Confessions of a Divorce Attorney

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“I want the Residence in the Hampton, on the East Side, and in Los Angeles, along with that I want three cars of my choosing, and a $4.60 million settlement.” My clients soon to be ex wife’s lawyer presented the settlement to us annoyingly calm.
“That is nowhere near the settlement my client will be willing to agree to.” I replied.
“We will see you in court then, have a good day.” They got up and stormed out of the conference room in my office.

I could see the displeasement in my clients face, I knew we would be able to get a better settlement in court from a judge, but not much of a better settlement. He cheated, and that makes his prenup void, that clause in the prenups tends to be a bitch for successful businessmen that work a lot. I get really exhausted with the utter stupidity these men have marrying these gold digging trophy wives, that are in it for the money 110%. Then they end up being dumbfounded when their wives wait for them to cheat, file for divorce, and take half of everything they have because of an infidelity clause in their prenup. I deal with them on a day to day basis being a divorce lawyer, sometimes I think about leaving the business, then I remember the money is too good to pass up.

“Don’t worry about it, if they won’t agree to a better settlement, we can get a better one from a judge, in court.” I assured him.
“I don’t want to give up anymore than 25% of my assets, and if you can make that happen I will triple your hourly wage.” he replied.
“It will be a challenge, but I like a challenge, I will do my best to keep it under 25%, but you can not go off and do anything stupid like sleep with her sister again.” I informed him.
“I can do that.” he said laughing.

He got up, shook my hand, and walked out of the conference room, I knew if I was going to keep the settlement under 25% I would need to find something big on her. I got up and walked into my office, I got on the phone to call my private investigator, I was too busy to find what I needed on her to settle. I have used the same private investigator since I entered the law profession a couple years ago, he has always stayed loyal to me, and brought me sufficient evidence for whatever I am attempting to accomplish at the time, he was expensive but worth it.

“I need you to find something big on a Elizabeth Lynn Chovacksky, currently resides at
5th Avenue and East 81st Street, unit 995, 12th floor.” I said.
“What outcome are you looking to achieve of this, and what is my time frame?” he asked.
“I need a 25% settlement, on a void prenup due to infidelity, and we have one and a half weeks until we go to court, make it good and I will double your rate.” I replied.

Then the line ended and the dial tone appeared. This kind of work was going to make me go grey young, stressful, and twenty hour work days, six to seven days a week don’t help. I was only twenty six years old, I graduated law school at twenty two, graduated high school when I was sixteen, and started university that fall. Sometimes I wonder if being so successful, izmit otele gelen escort so quickly, at such an early age was somewhat robbing me of enjoying my youth. In the long run though I think it was worth it, I am so financially secure, and I have a great career that won’t end anytime soon.That is something I dreamed of having when I was younger, I wanted to be highly successful in whatever career path I chose to follow.

I got up and walked over to the bucket of ice sitting on the coffee table, in the sitting area of my office. I grabbed the ice pick and stabbed a couple pieces of ice off and put it into a scotch glass, I grabbed the bottle of Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique, from the coffee table,it was my favorite, and I poured myself a glass. I walked over to my desk, sat down, and loosened my tie, sometimes I like to take a break and just drift off thinking about things. Then my secretary walked into my office and placed a folder onto my desk, I hired her last year when I became a partner at the firm. She was sexy as hell, but that wasn’t the only reason I hired her, she graduated top of her class at yale in pre-law. She was very intelligent and smart, sometimes I even used her when I was preparing for a case, she had helped me quite a few times actually.

“You just received a settlement offer from Elizabeth Chovacksky’s lawyer, it came in ten minutes ago.” she said to me.
“Thank you, can you get me a cup of coffee, and reschedule the lunch with Vanderbilt for next week, instead of tomorrow” I replied.
“Of course sir.” she walked out of my office.

I opened the folder, and the request was the residence on the East Side, one car of her choice, and $1.25 million, this is the best settlement he could possibly get. Plus it only came in at around 22% of his total worth, I was raking in triple my hourly rate without even taking the case to court, or paying my private investigator. I asked my secretary to call him and have the investigation canceled because we had a settlement we were prepared to agree upon. I faxed the settlement to my clients office to be signed, I had already signed, his soon to be ex wife had already signed, and her lawyer had already signed. I was ready to be done with this case, and take a much needed vacation back home to Portland to see my family, I hadn’t been back in four years, since I got my law degree. I had a trip planned to go back for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and it was Wednesday, only one more work day. It was already 10:00 at night, and I was ready to go home, I had been in the office at 6:00 this morning, and was in the office until 1:30 in the morning last night. Adrianna my secretary had already left, and gone home at 9:00. I got up and walked down the hall to the elevator, the entire office was dark, everyone had gone home already, I usually was the last person to leave and go home at the end of the night. My office was on the 45th floor of the Hearst Building, I got into the elevator and hit the button for the ground floor. I walked outside izmit anal yapan escort and rose my hand up calling a taxi cab, when I got home I hung my suit, dress shirt, and tie up, put my watch into its case, and got into bed.

I laid there in bed in my boxers, I was kind of horny, and all I could think about was Adrianna, the more I thought the harder my dick got. I started beating my cock, imagining her sucking on my cock, while I hold onto her blonde hair, then I imagined myself fingering her bare shaved pussy while licking her clitorus side to side, while she held onto my hair and moaned my name. Then I imagined spreading her legs open and rubbing her pussy with my dick, until I slowly slid it into her while she was moaning my name. Right as I imagined shoving my cock into her I cummed all over my chest, legs, sheets, and my hand, I don’t remember the last time I cummed this much. After that I was so exhausted that I started to drift out, and before I knew it I was out and asleep.

I woke up the next morning to my alarm at 4:30, I was pumped and ready to go for the day, because tomorrow I would be flying out to Portland. I did one hour of workouts in my boxers, then got ready and was out to the office by 5:30, got to the office at 6:00. I had breakfast ready and sitting on my desk, Adrianna got me breakfast every morning, on my desk by 6:00. Next to my breakfast this morning was a folder, which I found off because I wasn’t involved in any ongoing cases. I sat down at my desk with my cup of coffee, and opened the folder, there was five photocopied pictures of pussy and titts, and if I didn’t know any better I would guess of it was Adrianna. I called Adrianna into my office to figure out who had delivered this folder.

“Where did this folder come from?” I asked.
“Well I took the photos on the photocopy machine, and put them in the folder for you.” she replied.
“Uhm, why?” I was completely confused, and almost speechless.
“I thought you would like it, I see you checking me out around the office when you see me around, plus you have been really stressed out.” she replied.
“So what does this mean?” I asked.
“Well you tell me.” she said while walking over and sitting on my lap.
“Uhhh I don’t know.” I replied.
“Then I guess I will have to show you what it means.” she said while sitting on my lap and grabbing my half erect cock through my trousers.

I pushed the button on my desk that makes the glass walls around my office white out, then I started kissing Adrianna. Caressing her tongue with my tongue, and grabbing her tits. My cock was hard and throbbing, I had her on my lap, moving around, and rubbing my cock with her hand. She stood up, got onto her knees, undid my belt, and took my cock out of my trousers. She stared at it for about 30 seconds while rubbing it, then started to suck on it, instantly there was immense pleasure, I wanted to cum all over her face. I had fantasised about fucking her, and her sucking on my cock many times since I hired her, but now sansürsüz escort bayan it was actually happening. I stood up as she stood up and unzipped her dress, she sat down in my chair, I slipped her heels off and tossed them, pulled her dress down and tossed it. She was sitting there in my chair, in nothing but a bra, and a thong, staring at me with my throbbing cock hanging out of my undone, and unzipped trousers. She was so beautiful and sexy, her tits were if I had to guess a D cup, she had a sexy ass, that I learned I loved to grab onto, and she definitely knew how to suck cock. I took my tie off and my shirt and threw them to the ground, got down on my knees slid her pink laced thong off, and started licking her bare pussy. I slid my finger into her pussy while I licked her clitorus side to side, she was holding onto my hair with both hands and pulling me deeper into her pussy while moaning. Her pussy tasted so good, and it was so warm, I wanted to lick her pussy every day until I died.

She stood up and I shoved her down bending over my desk, I undid her bra and tossed it to the ground, slipped my shoes and trousers off, and with my trousers went my boxers. I started rubbing her pussy from behind her with my cock, then I lined it up, it was so wet that I didn’t even have to spit on it, or use any kind of lubricant. My cock slid right into her hot pussy, her pussy lips were pink and swollen, her tits were hard, I started going gently and soft. Then I started speeding up and my balls started smacking against her thighs, She was moaning, she was so naughty, I could tell she loved rough sex. I spread her cheeks apart and watched my cock go in and out of her pussy, I took my dick out of her and flipped her around, lined my cock up and slid it into her pussy. She grabbed onto my ass cheek with one hand, and scratched my back with her other hand, she was leaving hickies all over my chest, I was fucking her so hard my balls were starting to hurt from smacking her ass. I knew I was near cumming inside of her, and I didn’t want to take the risk of getting her pregnant. So I took my cock out of her pussy and slid it into her asshole, her face turned into pure pleasure,I could tell she wasn’t expecting it at all. I started fucking her as hard as I could, while rubbing her clitorus, she was holding onto me tighter than any girl ever had. I was about to cum, so grabbed onto her blonde hair with one hand, and put my other hand around her back. Then I erupted into her asshole, it felt like I cummed for 35 seconds straight, it was the best orgasm I had ever had in my life. I took my cock out of her and cum just started pouring out of her, she was laying there with sweat running down her body, smiling at me, I was sweating too, it was a hell of a cardio workout.

I reached for my boxers, slide them on, then slide my trousers back on, tightened my belt, put my undershirt on, slid my dress shirt on, buttoned it up, then tied my tie. By the time I was fully dressed, I turned around and saw Adrianna was dressed and laying on one of the couches in my office, I pushed the button and turned the glass transparent again. She was sitting there with a glass of scotch, she had another glass sitting on the coffee table, I walked over and grabbed it, and sat down in the chair next to the couch. I couldn’t believe I just fucked my secretary.

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