Company to Nowhere

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Double Penetration

Jamie placed the beer at his feet, balanced the pizza with his one hand while with the other hand he tried to open the motel door with the magnetic key. As usual, it took several swipes. The green light finally flashed and he quickly reached for the handle. He pushed the door open with is hip, picked up the beer, nearly dropping the pizza, and backed into the room. He turned. “I brought pizza and beer so we can eat while…” his voice became a soft mumble. ” I… I didn’t realize… I’m sorry.”

“You’re embarrassed. I’m flattered, I think.” The words came in a soft, soothing tone as she twisted around from the sink. She was naked except for the towel wrapped around her head. Jamie just stood before her speechless. She sensed his discomfort. “You had better put the pizza and beer on the table before you drop them and close the door too, please.” She moved towards him as he placed the food on the table. “I’m starved, how about you?” Her hand brushed his arm and she said with a giggle, “If it would make you feel more comfortable, I could borrow one of your T-shirts. Remember, you put all my stuff in the wash, or you could just…” her hand gently tightened on his bicep and he glanced down at her bruised knuckles.

They had met that morning outside a gas station just near Williston. Jamie had just fueled his bike and had parked it at the side of the convenience store. She was sitting nearby on a small backpack and leaning back against the wall. The soft light of the early morning sunlight flattered her face and soft brown eyes and almost hid the small mouse under her left eye. She smiled as he dismounted.

“Good morning,” Jamie began. “It looks like it’s going to be another nice day.”

“Ya, I sure hope so” she replied. “You’re up and traveling early.”

A brief conversation ensued. While they talked about traveling in Montana, Jamie observed her dusty and greased stained denim jacket, the tattered jeans with the ripped knee, and her well-worn sneakers. Her smile did little to hide her tiredness. “I’m about to get a coffee, would you like one?” Jamie asked. “That is if you’re not waiting for someone or with someone. I would not want to intrude,” he added shyly.

“No, I’m alone. A coffee would be very nice.”

Moments later he reappeared with coffee and muffins. “I thought you would like one of these too,” he said as he handed her a muffin. “After all, I was having one. It will tie me over until breakfast. I brought cream and sugar for the coffee too.”

The coffee and the muffin tasted good. She had not eaten since noon the day before. While she ate, she stole repeated glances at her benefactor as he leaned against his motorcycle, sipped his coffee, and perused a map of Montana. He looked at the map through bifocals. His grey hair and beard were short and framed a tanned faced. He did not appear to be your typical biker even if he did wear a T-shit, leather vest, and jeans. “My name is Sheila. Is that a Harley?” her words broke the silence that had grown between them.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore you,” he replied as he let the map fall across the handlebars and rest against the windshield. “No, it’s not a Harley. It’s a Yamaha. Something that is a little smoother on these old bones. My name is Jamie, by the way. Pleased to meet you, Sheila.”

“I’d like to get a bike,” she said her voice trailing off. Then she continued in a dreamy fashion, “I want to experience ataköy escort the freedom of the open road and feel the wind in my hair.”

“Well you have to be careful. Accidents can happen at…”

She didn’t allow him to finish his sentence. “Thanks again for the coffee and muffin. It really hit the spot.” It was as if she did not want him to spoil her dream with sobering facts. “Where are you headed?” she inquired.

Jamie explained that he was on holiday and heading to the Detroit area to visit his brother and some friends. It was a leisurely trip, he explained, because he was semi-retired. A service station employee pushing a caretaking cart interrupted their conversation. “I see you are still here,” the employee scoffed. “Shouldn’t you be somewhere else?”

“Oh sorry, I can see that I’m taking up valuable parking space,” Jamie replied sarcastically as he turned and waved at the empty parking lot. “Thanks for encouraging my return patronage. I’ll be off shortly!” The attendant looked shocked and hurried off.

“Bitch,” Shelia muttered under her breath.

Jamie smiled and offered her another coffee. “No thanks,” came the polite reply. “But I would appreciate you minding my stuff while I went to the bathroom.”

“Just put it up on the pillion seat. That way it won’t be swept away by a frenzied employee.” Shelia laughed and disappeared into the store. When she reappeared moments later, she stood by the bike making awkward small talk. Then after taking a deep breath she looked him straight in the eye and asked.

“You wouldn’t have another helmet for this thing, would you?”

“Here you wear the good one and I’ll wear the beanie. I’m heading east, you know.”

“Perfect,” came the reply. In short order, the beanie helmet was retrieved from one of the saddlebags and bungee cords secured her knapsack to the sissy bar rack. Jamie hardly noticed her presence behind him as the big V4 ate up the miles along Highway 2. Late in the afternoon, he could feel her falling asleep against him. He found a motel in Devils Lake and stopped for the night.

On his way to the nearby pizzeria, he had put their dirty clothes in the wash in the motel’s laundromat. On his return with the pizza and beer, he had placed their clothes in the dryer. He had fantasized about a moment like this while he was putting their clothes in the washing machine and again when he placed them in the dryer. Now, his fantasy was coming true. Sheila’s naked body was only inches away. Jamie was aware of his pounding heart, his sweaty brow, and the searing heat of the touch of her fingers on his arm. His gaze moved from her hand to her breasts. They were beautiful. He could barely breathe. The silence that filled the room was broke only by the wheezing of the air conditioner.

He stood there frozen in a silent trance. Her mouth moved but he didn’t hear the words clearly “Pardon…” was all he could manage.

” Maybe I could borrow one of your T-shirts. Remember, you put all my stuff in the wash, or you could just … or you could just join me and eat naked.” Her words broke his dream-like daze and brought him back to reality. He felt her hands slip off his leather vest and begin to tug at the hem of his T-shirt. Soon both items lay in a heap on the floor.

Shelia leaned forward, her breasts grazing his chest and she kissed him fully on the lips. Then grabbing a beer and the pizza box from bakırköy escort the table and she moved to the bed. “The clothes will take about an hour to dry,” he said almost in a whisper.

“That’s nice,” she replied nonchalantly and then continued in a sultry voice, “Now, get out of those boots and jeans, and come and eat something.”

Jamie quickly followed her instructions, stripped naked, and sat on the floor at the corner of the bed nursing his beer. Sheila lay on her side, the open pizza box cradled towards her navel. Jamie ate and drank with the right hand. With the left, he gently caressed the backs of Sheila’s calves and thighs. Two beers later, the pizza was gone. Both were surprised just how hungry they were. The empty box found its way to the table and Sheila lounged on the bed her legs partially spread in an erotic and inviting pose. Jamie began to softly massage her inner thighs and then stopped suddenly when his fingers discovered a massive bruise on the back of her left thigh. “Jesus, how did you get that?” he asked incredulously.

“The same way I got these,” she replied as she held up her hands to show her bruised knuckles. “My asshole boyfriend… I’m heading to Duluth to stay with my stepmother…” sadness spread over her countenance and she continued, “… why don’t you go and get the laundry…I don’t want to talk about this right now…” Her voice dissolved into sobs and tears and she buried her head in the pillow.

Jamie reluctantly pulled on his jeans, grabbed the key, and padded bare foot to the laundromat. When he returned with the clothes, the room was dark. The curtains were pulled tight against the evening sunlight. Curled under the bedcovers, as if trying to disappear, was Sheila. Jamie slipped out of his jeans and crawled into bed beside her. “Hold me,” was all she said.

They curled up together like spoons. Sheila cupped his hand to her breasts. Jamie’s fingers fondled her hardening nipples. He kissed the nape of her neck and nibbled on her ear. Sheila moaned and pushed her buttocks back against his pelvis. Jamie sucked on her ear lobe and alternately began to roll her nipples between his thumb and fore fingers. Sheila moaned and felt the wetness building between her legs.

Jamie’s hand moved to down her chest, across her belly, and began to tug and rub her pubic hair. Sheila gasped, turned her body, and opened her legs to give him better access. She was rewarded. His fingers began to stroke her pussy lips, and his thumb massaged her clit. A warm tingling began to build in her stomach and her breathing quickened. Shelia arched her back. Her body began to tremble involuntarily as he began to work his fingers in and out of her now quivering vagina. Sheila turned towards him and arched her back. Jamie’s mouth found the nipple of her left breast and he sucked hard. Electric shocks flowed from her nipple to her clit as the first orgasmic wave poured over her body. The sensations produced by Jamie’s fingers and tongue now completely consumed Sheila. Her open mouth emitted only silent screams of pleasure as a series of violet spasms racked her body.

Shelia opened her eyes. Jamie had just kissed her forehead. “I must have dozed off,” she said with a smile. The fingers of Jamie’s left hand continued to gently brush against her pussylips and pubic hair. She enjoyed the warm, satisfied glow, which now covered her body and filled her mind. She looked up at Jamie. His countenance was a mere shadow in the dim light. She gently kissed his lips and languidly said, “You’re the perfect prescription for a bad boyfriend experience.”

“I did not know I could still have that effect. I have not been with a woman in a very, very long time. I think I’m a little old…”

“Sweetie, your medicine is not stale dated. You made me feel great, you really did.” She paused and then inquired delicately, “How long has it been?”

There was a long pause followed by the sound of a deep breath. “It has been over eight years, since I’ve touched a woman like that, counting before and after the divorce. Nobody has been interested in …well … well making me happy,” lamented Jamie.

“Perhaps, I can offer some medicine for that,” she coyly said as she began to stoke his cock.

“It doesn’t always work,” he said sadly as he placed his hand on her wrist. “There are damaged nerves and the operation … it doesn’t always get hard. I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“After what you have just done for me, I don’t think you could disappoint.” She grinned mischievously and knelt over him. At first, he felt nothing. Then, as he relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy her touch; he began to feel warmth building in his pelvis. The sensations created by her tongue and hot breath, the sensations created by her hand as it cupped his balls, and the sensations created by her fingers as they squeezed and worked his cock, aroused old lost feelings.

“Oh Sheila, that feels so good. You are just what the doctor ordered.” He laughed and smiled. “Come here my dear,” he said as he reached out and pulled her hips towards him.

Shelia straddled his face. “I think I can offer you some of my special medication in just a moment,” she taunted as she resumed her manipulations of his dick. “I could always use some oral persuasion,” she said with a laugh. Her musky scent invaded his nostrils as his tongue began its assault on her pussy and clit. She tasted wonderful. Shelia wiggled and moaned encouragement.

The deliberate warm treatments administered by Shelia to his cock soon became a series of hot, frenzied movements. Jamie valiantly tried to mirror her actions with his tongue. His body stiffened. She ground her pussy hard against his mouth. His tongue penetrated deeply. Convulsions consumed both of their bodies. Jamie felt release and tasted her sweet essence.

A stirring in the room woke him. He glanced in the mirror and saw her image. She was beautiful in her pale blue nurse’s uniform. “Good afternoon Mr. Jamison. How is my favorite patient … I rode my new V-Star to work today…”

He wanted desperately to tell her to be careful and that motorcycles could be dangerous, but he couldn’t speak. “… I had pizza for lunch and snuck you in a piece.” She bent down and placed the wrapped slice on the tray in front of the mirror. As she did so, the top of her outfit gaped. The sound of the charge nurse’s cart and her sharp bark interrupted his voyeuristic gaze. “Sheila, come here!”

The wheeze of his ventilator prevented him from hearing their conversation. Nevertheless, as he lay face down on his Stryker bed, he could see in the mirror, that Sheila was upset. Under the whither glare of her superior, she returned to his bedside and bent down to retrieve the pizza slice. While she did, she hissed. “… Bitch won’t let me give this to you. She says you might choke.” Then as she stood up, she gently brushed his cheek with the back of her slightly bruised hand and whispered, “… I’ll make it up to you, later in the shift, I promise.”

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