Company Xmas Party Ch. 10

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Summer had come and gone, and Diane and I had really settled into a rhythm. We had not discussed anything with our relationship yet. We remained lovers, but I felt as though she was feeling more. I hoped it was not just my desires affecting my perception. Neither one of us had taken anyone else into our beds all this time. Even though it had nearly been a year since we began, I was not nervous of where I stood with her. I honestly felt that if she came to me tomorrow and told me it had to end, I would walk away. I would be upset over it, as I really did feel something strong for her, but that was still our arrangement. I did not dwell on this, because everything seemed to be going wonderfully.

One thing that did change was that I was spending more time with her and Sean now. While I would come over for dinner, or visit on the weekends, we would get along famously, but I never slept over while he was there. Our adult encounters were only when it was just us. We still relished our lunch time quickies, and there were times that she would follow me home after work, and fuck me silly before picking up her son. There was also the one weekend each month that Sean was away with his father.

It was late October now, and being a big kid, I was looking forward to Halloween. Diane had made some plans for Sean, to take him Trick or Treating, and to a party, during the week, then to his father’s for the weekend for more trick or treating. It was working out well for him as our area was having it early, and his father’s area was having it on the 31st. He was very excited, and to Diane’s surprise, he wanted me to help them with a costume. Like I said, I was still a big kid. He decided to be the wolfman, and I worked with Diane to get a good mask for him, and some clothes to fit the look.

Diane and I also planned on going to a costume party the weekend of Halloween. It was hosted by a coworker of ours. She was new to the company, and said she did this each year. She claimed she threw an awesome party, and there were always a lot of people. We were skeptical, but being nice, decided to go. Talk to others at work, no one else had planned to make an appearance. It looked like we would be the strangers at the party. Trying to play that to my advantage, I told Diane that we could get away with more since we would not know anyone. I tried talking her into something really sexy. Since I love this holiday, I am good at using prosthetics and such, so I explained I could make her look like anyone/anything but her. She reminded me of a couple of things. First of all, we would know the hostess of the party, and she would be seeing people from work that following Monday. Also, that we had not made it all public that we were ‘seeing each other’.

Well, that was a dilemma. We talked it over, and decided to just show up together as if being a couple was not a big deal. If she told anyone from work, or if others showed up, so what? We still had to decide what we were going to go as, and she made it clear that she would not be showing off any of her ‘fun bits’ to people at the party. Yes, that is what she had taken to calling them. After looking online, I think she had maybe decided on a witches outfit that actually covered about everything, but the dress was form fitting, and clingy. So, it would show off her figure, but no more than a cocktail dress would. She agreed to let me put on a fake chin and nose, and a few other things. She would turn out to be sexy from the neck down, and hideous from the neck up. I had not decided yet, and could not make up my mind.

We went about the week, and I just could not commit to a costume. Before Diane ordered hers, she came to me with an idea for the both of us. “We could both go as one costume, like a horse or something.”

A horse? Really? The kid in me felt that a horse was a rather lame idea, but at the same time, it could be goofy. Walking around in a two person costume, we could just be silly, and a few drinks might add to that. It could guarantee some fun. I relented, and she and I went to a shop to rent one. We tried it on, and had a ton of trouble. She was the front, and I was the horse’s ass as it were, and we could not get in step, and Diane kept having problems seeing. The shop owner said that it would be best if I was up front as I could deal with the head better. We switched around, and found out she was right. Not having to deal with the head, we were able to get into step better.

It was not long before Diane started complaining that her back was starting to ache being bent over. The shop owner offered to help us adjust it so that I was bent over slightly, and she was closer to me, up against my back to support her. We found that this worked out well enough. When I got tired, I could stand upright, and she could stretch for a little bit, and when she got tired, I could lean over for her to rest. Looking in the mirror we were a rather squat horse. Oh well, this is for fun.

We rented the costume on Thursday, and went to her place to show her son. We put it on, antep escort and he cackled like crazy watching us walk around. We even did an impromptu dance in the costume. On Friday, after Sean left with his father, we tried it on again to get more practice. We had noticed that it would get rather warm in the costume, so we decided to wear shorts. Looking the costume over, I found that if we rolled up some clothes, I could attach them to the inside of the costume at the butt. It would sag normally, and with the clothes, it propped it up nicely. So, we would have jeans and some other shirts to wear if we decided to take off the costume.

Now, normally I would be staying the night, and we would be doing our best bunny impersonations, but I had some things I had to attend to first thing in the morning, so I would not be sleeping over. As I was preparing to leave, she pushed the front door shut on me, and backed me against the door. She slid to her knees, and undid my pants, and took me into her mouth. I was not even semi erect when she started, and she got to feel me become fully aroused in her mouth. She took her time, making sure to prolong this. She managed to work my pants to the floor, and helped me step out of them. She stepped up her efforts, and I worked my fingers into her hair. She had really come to know what made my legs quiver. I was never one for a slow blow job, but she learned how to make me like them.

After a time, she pulled my cock from her mouth, and just looked up at me while stroking it. With a grin, she quickly worked a finger in my ass. She had only done this one other time since the amusement park. She said it was something special for me, so she used it sparingly. She pulled it out until it was just the tip, and barely moved it, and continued to stroke me. I was dying; I needed her to quit teasing me. After a moment more, she slowly slid the finger back in my ass, and pressed against my prostate. She kept the finger moving slightly to really intensify the feeling. And then, all while looking right at me, she pursed her lips, and very slowly, very wetly slid her mouth over the head of my dick, and applied a light suction. I was nearly there when she stood up, and gave me a kiss, and with her mischievous smile told me that if I could not stay, I could not cum. She also told me to save it for after the party, and she would make up for it. With that, she gave me another kiss that knocked my socks off. It was a kiss full of promise of the weekend to come.

I pulled my pants back on, managed to tuck my erect penis away, and headed home. I did not manage to sleep much that night, and when 4 A.M. came, decided I might as well get started. I took care of everything I needed to, met with the people I needed to meet with, and was at Diane’s house by 2:30. Since the party was at 7:30, and we planned to arrive at 8, we had time to get something to eat, and get a little more practice in the costume. She made us a nice early dinner, and made it clear that I was to behave. Knowing her as I now did, I know it was on purpose that she was an old, threadbare T-shirt with no bra, and my favorite jeans that showed off her magnificent ass. From the time I left the night before, I was perpetually aroused, and seeing her now, it was all I could do to keep from pushing her over the table, and fucking her for about 3 strokes, and shooting my load inside of her.

I managed to restrain myself, but it was agony. Any time she moved, her breasts wobbled enticingly. Her nipples remained constantly erect, never letting up. She made a point of reaching past me to get my plate, so that I got a close up view of them, even seeing down the front. She had become the devil. We ended up watching a movie instead of practicing. I am not entirely sure why. She insisted on watching Stephen King’s It. Once it was done, we started to get ready for the party. She went to my bag, and pulled out my clothes to wear in the costume, and added hers, and we attached them to the rear end. She then told me that I had to change in here, while she got ready in the other room. “I would not want to temp you while I am naked. You have to remain pure until later.”

“For crying out loud.” I thought to myself. “You are going to be the death of me before the night is over.” I told her.

“Trust me, you will be just fine, well at least until I get a hold of you later.”

With a smile, she grabbed the back of the costume, and headed for her room, and shut the door. I grabbed my bag, and pulled out the remaining clothes. All that was left was a pair of gym shorts, and a T- shirt. I knocked on her bedroom door. “I need to come in for a second. You put my underwear in with the other clothes.”

“Hold on. There are no underwear here. You must have forgotten them. Want to wear a pair of my panties?” She giggled at her wit. “Just use the pair you have on.”

“You know I do not wear any with jeans.”

“Oh yeah. Well, you are only wearing the shorts in the costume, so don’t worry about it.”

She had a point. Hell, I normally wore the shorts without underwear when in the house. Only if I went running or to workout that I put on underwear. Since I would be in the costume, I would not sweat it. Plus, maybe this would encourage Diane to play a bit inside the costume. It would be very easy access for her.

We could manage the drive wearing the legs, so we decided to do just that. It was chilly out, so being in shorts would not be very much fun. Diane would have the worst of it sitting on the clothes, but said she would be fine. I stepped into my legs, and pulled up the suspenders. “That was easy. I am ready to go.” I called out. Diane came out wearing the same T-shirt she had been, and still no bra. She kept reaching in to mess with something. I started over to her, but before I got my second step she said “There, how do I look?”, and she spun around.

“Like a perfect horse’s ass.” I laughed at my own obvious humor.

She stuck her tongue out at me like a child, and then quickly flashed her tits at me. I did not know how I was going to make it through the party. She walked by and peeked inside the costume, and smiled at my erection, then headed out the door.

“Do you need your purse, and keys?”

“Nope, got everything I need in the costume.” As I walked out, she reached in her costume, and pulled out her keys, and locked the door. I saw her pull a small bag up, and she replaced the keys, and let it drop back in. Clever.

I tossed the head into the back seat, and Diane managed to get settled in the passenger side. It took about 15 minutes to get to the party, and we had to park a block away. “Wow, she wasn’t joking about having a lot of people at her party.” I told Diane.

“Did you see the house? It is huge.”

“Yeah, I hope it is not too crowded. I cannot believe how many cars are parked on the street.”

We got out, and carried the head to the front yard, where we finally completed the costume. It took until the front door to get in step. I lifted the head up enough to reach out and ring the bell. Amber, our coworker answered the door. She was dressed as an old woman, and looked at us quizzically. “Who is this?”

“Hi Amber. It’s Jerry and Diane.” I answered.

“You are both in there? I didn’t.. come in, come in.”

We entered the house, and Amber continued “You are the first ones from the office so far.” We did not have the heart to tell her that we would most likely be the only ones. We chatted a little more with Amber, and while trying to answer a question, I was interrupted by feeling Diane slide her hand up my shorts leg, and rub her fingers over my cock and balls. After regaining my composure, I asked to be directed to the drinks, explaining that the costume was warm, and I was already a bit parched. As we walked away, Diane began to giggle behind me.

“You need to be careful. You have me so worked up. It will not take much for me to cum as it is.”

She pinched my ass, and said to lead her to water.

A nice fellow working a keg behind a bar handed me a beer. I pulled it in, and handed it to Diane, and reached out for another. It was tricky working the cup into the head, but I managed it, and drank the beer quickly. I started scanning the room looking at the costumes. Diane asked me to tell her what was happening. “Guess that is what happen when you are not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” I taunted. She grabbed the head of my cock which was still sticking out, and gave it a not to gentle squeeze. Being distracted as I was, I did not notice the sexy farm girl that came up beside us.

“So, are you hung like horse, or are you a gelding?” she inquired using a bad southern accent.

“Oh my God, she is rubbing my hip!” Diane quietly informed me.

“Oh, you would be surprised to know that back there has the plumbing of a female.” I said.

“With such a manly voice, I hardly think so.” she continued with the accent.

“HER HAND IS UNDERNEATH ME!” Diane whispered insistently. “SHE IS SQUEEZING MY BOOB!”

“Oh my, I am so sorry.” the farm girl instantly said without a hint of an accent. “I thought you were kidding, I am so sorry.” She then scampered away.

“I can’t believe that I just got felt up by a woman.”

“What, was that the first time a woman grabbed your tits?”

“Yeah! It would not have been so bad, but she even tweaked my nipple.”

“Karma, baby. You are messing with me, and karma is messing with you in return.”

We both chuckled, and moved about the party. We mingled, and talked with various people. Many were surprised to learn that there was both a man and woman in the costume. Some times Diane and I carried on separate conversations. We were doing well with alternating positions for the first hour or so. It started to go bad again when she leaned over me, and she worked her hand down my shorts again. I decided to remain still, and prayed that maybe she would finish me off this time. By now, I did not care if I had to talk around with cum in my shorts, I needed release. I was getting real close when she suddenly stopped, and feeling some movement from her other arm, she managed to cut through the sides of my shorts with a pair of scissors. A couple of snips, and it was done.

“Oops, look what happened. Well, no sense trying to keep them on is there?” With that said, she slid them into the right leg of the costume, and the dropped down. There I was wearing nothing but the costume below my waist. She reached between my legs from behind and cupped my balls. “Much better, don’t you agree?”

All I could do is moan in response. I was still in shock at what she did. “What are you up to?” I asked.

“Me? Nothing. Let’s mingle some more.”

I was very aware of my situation with every step now. With nothing to help hold things in place, with each step, I was flopping around inside the costume. We talked, and we drank some more, and eventually, I had to visit the rest room. We never discussed this situation. I told her I had to go, but was not going to pull the costume apart, as it would be evident I was essentially naked. Plus, with us sweating in here, I am sure her shirt was essentially transparent now. We decided to just go in together. In our time together, this is something we had never done in front of each other. We are both adults, we can handle it.

Once in the bathroom, we pulled apart, and Diane pulled up right behind me. “Let me help you with that.” She pulled the suspender straps off my shoulders, and the legs hit the floor. As I lifted the stool, she had reached around me, and grabbed my erect cock. “I just aim, right?”

“I hate to tell you, it is not going to work while I am this hard. And it is not going down any time soon while you hold it.”

That was a mistake, because she then started to stroke it. “Poor baby. Do you want me to make you cum? If you cum now, I will have to punish you in the costume here at the party. If you wait, I promise the reward will be worth it.”

Punish me? I thought that was what she was doing. This was new for her, and I was not sure what else she had in mind. I almost caved in and opted for her to finish the hand job, but decided to wait. “I want to wait, so you better let go.” She did, and I stepped away. “I guess you had better go first since I am going to be a moment until I am ready.”

“Turn around, and face the shower. You cannot see me yet.” I did as she instructed, and soon heard the sounds of her peeing. That was enough for me, and my cock began to deflate. I did not find bodily wastes exciting. When she was done, and had flushed, she said I could go now. “I still want to hold it.” This was strange. I let a little out to make sure the aim was right, and then let go. Between not being excited at bodily wastes, and her holding my cock in her hands, it was a stalemate, and I remained semi hard. I must say though that it felt really good to release that pressure at least. When it was down to a dribble, she let go and cleaned up. I finished up the job. As I was about to pull the costume back up, she wrapped her arms around me in a hug from behind.

“I really want this to be special for you. I am only teasing to add to it. You will be grateful later, I promise.” She slid her hands up under my shirt and began rolling my nipples between her fingers. We had found that this is something we both enjoy. My cock was instantly erect again.

“Just beware, if you touch my dick again, I am pretty sure that I will cum.”

“Fair enough. Let’s get back to the party. Stay there, I have to adjust my costume again, and you still do not get to see me yet. My shirt is completely see through now.” I peeked at the mirror, and sure enough, she might as well have not been wearing anything. To my surprise, she actually pulled her shirt off, and placed it in the costume. She saw me peeking, and stepped to the side, making me turn with her. Now that I could not see, she adjusted something for a moment, and then we began to pull the costume back together. Once we were done, she said “I caught you looking, so you still get a minor punishment.” When nothing happened, I opened the bathroom door, and we walked back to the party.

We mingled some more, and ran into the sexy farm girl again. Once again she apologized. “Check again, I am a stud now.” I told her.

She got a twinkle in her eye, and Diane poked me in the ribs. “How d…” she started to say before she quickly inhaled.

The farm girl gasped and angrily said “You are a jerk!” and stormed off.

“She did it again! Did you get a good jolly out of that?” I could tell she was not really mad, just shocked.

“Don’t like that you are getting used to being felt up my other women?” I challenged.

Without another word, I felt something slide along the crack of my ass, and as soon as she found the mark, Diane slid a finger in my asshole. I tensed up, and she held it there for a moment before slowing sliding it back out. “Time for your punishment.” She started to push back in, but this time there was a second finger. She had never done this before. No one had. I could feel something on them, and realized she had lubed her fingers. “I need a drink.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32