Coming Home; Coming Out Ch. 08

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Reading Notes:

1. This is the eighth chapter written in collaboration with Sissy Simon(e), who was owned by my late friend, Nicola. It is published in her memory.

2. Life for Dr. Sara, Dr. Mary and their two submissives, sissy Paula and slut Cee continue in their quiet little Welsh valley. Eight weeks have passed since Dr. Mary and Cee moved up from Cardiff to begin work in D.r Sara’s surgery.

3. As in the previous chapters of this fictional saga, all participants are aged over 18, and all interactions are consensual.

Gwladys, the surgery receptionist locked the front door, returned to her desk and pressed the ‘call all’ button on the intercom system.

“That’s the last patient gone home to her husband, Dr Walters, Dr Walters and nurse Richardson,” she reported. “I’ll put the kettle on, and bring refreshments into the meeting room.”

She clicked the intercom off, and bustled into the tiny kitchen to make everyone a cup of tea to drink whilst they all discussed the previous month’s surgery activity. This end of the month meeting was a long established tradition, one which both Dr Mary and nurse Clarice (known to all her friends as Cee) were gradually getting used to. By the time Gwladys brought the tray of tea into the meeting all three staff members had gathered, together with the notes they would need to report and record their last month’s appointments and treatments.

Gwladys beamed at everyone as she handed round mugs of steaming tea, so strong it resembled liquid mahogany. Unless a spoon was capable of standing upright, unaided in a mug of tea, it was regarded by Gwladys as ‘pisho’r gath’ (cat’s pee) and therefore unfit for human consumption. As she handed Cee her mug, she enunciated slowly and loudly, as if she was addressing a child with learning difficulties,

“And how are you settling down in our little village, nurse Richardson?”

Mary bit the insides of her cheeks to stop herself laughing out loud.

Cee accepted the tea with a smile of gratitude, and replied,

“Thank you Gwladys. I’m adjusting to life here just fine, and thanks to all the help you’ve been giving me, my Welsh is improving rapidly, I think. I’m speaking Welsh to nearly all my patients now.”

Gwladys smiled approvingly, and having satisfied herself that everyone had adequate refreshments, she wished them all an enjoyable weekend, and left them to their monthly meeting.

Despite Dr Sara’s being the only surgery in the valley, it wasn’t inordinately busy, and their monthly review took barely twenty minutes to conclude. Sara was very happy with how Mary and Cee had slotted in, both of them were proving popular with the patients, and even the fact that they were living together hadn’t caused too much commotion in the tight-knit community.

Sara shuffled her notes together and looked up with a smile.

“Well you two, got any plans for the weekend?”

Mary and Cee looked at each other and both broke into a grin. Sara snorted.

“You two are fucking disgusting!” she said her smile robbing her words of any offence.

“I suppose you’ll be getting up to all sorts of filth,” she continued. “Well good for you! I hope you enjoy yourselves! I certainly intend to!”

“What are you getting up to then mam?” asked Mary.

“I’m taking Paula to visit some old friends and their slave,” she replied matter-of-factly.

Both Mary and Cee had been introduced to Paul, Sara’s sissy cuckold, who also went by the name of Paula.

“Paula’s due her weekly milking tomorrow, and I thought it would be amusing to do it in front of my friends. I’m going home now to pick her up, and we’ll be back around teatime on Sunday,” Sara continued, getting up from her seat, and making for the door.

“Have a lovely weekend, both of you. See you on Monday morning.”

She breezed out, and Cee looked at Mary.

“Your mother is something else,” she grinned, adding, “If I didn’t belong to you, I’d certainly be interested in serving her!” She winked at Mary.

“And I suppose that bit of information has earned me a good spanking?”

She tried, and failed to keep the pleading out of her voice.

Mary leaned over and kissed her.

“Not just a spanking, my beautiful, pain loving slut, but a really good, deep fucking too! Come on, let’s go home!”

She got up from her chair, pulled Cee to her feet and led her out of the surgery, turning off the lights as they went.

Sara crossed the road after leaving the surgery, and walked up the short drive to her house. She would have a quick shower and then they’d be ready to leave. She’d given Paula instructions as to what to pack for the weekend, so that should already have been taken care of.

The sound of the kettle boiling in the kitchen distracted her for a moment. She could do with a cup of something to wash away the taste of Gwladys’s industrial strength tea. She went quickly upstairs to her bedroom, calling out for Paula to present herself there.

She smiled as she went into her large, airy bedroom. abidinpaşa escort Kneeling on the floor in her ‘display’ position was her sissy cuckold. As she had been taught, she was naked, and available for inspection.

“I saw you waiting to cross the road, Goddess,” he said, “so I put the kettle on in case you needed a drink, then I came up here to wait for you.”

Sara ruffled Paul’s long hair affectionately.

“Thank you, my dear,” she said softly. “I need a shower, but I will have a cup of coffee before we go. Get yourself dressed, and then you can bring it up here for me to drink while I get ready. Do you know what you’re wearing for the journey?”

“Jeans and a T shirt on top,” answered Paula. “White cotton knickers and black hold-up stockings underneath. I’ve packed my frilly underwear as instructed.”

“What have you put in for me for tomorrow?” asked Sara, as she began to undress.

“A couple of loose T shirts, your white blouse and black skirt for the day, and your red corset for the party in the night.”

“Good, that sounds fine,” said Sara, peeling off her skirt. “I do love wearing that corset. It shows my tits off nicely. Right. I’m off for a quick shower. Look sharpish! Get dressed and go and make us a cup of coffee and bring them back up here.”

Paula gazed longingly at his hotwife’s shapely arse as she walked into her en suite bathroom, then he went to get dressed and went down to the kitchen to make the coffee.

As the kettle was boiling in Sara’s kitchen, Mary and Cee were busy in their own kitchen. In a stroke of pure coincidence, a small holding had come up for sale the day after Mary moved back to Cwm Pechod. She had been doing morning surgery, and one of her patients happened to be the local estate agent.

He mentioned that he was on his way to see the sellers, to conclude negotiations for putting the property on the market. As soon as he left, Mary went to see her mother in her consulting room and explained the situation. Mary reasoned that Sara would know the people who were moving out of the village. She did! She telephoned them straight away, asked if they were interested in a cash sale, and gave her daughter the thumbs up when Mr and Mrs Rhys said that they would be delighted if their property went to Dr Walters’s daughter.

As a result, when the estate agent turned up half an hour later, he was greeted with the news that the sellers had decided to sell privately. He cursed his luck, but reflected on the drive back to the office that ‘some you win; some you lose.’

Thus it was that Mary and Cee were able to move into the property after only a week of having moved up from Cardiff. There was very little that needed doing to the large house, and the two women loved their new home.

In the short time that they had lived there, Mary and Cee had developed a regular Friday night ritual. They would prepare a batch of bolognaise sauce before leaving for work on Friday morning, put it in the slow cooker, and when they returned in the evening, all they had to do was cook some pasta before sitting down to eat together.

They would leave one strand of linguine until last, and then, like the two dogs in Lady and the Tramp, they would each put one end in their mouth, and nibble along the length until their lips met. They would kiss passionately, and quickly and quietly leave the dining room, and all the washing up until the following morning, and go upstairs to their bedroom.

Mary quickly and efficiently undressed Cee and slipped out of her own clothing too. The two women lay on the bed, kissing deeply and re-discovering the joys of one another’s bodies.

Both loved having their nipples sucked and nibbled. Mary reached down and slipped a finger into Cee’s already wet cunt. She traced her finger along the glistening slit and found her clit, hiding behind its hood. She thumbed the sleepy bud, which stirred eagerly and began to emerge to get some proper attention. Cee moaned into her lover’s mouth.

Mary concentrated on Cee’s clit, using her thumb and forefinger to roll it, squeezing gently occasionally so that soon Cee was on the brink of her first orgasm of the weekend. Mary stopped, and grinned at her partner.

“Beg me, bitch!” she whispered, leaning over to open the cupboard in her bedside table, where she kept her strap-on harness and a collection of dildos and vibrators. She selected a dildo, and quickly put on her harness, fitting the dildo into the pouch at the front, and ensuring that the rounded head penetrated her own rapidly lubricating cunt. She also took out a pair of nipple clamps strung on a solid looking length of chain.

“Please, my Lady, may I have an orgasm?” gasped Cee, writhing wantonly and rubbing her cunt against Mary’s thigh, as she put on her harness.

The action left a trail of glistening cunt juice on Mary’s thigh, and she smiled down at Cee.

“You may,” she informed her, “but you have to wear these first.”

She dangled the nipple clamps aktepe escort in front of Cee, who pushed her tits out, eager to feel the sharp bite of the clamps on her tender nipples. Mary opened the jaws of the first one, grasped a nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and eased it onto the excited bud. She clamped it on, and Cee gave a gasp of shock, which quickly turned into a moan of pleasure. Mary repeated the action on Cee’s other nipple, and pulled the chain to test her handiwork. Both clamps remained in position, although they did respond to having the chain tugged, and Cee’s already hard nipples were stretched and pulled in a very painful manner. She hissed in pain, and waited for Mary to relax her hold on the chain.

“I can’t hold this chain and get my strap-on in you,” Mary said, “so you’re going to have to do it. Guide me into you!”

The pain in her nipples was exquisite. Cee could feel her cunt getting hotter and wetter as Mary tugged on the nipple clamp chain. She reached for the thick, black rubber cock. Her mind registered what her hands felt. Oh goody! It was the ribbed dildo! As she positioned the thick head at the entrance to her cunt Cee knew that she was going to cum very soon. She pulled Mary towards her and with a slurping, farting sound, the ribbed dildo disappeared into her dripping cunt. Cee gasped in pleasure.

Mary bent down to kiss her, and in doing so, she transferred the chain into her mouth.. As she bent to kiss Cee, the chain stretched almost to its limit, pulling Cee’s nipples up and out in a deliciously painful way.

Cee opened her mouth and Mary brought her own mouth down onto it. In the passion of their kiss, the chain got ignored, and Cee felt the pressure on her nipples lessen. However, Mary was getting into her stride now. She thrust in and out of Cee’s cunt, causing wave after wave of pleasure to tear through both of their bodies. Although they were both thoroughly enjoying this session, their orgasms, when they arrived, came much too quickly.

Mary pulled out of Cee, and her dildo was slick with Cee’s cum. A viscous, clear strand clung to the tip of her dildo, and to Cee’s glistening labia. Mary swept her hair out of her eyes, and grinned at her lover.

“Fuck, you are good!” she panted, breathless from her exertions.

“So are you, my Lady” responded Cee, formally.

“These Friday night fucks are fantastic!” she giggled, and Mary rolled over onto her back, her dildo sticking lewdly up into the air.

“Fantastic Friday night fuckings will turn into Superb Saturday morning Suckings, I hope,” she smiled.

“I could do with a drink. Go and get the rest of that bottle of wine we had with the bolognaise, will you? I certainly want to repeat what we’ve just done, so there’s no point in getting up from bed again tonight!”

“I need to pee first,” said Cee getting up from bed. “May I take these clamps off, please? My nipples are quite sore!”

“Oh no, I don’t think so,” replied Mary with an evil grin. “They look so cute all squashed up between the jaws of the clamps. If you’re quick about your pee, and bring our wine back without too much delay, I might consider taking them off then.”

As she opened the bedroom door, Cee turned back and said to Mary,

“I’m going to have a cigar with my wine. Do you want me to bring you one too, or would you prefer your pipe?”

Mary thought for a few seconds.

“My pipe, I think,” she replied. “It’s on the sideboard in the living room, with my tobacco pouch.”

Cee disappeared into the bathroom to pee, and Mary heard her flush, wash her hands and go downstairs. She took the dildo out of its harness, shivering with pleasure as the rounded end inside her slipped out with an audible plop. She licked her own juices off the end, running them around her mouth with her tongue and savouring the taste of herself.

Cee returned shortly, bearing everything they required on a tray. She poured two glasses of Chianti and handed one to Mary.

“Cheers,” she said, clinking her glass against Mary’s. She waited for what she knew must happen now.

Mary took a sip from her glass, and Cee moved closer to receive the kiss.

The wine dribbled from Mary’s mouth into her own. Without swallowing, she swirled it around her mouth and then dribbled it back into Mary’s waiting mouth. Mary swallowed.

“Yep! That’ll do nicely!” was her verdict. She sat up in bed and watched Cee get back in beside her. She moved quite slowly and gingerly.

“Your nipples sore?” she asked with a grin.

“Yes, my Lady,” replied Cee, “but I think I can manage until you are ready to start round two. My wine and cigar will help take my mind off things!”

Mary put her glass down on the bedside table and reached for her pipe and tobacco pouch. She opened the pouch and the smell of her aromatic tobacco was immediately apparent.

Cee smiled at her lover, as she put her cigar between her lips, lit it, and puffed it into life. She took the cigar out of her mouth, akyurt escort exhaled towards the ceiling and said,

“Even though I’ve tried your tobacco, and I don’t really like it, the smell is just heavenly.”

She watched as Mary began to load the tiny bowl of her dainty Lady churchwarden pipe. There was something very erotic about the way her fingers pushed the tobacco into the bowl. Cee smoked and felt herself getting turned on once more. She sipped her wine, savouring its mature flavour.

Mary slipped the long stem of her pipe between her lips, clenched and lit up. Soon she was enveloped in clouds of fragrant pipe tobacco, and the two lovers lay side by side, smoking and drinking, knowing that the night was still young, and that there was a lot of fucking to be done before morning!

Meanwhile, Sara and Paul had reached their destination. It was a large country house in the Cotswolds. Sara’s friends, who owned this very desirable property, were both Welsh, and were also doctors. They had all met when they were training, and had quickly formed a strong friendship. But they lost contact when, to Sara’s mind, Denise and John ‘sold out’ and went to work in a private practice, rather than the NHS, when they both qualified.

Incredibly, they had met up again when Paul persuaded Sara that she needed a lover with a bigger cock than he possessed. Sara had taken Paul to a series of swinger parties, but both she and her then boyfriend found that their needs were not really being met.

Paul craved pain and humiliation; Sara had developed a dominant personality, which meant she enjoyed inflicting pain. She also needed a much bigger cock than Paul possessed, and so very quickly, swinging became a thing of the past, and Sara became a hot wife and a cuck queen, while Paul’s submissive nature grew ever stronger, and he took to being Sara’s cuckold like a duck to water. By the time they got married, Paul was Paula in private, and his best friend, Julian, had become Sara’s regular lover.

As they drove into the parking area in front of the large house, the front door opened, and Denise and John stood ready to welcome their guests. Both were dressed immaculately, and Sara immediately felt under dressed. She resolved to change before they sat down for their evening meal.

“Sara! Welcome!” John boomed, opening his arms and pulling Sara into a warm embrace. He kissed her chastely on both cheeks, before releasing her and looking at her fondly.

“It’s been too long, you naughty girl! But you’re here now. And this must be…?”

“You remember Paul?” Sara smiled, moving on to greet Denise with a warm embrace and accepting her kisses.

“He was my boyfriend when we were swinging. I’ve since married him, so now he’s my cuckold, and my submissive slut. He goes by the name of Paula these days!”

“I can see that you know what you want, and you get it!” John chuckled, standing aside and waving Sara indoors. They went inside, ignoring Paul, who brought the overnight bag from the car.

He shut the front door behind him, and stood uncertainly in the vast hallway. Denise emerged from a room off to the left and saw him standing there.

“Leave the bag there, Paula,” she instructed. “Our slave knows which room your Mistress and you are occupying this weekend. He’ll take it up when he’s served drinks in the drawing room. Now hurry along there, your Mistress is waiting for you!”

She turned sharply on her heel and stalked off into the room that she had just emerged from. Meekly, Paul trotted after her.

He found Sara and John siting in large comfortable looking armchairs. Denise picked up a small hand bell from an occasional table and rang it gently. She sat on a settee which matched the two armchairs and smiled at Sara and John.

“C C will serve drinks shortly,” she informed her guest. “What do you need from your submissive, my dear? Is she going to remain clothed all evening?”

“What’s the protocol?” Sara asked, clicking her fingers at Paul, and indicating that he should come and kneel at her side.

“Oh we dress down for dinner, of course,” John informed her with a smile.

“Gentlemen wear a tie, the Ladies pearls. Any clothing is, of course, optional. But the house rules state that any slaves or submissives that accompany owners must be naked and available at all times whilst in the house.”

Sara smiled uncertainly.

“I have no problem with nudity, or with my slut being available,” she replied. “But I didn’t pack any pearls, I’m afraid!”

“No problem ” laughed Denise, “You can borrow a string of mine! Ah! At last! “

She turned to address the naked man who had entered the room.

“Where the fucking hell have you been?” she snapped. “I rang the bell to summon you bloody ages ago!”

“Begging your Mistress’s pardon,” answered the man, “I was basting the meat. I do beg your pardon, Mistress.”

“Thirty strokes with the riding crop,” replied Denise. “At ten o’ clock tomorrow morning. Remind me!”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress,” replied the slave in a very effeminate voice.

“This is C C,” John informed Sara with a smile.

“He’ll be the house slave this weekend. But tomorrow night we have a few more guests arriving. They’ll be bringing their own slaves, of course. It should be quite a party!”

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