Concert of Pleasure

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Queuing was a pain in the arse. Some people, very sad lonely people, Adrian assumed had been at the front of the queue since the early hours of the morning and now it was minutes from six in the afternoon and the line of the great unwashed stretched round the building. Adrian enjoyed the fact that he was not one of them, like many others he stood in a beer garden a cold pint in his hand and watched the fidgeting crowd who waited for a door to open to let them into a concert that did not even start for another hour and a half.

The beer garden was full of heavy metal fans, nearly all in blue or black jeans and sporting black t-shirts the backs of which showed lists of tour dates that spanned at least two decades and all worn like a badge of honour. The ages ranged as well, Adrian had seen a child of at least eight with his dad and another man who was nearing his sixties, bald head marked in fading tattoo’s, it was an eclectic bunch of people one that Adrian was proud to be part of. Iron Maiden’s fan base covered a whole load of ages.

Adrian caught the glance of the girl again, a lingering glance that was followed by a smile on her dark purple coloured lips Adrian had chance to smile and raise his glass slightly in her direction before her attention was dragged back to one of her friends. She had bumped into him at the bar, quite literally as people jostled for space and the attention of the bar tender and his moody assistants. She caught his arm with one of her own and sent one pint of beer crashing to the floor much to the merriment and cheers of everyone around them, “Oh fuck I am so sorry,” she had said a look of genuine concern on her face.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Adrian replied, though slightly annoyed at the waste of perfectly good beer. He went to say something rather de-grading to her but the words dried up in his mouth. Her red hair was cut short to just below her ears. Blue eyes hidden behind a pair of rather retro looking black spectacles and her full lips painted in a dark purple that made her skin look paler than it probably was. She was attractive and probably no older than twenty was the guess, she gave him a small smile and her brow knitted in the centre as he realised he was staring, “erm, sorry, sorry I didn’t mean to you,” His eyes went wide as he tried to find the words and failed miserably , “sorry,” her repeated once more.

She gave an easy laugh, “I think I’m the one who should be apologising, remember?” Adrian looked down, noticing the shattered glass and the tops of his sneakers wet and dark. “Let me get you one to make up for it.” Before he could say no she had begun to squeeze through the crowd and he quickly lost sight of her.

A few minutes later she found him on the outskirts of the bar, the other two pints for his friends sitting on the snooker table. She handed over the pint of dark stout with a flourish, running it down on arm as if she were showing off a diamond necklace on a tacky game show, “The finest pint in the land.” She said.

“You didn’t have to you know, thank you, erm…” He shook his head and bit the side of his lower lip.

“Holly. And no problems…” She looked back her eyebrows rising above the rim of her glasses. He took the pint from her, “Adrian.” She smiled and repeated his name with a nod of her head. “You here for the Iron’s?” he asked already knowing the answer and knowing that at any minute she would let him down gently and walk off to tell her friends about the sad middle aged man she had just gotten away from.

She snorted a laugh “Of course, same reason everyone else in this pub are hear,” Adrian looked down, just a casual glance wanting to see which t-shirt she was sporting. Instead of a t-shirt she had on a small tank top that clung to her breasts, pink bra straps on show at the shoulder. He looked up quickly feeling his cheeks burning, “I don’t go for the whole t-shirt thing, waste of money if you ask me.” He was glad that she had not taken offense at his looking. “Well, Adrian I guess I might see you inside,” She pointed with her thumb over her shoulder at no one in particular “Friends waiting for their own liquid refreshment.” She turned and started to head back to the crowded bar, Adrian could not help but check out her backside in the tight fitting jeans.

“Standing or sitting?” Holly said looking over her shoulder. Adrian looked up quickly, knowing that he had probably been caught out, but Holly just looked at him the question hanging in the air.

“Standing, I always go standing for Iron Maiden.” He said Holly gave a small smile, nodded and plunged into the crowd.

Adrian finished his pint, his two friends, Patrick and Robert argued away over something work related that Adrian had little interest in but he tried to look mildly caught up in the conversation which helped to keep his mind away from Holly. Just the brief thought of her name and his eyes flicked back to where she was stood, his shoulders sagged she had disappeared along with her friends. ‘Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.’ Kuşadası Escort He thought to himself. Adrian knew better though, at forty years old girls like that were way out of his league.

The heavy beats from the drums and the crunching guitars sent ripples of electricity from his feet and up to his head as the crowd pushed forward, the band taking to the stage as the cheers rose to the ceiling. Heads flung back and forwards as the band tore into their first track, bodies pushed together as the crowd went wild. Adrian moshed with the best of them even at forty he could hold his own. His long hair stuck to his already sweaty face and he flicked his head back swiping away what he could with one hand while his other worked hard at his air guitar.

By the fourth song Adrian gave up the fight and staggered out of the pit, limbs aching and neck showing signs of possible whip lash and a big smile plastered across his sweaty face. Robert cheered and patted him on the back handing over a plastic cup filled with beer, “You are crazy doing that.” Robert shouted into Adrian’s ear. Adrian laughed and downed the pint throwing the empty container onto the ground as another classic song sent the crowd into harmonious hysteria and singing. Adrian had his hands high above his head clapping away like a trained seal when the small figure pushed past him and stood before him. He looked down noticing the red hair and the top straps of a tank top and pink bra. He lowered a hand and tapped gently on a hot shoulder.

Holly turned, a look of thunder on her face, ready for a fight, it took her a couple seconds to realise who had tapped her on the shoulder before she dropped the look “Enjoying the show,” she shouted her voice dampened by the crowds singing, years of concerts had left Adrian with a good grasp of lip reading and he gave her a solid thumbs up. She found herself smiling up at him a little lost for words then turned back to the stage and to the man she counted as a living sex god, Bruce Dickinson. After a few minutes she turned her head looking behind her and catching the eyes of Adrian. Had he been watching her the whole time she wondered?

Adrian for his part had tried to stay focused on the stage and on the band but time and time again his eyes would slide down onto the girl before him. He thought he could smell perfume but knew that was crazy, the only thing he could smell was the sweat from three thousand Iron Maiden fans. His eyes roamed her back, spotting the top of a tattoo on her right shoulder, he found himself wondering how far down the tattoo went. A sudden surge from the back pushed the crowd forward, Adrian lost his footing and stumbled forward and into the small frame of Holly in front of him, his hands grabbing her waist as he steadied himself and also stopped Holly from falling forward.

The riff kicked in and Holly knew the crowd would surge, it happened all the time but she was still unprepared as it hit her like a wave from behind. She gasped as two hot, sweaty hands clamped on her sides just as her feet gave way holding her steady. She looked behind her seeing Adrian stood close, very close in fact behind her. She mouthed ‘thank you’ and he nodded, he looked just as scared as she felt. ‘Why are his hands still there?’ her mind asked, she could feel his grip lessen on her waist but not actually let go. She smiled inwardly, back at the pub she had assumed he was not interested, simply making conversation with the little girl until she went on her way. Perhaps she had misread the situation. Perhaps she was misreading the situation now but why else was he still holding her ‘keeping you safe maybe?’ her mind retorted.

He knew he should let go, she had clearly found her feet but his hands refused to disengage. He could feel toned muscle under her sweaty tank top and his mind wondered what her stomach and waist would feel like without the tank top. To his surprise she took a small step back, the base of her spin bumping into his crotch as she stood as close as possible to him. She moved with the beat of the drum her own hands in the air as she swayed back and forth her own voice loud as she joined in on the chorus.

His hands stand where they were there was clearly no misreading of this situation after all. She could feel something on her lower back, a slight hardening as she danced to the music, her whole body vibrating to the pulsing music, she raised her hands and her voice getting lost in the moment, her uneven tones mixing with the crowd as they sang “fear of the dark” back at their fearless leader. As the song ended she leaned into his body, feeling his body heat on her whole back his breathing rapid in his lungs, “I don’t know about you, but I need some air.” She shouted her voice hoarse.

Adrian let her lead the way as they pushed their way through the crowd the lights creating patterns of light and dark across people’s faces. They reached a spot where the crowd thinned and they were able to stop gulping in a lung full of damp air. She laughed Kuşadası Escort Bayan and looked herself up and down, her skin slick with sweat and her hair in disarray. “Some show,” he said.

She nodded enthusiastically, “The best,” was her reply.

He turned back to the stage not knowing what else to do. Holly came round and stood with her back against him once again, he felt her take hold of his hands and place them firmly on her stomach, her back pushing against him as she gave a little wiggle. He looked down, the strap of her tank top and bra had slipped from her right shoulder, he looked at the exposed freckled skin, wondering what it would taste like. His head was lowering before he realised what he was actually about to do. His lips connected with the shoulder. His lips registered the heat of her skin and the salty taste of her sweat her response was to push further into him.

Holly had wanted to squeal when she felt his lips kiss her shoulder so she bit her lower lip holding it back letting the sensation of the kiss flow down her shoulder and register with the rest of her body. She pushed back with her hips, letting him know that it was okay and felt the lump that was in his jeans. His hands tightened on her stomach one hand above the other, her breasts mere centimetres from the top of one hand. She looked around with her eyes feeling a little guilty and a little naughty.

The music throbbed through their bodies his kiss had worked its way up to her neck Adrian could feel the pulsing beat of the drums in the curve of her neck on his. He kept waiting for her to pull away to call a halt to the whole thing, to leave stood there with a hard on that would have to wait until he got home before he could deal with it. But she did not pull away instead she leaned into his kisses, pushed harder against his erection and drove him wild with each passing second.

Holly closed her eyes trying to control herself but found that it was a losing battle. She took hold of one of his hands lifting up and placing it on one breast, his hand happily cupping round the outline of the flesh. When she opened her eyes, she could see others staring, some were quick glances others starred open mouthed or with appreciation. “Let’s go,” she said above the music and stepped away leading him by the hand out of the arena.

People milled about rushing from the bars or from the toilets, two security guards stood close to the stairs that led up and out of the standing area and they seemed thoroughly bored checking the wristbands of the fans that walked past. The toilets were off to the right and she led Adrian that way. The Security guards watched them past with little interest. Holly gave a wink behind her glasses and walked into the toilet. Adrian stood outside trying to look as thoroughly normal as possible, he waited until the guards had turned back to the stairwell and door and stepped backwards pushing the door open with the heel of his foot before turning around and closing it quietly behind him.

Holly peaked out from the furthest cubicle and Adrian walked rather quickly over closing the door behind him. The kiss was heavy, their teeth mashing together in the rush before they found the rhythm. Holly wrapped her arms round his neck and stood on tip toes her tongue exploring his mouth for a moment before he returned with his own tongue and explored hers. She could feel the bulge of his cock against her stomach, a hard lump the pressed into her flesh through his jeans.

Adrian’s hands rested on her waist feeling her hot skin and the toned muscle beneath it. He marvelled at the smoothness of it as his left hand edged up under the lifted tank top. His thumb found pushed against the underside of her breast. His hand moved over the cotton material feeling her heart beat, fast pulses out of step with the music that vibrated the very walls around them. He gave the breast a soft squeeze the cotton stiff beneath his grip. His other hand lowered itself gripping her thigh and lifting her leg up as he ran his hand over the tight material that clung to her small backside.

Holly broke the kiss, gasping for air, she looked at Adrian noticed a look of despair he clearly thought she had changed her mind. To prove that she had not she ran her hands down his chest, feeling the warmth and dampness of his chest and the cool layer of the printed front. Her hands ran across the front of his jeans he let out a moan of anticipation, with both hands she worked quickly at the belt, the buttons popping free as she pulled the denim apart. His boxers strained with the cock behind them and Holly hooked one finger under the elastic waist pulling it away and letting his cock go free. Her breath caught, he was bigger than most she had been with perhaps seven inches and thick, his length throbbed with a thick vein running up it and his foreskin had already pulled back beneath a purple cock head nothing like the smooth boring cocks she had gotten to grips with at university. She couldn’t wait to hold it she Escort Kuşadası sat down on the toilet and gripped the cock with one hand.

Now it was Adrian’s turn to catch his breath as she tugged it forward and down, his cock looked so much bigger in her small hand, she started off gently with small forward and back strokes his foreskin smearing his early pre cum over his cock head. He gasped out as she suddenly sped up her hand almost blurring as she worked him quick and hard pulling then settled back to the earlier pace. Holly leaned forward her full lips parting and he held his breath watching her almost in slow motion. He felt her breath across his sticky cock head then felt her lips on his shaft as she closed her mouth around him. Her hand remained near the base of his cock, working the length that she was not sucking.

Holly took what she could in her mouth, his cock head was salty on her tongue as she bobbed forward until she could feel it near the back of her throat he still seemed to have plenty left over and was glad that he was not trying to get even more of it down her throat. She had tried it once before years ago and found it highly un-enjoyable. Adrian seemed more than happy though so she started to bob slowly, her lips running down his shaft tasting a mix of pre cum and sweat his own and perhaps a little of her own from her hand.

The sight was like something from a dirty dream to Adrian. Holly sat on the toilet hips grinding down and head tilted back her blue eyes staring out from behind her glasses and her purple painted full lips stretched round his cock as she bobbed slowly back and forth on what she could get in while one hand gripped and wanked the remaining inches of his cock. Her stare was enough to push Adrian to the edge never had a woman stared at him like that before, perhaps it was the glasses that made it seem so much more dirty he was not sure but he did not care. He felt his balls aching that old feeling of tightening as he started to tip over the edge. “Wait, stop. Stop!” he said hoarsely. Holly’s mouth pulled off his cock with wet ‘Plop’ sound, “going to cum,” he told her. But it was too late, his cock spasmed as he suddenly let go.

Holly let out a gasp of surprise as the first warm, white ribbon of cum splashed across her glasses, the second found her nose and lips and her tongue poked out automatically tasting the salty mess on her lips. Adrian held his hands at his side watching his untouched cock spurting its gooey mess over Holly’s face before oozing its last remnants onto the tiled floor.

Holly smiled up at him her eyes blurred by the sticky mess that clung to her glasses. Adrian helped Holly to her feet, he kissed her deeply his tongue passing her teeth feeling the warmth in her mouth tasting where his cock had just been, tasting his own cum on her tongue. He broke the kiss and knelt down and started to undo Holly’s jeans. He pulled them down her legs, taking in pale skin and the odd freckle her and there, he ran a hand over both legs from the knee up to her outer thigh. Her knickers were neon pink with black skull and cross bones dotted across them, a small mound beneath. He guided one of her legs onto the toilet and spread them as he did so. He kissed her inner thigh cool from sitting on the ceramic toilet but growing steadily warmer as he worked his way inwards.

He could smell her sex a mix of sweat and musk, this close he could see that the gusset was already damp a small bloom spreading across the pink cotton. He reached out with his index finger and ran it with a small amount of firmness across the material, his finger separating the mound in two where the damp spot was. Adrian pushed his face in his mouth closing round the damp area his tongue tasting it as he breathed in deeply. The taste and the smell had his cock twitching and pulsing. He stayed close and reached up pulling the panties to one side. Her pubic hair was a full bush of tangled red hair, her labia already parted and eager.

She bit her lips and closed her eyes it was all Holly could do to control herself from moaning out. Adrian’s tongue played across her inner lips agonisingly close to her clitoris but never reaching it, she reached down with one hand fingers digging into his hair and she tried to push him in the right direction but he continued to toy her, his tongue now on her perineum toying gently. His head moved and she finally let out a moan his tongue working slowly, almost too slowly up until she let out an all too audible gasp, the frantic thumping of the music outside the toilet swallowing it up. His tongue landed on her Clitoris, just the tip but it sent spasms across her body her raised leg wobbled uncontrollably.

The material of the panties rubbed against Adrian’s face as his tongue rolled and prodded at the nub that was Holly’s Clitoris. His index finger toyed with her opening her juices lubing the length of it as it ran down and across his hand. Even with the music threatening to bring down the cubicle walls with its heavy vibrations he could hear her little moans and whimpers a cry out to her local deity reached his ears as his finger slipped into her warm tight hole. She ground down onto his face and hand as he slowly fingered her, running the tip of his finger over the ribbed ridge of her G-spot and feeling and hearing her reactions.

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