Confessions of a Teacher Ch. 03

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*Author’s note*: All characters in the narrative are above the age of 18.

After depleting my loads of cum after class in the lab, I rushed home quickly to find that my levels of lust were still very high. Simone Lane’s suggestion of using a time-lapse camera for the terrarium gave me a great idea. While I was searching for the time-lapse camera to purchase on-line, I came across a plethora of different wireless camera set-ups. Pinhole types to hidden in clocks and sensors, the possibilities and types were endless. I figure I can put the extra coaching income towards getting another camera. After a few hours of browsing on various spy-camera websites, I found the model and style I wanted. If I had access to this kind of stuff as a kid, I would have had a very happy childhood!

I went with an HD pinhole camera set-up that allowed for multiple cams. They could all be routed to be received under one system. The DVR option was a little extra but I figured it would be well worth the purchase. With each camera in the set, there were three, being about a button sized, they would hide very well. Where was I going to put them? Where else? In the locker room. I knew from the layout of the boy’s locker room that the girl’s area would be mirrored. Each locker room has a changing area with the lockers, a bathroom section with stalls and sinks, and a shower area that features six individual showers separated by vinyl curtains. I didn’t have access to the female locker room (obviously) so I had to do reconnaissance in the male locker room. I found the the ideal spots for the cameras would be in an unused locker, in an exhaust vent in the shower room, and above one of the showers that had another steam vent. I outfitted the cameras with a steam resistant tape over the lens to keep the condensation off. The only problem I encountered at this point was to install them in the female locker room.

I glanced over the calender-practice schedule and chose to cancel the next practice. It would give me the opportunity to get in and install everything. I did have to cover some bases before hand. Since Jim and I coach the senior varsity squad, all of our girls were over 18 which is a big relief. The girl’s locker room is also not very far from our coaches office, so the signal would reach. I felt confident sneaking on a Saturday afternoon and not being detected by any other school officials.

That afternoon, after I sent home the assistant to the team, a student teacher, Jennifer. The campus was empty and I made my way to the locker room. It was by no means drab and actually well maintained. I enjoyed the purple and pink paint scheme as well as the carpeting in the locker area. The first camera required being placed in a locker with a grated door, so as to peer out into the locker room. As I searched for an empty locker, I noticed the names of the team members and their various locker stickers and knick knacks. They liked to make their spaces known. I should probably briefly outline the senior varsity squad:

4 Selena Michaels: Blonde, shoulder-length hair with a gorgeous ass and thighs. She’s a good student and is very competitive by nature. Her face has slightly elfish features that lend a playfulness in her smile. She gets along great with her teammates and generally plays the 2 to 4 position. I really enjoy working on drills with her, she follows direction very well.

2 Rachel Meeks: A leggy brunette with nice B cups and a slender frame. Rachel plays in the hitter positions with her length being a great attribute. She’s generally shy and reserved by that attitude goes to the wayside once she is in the game. Her eyes are mesmerizing and compliment her thin lips.

2 zorla sex Jodie Shepard: The shortest member of the senior varsity squad could easily be mistaken for a freshman. She has the biggest ass on the squad and it is veritably heavy. I often suggest she lead the squats exercise in practice when we are conditioning. She has a small waist and unfortunately only works with A cups on top. I’ve imagined myself pulling her auburn hair while I hump her behind with a finger in that plump ass-hole.

3 Simone Lane: As you know, this dark haired beauty is also leggy and plays in the back court. Her strong legs and ass constantly get worked out in practice (and in my imagination). Genuinely a nice girl and one of my favorite students. I don’t foresee her going on with volleyball in the future, but she will do bigger and better things.

2 Mikayla Jensen: Nicknamed Captain Kayla, Mikayla is the senior squad’s captain. She is a great leader. Wholesome to the core, Kayla has seniority over the other girls and has all the skills to excel in the game. She stands at 5’7” and has a beautiful hourglass figure. Dirty Blond but with some sophistication. She reminds me of a young Britney Spears in her prime.

8 Samantha Wells: One of the heavier set girls on the team. I think she may be a lesbian. Excellent player but I am not really drawn to her. There appears to be something off about her.

2 Justine Smith: I was really glad Jim assigned her as a setter because she has the best chest on the team. Her butt is lacking a little, but the way she braces her arms forward to set the ball up. I can’t resist admiring her breasts squeezing perfectly. She flies under the radar on the team and has struggled with grades as well.

0 Layla Johnson: Likely the most athletic member of the team, Layla is mixed (black and white) and has beautiful caramel colored skin. She is rail thin all over, but a great personality that is critical to the functioning of the team. Very intuitive.

3 Alexa Anderson: The best defensive player of the varsity squad. We gave her the libero position as she’s very well versed in the sport. She excels in practice and in games. Similar to Mikalya in looks, Alexa body is a slightly exaggerate version of the captain. Her behind is plumper and her bust is slightly more pronounced/perky. Her competitive edge is unrivaled on the team.

These are the nine members we rotate on the team. Every now and then we will bring in a junior varsity girl, but these are the cream of the crop. And as I looked around their lockers, I realized that I was a lucky man to be doing what I was doing. I found an empty locker that would not be touched (I checked the locker assignments). The set-up was effortless. The other two locations proved to be slightly difficult but in the end they worked out just fine. I wired everything and made sure the signals were working properly. I ended up spending a good part of my evening in the gymnasium ensuring everything was safely and discreetly placed.

I decided to lay low on the operation and left the cameras to roll over the next few days. They had a long recording time and I didn’t want it to seem I was overly excited for something to be recorded. I focused on practice extra vigilantly the following day. The best performing members, Layla, Mikayla, Justine, and Alexa shined in their drills and footwork modules. The others struggled a bit but Jennifer helped encourage them on. I generally sit back and observe the practice and pass along my thoughts on conditioning to Jim. If anyone ever needs more work, I let Jim know.

I assigned Jodie to lead in the squats conditioning to strengthen porno indir legs. From my seat, I sat off to the side between the rest of the girls and Jodie. As Jodie bended her legs, so did the others and I could see all the fine, nubile gaps in their legs tense and glide down. Jodie’s floral print g-string peaked through as she took her squat really low. Luckily I was wearing sweatpants with briefs otherwise I would have been pitching a tent. I saw Alexa with a look of determination pointed ahead of her towards Mikayla. Jim and I had been considering making her a co-captain for the strengths but she was too rash in some games to truly take the title on. Where Mikayla is poised in strategy, Alexa is headstrong and brash. I was enjoying all this drama until Jennifer interrupted me.

“Reggie, we have a problem.” Jennifer addressed me by my first name (admittedly it felt strange to hear).

“What is it?” I asked her.

“It’s in the locker-room.” She said. I almost jumped out of my seat. Did I not plant the cameras discreetly enough? I panicked a bit and visibly broke a sweat. I looked at Jennifer in silence, with what felt like the guilt of a grief stricken serial killer who just discovered empathy. “You’d better come check it out.” I didn’t say anything and followed her to the entry way of the locker room. “You don’t have to go any further,” she finally said, “Do you smell it?”

A wave of relief came over me as did the waft of freshly smoked marijuana that emanated from the locker room. Jennifer explained the source and suggested we do a search. I dispatched her to go ahead and let the girls know practice would be done early today. As a faculty member I had to handle this swiftly, and as the school-day was done, Jim and the other staff had already left. I went to the coaches office and unlocked the cabinet in which I placed the DVR and camera signal receiver. I hooked up the small television we used for reviewing plays and games to the receiver. With a firm grasp on my crotch, I turned on the TV and flipped it to the receiver input. The television warmed up to three different screens showing the inner areas of the girl’s locker room. For the time being the exhaust fans were off so the audio reception was great. The girls filed in and looked exhausted. I began stroking my cock as I listened in on their conversations.

“Thank god we got out early, it is so freaking hot in that gym. I don’t know why they can’t turn on the air conditioning for us.” Rachel proclaimed starting to remove her shorts.

“I know, it’s like they want us to be tortured in the heat and sweat to death. It’s sick.” Said Selena as she pulled her jersey off to reveal a modest sports bra. “I’ll finally have a chance to sit in the cold library only to catch up on my calculus homework. Ugh.”

“I wonder why we ended practice so quickly. Do you think it was the heat?” Simone asked around. She noticed Samantha wasn’t looking too well. “Are you okay Samantha?”

“I’m okay, just a bit dehydrated.” Samantha responded seeming parched. She headed straight for the shower to bathe. The others quietly undressed.

“Do you all smell that?” Layla asked, “It smells like pot.” The rest of the girls took a moment to sniff around and all nodded to varying degrees. “I’m pretty sure it was Samantha.” They were all quiet for a moment. “Do you think we should let the coaches know?” Nobody answered Layla.

“I’m sure they already know,” Alexa said dryly, “the way Coach Antoni keeps his eyes on us, I’m sure he’s already on it.” I could hear a tinge of disgust in her voice. Justine and Jodie laughed. Simone giggled a bit.

“Last week, when I was turning my quiz in, he offered ensest porno to grade it and I could totally see him looking up my skirt while I waited.” Simone shared. “And I think while we were taking the quiz, he was touching himself.”

“Seriously?!” Creepy!” Alexa shouted. “Well what did you see?”

“It looked like he had a towel on his lap, but not much more.” Simone said, “But when he was grading the quiz, I did see the bulge in his pants. It was pretty obvious.”

“Was it big?” Alexa asked with piqued interest. Simone seemed to hesitate a little.

“Yeah… it looked pretty big even through his pants.” Simone finally answered.

“Hmm, who knew. He’s not a good looking older guy at all but he might have a big cock. That’s strange and interesting.” Alexa stated. She was partly right. I am not traditionally handsome, but I do have a long and thick cock. When I was younger, the girls in my school would frequently seek me out for my “Italian deli meat,” which at nine inches and a curved girth, would satisfy their appetites. “But that doesn’t make up for his creepiness haha.” Alexa added with a smile that looked like it couldn’t be corrupted any more.

“Yeah! Haha, totally. I know he was very concentrated on my squat form from the way he was looking at my ass in the mirror. Gross!” Jodie laughed again as she peeled her shorts off, her ass was breath-taking and I suppose she knew I was an admirer. She also produced her floral print g-string from thin air it seemed. A black man would have wept tears of joy at the sight of her white girl booty.

“I wish I had a more compressing bra because he can’t seem to quit helping me with setting up shots.” Justine said sounding disappointed, “He doesn’t know that my eyes are up here,” she said motioning to her face, “and not down here,” motioning to her lusciously jiggling breasts.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I turned off the TV feed quickly and opened to see who it was. Jennifer came in and began talking at length about the possible culprit. I engaged in the deduction with her without giving away the fact that I knew already who it was. We continued for quite some time until she finally left after I told her I would look into it. I turned the TV on quickly to catch more of the action but the areas were all empty, the girls had left for the day. I pulled the locker roster and made my way to the locker room.

I went directly for Samantha’s locker first and unlocked to find the contents of her possession. There wasn’t much weed to be had, but it would definitely result in getting kicked off the team. I stood there for a moment realizing that I had just witnessed one of my best moments in this place on a screen from my office. I recalled Jodie’s undressing and unlocked her locker. Her jersey was hung and looked visibly damp. She always pushed herself in practice. I dug around some more until I came across her underwear. The g-string was still wet as I held it in my hand. I brought it up to my face and took a deep indulging smell. The mix of sweat and natural pussy juices took me to a new level of heaven. I folded the panties up quickly and placed them in my pocket and rushed back to my office. Downloading the DVR recordings, I went home and promptly made good work on stroking my jock.

That night, I wore Jodie’s sweat laced g-string over my nose and masturbated three times in one session. Each time I exploded in pleasure while I breathed deeply taking in every scent of her pussy while I watched her peel her shorts off in the locker room. Every reveal of her ass led me to orgasm. The other girls also added to my pleasure and I really enjoyed watching Mikayla and Alexa dart glances at one another. There was something at work here and I knew that it could be opportune for me. The cameras were a great idea indeed. At the end of the next few practices, I treated myself to a private masturbation session in my office while I watched the live feed of the squad hitting the showers.

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