Complete Control

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Ron didn’t think of himself as a fetishist. He did like to be in control when it came to sex though; whether just he and the missus, or while exploring their kinky interests with others. Like any adventurous couple, they had their favorites, and one of those was him sharing his beautiful wife. Several times a year he would arrange an evening of pleasure for her and a carefully selected stranger. It was a special treat for him because his willing, sometimes wanton wife was eager to please him, and would do anything his mind could come up with. Pearl wore an earpiece for these pleasurable excursions, and carefully followed her husband’s commands.

As she sat at the bar in one of their favorite watering holes, Pearl had her eyes on a guy she had an encounter with years ago. Slim was, as his nickname would indicate, as thin as any man around. She ‘drank’ him in as he sat there talking to another woman. She remembered that despite his narrow frame, he packed enough meat to fill her up the way she loved to be filled.

Ron looked like he was day dreaming while playing with the swizzle stick hanging out of his cocktail. This wasn’t the first time he zoned out before one of their ‘special’ dates. He suddenly looked up at his hot wife and grinned. He caught on that she was eyeballing the skinny lad who was ‘chewing the fat’ with another girl. Ron was a good looking guy, and knew what was expected of him. He whispered to his ‘wired’ wife as he got up and walked toward the couple, who would, hopefully, break off from each other soon.

Pearl’s hubby sat on the other side of her and ordered another drink. He deliberately rubbed against her back as he sat and made a big deal out of paying for his drink with a 50 that he pulled from a huge wad of bills. The other woman caught a glimpse of his ‘cabbage,’ and then turned away from Slim. It was artful of Ron and kind of shameful of the bimbo who was just unwittingly beat out of a great night of sex, and a few days of walking bow legged.

Slim stared at Pearl and tried to figure out why she looked so familiar. He studied her braless titties for a moment. It seemed like her nipples were trying to poke holes through her blouse. It finally clicked who she was, and he immediately walked away from his now disinterested, earlier prospect. After a moment of mingling, and skipping the verbal foreplay they had gone through when last they met, the two video porno of them walked out of the bar. Ron threw another 50 down to pay for the lady who followed him down the false rich boyfriend road. He then got up and followed. The bimbo was surprised that the lanky boy she was entertaining first had disappeared when she turned back around.

On the way to her place in his pickup truck, Pearl rubbed her hand up and down his leg, and then up to his cock that wasn’t completely hard, but made a nice, big outline in his jeans. He tried his best to drive, while attempting to get his hand into her shirt, but decided to stick with keeping his truck on the road; letting her do the feeling up.

With little or no ceremony, they found themselves in her bedroom. He sat on the bed and watched as she slowly peeled away her clothing; stalling to give Ron a chance to get situated behind a large one way mirror that was set up for just this purpose. When he told her, through her earpiece, that he was ready for her to begin, she dropped the rest of her clothing, except for her designer shoes, on the bedroom floor.

After peeling the skintight jeans from her ‘flavor of the night,’ Pearl knelt down on the floor and mock bit him through his boxers. He was fully erect now and gave her a funny look when her teeth scraped him a little as her mouth retreated. Ron was running this show now, and commanded her to slip her lover’s underwear aside and take him into her mouth. His cock sprung out like a jack in the box when she released it from its 100 percent cotton prison. It was long and thick; with bulging veins full of blood pushing it to get even harder. Ron, again, told her to put her mouth on it, and she did. He was quite a mouthful, and Pearl had a little trouble taking most of him past her lips, and to the back of her throat. Ron watched as she skillfully worked on her lover, but tired of what he was seeing.

“Put the condom on,” Ron directed his wife. She ripped open the package of the rubber she had stashed beneath the bed. When Slim saw it, he sighed, because he didn’t care for them. Pearl pulled the ‘raincoat’ just over the head, then kissed the tip of his dick before smiling at the man she was about to fuck. She put her lips tightly around the head of his penis and pushed the condom down the rest of the way with her mouth. It only covered three fourths of his massive sex izle tool, and it made him smirk a little when he looked at it.

Pearl never missed a beat, and continued blowing the lucky man’s cock, until he could forget about the barrier she had placed between her pussy and his skin weapon. Ron was impatiently chiding her to get on with it, as she took a few more oral ‘passes’ up and down his dick. It was almost as if the condom wasn’t even there at this point; he was so hard, his prick was turning a bit purple.

She climbed atop him and positioned herself to ride the human bucking bronco. It surprised him and her husband a little at how easily it slid inside her as she lowered down on his giant thing. When she had swallowed him up, she began to rhythmically glide up and down on him until she felt like she could cum. Ron spoke tensely into the microphone, and told her to fuck him even harder. She complied, and soon got a look on her face that told him she was about to cum. Pearl knew how to ride a man to get her just where she liked to be. You couldn’t count on a man to work that hard when he was on top. She leaned forward to get a little more contact on her special place. As she cum, the ‘horse’ she was riding looked a little confused. Under Ron’s direction she was playing with her own tits, but leaned back when the man she was fucking tried to get a turn. He was getting fucked, but kind of thought he was getting ‘fucked’ out of the total experience.

Slim felt like he was getting ready to do his business, so he told Pearl he was going to cum. He figured he could just do it inside, since there was a barrier. She was busy concentrating on squeezing him with her well-trained pussy. She stopped for a few seconds, looked at the mirror, and then suddenly lifted off of his tool. She lay back and motioned for him to get to his knees to finish on her face and in her mouth.

The man reached down to take the condom off, but was startled when she pushed his hand away. She took his junk into her mouth and suckled on the rubber coated penis. He tried to massage her titty, but was pushed away from there again. She ‘jacked’ him, while trying to push her tongue through the rubber, and into the tip of his penis. Slim was ready to cum anyway, but was surprised when her actions (as well as restrictions) made him cum even faster.

He ejaculated into the condom’s bedava porno tip and filled it to bursting. Pearl let the large, semen-filled ‘bubble’ lay inside of her mouth, while Slim finished pumping his cream aplenty. One last shot at her tit was rebuffed again, as her tongue pushed the full end of the condom out onto her lips, and then let it fall back into her mouth. Slim knelt there, mesmerized, while she played with the full condom. She then carefully peeled the ‘protection’ from his softening cock, and laid it on the night stand. It was time for Slim to go.

He tried to kiss her goodnight, after realizing that he hadn’t kissed her before, during or after the sex act. That was a no-go. She shuffled him out the door with nary a thank you, before joining her ‘controller’ in the bedroom.

Ron stood there smiling smugly. He was so proud of his work. “Thanks for the direction master”, Pearl cooed as she joined him on the bed. “Not a problem sweetheart,” was his reply. He undressed and lay back on the bed. His erection was nice, but was nothing like Slim’s. She sighed as she reached over and got the used condom. She spent a moment sliding it over his penis without losing a lot of her previous lover’s cum. It was stretched out enough to fit right on. She dabbed her finger into some of the goo that had escaped and touched it to her husband’s lips before kissing him.

She lay back and Ron fucked his wife of 10 years until he added his ‘stuff’ to that of Slim’s. Much of the mix had sloshed over the sides, and remained inside her when he withdrew his little wand. Afterwards, she spent 10 minutes grinding her pussy into his mouth, while adding the spew mix from the rubber to the area between his mouth and her snatch. Pearl came hard and diluted the slimy mix even more with her own juice.

They showered together and got comfortable clothes on for the rest of the evening. After watching TV for a few minutes, Pearl looked Ron in the face, and said “When I count to three, you will wake up, but not remember anything that has happened in the last four hours; believing that you fell asleep watching a movie.” After counting and watching her husband start to awaken, she quickly went into the secret room behind the mirror (that not even conscious Ron knew about), and ran the script she had provided for him earlier in the evening through a shredder.

That hypnotist, who helped her and Ron quit smoking, was a fucking genius! It was well worth blowing the guy to get the extra ‘suggestion’ he implanted into her husband’s subconscious mind. It made it possible for her to assume complete control, and repeatedly make her hubby into her own, perfect man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32