didn’t you enjoy it?”


“It’s a bit of fun right? Pushing you to your limits. Didn’t you enjoy being fucked in the toilet.”

“Yeah… that was dirty…” she replied, truthfully. It may have been what triggered her episode of melancholy but at the time she really enjoyed it.

“Let go, just say whatever feels right at the time. Trust me. Think of it like you do blowjobs; I can’t imagine anyone actually likes have dick in their mouth but you do it because I like it. If there’s something you uncomfortable doing or saying but you’ll know I’ll like it – it’s like sucking a cock. Yeah?”

She couldn’t think of anything she wanted more right now than to just completely submit to Stuart. She assumed the position she was in before, limbs tightly locked around his body and his musk pervading her nostrils. She thought about the toilet cubicle and Bullock’s office and how she felt out of control but really she wasn’t out of control; she just wasn’t the one in charge of the situation.

“Tell me you’re a slutty mum.”

“So slutty, just for you,” she said, meaning each word. She really felt completely safe around Stuart.

“So you liked being fucked in my school?”

“Yeah, so much…” she replied, dreamily.

“But what about when your son almost interrupted what we were doing?”

“There was no way I’d have stopped for him,” she responded, not caring if that was the truth or not; it’s how she felt right now. Stuart started to plunge into her a little faster.

“He’s so annoying. A complete prick.”

“He was actually pretty annoying that day,” she responded before kissing him up the neck.

“Enough to deserve his own mum telling him to fuck off?” asked Stuart as he ramped up his speed to what it was list just before she last came.

“Definitely, I meant it,” she gasped, that bit she knew was true but it didn’t fill her with guilt this time, “you’re gonna make me cum again, baby.”

“Don’t you wish you’d given the little arsehole up for adoption?”

In any state, the answer to that was no. However, she didn’t think Stuart was looking for ‘no, I love my son too much,’ as a response but there was another small reason she was glad Lewis was her son, a reason she thought Stuart would want to hear, “No. I don’t wish that… because if he wasn’t my son, I’d never have met you. He’s good for something…”

She could feel a second orgasm coming, as Stuart spoke again, “So what you’re kinda saying is…”

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