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I suppose that we all have some built in fuse that indicates sexual interest in a particular person. And that the catalyst required to ignite that fuse varies for each of us. Physical beauty, reputation, surroundings, alcohol, drugs, can all play a part in this sudden realization that you desire someone. But I have found that until it happens I have no idea of what will ignite the burn; save one common factor. She will show in some manner that her interest in me is piqued as well. The return signal can vary in how it is transmitted, but when it does, I know that she knows that I know that she knows in some form of osmosis.

The recognition that a woman is carnally interested in me seldom bears the fruit of a close encounter, but simply receiving it gives me pleasure and I suppose makes me feel more manly. The missing ingredient to being able to consummate this mutual desire is most often lack of opportunity.

I have shared this feeling with several women older than I. I have never really sought out older ladies, but it has happened and has resulted in some beautiful trysts. The age difference usually ranged from 15 to 20 years and the first one happened when I was just turned 18 although that was more of an outright seduction by an aggressive lady than an exchange of mystic vibes.

I do enjoy strong confident women, those who are comfortable in their own skin and whose demeanor suggests, ‘by invitation only’. That could be the reason for some of the encounters that I have enjoyed, older women tend to be confident. They can in fact appear to be intimidating but if those first few signs evolve between us I suppose I enter a sort of ‘search and destroy’ mode, in the nicest manner of course. This brings me to my most memorable encounter with the perfect stereotype of such an older woman.

I was in my early forties at the time, working as manager of a remote operation, with reason to travel to my head office several times a year. I would also on occasion attend conventions and group meetings in the same city. The President of the company was an older but energetic guy who controlled many operations and was very generous in providing his managers opportunities to get out of the boonies as often as seemed reasonable.

I was at a major convention on this occasion, one with several thousand attendees and held in a very large hotel. My wife normally attended conventions with me, but some personal issues had prevented her from joining me on this trip.

The President rented a large suite for purposes of entertaining selected contacts in the business and political world. The suite was not open to the convention attendees at large, but a significant number would be provided private invitations. Those of us who worked for the President were expected to put some time in at the suite each day.

The President’s wife Eva was quite involved with her husband’s social and business affairs. In fact she was more of a personal secretary than a wife. She stayed in the suite during the convention and acted as his hostess. She was probably between 55 and 60 years of age at the time. She was very attractive, tall and slim and she dressed impeccably. She was very gracious, seemed to enjoy entertaining others and yet had the ability to calm arguments and politely evict the occasional drunk. She was very much in charge at all times.

Eva and I liked each other from our first meeting and I enjoyed a nice buzz on those few occasions that we came in contact. There was no way that I had any plans to make a move on her for obvious reasons. But as time went on we did become friendlier and the polite handshake turned to an air kiss, to a kiss on the cheek, to a touch of tongue or hand on an arm and so on. We danced once or twice and when we did our bodies meshed as if they had been molded for that purpose. I did feel that she was as curious about me as was I of her. I dreamed of making love to her, having her long lithe legs wrapped around my waist. She was simply a desirable woman among many that I knew and thought about on occasion.

One day I was assisting Eva in the suite. She had organized a buffet lunch and was now supervising clean-up after the guests had departed. Social suites were not allowed to be open during the formal sessions of the convention and ours would not open again until later that afternoon. She asked me if I would stay until the hotel staff delivered some supplies for our later opening. She appeared to be a little harried and told me that she was going to shower and relax in one of the bedrooms.

I settled down and was taking in the afternoon news on TV when I heard her call. “Jim, can you give me a hand in here?” I had no idea what sort of emergency was at hand so I hustled in to the bedroom. She was facing a full length mirror and fumbling with a tiny zipper at the back of her dress. Her arms were behind her head and her small breasts were thrust out in front of her. I am sure she saw me gawking at them, but she appeared bonus veren siteler to be quite calm.

“The dam zipper is jammed, can you help me?” Her eyes smiled back at me as she noted my unease. “I won’t bite you,” she grinned. I have thick workman’s hands and fingers, not really built for fine work, so just getting my fingers around the zipper tongue was a major problem. She stood patiently as I struggled. I could sense her butt very close to my lap along with the soft musky scent of her body. Her eyes locked on mine in the mirror as I attempted to ignore her thrust out boobs. How could she expect me to manage this zipper problem with all of those sights and feelings tumbling through my mind?

Of course, I suspect that was her plan. She was obviously enjoying my discomfort. I pulled the zipper down to expose her bra strap and hesitated. She murmured, “All the way Jim, you’ve come this far.” The zipper, working perfectly, slipped easily down her back to expose her panties. Ah God, I could see her entire back, the swell of her breasts and just the suggestion of the crease between her cheeks. The panties were thin and very sheer. My fingers burned to slide down inside the panties, but I pulled back.

“Thanks Jim,” she whispered to my image in the mirror, and then shrugged the dress off of her shoulders. The thin silky dress slithered down her body to rest in a pool around her feet on the floor.

What a beautiful woman, tall and willowy, long soft legs, mini panties containing a round bum and eyes smiling at me as she said, “Would you mind waiting until the hotel staff bring the supplies? I will have a quick shower and relieve you in a few minutes.” I sort of backed out of the room like a lackey before a queen.

I chugged down a scotch and then poured myself a refill. Was that a tease for more to come? Or was it an act of cruelty? It was worth living through whatever her intent had been. My mind was full of her now, imagining her naked in the shower. Would she be thinking about me? I sure as hell was thinking of her. I could see the warm water running down between soapy breasts to her belly. Did she have a bush, or was she shaved? I had missed checking that out in the mirror. But I had seen her ass. My God, I would run my hand down between her cheeks and massage them, spread them, slide in between her legs. I could feel her wet slit running along the top edge of my hand.

Suddenly she was beside me, wearing a white terry cloth robe, her hands busy with her hair. “That feels better,” she smiled, “amazing how a warm shower can relax a body. No sign of the supplies yet?” She took my scotch and sipped it. I watched mesmerized as her lips parted over the rim of the glass. “How about one for me? I like it neat too.”

I stared at her before her request penetrated my brain. She smiled, still holding my glass and said, “Don’t worry; I’ll hold this for you.” I splashed a shot of scotch into a glass and held it out to her with a shaking hand. I felt clumsy and very uncouth.

She moved closer to me until she was at my side, half turned towards me. She moved her face close to mine, her hip now brushing against mine. Her tongue tip traced the outline of her lips as my hand slid inside the parted robe, finding and cupping her small velvet breast. We kissed as my fingers found her nipple, a soft feathery kiss, tongues flicking, her eyes closed.

I felt her tug open the tie of her robe in obvious invitation. My hand moved down, I could feel her ribs under her breast, the silky skin of her tiny waist, then the bulge of her hip. She was not wearing panties. I rubbed the hip with the flat of my hand and then eased it behind her, my fingertips worked down to the crease between her leg and cheek, a favorite part of a woman’s body. I caressed her softly, my fingertips penetrated between her two cheeks. She pushed her tongue fully into my mouth as I ran my fingertips down, teasing her butt hole as I searched for the back of her pussy slit. She used the back of her hand to rub along the length of my cock still buried in my shorts, the head trapped under my belt buckle.

We turned and set our glasses on the counter and then clutched together in a full body embrace. There was a knock on the door just as I was trying to decide where to lay her down. Still in each other’s arms, she pulled her head back, in full control again, smiled and said, “Will you look after the supplies while I finish changing?” She knew the answer and planted one more open mouthed kiss on me before slipping out of my arms to the bedroom.

That pretty well ended things for that afternoon as visitors started to arrive, the technical paper presentations coming to an end. Eva returned fully dressed and took over her hostess duties. She walked to the door with me as I left and whispered, “I’ll call you tonight, will you be in your room by midnight?”

I grinned back at her, “Earlier if you prefer.” The simple touch and promise of her hand bedava bahis on my arm, though innocent appearing to others; sent an electric jolt through my body.

All of our company rooms were on the same floor and I hurried to mine, desperate to be alone with thoughts of making love to my boss’s wife. I stripped for a shower, my clothes strung out on the floor on the way to the bathroom. I settled in to a warm shower, but she joined me as I submersed my mind into thoughts of her naked body slipping and rubbing against mine in the stall. I leaned into the wall, my head braced in the corner, and as the hot water and hot thoughts poured over me, I basically fucked my fist.

She called about 11:30 that night. “Wow,” she said, “did that just happen this afternoon? I have always had pleasant feelings towards you, but I’m not sure how this afternoon developed as it did.” She did not sound in the least apologetic.

“It happened alright,” I responded, “I was in another world and not one that I would have ever thought could happen. It was beautiful Eva. Are you alone?”

“I’m alone in a way,” she murmured, “Rob and I have not slept together for some years now. I’m alone in my bedroom and he is sound asleep in the other one. What are you doing right now? Are you watching TV or are you in bed? I’m quite horny.” Oh God, where was this going?

I tried to remain calm but am sure my voice was shaking as I responded, “Oh, both I guess, in bed and watching sports news.” I wanted to keep the conversation on the path she had set so I continued quickly, “I’m horny too, have thought of nothing except you since I left the suite.” I paused, my heart pounding and then, “You must be in bed, tell me what you are wearing now. I am in a white hotel robe, much like the one you were wearing when we kissed.”

Her voice was husky with passion, “I can still feel your hands on me, the way you felt my breast and the rest of my body, I just knew it would be like that. I am wearing a sheer nightie, very sexy, wanted to be in it when we talked. My breasts are bare but I am still in my panties. You could see my nipples through the cloth and they are quite hard now. Wanted you to suck them this afternoon. And feel my pussy. Want you now, want it all.” She paused, her breathing faster, “What do you have on besides the robe?”

I was overcome with the thoughts of being naked with her, and her being just down the hall in the same frame of mind was almost too much to bear. But I continued valiantly, quite experienced in phone sex with my wife and whispered, “I am showered and nude under the robe. And hard. Want you too.” I was ready to explode and stroked my cock through the robe. “Touch your pussy for me Eva. Just rub your mound with your fingertips, close your eyes and imagine it is my hand.”

She whimpered a little, moaned and her breath came in short little gasps. “Your fingers are rubbing my slit, panties are wet already. Want you to feel my bare pussy.” A slight humming sound and then, “Ah God, you push the panties aside and your finger traces along my slit. You have big fingers, they rub my pussy lips together, and one is probing between my lips. My legs spread; I want to feel your finger in me. It’s in me; your thumb rubs my clit in little circles. I want to come.”

I was frantic, listening to this beautiful woman bringing herself off with thoughts of me. I opened my robe; my cock was stiff as a board, the knob purple with blood, its little eye peering up at me as I grasped the shaft, I wished that she could see it. “My cock’s out Eva, stroking it, imagining it is your hand around it. You touched it today, remember?”

She did not respond at first, obviously busy fingering her pussy, the only sound her short breaths, and then, “I wanted to take it out, could feel it throbbing through your pants. Are you big Jim? Your cock felt big. What were you thinking when I rubbed it? Tell me.”

“You know what I was thinking. I wanted to carry you back into the bedroom and lay you on the bed, your beautiful eyes looking up at me as I spread your legs. I wanted to cover your body with mine, feel your tits and belly against mine. Wanted to run my thick cock into you. Wanted to fuck you Eva.”

She was almost crying as she asked, “Do you want me right now? I will come to you if you do. Tell me you want me and I’ll be there in two minutes.”

I did not even consider the risks that we were taking. My mind was submerged in carnal thoughts of her in bed with me and I said, “God yes, I want you, I will wait in the doorway for you, hurry but be careful.”

With that I jumped up retying my robe and rushed to the door and opened it part way. There was nobody in the hallway until Eva appeared from around a hallway corner and scurried towards me, her eyes wild until she spotted me. She had pulled the white hotel robe over her nightie. I almost threw her against the wall as I shut the door.

Bed would have to wait a few minutes as our bodies deneme bonus clutched together, my hand between her legs searching for her pussy as she raised one leg up and hooked it around my hip. I pushed her wet panties to one side and plunged my fingers into her and began finger fucking. My cock was rubbing along her thigh and hip when she reached down and pulled it between her legs. My knob worked its way between my plunging fingers as I entered her. It was a wild mixture of fingers, cock, panties and pussy; we were so desperate for that first entry.

She was still tight despite the wetness of her slit and I wedged my cock into her in a series of short little jabs, until I could feel her pussy lips surrounding the base of my cock. We relaxed, she squirmed her hips back and forth and in circular moves while I pumped her slowly.

“Take me to bed,” she groaned, while making no effort to disengage. “Just a little more,” I exhaled as I hooked one arm under her upraised leg and tugged it higher. The need to feel her naked and without panties encouraged me to drop her leg after a few more strokes and pull my cock out.

I lifted her in my arms and waddled off to the bedroom. I set her down beside the bed and proceeded to undress her, my own robe lying on the floor in the main room. She was facing away from me and our image showed in a mirror across the room. The break seemed to calm both of us. Our eyes locked as I slipped my hands through under her arms and cupped her small breasts, the nipples jutting out between my thumb and forefinger. She turned her head for a kiss and spread her legs to allow my slippery cock to slide in from behind and along her wet slit. She was long and limber looking, her thick bush a mottled gray strip pasted against her pale skin. She put her hand down and her fingers played with my knob as it poked out between her legs.

She turned towards me and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me to her. Her lips slipped over my cock, closing just behind the knob as she circled it with her tongue. I reluctantly pulled it out of her mouth and pushed her to her back, raising her legs to my hips as I stood between them. She never lost her hold on my cock and proceeded to rub the knob in her glistening wet slit. Her fingernails dug into my ass cheeks as she pulled herself down my cock. I took some deep breaths to control my urge to fuck her hard. Her knees dug into my hips as I began stroking her, each stroke causing her small breasts to tremble. My body hummed at the other worldly feel of the knob of my cock pushing aside the hot silky folds of her tunnel. It felt as if a thousand little hot tongues licked the full length of my shaft.

I began to push her back on the bed, maintaining my position in her pussy. I was soon hunched over her on my knees, pushed up on my extended arms, our eyes locked as we fucked and pleasured each other.

She apparently liked to talk during sex. She moaned, “I knew it would be like this with you. I thought you would take me when you unzipped me this afternoon. I saw your eyes and knew you liked my body, thrilled me.” She paused as I fucked her quickly with five or six full length strokes. And then, “I thought you would join me in the shower. And then when you felt me under my robe I was certain you would take me by the bar. I knew that you wanted me, that you wanted to put that lovely cock in me.”

Her words were simply a buzz in my mind as I thrust my hips hard at her, much like a symphony building towards a crescendo as I began to lower myself down on her, needing to feel her tits and belly against mine, to taste her lips and bite her shoulders.

She continued, grunting as my thrusts and her grinding hips took us to the edge. “I’ve never done this before. But you appeared in my life and I knew that you desired me as my feelings for you increased. You have the hardest cock I’ve ever felt in me.”

It was like listening to a soap opera as this sometimes austere woman permitted herself to sink into carnal bliss. All I knew by this time was that I had a big load to deposit in her, and that I wanted to plant it as deep in her as my cock would reach. My hands slipped under her shoulders and I pulled myself up her body, grinding my cock deep and forcing her legs wider. “Fuck me baby, fuck my cock, suck it dry.”

As tight as I was holding her, jammed up inside her, she still managed to slide her pussy back and forth, twisting and turning around my cock, then vibrating as she felt the first blast of hot cum inside her. Our bodies were glued together as we realized that ultimate release of pure pleasure, the ‘little death’.

She rolled on top of me as I continued to shoot cum, her legs slipped between mine and pushed outwards as she strained to get all of my cock in her. I held her ass cheeks in my hands and felt them begin to clench and release as she flattened her body to mine her pussy vibrating in the release of tension.

She kissed my ear and nibbled at my shoulder, “That was perfect, wanted that, so satisfying,” she murmured still clasping and releasing my softening cock in her pussy. “Now you can make love to me.”

I exclaimed, “What the hell did I just do? We just had 8 hours of foreplay leading up to this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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