Confessions of a Soccer Mom Ch. 04

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Author’s note: Everyone in this series is over 18.

It was late when I finally got ready for bed.

There was one more thing I wanted to do.

Tomorrow morning was going to be crazy, everyone was going to be away until late Sunday night, and I was going to have two nights alone … well not alone, not really.

I went into the bathroom and closed the door. Reaching into the cupboard I pulled out the bag I had purchased earlier today.

I looked at the tweezers that I had in the bag and thought about what time it was. I took out my phone and googled what I wanted to do.

“Hmmm, let’s do it the easy way,” I said to my reflection. I put a new blade in my razor, and I very carefully shaved.

It took less time than I thought and wasn’t as painful as plucking, I set the razor down and looked in the mirror.

“That’s different,” I said looking at my reflection. I used my hand and ran my fingers across the now bare surfaces. My pussy tingled.

I turned the bag upside down and it fell out.

I picked it up and using my drawing skills, I very carefully drew my eyebrows. I wondered in the morning if anyone would notice.

“One step closer,” I smiled.

I tucked everything back into the bag and put it into the drawer.

Then I washed my face but I purposely left Erich’s dried cum on my thighs and was surprised as some was still leaking from me. I couldn’t resist and brought some to my lips.

“Yummy,” I smiled.

A few minutes later, still naked, I crawled into bed. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

It seemed like I had only closed my eyes when the alarm went off. I rarely used the alarm but I needed it this morning, and so did everyone else.

Dean was up early when I was doing my workout and actually helped pry the boys out of bed. Both slipped downstairs separately where I was doing yoga to say good morning and I let them both kiss me long and hard before Dean called them back upstairs for breakfast. Both noticed the eyebrows, but Dean did not. Both asked if I was excited, and I let them feel me up to get their answer before they ran up the stairs.

The normal morning routine was upset because of the tournament, but after last night’s activities and the “glow” that I still felt, I hardly even noticed.

Everyone finally got organized, Dean slipped out with a quick peck on my cheek while the boys lagged to supposedly grab a couple things they forgot, I was what they grabbed and with one of them keeping an eye out for their father, the other gave kissed me and did some petting before switching places.

Dean honked the horn and both ran out the door, the scent of my damp pussy hung in the air and I wondered if Dean would notice my scent on the boy’s talented fingers. I watched their car doors swing shut, I heard the music start, and the car left, no brake lights, no repercussions, so he did not appear to notice or maybe did not recognize the scent for what it was.

Still, a little dazed and buzzed from enjoying being felt up by both of them, I managed to get ready for work and made it with five minutes to spare.

The day at work inched by with agonizing slowness until finally, 5 pm arrived and I zoomed out towards the door. That was the fastest I had moved all day.

Brooke, my boss stopped me within sight of the door and asked, “Is tonight the night?”

She looked to see if anyone was listening and said, “I checked with H/R and they are fine with you shaving your head, particularly if it’s raising money for a fundraiser.”

She laughed and said, “I also got them to donate $100 as well.”

“That’s a nice bonus,” I said sincerely.

Then she added, “I can’t wait to see you shaved bald, I shouldn’t say this, but I think you are pretty sexy now, but thinking of you completely bald just raises my blood pressure to an entirely new level.” As if suddenly realizing what she had just said, it looked like her entire body blushed at the same time.

You could tell she was keyed up, I knew she was probably aware of my multiple masturbation trips to the washroom each day and I thought she had wanted to say something but didn’t know how exactly to do it. The sexual tension that I would have been blind to only a few weeks ago was really apparent to me now. I wanted to kiss her. I suspected she would let me.

She seemed unsure of herself and then she took a deep breath and ask, “Nancy would you answer a personal question for me?”

“Sure, you’re my boss, but you are way more than that, I liked to think we’re friends, close friends,” I emphasized “the close,” playfully implying some sexual overtones.

Brooke and I had always gotten along okay in the past and we had enjoyed several wine nights. Nothing had ever happened between us, but there was always a hint of her wanting more. Over the past few days and weeks, I had noticed the ways she found to always be touching my hands or arms, “accidentally,” and looks that lingered maybe for a second or two longer than normal.

“I can’t, it’s too personal,” escort karkamış she said avoiding eye contact with me.

“Nobody is here, Brooke, go ahead, you never know I might just say yes,” adding even more implications to my playfulness.

She smiled and then blushed.

“Go ahead Brooke, there isn’t anything you could say that would make me uncomfortable,” I said sincerely.

“Okay, but you’re sure?”

“Yes Brooke,” and I reached out and squeezed her hand.”

“Uhh, okay,” and she took a deep breath and said, “Nancy after you shave your head will you be totally hairless?”

I looked at her and took a chance; I leaned toward her and kissed her on the lips.

Brooke seem to freeze for a moment then her body visibly got looser, and she kissed me back. It was a nice, tentative kiss, her eyes were closed, her lips were soft, and I noticed her perfume was a mix of spice and lavender. I closed my eyes too and we kissed again not so tentatively this time, and then again and again.

When we stopped, I said, “If you mean, do I shave my pussy? then the answer is yes.” I thought Brooke might fall over because of my boldness.

“Mmmm,” Brooke sighed.

I said softly, “Let’s go for a drink next week and I will tell you all about it.”

She kissed me again. She looked like she had another question, but this time I didn’t have to coax it from her.

Then she added, “Would you show me?” she turned bright red, knowing that she likely pushed too far too soon.

I smiled inwardly at her willingness to ask and then her embarrassment. Fortunately, after the past few weeks and what happened last night, nothing seemed to be too fast for me anymore, I was getting used to it. What had seemed so unbelievable to me only days ago was now my reality. Most importantly I was living up to my promise to myself to take advantage of second chances to enjoy my sexuality and best of all it was with Michelle’s blessing.

“Yes, I would.” Then it was my turn to be bold, and I was not embarrassed anymore, “Would you like to just see parts of me,” actually pointing at my pussy, “Or, would you like to see all of me?”

Her blushing was actually really cute because she was always so prim and proper and totally professional. It was nice to see glimpses of the woman she was under the armor of her professionalism.

Several seconds passed.

Then very quietly she said, “All of you.”

I didn’t hesitate, “We can do that, who knows maybe I can get to see you naked too.”

She kissed me one more time, I squeezed her hand, and she said, “Have fun, Nancy,” and then looking into my eyes she added, “I would really like that too.”

Her phone rang and I could tell she had to go, she kissed me yet again, and this time, I felt her hands on my ass as she hugged me, and then she was gone. I watched the sway of her hips as she disappeared back into the office.

Even more, dazed now from that unexpected attention, I drove home on mental cruise control, I had to force myself to focus on driving, I was so excited about what was going to happen tonight.

I got home and headed straight for the shower, leaving a trail of clothes in my wake.”

I noticed a text from Michelle that came when I was in the shower. “Could I ask a favor?”

We had been texting since Tuesday, at one point we had 25 messages in one afternoon, making plans and her explaining in very explicit detail what she had planned for tonight. I had told her about Erich and Nate, Heather, and what Rachel had made me do. Now I mentioned kissing Brooke tonight and her request.

“You are a submissive little slut, Nancy; will you just let anyone molest you?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said using my most innocent-sounding voice.

“Good, because I want you to be naked when I get there.”

“What’s submissive about that,” I replied.

“It’s submissive because I am going to insist you be naked all weekend sweetie.”

I could feel my nipples hardening.

“I couldn’t,” I said to Michelle, but already my mind was thinking, “Could I, maybe I could.”

Michelle wasn’t looking for a debate and replied quickly, “Not your choice Nancy, I’ll be there in a few minutes, when I arrive I want you to come outside and get in my car.”


“Yes, naked, since we met, I have allowed you to do whatever you have liked with whoever you liked sexually these past few weeks without any restrictions, but now you need to know that belonging to me and being mine does have a price Nancy,” Michelle said in a nice but firm and stern voice.

Her tone turned me on, the idea of belonging to her stirred my feelings of submissiveness.

I remembered how we had discussed how I thought I liked being submissive and Michelle said she would help. When I had asked how, she just smiled and said, “I’ll find ways, you’ll see.”

I now had learned one of the ways.

I had packed a small bag and it was by the door, waiting.

I looked in the mirror. There was never any doubt karkamış escort bayan that I would do what she asked.

I walked to the door and grabbed the bag. I took all of my clothes, the sexy panties, and every bit of material out of the bag, folded and stacked them in the laundry room. Next, I put away the outfit I had chosen to wear in the car. Nude, I put my hair in a ponytail and put on my makeup, a little jewelry, and smiled.

Michelle had said a friend had lent her a car for the weekend and when I saw a strange car pull into the driveway I was nervous until I checked and saw her behind the wheel. She smiled and waved, but I knew this was a test and I was determined to pass it.

I grabbed the almost empty bag and took a deep breath. Part of me worried that someone might see me, and the other part of me hoped that someone would see me.

Deep breath, turned on the outside light, pulled the door open, and walked nude into the sunshine. The tingling between my legs felt almost audible. I forced myself not to run. I walked towards her car. I happened to see some curtains move and looked up and saw Heather in her window, and she did a double-take and then looked out the window open-mouthed. I waved and got into the passenger seat of the car.

Michelle smiled, leaned over, and kissed me, “Good girl.”

“Who’s that,” Michelle said as I looked up to see Heather walking quickly to the car.

“Oh shit, that’s my noisy neighbor,” I said, my heart starting to beat harder.

“The one who liked my drawing of you,” Michelle said unconcerned, “She’s cute.”

Before I could respond, Heather knocked on the window. Michelle opened it using the controls on her side of the car.

Heather stared at my naked body for a moment before saying, “Nancy, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Heather this is Michelle, my art professor, Michelle this is Heather, she loved your drawing of me,” I said outwardly calm but inside my mind was going, “WTF, WTF, WTF.”

A light came on in Heather’s eyes.

“So you’re a lesbian now, Nancy? Does Dean know?”

“First, it’s not that simple Heather, and Dean doesn’t seem interested one way or the other.”

I took a breath and said, “Heather, I am more than just a Lesbian, I loved the way you kissed me the other day and I still like sex with guys, but I am rediscovering what sexuality means and what I like.”

“So, is she helping you?” Heather said interestedly, a smile starting to grow and lust appearing in her eyes, just like it had when she kissed me in my kitchen.

“Michelle is a very special friend, and yes she is helping me,” I said softly, my voice trying to convey to Heather just how special Michelle was.

Heather seemed to stop and think for a moment.

“I think I understand, don’t worry I won’t tell him, but if Michelle ever doesn’t want to help you, I would and I still want to have you naked with me sometime,” she said boldly as if competing with Michelle.

“Don’t worry Heather,” Michelle said, “I can’t think of a reason why I wouldn’t want to, but I also don’t mind sharing Nancy with you,” Michelle said sincerely, almost inviting Heather to join both of us instead of trying to compete with her. I leaned over and kissed Michelle, thanking her.

Heather turned bright red but smiled genuinely at Michelle. She leaned into the window and before I knew it, it had cupped one of my breasts and her warm hand. My already hard nipples seemed to get even harder and Heather’s hand felt really nice. She kissed me, full tongue and everything. Knowing Michelle was watching made it seem even more intense.

“Nancy, I can’t believe how much you’ve opened up in the past few weeks, I like it,” Heather said when we stopped kissing.

Then she looked at Michelle, “You two have fun.”

As she talked, I had spread my legs and Heather noticed my shaved little box. Without waiting to be asked, she reached down and ran her middle finger up the center of my sex.

“I won’t tell,” she smiled devilishly, and then she licked her finger.

Michelle laughed, “Heather, I would love to invite you to join us but tonight we have to go, I am going to shave Nancy’s head.”

Heather looked as if she didn’t comprehend what Michelle said. Michelle didn’t wait and was already closing the window leaving Heather standing dumbfounded on the edge of our driveway.

Michelle, “That was fun, she’s nice, but this weekend you are mine and I don’t want to share you with anyone until we shave you.”

I snuggled up against Michelle as she drove, the middle seat belt across my waist; all the way Michelle had her fingers in me. My eyes were closed and my entire body shook in anticipation as we pulled into traffic and got further and further away from my clothes.

The car we were driving was much lower than mine. At several traffic lights, people in trucks and even some cars could look down and see that I was naked and being masturbated by Michelle. Several men and even a few karkamış escort women shouted encouragement and even more held up their phones and snapped pictures of what they could see. Each time it happened Michelle told me to open my legs so they could see her fingers working me. I felt so exposed, so slutty, and so incredibly turned on.

I could have done that all night, but before I knew it, Michelle parked behind the building that held her apartment. I knew better than to ask to cover up.

Michelle got out of the car and I boldly followed walking beside her. I held Michelle’s hand as we walked across the small parking lot, upstairs to the door, and into the hallway. Again, I was equally relieved and disappointed that nobody saw me. The thrill of thinking I would be seen naked outside by someone almost made me feverish.

“Smile,” Michelle said, pointing to the security camera. In full view of the camera, Michelle cupped both my breasts and caressed my boobs and nipples.

“There, that ought to give the old security guy a reason to take his blue pill tonight,” and she laughed as we walked another flight of stairs to her apartment. If anyone saw us, nobody screamed.

My mind quickly imagined being led in handcuffs to a police car while crowds watched, my knees got weak and my pussy even wetter.

“Come on sweetie, I know what you’re thinking, maybe I handcuff you myself later,” she said. I wondered how she knew, but as I learned more about Michelle, I would not be surprised that getting arrested naked was one of her dark fantasies too.

Her apartment was exactly how I imagined it. Small and tastefully decorated. I held Michelle’s hand as she gave me a tour, we stopped in her bedroom at the kingsize bed. She had a kingsize cannonball-type poster bed with four Velcro ties lying on the bed. I looked at them and then at her and she just smiled.

“For later, if you feel like it.”

Then she added as she led me back out into her living room, “Let’s get some wine.”

A few minutes later she handed me a glass of wine. I sipped the wine and watched her light more candles than I had ever seen in my life. Soft music just seemed to fill the room, but I never saw Michelle turn it on, and a beautiful gas fireplace burned quietly in the background.

I forced my hands to stop shaking.

Michelle had a stunning floor-to-ceiling mirror that was finished in antique oak and in front of it was an incredible wing chair, it matched the décor perfectly but it was the size that caught my eye. It was huge, it looked like both of us could sit in it comfortably.

Michelle smiled as I looked at the wing chair and mirror, she slid up behind me and used her hands to massage my shoulders, and sides, before wrapping them around my waist, her hands resting just inches from my sex.

She kissed the back of my neck softly, slowly starting biting and sucking my skin for several moments, all the while looking at my reflection in the large mirror. Her green eyes blazed with an intensity that almost hypnotized me.

She turned me around and looked into my eyes, we started kissing and it seemed like we would never stop. Michelle wore a button-type lacy white blouse with jeans, and a beautiful necklace, she was barefoot, her hair in a ponytail almost exactly like mine.

We kissed as my fingers worked her buttons while her hands seemingly were everywhere touching me. The music played, the candles burned down, and we kissed, stopping to sip wine before kissing again. How long we stood facing each other, I have no idea, I didn’t notice and didn’t care. I was completely lost in the sensuality of the moment.

Her top fell to the floor, she didn’t wear a bra today, I cupped her breasts with both hands, her skin warm to the touch, she inhaled and bit her tongue as my fingers and thumbs danced around her nipples, softly making her moan and whimper as I pulled and caressed them in ways that I had always wished Dean would do to me.

I leaned over and took a nipple into my mouth, kissing then licking then softly biting her and suckling one and then the other I felt her body start to tremble, I felt her knees grow weak.

Deftly I undid the button on her jeans, using my hands as wedges I slipped both into the tight space between her thighs and her jeans, cupping her ass.

Still, we kissed, I managed to pull her jeans over the flair of her wonderful ass, finally breaking our kissing, I knelt in front of her kissing my way down her chest, my lips and mouth finding and savoring her nipples as I dropped slowly to my knees. Covering her flat stomach with kisses, my hands all the while tugged on her faded and very tight jeans.

As I pulled her jeans away I could not help but notice that the crotch of her jeans was much darker and I smiled knowing why. The wetness and her scent were intoxicating.

I tugged a little harder and her jeans rolled down her thighs, now kissing her lower stomach my hands pushed her jeans down below her knees. Helping using her feet, we managed to get them to her ankles, and then she stepped out of them.

I used my hands and fingers to make circles, smaller than bigger, and back on forth on her cheeks, just barely touching her skin with my fingertips.

The air was filled with the sounds of Michelle going, “MMMmmmmm,” no words just soft sounds, some moans, and little whimpers.

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