Complexities Pt. 04

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It had been a very short twenty-four hours since Abel pulled his tight fitted boxers that seemed glued to his buttocks. It was his smile at me as he tugged up his loose fitted pants back on and with a passionate kiss had gone and left my apartment that really lingered.The night I spent with him had been life changing to the point I couldn’t get the series of events out of my head. It just kept playing and replaying, especially anytime I was reminded about him. Like when laying in bed as the alarm rudely went off and I slowly woke up. Lying there with my gorgeous Liv right beside me, gently her soft naked body rising and falling as she was quietly snoring. All I could think about was how the weight of Abel’s sexy firm body felt on top of me as we snogged for what felt like hours. I couldn’t even lay there and slowly wake up good, no I had to just get out of bed and into the shower. A cold one to be sure I didn’t waste too much time… messing around in there.

Getting into work just half past four in the morning, the smell of coffee beans slapped me in the face and right back to the other morning, when Abel had been in my bed as I woke. That morning I had gotten up and tried to please him by making him his morning coffee, bringing it back to the bed so he wouldn’t have to get up yet. I truly was his loyal servant. When he sat up, the blankets fell into his lap and showed off an chiseled chest that had clearly been marked up by my own mouth. Even with his long tangled bed head hair, he looked absolutely stunning. I held that image for far too long as I helped get things ready to open for the day.

It didn’t stop there. The morning at work was a busy one, as it was Friday, and we were slammed. Still, everything made me think of the long night I spent with Abel and took me off my game. It was no time to be distracted, but every time I bent over to get more supplies under the counter I felt a twinge of pain from my slightly sore ass and then I was right back in the past again. The delightful memory of his sweaty body slamming against mine.

I discovered that I really enjoyed getting pounded as I death gripped the pillows beneath me. The room had been filled with the sounds of my moaning and his hips slapping my ass as well as the aroma of sex. His hands, both rough and soft at the same time, were holding me at my waist and shoulder. After only a couple minutes into that round, my headboard was smacking the wall hard. Hard enough that the paint had been chipped and scuffed.

“Aaron! Need you at the drive thru.” My colleague barked, I snapped out of it, realizing I had been flat out ignoring the headset going off in my ear. I got back to work, trying what I could to clear my mind and do my job. Of course I was not that lucky, my mind wandered so much I was messing up orders and dealing with pissed early commuters. The worst kind of complainers.

Leaning over the counter of the drive thru, listening to the man outside screaming at me over putting oak milk instead of “good ol’ real American milk” into his latte, at that moment I really didn’t care, my head was elsewhere all together. It was back in my kitchen where I had come out to clean up the coffee mugs Abel and I used. Before I knew it, the long haired god was behind me, bending me over the sink and with a Şerifali Escort practiced skill lubing up my lightly used hole. It had been magnificent the way he slipped his cock in without a condom and began fucking me right there, my hips banging and hitting the edge much like I had done to Liv in the bathroom days before.

When the end of the work day came, I could not be more enthusiastic to still be employed having not fucked up so badly since I started. Normally I was so efficient in a fast paced environment like that. It was humiliating to fuck up so much, though also impossible to control when my mind was helplessly wondering. I thought maybe all I needed was to get home.

Yeah, I just needed to get away from work and into the sanctuary of the apartment and be alone to get over this distracting fog. But, stepping inside, I soon realized that I was not going to get that relief. Not when Abel’s ugly overly large Balenciagas were in the entrance. It was obvious Liv had gone to work, her sneakers and purse were gone, I knew he must have been there alone. Strange, but not overly unsettling. She probably spent the morning with him. Who knew what they were getting up to while I was away? Playing chess and drinking tea? Who am I kidding?

It all wasn’t too hard to imagine once I came into the living room and found the muscular shaved man sprawled out on my couch in only his tight fitting briefs. Seeing him there, his cock bugling against the fabric, yet so relaxed and playing video games, my video games, like this was exactly where he belonged, felt strangely comforting. Like he was not just this big dicked celebrity, but like he was a best friend or roommate. I never thought I would feel so at ease around Abel when normally he had my heart fluttering like I ran a mile just from his existence alone.

“Yo! Been waiting on ya,” Abel said without looking up from the game he was in the middle of. “How was work?”

This was weirdly domestic, but I was getting used to it far too fast as I sighed and came around to sit in the chair to the side of him. “I’ve had better days at the dentist,” I answered with a flair of dramatics in my tone. Finally, getting out of my uncomfortable non-slip shoes, I was able to take in the fact that things looked different and not just because of the Greek god lounging there.

Two tripods with cameras, one pointed at Abel on the couch and the other up close to the TV, there was a spaghetti of wires that were hooked up to an impressive looking laptop on the coffee table. That thing was probably worth more than our whole place and everything inside combined.

Abel chuckled and shook his head, “Man I don’t see how you do it. Having someone breathing down your neck and bitching at you while you’re trying to get shit done,” Little did the man know, it was his own spirit doing that very thing to me all day long. It was only a bad thing because it made me fuck up so badly. Any other time or place, I would have been more than happy to be haunted by the memories of what he had done to me.

“Are you… live?” I asked, gawking a little. Abel had set up in my living room, in his briefs, and was live streaming? What was up with this guy? It wasn’t that I was angry, I truly did just wonder.

“Yea! I was here, and Şerifali Escort Bayan well after Liv left, I had the urge, I wanted to stream playing your old school systems and you guys have all of them. Figured it would be easier just to stay here,” He answered, grinning from ear to ear. “You should join me?”

“No way!” I answered, my whole face going red as it suddenly dawned on me, I realized there were so many people who could hear me. My heart was thumping loudly in my rib cage. I was also now live to thousands of people. That alone was enough to activate my stage fright. In seconds I was tapping and scrolling on my phone until I got to his stream, quickly muting the sound as I searched for a viewer count. The blood in my veins ran cold at the number. 14.3k. That was impossible to understand. There were people all over the world with the stream on either in the background of their lives or actively enrolled in Abel’s gameplay of Super Mario. “Do you always go around with streaming equipment?”

Abel grinned at that, “Well no. I might have had the idea a few days ago as well. Since I was coming to hang out with Livia I thought it was a good time to at least bring the stuff over.” Seemed like it would be easier for him to just take the game systems with him or move in. With that thought reverberating in my head. I actually looked around the room to see if there was luggage anywhere. Had he moved in? The only thing I found with this little scan of the room was that there was a pair of Liv’s lacy red panties sitting right beside Abel on the couch.

Guess that answered the question as to what they had been up to while I was at work. This guy… he was insatiable. A sex machine. How was anyone meant to keep up with him? I could see why he might want to have a whole couple to himself. If this kept up, me and Liv wouldn’t have the energy to satisfy one another anymore. I couldn’t understand how she was doing it with the three of us already and that was without Abel’s random pop in’s.

I had to smile, it looked like he had Livia going until the moment it dawned on her and she had to race off for work. Bet she was wishing she remembered those panties now. Sitting there at the till with Abel’s seed running down the inside of her thighs. Drying thickly on her smooth skin, much like the way my mouth was sapped of any moisture from the mental image.

While I was getting lost in my head, Abel was still there chatting nonsense with the thousands of people watching him. I looked over to the open laptop, having to move a little so I could see what he was reading, and saw the chat just constantly rolling up the screen. Just how was he keeping up with that? It was bewildering. He was managing to answer them, so he had to be reading it but I was only able to catch a fraction of what was being said before it disappeared at the top of the screen.

“Come on, man. They want you in the stream too.” Abel ordered me with a chuckle, his eyes darting from the 40″ flat screen where Mario ran about the mansion and the much smaller screen of the laptop on the coffee table in front of him. “They really wanna meet you! Lots of them have already met Liv~” I wondered if he meant the instructional cunnilingus livestream he did with her or if she was live this morning Escort Şerifali sans red panties.

What did these thousands of people know about her?

“Abel, sorry mate I look like shit. I’m sure I have coffee beans in my hair right now.” I told him flatly, my voice wavering, whilst running my fingers through my hair to reveal to him the dust that came off. I knew I needed to wash up before being seen by anyone. Hell, I would have really liked to have showered before being seen by him as well.

With exaggeration, Abel rolled his eyes though that kind smile stayed on his face as he paused his game and looked over to me. Noticeably giving me his full attention. That was special seeing as he had half a stadium full of spectators right there in those cameras. “Go shower then,” he calmly ordered, though there was something just beneath. Maybe a lustful tone that I couldn’t misplace after spending so much time bent over for him. It was strange how he was able to have me getting to my feet without even a real command. Abel didn’t have to say another word. His focus was then back to his game and the thousands of chattering as I slunked off to the bedroom to gather some clothes for after the shower that he demanded I have so calmly.

Finding myself in the strong drizzle of steaming water was bizarre. Of course, this was where I wanted to be, but I was only there, scrubbing my hair, because the other man told me to. I was becoming more submissive than I thought possible and it freaked me out to the core. I always assumed I was an alpha male. But, it was also warm as well, not just scary. Maybe it would be nice to have someone to dominate me on such a primal level. Not just in the bedroom either, but with everyday shit. Have someone take me out shopping. Carrying the heavy stuff around. Driving me around. Do all the little things I did for Livia since high school.

While enjoying what could be my life after making things legitimate with Abel, I heard the bathroom door open. “Aren’t you live?” I asked, looking at the shower curtain and seeing his silhouette as he came over to the toilet, right beside the shower.

“Yea, still gotta piss though!” He chuckled as he effortlessly flopped himself out and began his stream into the water below. I was used to Liv urinating in front of me. But there he was, it was, a show of his confidence and power, but not the only one he had to offer. As he finished up, shaking the leftover droplets from his dick, he pulled the curtain open just a bit to reach in and slap his palm onto my soft wet ass. I gasped at both the cold sting and sound, his hand closing on my cheek to get a good grope before he pulled away. “Don’t take too long, sweetcheeks~”

And again, I did as I was so playfully instructed. Finished washing myself in record time to join the half naked Abel on my couch. This time in front of the camera and able to see myself in the viewfinder on the computer. The back end of things looked so cool. I never imagined so much information could be stuffed onto a single laptop screen. I was unable to even really understand it all, deciding it would be better to just ignore that and focus on Abel and his gameplay.

We talked about different topics and in a way I was learning deeper who Abel was from this side of the camera. He was so focused and zoned in on everything around him in the most impressive way. Multitasking didn’t seem like the right word when it came to how many things he had going on while still holding a really interesting conversation with me about the state of our political climate.

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