Coming Home Ch. 04

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Mom went back the next day. Liza had called that morning wanting to know how things had gone, mom told her she would return home and give her a minute by minute account.

It was a exhilarating week for me. I found myself concentrating better in the class room and studying better. I could not arrange the gang bang for Liza that I promised her for another month. Meanwhile, Friday would find me taking a bus back home. Even though I reached home a little late, around ten thirty, I found my girls waiting for me. They had bought some sexy lingerie and were now showing it off to me at every visit.

I specially liked Liza in her leather outfit with a whip in hand. I liked mom in more subdued manner, I don’t know why I had begun to take a dominant role with her. I was rough with her, treating her like a slut and was more of an equal with Liza. Subconsciously the role had rubbed off to Liza too, who was ordering mom around like she was her sex slave.

I thought maybe the gang bang, seeing her being fucked by so many guys before my eyes had something to do with it. I did not care to analyze the fact, I let it slide since there was no loss in it.

A month later it was Liza’s turn to be gang banged. She turned up as Mom had and was properly made up a redhead and was so damned sexy that I started kissing her as soon as we got on the elevator for the same room I had booked. I couple got in at first floor and smiled and nodded understandingly at what they thought were a young couple.

I was inside her the minute the door closed behind us.

The boys came as had been scheduled and went through their rituals of shedding their clothes in the spare room. I lead them to Liza. One and three started to play with her tits as two got down to her already bursa escort bayan wet pussy.

As Two mounted her, Liza let out a moan, she was also licking and sucking the other two cocks alternately. I knew the two and three would come off very fast. They did, Two grunted as he shot his load into her and Three held her hair to direct his shooting sperm to her mouth and chin. I told the Irish to get ready to fuck her. He was already quite ready. This time I too had undressed and was waiting to get the first turn at her ass. This was her own request and I thought I should not her deny her that.

She nearly screamed in pain as the huge cock pierced her tight little used cunt. Her breathing was like that of a woman in labor and it took her nearly a minute to get used to his size. I let her get a proper fuck. She was crying and thrashing in no time, Irish was hammering away now and she was in a state of delirious orgasm that would leave her.

I noticed Two, who had last time stroked my cock come beside me and start to stroke it again. I grabbed his hair and moved his lips to it. He gladly took me into his throat, his one cupping my balls and the other on my ass. I was too horny watching my little sister being fucked by the giant cock. I did not care if it was a man or a women sucking my cock. It was preferably to just holding it myself.

I shot my load in his mouth. He seemed to really relish it and sucked my cock clean till it was soft and no sign of cum remained.

I watched as my sister thrashed from side to side, the other two cocks forgotten as the Irish fucked her harder and faster. She wailed as he came and arched her back and passed out for a moment. I had asked number six to get ready to take her pussy as soon gorukle escort as Irish was out. He hesitated seeing that she was out, but I wanted the constant barrage of fuck not to be stopped even the. He entered her soppy cunt and began to slow fuck her.

She came to, and immediately began to suck the two cocks trailing a line of pre cum on her face. One came into her waiting mouth and I asked Black to take her. I wanted to see the size and feel the girth of his cock before she took him in her pussy. Her eyes widened at the sight of the ten inch monster, she could take even the head into her mouth, she pushed the foreskin back and licking the head.

The Six in her pussy was coming. I asked Black to take her pussy, sideways so I could begin working on her ass. My cock was waking up again and I scooped some semen oozing out her on to my finger and begun to probe her anal opening. She nearly screamed the house down as she felt my two finger in addition to the huge cock in her. I gave her a little time to adjust and wetting my dick with her juices I plunged into her ass hole.

She screamed and came. Then she began to come almost with every thrust, I thrust as Black pulled out and pulled ut as he thrust in. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” She kept repeating the words louder and louder each time. Then Black began to come, he plunged his tool deep into her to the hilt and became still, I plunged my cock inside her and she screamed as Black’s cock expanded to erupt. Later she told me the pain was so fucking intense and beautiful at the same time she felt she was dying.

I asked Black to keep hammering hard into her till he softened. I started to come as well and sent her into another roller coaster ride of orgasm.

She bursa merkez escort bayan was fucked twelve times in her pussy, taken six cocks into her mouth and eight times in her ass. It was almost four in the morning and she looked like she would drop dead. I thought one last go, as Black hammered her pussy and we all came over her body was all she might be able to stand. She came hard, harder than ever before collapsing into a depths of darkness. Fully satiated and fully fucked.

I let them out of the room after they showered and went back to her. I carried her as I had carried mom to the hot bath I had prepared for her. Washing her she murmured drunkenly how much she loved me. I cleaned off all the semen from her body, using my finger to clean her vagina as mush as I could and brought her into the other clean bed. I lay her down. Spooned her, inserting my hard cock into a burning pussy. She moved slowly and dreamily over my cock.

“Did you like the way you were fucked Liza?” I asked. “Did my little sister enjoy my little gift to her? Now you are a complete and total whore. A perfect slut. Brother’s slut.”

She did not reply. I drew my cock out to the tip and roughly hammered it back into her. Her sore pussy cried out in mercy. “Are you my complete whore now, bitch?” I hissed into her ear.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“Say it fucking nicely and mean it.” I rammed into her again.

“Yes, big brother, I am your sex slave for life, your whore, you slut. I am your bro, like Mom is. To be used like your sex toy, to love us when you want. Yours to do anything you want to do.”

“I want to knock you both up, Liza. I want you and Mom to carry my seed, nurture it and be the mother of my children.”

“Oh Jack, Jack… I don’t know…”

“I want to see both your bellies swollen with seed, Liza. I want you to show me how much you love me and I want to show how much I love.”

“Okay sweetheart.” I pressed faster but gentler into her, coming into her, my teeth bit into her shoulder. She yelped in pain. I came and we slept.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32