Confessions Ch. 19 – Dick

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It was that time of year again, the holiday season. A time when everyone wants you to be happy and cheerful, a time when if you don’t smile people think they should make you smile, a time were nothing is supposed to bother you, but everything does. Parties galore, bells ringing, joyful songs, all good for ones that like it, all bad for someone with the memories that I contain within my head.

Yeah, that’s how I feel, that’s how I’ve felt for some time. But, last holiday season things changed a bit for me. Things looked good again for once. Of course you are wondering why the holiday season was such a downer for me, but you will find out in the words below. If I told you now, it would ruin my little tale of how my funk was lifted.

So, with the holiday comes the company Christmas party, a grand ol’ extravaganza where the company throws a ball in its large foyer and everyone acts like they give a fuck about each other. Yeah, lots of fun, because people don’t pretend enough in everyday life right?

So, here I was again, my millionth Christmas party, and the same one by the look of it. A cheese spread with wine on the left wall, a large tree sparkling with too many lights in the center, a bunch of fake gifts covering the tile floor beneath it. A DJ set up in the corner blaring the annoying sounds of Christmas. A mistletoe hanging in every doorway. Everyone in suits and little dresses, filled with the crap we call holiday cheer. Yeah, same thing, different year.

So, here I was again. Luckily for me most people just leave me alone during this event, they know I might just tell them to fuck off if they try to get me to dance or anything stupid like that. But this time someone decided they would try anyway.

Jacky, yeah, a young woman who had been with the company just over 3 years. She was the type of woman who is always bubbly and full of smiles, the one who thinks every day is a great day. Always telling people to smile for you never know what tomorrow may bring, dancing around like a fool, you know the type. Extremely annoying.

So, here I am, ready to leave at the same moment I walk inside, and here she comes. She was dressed in a red corset dress that barely covered her breasts, the skirt was well above her knees with a thick band of white on the edges, and a thick black belt around her waist fastened into a big square gold buckle. She had one of those shawl things on, I guess that’s what you would call it, the two red sleeves going down just below her elbows. Her feet were in tight black boots that went just below her knees and looked to be fastened by several golden buckles, but the inside zipper was clearly seeable, white thigh highs extending out of them topped with a little red bow. And her head was topped with a Santa hat, with her long dark hair flowing down her back. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to show how Christmassy she was or how slutty she could look.

She stopped right in front of me, put her hands on her hips as she cocked them to the side and with a huge smile said, “Merry Christmas Dick!”

I wanted to fucking slap her! She had done this so much to me and knew that I was not a holiday guy, I held my tongue. I just scoffed, walked right around her, to the stairs, up them and down to my office. I would just escape this party there. I opened my door and as I stepped over the threshold I grabbed that stupid mistletoe hanging there and dropped it to the ground.

Fuck them! Fuck her! Fuck them all! Hanging that shit on my doorway, who do they think they are? Forcing that holiday shit on me!

I went and slumped into istanbul escort my chair behind the desk, god this holiday sucked! I Just needed to wait about an hour and I could leave, just get out of here without anyone noticing, just an hour.

And then, I couldn’t believe it, the fucking audacity, Jacky stepped into my doorway, picked up the damned mistletoe and rehung it. She leaned against the doorjamb and smiled that fucking smile again, “Oh, come on Dick, smile!”

I again had to push the urge to tell her to fuck off down, “Jacky, leave me alone.”

She let out a loud sigh and rolled her eyes, “You know, just because your name is Dick doesn’t mean you have to be one. Christmas is a wonderful time.”

I spoke through my gritted teeth, “Jacky you have no idea of what Christmas is to me.”

She huffed and gave me that stupid stare, “What could possibly happen that would make you hate this wonderful time of year?”

Seriously? She was going to stay longer? What the fuck? I tried to stay composed, this was my place of employment after all, “Jacky, really, you don’t even want to know. If I give you a smile, will you leave?”

She cocked her head to the side, “Come on Dick, why is this so hard for you?”

Oh my god, leave me the fuck alone! “It is not something I talk about Jacky, just leave me be.”

That didn’t work either. Her eyebrows crinkled in question, then she stepped inside, closing the door behind her, walked around my desk before sliding up on it and crossing her legs at the ankles, “You can tell me Dick. It’s good to talk about things. That’s how you heal.”

I leaned back in my chair holding my hands up to the heavens, “For Christ’s sake Jacky! Why are you bugging me? You don’t want to know. Just let me be!”

She released a long sigh, and let her body slouch a little, as if I had completely ruined her day, “Oh come on Dick! Just tell me, and I promise, I will never bother you again.”

Oh a promise! This might just work out, “Very few people know why I don’t like this stupid holiday, if I do tell you, you really better never bug me again.”

She perked up a bit, I guess young women don’t care how they get their way, as long as they get it, “I super promise Dick! Just tell me.”

I tapped my fingers on my desk a few times, I never talked about the things that ruined Christmas for me, not to anyone, forget some girl at work. “First Jacky, why would some kid want to know?”

She wrinkled her nose, “I’m not a kid, I’m 22. And I want to know so you can have the Christmas spirit again. Christmas is beautiful.”

I shook my head, “Okay, one more promise, you don’t tell anyone else.”

She smiled and placed two fingers over her heart, “Cross my heart. Now tell me.”

I leaned back and ran my hands over my face, like I was trying to wash away the day, I had to work myself up for this, “Okay, here you go. Five years ago on Christmas day, I was driving home and was struck by a drunk driver. My wife of 12 years and my 2 daughters died at the scene and I was the unfortunate bastard that lived. So, it’s kind of hard to find joy on a day that took everything from me. Happy now?”

Her shoulders dropped and her lips formed a small frown, “That’s horrible Dick, I’m so sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help you feel better.”

I shifted in my seat several times before I spoke, I hated this, hated talking about it, the whole situation was uncomfortable. I just wanted to go home. “Can you go now?”

She slid from my desk and took my kadıköy escort hands in hers, “I wish I could make everything easier for you Dick. Really, I’m sorry.”

I stood, hoping she would get the idea that it was time to go, “Yeah, everyone is sorry. Now just leave it alone.”

She looked up at me, her eyes similar to a puppy dogs, “Can I do just one more thing?”

I let my head fall back then rolled it forward, “What Jacky?”

“Close your eyes.”

I let out a breath of air, this was exhausting! Maybe, just maybe she would leave when my eyes were closed! So I closed them and waited.

I felt her hand move up and settle on the back of my neck, her body press against me, then her lips touched mine ever so lightly.

I opened my eyes and moved my head back, “Jacky, I have not been touched in a very long time. This is a rough time for me, and you shouldn’t kiss me as I am old enough to be your father.”

She smiled up to me, leaving her hand on my neck, “But you’re not my father, and everyone should have the joy of passion. Maybe I can make this Christmas a little special for you. Maybe I am what you need right now.” She bit at my lip playfully, “Maybe desire is best for you.”

I tried to hold myself in check, tried to contain myself, but, I found myself excited at her touch. Maybe it was because she was so young, maybe it was because it was forbidden at work, or maybe it was because I really wanted to be touched again, wanted to feel passion again. I slid my hands to her sides and slowly lowered my mouth to hers. She let my kiss take her, let me increase the intensity, let my tongue explore hers. And when my fingers slid to the small of her back she moaned softly into my mouth. How good this felt!

She moved her lips away from mine and smiled up at me, “See, passion is a beautiful thing.”

She shifted so her back was to my desk and slid up upon it, “Will you touch me Dick? Will you show me your passion?”

I couldn’t find my words as her fingers un-knotted my tie then began working down my shirt flicking each button off as she went. She moved her hands back up my bare chest and slid my shirt from my shoulders, her hands tracing my arms as the fabric skated down them.

She looked up at me and smiled, “Will you let me feel your joy Dick? Will you let me feel your power, your passion?” Her fingers moved to my waist and she unfastened my belt then the button and her fingers slid the zipper down.

“Will you take me in your arms and show me your love Dick? Will you let loose and feel my passion?” My pants fell down my legs and her hand began to stroke me through my boxers.

“Slide my skirt up Dick, please.”

She didn’t have to ask! The feel of her hand on me, the way her words were touching my ears, the way she looked before me, passion was there, and I would let her feel it! I used the tip of my fingers to pull the skirt up her thighs and she pressed against me to lift her ass so I could elevate it to her waist. My eyes were drawn to her little white thong, the green Christmas tree in the center begging for my attention.

As I let my fingers trace the tree I lowered my mouth to hers once again. She tasted so good, so intoxicating! Our lips moved like magic and I was finding it hard to not just rip her close off and take her hard and fast, I wanted her to feel every ounce of my passion, every touch, every breath.

Her fingers moved my underwear down and she took me in her hand, how great it felt! Her skin was soft and warm, her touch like that of an kağıthane escort angel.

As she stroked me I pulled the tree to the side and pressed my fingers against her love box, so warm, so wet, so inviting! I ran my middle finger up her nether lips and when the tip hit her clit she moaned softly into my mouth. How good it felt! How great it was to have her against me, her lips on mine.

Her hand continued to move up and down my shaft slowly as I slid my finger back down and probed her tight hole. She moaned in my mouth again and whispered through our kiss, “Please enter me Dick, I want to feel you.”

Oh the excitement! I couldn’t believe how exciting it was! And I was not going to make her wait! I slid my finger deep inside her and pressed my thumb against her clit. Her breathing was quickening in my mouth as I jiggled my hand making it vibrate against her. Her fingers held on to my cock tightly as her moans increased.

Her lips moved from mine, up my cheek to my ear and she held my back tightly as she whispered, “You’re making me come Dick, oh god yes!”

Oh I wanted her to come, to come and come and come! I kissed at her neck, slid a second finger inside her sweet slot, and moved my hand faster. Her pussy began to clench and unclench my fingers and I pressed my thumb harder against her clit.

Her moans of pleasure filled my ear, her breath hot against my skin, her mouth tight against me. I was filled with joy! I couldn’t believe how happy I was to make her orgasm, to make her happy! She felt so good against me, holding me tight as wave after wave of her orgasm squeezed against my fingers, as her body tightened and loosened against me.

I held my fingers inside her as her orgasm subsided, kept my thumb pressed against her. She took a breath and leaned back, moving her hand from my cock to my side, “Take me Dick, please make love to me.”

Those were the sweetest, sexiest words I had ever heard. I was more than willing to please her, more than happy to do as she wanted. And when I pressed the tip of my cock against her, my delight increased.

She moved her lips back to mine and kissed me harder with every inch I gave her. She was so hot, so ready for me and as I slid inside her, I realized I was so ready for her, so needed her. She was what I had been waiting for, the total expression of passion for my release.

I have no idea how long I was making love to Jacky, the time just seemed to stop for me. Every thrust was full of emotion, passion, love, hate, regret, forgiveness, and lust. Never once did our lips leave each other. Her mouth was like my paradise. I wanted to keep her like this forever, deep inside her, our lips locked, her arms wrapped around my neck and mine around her waist, absolute bliss.

And when I came, when my body tightened against hers, she tightened against me, her moans mixed with mine as her orgasm joined in. Our bodies tight against each other, our hearts beating heavily, our breath stolen away in passion. Our world a complete blur.

We held each other until long after I had gone limp, still giving each other small kisses and smiles. I never wanted to end the moment, but, unfortunately it did have to. When she left, she kissed me softly and thanked me for being with her for the party, it was the greatest party she had ever attended. It was the greatest for me as well.

Throughout the year Jacky and I have seen each other, and although we can see the passion in one another’s eyes every time we meet, neither of us has had the nerve to initiate contact again. But, the company Christmas party is next week. Yesterday, she came to my office, hung a wreath on my door, smiled and said, “I’ll make your Christmas joyful Dick.” And left.

Now, I am looking forward to the Christmas party for once. And after we share a moment of passion, I am going to see if she will leave with me, hand in hand, as true lovers should.

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