Commando Rules!

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New Rule: Never tell your girlfriend you aren’t wearing any knickers! Well that might be a little harsh, so how about be careful who you tell you aren’t wearing knickers because what might happen next will change your life! Yea, that’s better. Now whether the change is for the good or for the bad depends more on your than your girlfriend!

That was the start of it, silly me fighting my way across an incredibly crowded club, all girls, except for the male dancers on stage. I fought my way across to join the long line for the loo. It might sound funny, but this club had one loo and it was unisex, but it was still to freaking small for the number of bodies that packed in! So it took absolutely forever to get there to pee! And . . . well there is no sugar coating it, by the time I got there, I had leaking just a little. It was just enough to dampen the gusset of my thong, but I couldn’t stand it! So I stripped them off, wrapped them in a little toilet tissue, and hid them in the bottom of my minuscule purse. I mean who would know, right? Just me and my big mouth! I really have to drink a lot less!

Getting back to JJ at our table seemed to be another fight just getting through the crowd. I did start to regret the short and tight silver Lycra skirt I was wearing, but a few careful tugs kept me from showing things I didn’t want to show. JJ was grinning at me, this was her favorite club on ladies night and she knew how crowded it would be. Another drink or two and she would be in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by other ladies and loving it!

I sat back down and she scooted close so we could hear each other talk.

“How was the line?”

“It was freaking impossible, you shyte! And you damn well knew it, didn’t you?”

“Yea, it gets bad about now, but it’ll lighten up later. For some reason 6 and 9 seem to be the call of the loo.”

“you coulda warned me!”

“Why, it was fun watching you do the pee dance across the club.”

“You have a sick sense of humor, JJ.”

“I know, but you love that about me!”

I had to admit she was right. Her skewed way of looking at things is one of her most endearing traits. I just wish I wasn’t the target so often. We settled down and had another drink. I had to shift myself a lot as the Lycra seemed to stick to the vinyl seat cover.

“Why are you so fidgety?”

Here is where my big mouth should have just stopped, but I let it run wild!

“I am not wearing any knickers!”

“No way! I saw your sexy thong when you got in my car. Someone steal it?”

“What are you doing check out my undies?” I was surprised!

“Hey, Emmy, no biggie. You sorta flashed me a bit as you got in my sports car. I thought the thong looked sexy as hell!”

“Well no one stole it, I leaked a little waiting in that long line. I was a minute out from going out into the alley and trying to pee standing up when I finally got inside.”

“You’re shitting me? You really gone commando under THAT skirt?”

I nodded and sipped my pink strawberry-ish thing JJ ordered for me. She acted like she didn’t believe me! But hell, what was she going to do!

She leaned against me and I felt her hand on my thigh.

“JJ!” I whispered harshly. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t believe you. I’m going check it out.” She slid her hand up and tried to push between my thighs.

“JJ, enough is enough, knock it off!”

“Oh fuck no! Besides, you can’t move that far away without flashing that whole table over there.” She pointed her chin toward a larger table with a selection aydın escort of . . . Well to be kind . . . Biker chicks . . . Sitting there. While I looked at them, JJ forced her hand up into places no one but me and a few boyfriends had ever visited!

“Damn, you are naked under there!”

“Fine you have your proof, now get your hand out of there!”

She rubbed her fingers over my more sensitive spots and pressed closer against me.

“Not just yet, you feel downright yummy!”

“JJ!” I was shocked at her and not sure what to do! I looked away and saw one of the leather dressed biker chicks watching, she was actually focused on my lap, like she could see under the table at JJ’s hand. I tried to grab her wrist and stop her.

“Emmy, if you let go of my wrist I won’t reveal your naked pussy to those girls over there!”

“You wouldn’t . . .” I felt her lifting my skirt and I abandoned her wrist. But then her fingers touched me again! They were knowing fingers, experienced fingers. No fumbling like a guy. Her firm fingertip touched me and made me shudder against her! This wasn’t really happening, was it?”

“There you go, sexy Emmy, just relax! When I saw your undies I was almost drooling! Those legs, that short skirt, and that sexy thong! Just relax, baby, I will make you feel so good!”

My head was spinning in seconds, I was confused, but this was JJ, my best friend! I had to lean against her, the leather girl lost her vantage point but I really no longer cared. In just a moment, at least it felt like just a moment I went from getting angry to getting really, really excited! Her fingers were incredible and the feeling of her next to me was amazing!

Under the table I felt her pull my legs open, and actually put my thigh over her leg. I thought of the tablecloth for just one second as I felt her fingers inside me! I had to press my face against her neck as I almost screamed for joy! This couldn’t be happening; any second I would wake up and realize I was playing with myself in my sleep! I had to be, JJ wouldn’t do this to me. We were straight!

“That’s better sweetheart! I can really touch you now! Don’t worry, no one can see! You have no idea how sexy you look right now and how sexy you feel.”

She flicked her finger over my clit again and I felt myself starting to cum! She wrapped her arm around me as I shook like a leaf. I could feel her heartbeat as mine raced to a climactic high and slowly spun back down. She pulled out her hand and brought it up above the table. I could smell myself on it as she waved it under my nose and then licked her fingers.

“So wet and so tasty!”

It had to be the drinks, that was it, we both had too much!

Then her so wet comment sunk in and I realized just how wet I was, my skirt was soaked and I could feel my juices on my thighs. I sat up, not sure what to do. Then someone sat down next to me, it was the girl from the biker chick table, the one in the leather!

“That was some show!” She said to JJ. “Got my blood going!”

All I could do was blush! The she reached across me, like I wasn’t even there and shook hands with JJ, the hand she had been using on me! The blond-haired, leather-clad girl raised JJ’s hand to her face and inhaled then kissed it, right in front of me.

I squirmed in my seat from the wetness more than anything. I wanted to run away, but I didn’t dare, my butt would show just how wet I was and the skirt would ride up like mad! I might as well be naked!

“Problem?” JJ asked me.

“I’m aydın escort bayan soaked!”

“I know!”

“Not that, my skirt!”

The blond laughed. “I can help. You need to get cleaned up.” Without a word she reached over and knocked the pink frothy drink in my lap and all three of us jumped up from the spray and cold!

There were the normal apologies about being clumsy and she took my hand, but not toward the loo.


“I work here some weekends. The staff has their own place so they don’t have to fight the crowd.”

She led me around the bar and back toward what must have been the store room and next to it was a small bathroom. Nothing special, two sinks, a toilet and one urinal. It was empty, thank goodness!

She locked the door.

“Give me the skirt, I’ll rinse it.”

“I can’t!”

“Why not, just do it! You get yourself cleaned up and I’ll handle the skirt. It should be OK, no lasting damage. A Lycra-blend I see.”

She stood there like a girl stripping off her skirt in the bar loo was the most natural thing in the world. I did it and she never even gave me a glance, which I appreciated. She worked the skirt in the sink, while I used some paper towels and the other sink to get myself dry and clean. That pink drink was sticky!”

When I was done she had suspended the skirt on a hanger and put it in front of a blow drier running on low. “It’ll just be a few!”

“What if someone comes in?”

“They get to wait!”

Then she looked at me, really looked at me, enough to make me hold my hands in front of myself.

“Oh no, this is payment for helping you. She pulled my hands away from my body and looked me over. “You are a beauty, aren’t you?” She said more to herself than to me. Then her hand dropped mine and she tried to touch me where JJ had. I backed away.

“No, I’m not gay.”

“You’re not? You sure fooled me and I think the girl you were with.”

“No, that was the first; I think she had too much to drink”

“I don’t think so, she looked like she knew what she was doing and she was liking it! I was liking it too!”

She stepped at me, effectively pinning me in a corner and reached out again, this time not letting my hands get in the way. She didn’t look so strong, but she brushed me away until she was touching me. She was rougher than JJ, and the scent of leather was overwhelming as she pushed against me, catching me between the wall and her body. Her hand was just as knowing as JJ’s and like before in a few minutes my struggles were not actually struggles. She laughed against my neck which was so embarrassing, but also a real turn on. I felt her other hand push up and under my top, pushed my bra over my breast, but I didn’t care, her right hand was driving me crazy!

Then she stepped away, the scent of leather faded, her touch left me disoriented against the wall. She was looking at me in such a strange way. She slowly took off her leather jacket and opened her jeans. Then she took off her top. She was small in the bust, smaller than I was, and she didn’t wear a bra. Then she stepped back in and I felt her lips crush against mine, her hand back on me and she pushed my hand into her leans and I felt her.

She continued to rub me, hard and then soft, fast and then slow. When she felt my arms tighten around her, she stepped back again, my mind was overwhelmed.

I looked at her, finding it hard to focus. Her blond hair was tousled, her small brown nipples looked hard enough to cut glass, and she escort aydın just stood there. In the mirror I could see myself. My hair was a disaster, my top and bra up around my neck, my breasts hanging there; I could see red marks from her hands on them. I was shocked at my first thought as I saw myself. I looked dammed sexy! My mind cleared a little at the ridiculousness of that thought, I never considered myself sexy, but for that moment I felt sexy as hell.

She leaned into me again, this time very slowly coming toward me. I felt my body respond. She stopped an inch away.

“Kiss me.”

She didn’t make it a demand, but it wasn’t exactly a request either. I wasn’t sure what to do.

“I don’t even know your name.” I said, stalling for time.

“I know! Kiss me!”

My lips found hers and I felt her tongue pressing against me as her hand came back to me. My hand went back into her jeans and inside her knickers, which were as wet as I felt. I kissed her right back, not caring who she was, or what she was. In a minute I was coming again, harder than with JJ, harder than with anyone! I cried out into that kiss!

When I came back from wherever I went, I felt her shuddering against me. She was coming as well against my hand. I felt my hand moving, but it didn’t seem like I was doing it, but I was, I was masturbating another woman!

When she finished we looked at each other and had to laugh, we were both a mess. It took forever, but my skirt was dry. She repaired what damage we could, but the bra was a loss, the hook broke. The problem was that I was too large to go without, especially not in the top I was wearing. I looked at myself when she came up behind me.

I felt her hands around my waist and saw the look in her eyes. We smiled and I pushed against her as she cupped my breasts.

“I’m Becky.”


She held her coat up and put it on me, like a real . . . Gentleman? My head was still not working right!

Then she kissed me a sweet and tender kiss.

We left the loo together and she came to my table. JJ’s eyes were huge as she saw us! I sat down and Becky sat with us. She introduced herself to JJ and then slid my left leg over her thigh.

“Take her right leg, JJ. We should be able to make her a quivering mass by the time we decide to go home together!” Her eyes got bigger as she complied and there I was, if you can picture it, my legs spread wide, just the table and table cloth kept me from flashing the whole club. For the rest of the time we were there if one wasn’t touching me, the other one was. At one point a server came by and chided Becky for her extra-long loo break. But then she leaned over the edge of the table and looked down at my bare and open pussy.

“Anytime you need a taste-tester for that, let me know!”

We closed the place mainly because the two of them wouldn’t stop touching me. Becky was right, by time it was time to leave, I couldn’t stand. I think everyone one who saw us thought I was drunk, but I was on such a physical high, I just was incapable of walking, and even had trouble standing. I swear the scent of leather and wet sex was going to drive me crazy for the rest of my life!

JJ’s car should have been too small for the three of us, and we broke she seat belt rules. There was no way the seat belt was going around Becky and me, not with me facing Becky with my feet on the armrests on each side of her. I swear the ride back to JJ’s was one long kiss and grope!

You can imagine the rest of the night. I did things I never thought I would do, let alone like! We went out again on Saturday, the three of us to a pure girls club! JJ and I both had a good time, and I think Becky enjoyed showing us both off. I don’t know what the future will bring, but as long as I have both JJ and Becky in my life, I can do anything! And I think maybe I have!

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