Concentric Circles Ch. 02: Summer School

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For good or bad, Concentric Circles derives its characters and circumstances from Points of Convergence

Activities continue after the Thornton’s pool party in Points of Convergence.

Concentric Circles

By Euclidean

Chapter 2: Summer School

It was like the sound of horses galloping across the plain, except for the squeaking and the intermittent whistle. Earl and the other coaches could not get enough of it. They were not sadists. Seeing ballplayers running line drills simply reminded them of their love of the game, the willingness to put yourself through hell in the search for excellence.

One last long blast on the whistle called an end to another basketball camp practice. Earl had the prospective varsity players in his group. There were twenty players. Not all of them would be on his squad, some would play junior varsity, and some would call an end to their high school careers instead.

As the players headed for the showers, the coaches gathered to compare notes. After they conferred and separated, Earl spotted someone else scouting his players. Ingrid Lund was off by the women’s gym office rather indiscreetly watching the boys file by. Earl sauntered over to her and placed his imposing frame in her line of sight.

“Ingrid, you look like a starving wolf outside a butcher shop,” he stated.

She did not immediately respond, but tried to look around him. He moved to obstruct her vision.

“What?” she said impatiently.

He gave her a condescending look.

“You, little lady, are not being very subtle,” he told her.

“Fine,” she said, looking up at him. “Is your wife in town? What are you doing after this?”

“She’s out for a couple of days covering the minor league team,” he laughed.

“Okay, good, later then,” said the cheerleading coach.


It was her turn to snicker.

“Anywhere you want to put it,” she replied.

“Okay, come to the coach’s office in an hour,” he instructed.

Roy Watkins turned from his computer screen to the couple sitting across from him. He had two positions to fill for the new school year. One teacher had retired and Tony Caputo had taken a job at another school where he would be the head football coach. Roy needed a biology teacher, and a P.E. teacher who could fill in as an assistant football coach. Somehow, the education gods had smiled down and sent him the two teachers sitting across from him.

“I must have done something right to have you both apply. I have seen married couples who both teach, but I cannot recall them doing it in the same school. What brings you here?” he said.

The husband and wife glanced at each other. He nodded and she answered first.

“We were looking to get out of the large-city environment. We want to be able to get outdoors, but we did not want the small-town life exactly. This area has a lot of woods and trails, and we can still reach the city if there’s something going on,” she explained.

“Yeah, hiking and biking are perilous or non-existent activities in the city,” added her husband.

“Well, Kathleen, we’re talking about freshman level science classes and a junior level biology class. It seems you have handled that before,” said Roy.

“Yes, absolutely. With the woods nearby, are there opportunities to take the students out for classes in the field?” she asked.

“Your predecessor did not, but I am willing to consider a proposal along those lines,” said the principal. “We have pretty good weather around here, so that may be doable.”

“Thanks,” she said.

“Michael, or do you prefer Mike?” Roy asked Kathleen’s husband.

“Mike works.”

“It looks like you have done some P.E. work, along with filling in in the social studies department. We may need some filling in, but this job is for P.E. and some football coaching. Tony was our wrestling coach, but, frankly, wrestling is dying and his assistant should be able to handle what is left,” said Roy.

“I’m good with that. I haven’t had to coach too many times, but I still remember enough from playing JuCo ball. I know beans about wrestling, so I would be no help there,” answered Mike.

The conversation went on for another fifteen minutes and covered the general points of how the school and district operated, what the pay would be, and the leave policies. Mike and Kathleen Quinn asked their questions. Once those were answered, Roy sat back in his chair.

“As Strother Martin said, “since I am desperate and you are exactly what I am looking for, you are hired”,” he told them.

They did not get the movie reference but thanked him enthusiastically.

“Do you want to meet anybody today? Some folks are here for summer school and sports camps. Football will begin later in the summer,” Roy offered.

“We have time for a tour, if that works for you,” said Kathleen.

“Fine. Let’s start with the academic wing and work our way to Mike’s new stomping grounds,” said Roy.

They began the loop around the central courtyard in the social sciences wing. Roy Çeşme Escort now thought it fortuitous that Gloria Young was not teaching summer school this session. One look at the tall ex-quarterback and she might have jumped him right in front of his wife.

They moved on to math and science. This time, they ran into Paul Hernandez and introduced Kathleen to her new co-worker. Paul appraised the slender dark-haired woman, but was discreet about it. They chatted briefly.

Before they reached the turn in the hall, Mike and Kathleen noticed a nameplate next to one of the doors. It said, Ms. I. Lund. They looked at each other and smiled.

“Is Ms. I. Lund, Ingrid Lund?” asked Mike.

“Yes, it is, why?” asked Roy.

“Unless there are a bunch of Ingrid Lunds teaching math, I think we know her from State,” explained Mike.

Roy gulped and hoped they did not notice.

“I’m sure that is her. That’s where she went. She also coaches cheerleading.”

“That’s her,” piped Kathleen. “A short blond, right?”

“That’s her,” Roy confirmed.

“Ha, she must be a handful,” Kathleen added.

The Quinns seemed to be sharing a private memory of Ingrid’s college days. Roy decided to get the visit back on track.

“She does good work here,” was all he said before heading down to the business and practical arts classes.

The technology labs were humming with activity. The school had a good, and popular, program.

On their way to the gym, they passed the art department. They poked their head into one of the rooms but chose to not interrupt the class. A woman with a mass of long, wavy brown hair was teaching some grade school students to paint. A headband struggled to constrain her wild locks. Her loose-fitting clothing was covered in paint.

The trio entered the main gym. Roy showed off the school’s championship banners from various sports. He mentioned that basketball camp was in session for two weeks and had wrapped up earlier in the morning. They crossed to the field house where the secondary gym offices were located.

Roy’s heart sank a little when he saw Ingrid Lund step out of the men’s office and cross the floor to the women’s side.

“Hey, there she is,” said Mike.

Ingrid had bided her time, making notes on her computer on each of the cheerleading candidates attending camp. It was a solid group with a good mix of upperclassmen and lower. Forming freshman, JV and varsity squads would not be a problem.

She checked the time and listened. The noise of students clearing out for the day had faded to nothing. She shut down her laptop and stowed it in her bag. She locked the bag in her locker, went to the door and stepped into the field house. A quick glance and listen verified the emptiness of the facility. She locked the office door and crossed to Earl’s office.

The diminutive blond rapped on the door and Earl’s baritone responded. She took one last look around and entered. She locked the door and grinned at him. He shook his head.

“You are a naughty lady,” he admonished her.

“And aren’t you lucky for it,” she countered.

She brushed past him and hopped onto the training table at the far end of the room. She popped her shoes off, then leaned back to scoot out of her shorts and panties. When she sat back up, her t-shirt and sports bra followed the other garments to the chair.

“What did you have in mind, as If I didn’t know?” laughed Earl.

Ingrid’s butt moved to the edge of the table next to her sock-clad feet.

“I’m thinking you fuck me first with that big cock of yours and I suck you off so I don’t ruin my car,” she stated plainly.

His own shorts hit the floor and his smooth, black missile sprang forward. He stepped up to the table and her hand wrapped around him. She squealed when he grabbed her ankles and yanked her legs in a wide vee. With her guidance, he speared her horny cunt.

He began thrusting into her, ending each stroke with a pop of his hips for emphasis. It made her gasp each time he bottomed out inside her. Her shoulder blades hit the table and her hands reached for her pussy. One parted her lips while the other danced over her clit. She smiled up at him.

“Thanks. My pussy really likes your big cock, coach,” she said between gasps.

“I suppose now that Tony is gone, I’ll be doing double duty,” he mused.


“Just gotta save some for the wife.”

“How about eight inches for me and two for her?” Ingrid suggested.

“Very funny.”

“Six and four?” she tried again.

He pounded her harder. She looked down at his shining cock plundering her greedy pussy. Two fingers furiously rubbed her clit as she drove herself to a thunderous orgasm. Her small, firm tits bounced and her insides vibrated with pleasure as the big man fucked her.

“Fuck, yes. Fuck me. Cumming. Fuck, that’s good. Yes,” she chanted as her abdominal muscles tightened.

“Get ready,” he told her.

The nimble blond disengaged and twirled onto her stomach in one quick movement. Çeşme Escort Bayan She opened wide to accept his pussy-soaked cock. Her hands clutched his firm ass as he fucked into her mouth.

Other than holding her lips tightly around his thick shaft, Ingrid did little of the work. She simply waited for her co-worker to unload and fill her throat with delicious cum. Earl’s big hands sandwiched her pretty face as he held her still and fed his cock into her starving mouth.

With a grunt, he stopped pumping and began to spew his load into her thirsty gullet. Blast after blast tried to drown her in cum, but she was up to the challenge. Ingrid had sucked Earl’s cock so may times she was well prepared for his explosion. She swallowed hard and fast to keep up with the creamy flow.

He slowly withdrew. His partner kept her lips clamped tightly and dragged her tongue along the underside of his departing dick. She did not want any of her meal to escape.

“Yum,” she declared as she smacked her lips loudly.

“Happy now?”

“Very,” she said. “I may need you again tomorrow if those young men get me stirred up again.”

“I may be willing if it keeps you out of trouble at least until the school year starts,” said the basketball coach.

“No guarantees,” she said with a sly grin.

She climbed down and dressed. He put his shorts back on. Ingrid unlocked the door and slipped out to head across the building to get her bag and head for home. She was surprised to hear someone call out her name.

“Ingrid!” called Mike.

The math teacher turned and saw two familiar faces walking with Roy. She instinctively wiped her hand across her mouth to make sure no remnants of Earl were there. She stopped walking but made no move in their direction.

Ingrid recognized the couple. She knew Michael Quinn and Kathleen O’Leary from college. Why were they here, she wondered? They made a beeline for her with Roy working hard to keep up. When they got close, Mike extended his hand. Ingrid took it.

“We saw your name on your classroom door,” gushed Mike.

“It’s so good to see you,” added Kathleen.

Ingrid said hello and looked to Roy for an explanation.

“Ingrid, the Quinns are joining the staff this year. Mike is taking over for Tony, and Kathleen is filling Mrs. Haller’s spot in the science department,” said Roy.

“The Quinns?” Ingrid asked.

Kathleen laughed.

“We married three years ago,” the brunette informed her. “We had stayed in touch after college and took it from there.”

“Well, congratulations,” said their new colleague.

“We should get together and catch up,” suggested Mike.

“Sure, great idea. Uh, camp goes on into next week. Why not pop on by around this time one day and we can get lunch,” Ingrid offered.

“Perfect,” said Mike.

“Well, let’s show you the coach’s digs and let you get on your way,” said Roy from the background.

“Oh, yeah, right. See you later Ingrid. Great to see you,” said Mike.

“Great to see you,” added Kathleen.

The blond glanced over her shoulder as she headed for her office while the others made for the men’s office. Ingrid hoped Earl would come up with a good explanation for why she was in his office if he was asked. She knew Roy was aware of what went on and would not say anything stupid, but Earl was going to be caught off guard.

Up until the point they entered the gym office and saw Earl Porter standing by his desk, Kathleen and Michael had genuinely forgotten many details of their college association with Ingrid. They had been acquaintances more than close friends. Now, with the tall black man standing there, some memories rushed forward.

Mike remembered Ingrid dating one of the linebackers on the team. There had been a lot of locker room talk about how “energetic” she was. Kathleen’s memories were more explicit. She had been around both the players and the cheerleaders as a trainer, back when she was considering a path to medical school.

Ingrid Lund was drawn to athletic men, particularly black athletic men. All the other women noticed and made rude comments about how she never met a dick she would not suck. Some were jealous, some were in awe; Kathleen remembered being curious.

Earl had dealt with people seeing Ingrid leave his office for two years. He was ready with his explanation. They had been discussing how their respective camps, basketball and cheerleading, were starting out. He even assured Mike that Ingrid’s crew always did a great job of revving up the fans during the football games.

Roy gave Earl the floor and allowed him to guide the Quinns through the training room and weight room. They did not head outside, but he assured Mike the football fields were well manicured and ready for the upcoming season.

Roy finally stepped in to bring the tour to a close. He guided the new teachers back to his office where they parted. A day was set for them to return and complete employment paperwork. Roy would submit their names to the Escort Çeşme board for final approval.

The Quinns got into their car to drive to their hotel. They had been confident at least one of them would get a job at this school, but were prepared to expand their search to others in the area, if necessary. They were elated that it worked out so well. They could use the remaining days to begin looking for a place to live and planning their move from the city.

They found a small restaurant with patio seating and stopped for lunch. They watched the people walking by and enjoyed their salads. Mike took a sip of his iced tea and found his wife staring at him oddly.

“Did I spill?” he asked.

“No. I was thinking about Ingrid,” she said.


“Up until we met Earl, I had forgotten why she was so famous in college,” she told him.


“Okay, famous among us girls. She was the one who always hung with the athletes, particularly the black guys,” Kathleen reminded him.

“I remember she dated that linebacker. Who wouldn’t? That dude was ripped and a hell of a nice guy,” said Mike.

“According to the talk, he was not the only one,” she added.

“So? Big surprise. She dated other guys in college,” he shrugged.

“Dated,” his wife said suggestively.

He set his fork down and looked squarely at Kathleen. He paused.

“Evidently, the talk in the women’s locker room is the same as it is in the men’s,” he said with a chiding tone. “The only difference is the other guys applaud while the women chastise and slut shame.”

“That’s not what I was trying to do,” she said, meekly.

“Okay. Let’s find a better topic.”


They finished lunch and began the drive to the hotel. They took a few extra turns to check out some of the town. As they headed up in the elevator, Mike put his arm around his wife.

“Maybe she runs a class or gives pointers?” he said out of the blue.


“Ingrid. Maybe she has a seminar, or something,” he said.

“Seminar on what?’ she asked.

“You know, sex,” he smiled without looking down at her.

“Oh, really. And you know somebody who might need some extra tutoring?”

“I had a coach who said, if you aren’t improving, you’re falling behind,” he explained.

“Okay, okay. Be ready in ten minutes. We can exchange notes after we’re done,” she ordered.

Mike started laughing. The elevator opened and they entered their room. She headed to the bathroom and called over her shoulder.

“Ten minutes!”

“Seriously?” he asked.

“Be ready, or it will be a week,” she threatened.

Mike did as she directed. He stripped down and climbed under the covers. Kathleen emerged in a short green chemise with matching panties. She struck a pose in the doorway with one arm hand on the jamb and her other hand on her hip. After pausing, she sashayed over to the bed.

She paused at the side of the bed with her hands on her hips and looked down at her husband. Mike got the hint and pulled back the duvet to welcome her into bed. She slid in.

She draped herself over him with her dark hair covering their faces as they kissed. His long arms easily engulfed her slender frame as his hands caressed her through the silk.

Slowly, her left hand began to roam his body, working across his chest and abdomen. As she did, he worked his fingers into her raven tresses while raising the hem of her garment to her waist. He stroked her buttocks.

Her fingers wrapped around his rising penis. Her touch was light, like smoothing sand with a feather. His fingertips danced along the waistband of her panties, eventually insinuating their way beneath the fabric.

Deliberately, he rolled his wife onto her back. Using his right hand, he assisted in the removal of the silken barrier. Kathleen raised her hips ever so slightly as he pushed until reaching her knees. Her knees drew up and she wriggled her legs until the panties moved down her calves to her ankles. She kicked them to the floor.

Michael placed himself between her thighs and waited for her to guide him home. Using his elbows for support, he slowly crept up her body as his erection penetrated her vagina. He kissed her as he began to move within her.

With a practiced rhythm he pressed forward, enjoying the feel of her womb welcoming his manhood. The sound of their breathing filled each other’s ears as he labored above her. She held him tightly and kissed his cheek.

Kathleen could sense his impending climax. His pattern became more uneven and his back muscles tensed. Suddenly, he let out a quiet moan, stopped moving his pelvis, and she felt him ejaculate.

He kissed her on the neck for a couple of minutes before rolling to the side. She kissed him, told it was wonderful, then rose to use the bathroom.

They cleaned up and found a place to eat an early dinner and have a couple of drinks. Tomorrow would be filled with the search for a place to live.

That night, before drifting off to sleep, they silently shared the same thought. Would that have been the way Ingrid did it?

“Please tell me she is being a little more discreet,” Roy said to Earl in a pleading tone.

“How much is a little?” countered Earl.

“Damn, how bad is it?” asked the principal.

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