Coming Home, Coming Out Pt. 02

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Author’s note: The events in this chapter begin approximately five minutes after the departure of Mary from her mother’s house, which was described at the end of Part One. This is a wholly fictional story, involving participants over 18 years of age. Everything that happens between the characters is consensual.

Chapter Two.

As soon as Mary rounded the corner in the drive leading from her mother’s house, she keyed in Cee’s telephone number from the hands free button on her car steering wheel. She was glad that she had instructed Cee to always answer the phone before it rang three times.

“Hi.” Cee sounded breathless. She must have had to dash from somewhere in the house to answer the phone in time.

“How did it go? Is everything alright? I wasn’t expecting a call from you so soon.” She sounded concerned that the job Mary had described to her a few short hours ago was no longer available.

Mary spoke loudly and clearly, something she only did when she was phoning whilst driving.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist,” she instructed her submissive.

“My mother is desperate for a nurse practitioner to take some of the pressure of work from her. When I told her about you, she was delighted. Her only concern is your ability to obey instructions! I managed not to laugh when she mentioned that, and I also didn’t tell her what an obedient little slut you are either.”

“My mother is a brilliant doctor, but I suspect that she is very ignorant of the sort of things we get up to in our play times. I’ll have to tell her, of course, but at the moment, my priorities are, one, getting you the job; two, telling her that we are an item; three, admitting to her that I smoke; and then, and only then, that I am your Mistress and your Owner.”

Mary paused for breath, honked her horn angrily at a fellow motorist who was trying to squeeze a huge SUV into a very small parking space, and who, in attempting the manoeuvre, swung the front of his vehicle into the road that Mary was driving down.

“Fucking moron,” Mary yelled, adding, “No, not you,” to Cee who had asked, mystified, what she had done wrong.

Mary stopped at a red traffic light, and continued her conversation.

“I’ll be home by six,” she instructed Cee.

“I want you in position, with my strap-on harness on the table in the hallway when I come in. I’ll need oral worship as soon as I’m through the front door, then you can help me wear my strap-on harness, so that I can fuck you. Afterwards, I’ll tell you all that went on this afternoon in my mother’s house, and what you have to say and do when you contact her tomorrow.”

“That sounds perfect, my Lady,” purred Cee, making a mental note to lay out Mary’s rubber harness and the longest, thickest strap-on they possessed. She was really looking forward to welcoming her Mistress home.

At exactly the same time as Mary was dialling Cee’s number on her car’s hands free device, Sara, her mother was in the underground room of her house. She regarded the red stripes that her cane had put on her partner’s buttocks, as he hung by his arms from a hook in the ceiling.

Sara decided that he was ready to resume taking more punishment, and she picked up a thick wooden paddle from the bench where her instruments of pleasure were kept. Swishing it through the air a few times, so as to get the feel of the balance, she placed the cool wooden paddle against Paul’s striped bum.

“Ready?” she asked, although the answer was irrelevant. She was going to paddle Paul’s arse regardless of whether he was ready or not!

Paul nodded, nervously, the gag in his mouth making verbal communication impossible. He breathed deeply and slowly through his nose. In. Out. In .Out.


The hard paddle connected with soft flesh, producing a noise like a pistol shot. Paul’s body jerked, and a groan escaped from between his gagged Kadıköy Grup Escort lips.

Sara repeated her action, producing the same pistol-shot sound, and another, deeper groan from her victim. She ignored him, and continued her paddling, until she had laid a round dozen strokes on Paul’s arse. She paused to get her breath back, and whilst she did so, she stroked the angry red buttocks, luxuriating in the heat emanating from the two glowing globes.

She put down the paddle and gripped Paul’s face in her left hand. With her right, she sought out a nipple, which she pinched hard between finger and thumb. Paul winced in pain, but his eyes gazed upon his torturer with total devotion. Sara chuckled.

“Well, it seems that my daughter’s unannounced arrival hasn’t spoiled your pleasure,” she remarked, releasing his nipple, and dropping her hand to grip the heavy metal cage which contained her partner’s rock hard cock.

“You’re filling your cock lock beautifully, my dear,” she smiled with satisfaction.

“I’ll get you down from the hook, and you can show me your appreciation. I need a good oral seeing-to, and then we’ll think about giving you some pleasure with my strap-on!”

Unable to communicate his thanks verbally, Paul showed his gratitude in a genuine smile, which lit up his deep brown eyes. He waited patiently as Sara first undid the rope which held his arms aloft. As soon as she nodded to him, he lowered his arms, an action which sent pain shooting through his shoulder joints.

Sara untied his wrists, which had been bound together with a thin leather lace, and then she unbuckled his ball gag.

Drool flowed from his mouth, over his chin and dripped onto his sweaty, muscular chest. He licked his lips, and muttered “Thank you, Goddess”.

Sara ignored him, and moved to a large comfy armchair at the other end of the room. Sitting down , she raised her skirt, revealing a smooth, shaved cunt that was already glistening with the juices that her caning and paddling had produced. She clicked her fingers.

Paul hurried to her, kneeling between her open legs. Sara raised her feet and placed them one on either side of Paul’s shoulders. He shuffled in closer, so that her calves were comfortable, looked up at her, and on receiving her nod of approval, lowered his face into her moist, succulent cunt.

“Begin”, commanded Sara, and Paul licked the length of her damp slit. He concentrated on her outer labia as he had been taught, sucking the swollen lips in turn until he felt Sara’s wetness beginning to drip.

Pushing between her cunt lips, he penetrated her with his tongue. He knew Sara loved to be tongue fucked, and he began to do that, pushing his face deeper into the gap between her thighs so as to get maximum penetration.

He nibbled her swollen clit and withdrew his tongue in order to swallow the mouthful of cunt juice which had quickly filled his mouth. Then he resumed his tongue fucking.

“Oh that feels so good,” gasped Sara, thrusting her cunt forward to meet Paul’s eager tongue.

“Get it in deeper, and faster!” she commanded breathlessly. “Oh fuck! Here it comes! I’m cuuuummming!!”

Sara was bucking so hard at this point that she felt Paula’s nose slam against her pubic bone. Undeterred, her submissive continued to tongue fuck her, alternating swallowing and clit nibbling too.

Sara felt a second orgasm beginning, hard on the heels of her first. She shuffled forward in her hair, gripped the back of Paul’s head and slammed into his face, He knew the signs, and sticking his tongue out as far as it would go, he allowed Sarah to use his tongue to fuck herself.

Her breath was coming in short, fast gasps now as she neared her second climax.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she shrieked, “Oh fuuuuucccckkk! I’m in fucking heaven!”

Sara was trembling all over, and as her thrusts weakened, Kadıköy Manken Escort Paul penetrated her once more. She shuddered and managed to gasp,

“Make sure you lap it all up, like a good sub. My nectar is too precious to waste!”

Paul made sure his Mistress was clean and relatively dry by the time he had finished his clean up. Sara patted him on the head, like a good doggy, and, lifting her legs from their resting place on his shoulders, she stood up.

“Go and run the shower for me,” she instructed. “Bring my rubber strap-on harness, the ribbed dildo and yourself. I’ll see you in the shower in five minutes.”

Paul scurried off to carry out his given task.

At about the same time as Sara was enjoying her second orgasm, Cee heard Mary’s little car pull onto the hardstanding at the side of the house. She hurried into the hallway, checking her appearance quickly in the hall mirror as she passed. She had already put Mary’s chosen harness and dildo on the hallway table, for use later on!

Her scarlet lipstick, Mary’s favourite shade, was perfectly applied, and she was, as instructed, naked and ready for inspection.

As she knelt down in the exact spot that she was required to occupy, Cee straightened her back, opened her legs and placed her hands, palms upwards , on her thighs. This was her stock position to greet her Mistress Owner when she entered the house. Cee smiled as she heard Mary’s key slip into the lock, and she waited to greet her Mistress and to carry out her given task.

Mary opened the front door and stepped into the brightly lit hallway. She noted with approval Cee’s posture, and her carefully applied make up. She swung the front door closed behind her and advanced towards Cee.

Lifting her skirt as she approached, she positioned her thighs either side of Cee’s head. Looking her sub in the eye, she nodded, and Cee latched onto her waiting cunt with a grin.

Once Mary was comfortable, she dropped her skirt, which fell and completely covered Cee’s head. She felt Cee’s breath between her legs, and moaned as her sub began to suck both her labia at once.

Cee was an excellent cunt eater. She used licks, sucks, penetration with her tongue and gentle nibbling with her teeth to great effect. Mary, who had been looking forward to being eaten all the way home, was already very wet, and soon Cee’s excellent oral skills had her gushing and rushing towards her first orgasm.

As she came, with deep, heavy breathing, but otherwise silently, because of the neighbours, Mary rubbed her cunt over Cee’s nose and mouth, giving herself loads of pleasure, and ruining Cee’s make up at the same time.

Mary removed herself from Cee’s face, lifted her skirt and smiled as she saw the effect of being eaten on her sub’s make up.

The previously immaculate lipstick was now an ugly smear on Cee’s chin and around her mouth. Her mascara had run, due no doubt to the volume of cunt juice that Mary had produced and smeared all over Cee’s face. She smiled at Cee, who had resumed her “welcome home” position.

Get up, help me with my skirt, and then put my strap-on around my waist,” she commanded.

Cee obeyed, and giggled when Mary commented that she approved of Cee’s choice of dildo.

“We’re both a bit sweaty,” Mary remarked. “I think I’ll fuck you in the shower. Come on, slut. Let’s get nice and wet and slick!”

Hand in hand the two lovers went up the stairs and into the en-suite bathroom of the main bedroom.

As they were entering their shower, Sara was giving Paul another pegging, not in the shower this time, but in their bedroom. His groans were low and deep as Sara mercilessly pegged his already swollen arsehole, her thighs banging against his bruised buttocks.

The strap-on she was using was a double headed dildo, so that as she pegged Paul, she was also getting fucked Kadıköy Masöz Escort herself. They both enjoyed this form of play, and practised it regularly.

Mary soaped Cee’s tits, paying special attention to her nipples, which stood out like coat pegs as they enjoyed the attention they were getting.

Cee squeezed her cunt muscles, drawing the dildo Mary was wearing deeper into her. She moaned in pleasure. Mary smiled at her.

“When we’ve finished here, you can dry me, and then go and make us a nice cup of tea to drink in bed,” she informed Cee.

“I’ll let you know what you have to do when you ring my mother. I take it that you are still intending to go for this job?”

“Of course, my Lady,” grinned Cee. “Oh fuck! Oh that feels so good. Keep it there! Oh yes! Fffuuucckkk! I’m cumming!”

Mary held Cee around the waist and continued to fuck her until she orgasmed. Turning off the shower, she pulled out of Cee’s cunt, and unbidden, the newly fucked submissive sank to her knees to clean the dildo which had so recently given her so much pleasure.

Ten minutes later, she passed Mary a steaming mug of tea, put her own mug on the bedside table and got into bed. She snuggled up to Mary, and said,


Mary sipped her tea.

“OK,” she began. “It’s obvious my mother’s practice is struggling without either a partner or a nurse. That’s where we come in. You need to be polite, but firm in your answers. Tell her your experience. Let her know that you are eager for a change, and looking forward to working in a valley community as opposed to the city where you’ve been for a number of years.”

“Don’t mention our lifestyle. I’ll do that at some point next week, before I start, but after you’ve been appointed. I’m not worried so much about what my mother will say when I tell her I’m a lesbian. I’m more worried about how to break it to her that I smoke. She’s always been such an anti-smoking campaigner! As you would expect from a doctor, I suppose.”

“And obviously, we’ll keep our lifestyle a secret from her and Paul. I mean, I love them both to death but a bigger pair of prudes I have yet to meet!”

“Now hurry up and finish your tea. It’s getting late, you have a very important phone call to make tomorrow, and by my reckoning, it’s your turn to wear the strap-on and to give me a good fucking!”

At the exact same moment that Cee answered her Mistress with a “Yes, my Lady!”, Sara and Paul were snuggling down in their own bed. The light had been turned off, and they were spooning and talking in quiet voices.

“If Mary’s friend is anywhere near a half decent nurse, I’m going to offer her the job,” Sara said.

“You leave Mary to me,” she continued. “I’ll pick the right time to break the news to her about our lifestyle. Ideally, I’d love you to serve her as you serve me, but as much as I love my daughter, I can’t get rid of the feeling that she’s a bit of a prude. I mean, she hasn’t even got a boyfriend yet!”

Paul grunted as Sara tweaked a nipple gently.

“I’d love to serve you both,” he admitted.

“Maybe if you break it to her gradually, she’ll see how much pleasure we both get out of our Female Led Marriage, and she’ll want to learn about how to dominate me just as her mother does!”

Sara gave an unconvinced sniff.

“I’m not so sure,” she replied, uncertainly.

“She’ll have to see you dressed, of course, and she’ll soon have to be told about my lover and about your fetishes, of course. But we’ll cross those bridges when we get to them.”

There was silence in the bedroom as both Sara and Paul contemplated the various dilemmas that faced them. Paul thought that Sara had dropped off to sleep, when he heard her say,

“My biggest worry is explaining to Mary about your smoking fetish. I’ve always taught her about the dangers of smoking, and you know that I preach the same thing to all my patients.”

“But since you let slip your fetish for smoking women, I must admit that I do love blowing my cigar smoke in your face, and using you as my ashtray. Am I an awful hypocrite? And how the fuck am I going to tell my prudish, non-smoking daughter?”

To be continued…

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