Coming Home Ch. 02

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Having enjoyed such wonderful sex with John, Paul and his mother decided to pay him a visit the next afternoon. He only lived a few minutes walk away. They didn’t know if more erotic experiences awaited them, but they were ready to return the favours John had shown them. Paul could remember it all now, being caught by John as his mother sucked him off; John rimming him and tongue-fucking his asshole, then showing him the true pleasures of man on man sex by taking his anal virginity, while he came in his mother’s mouth; letting him suck on John’s cock and swallow John’s cum while he fucked his mother; then enjoying a double penetration inside his mother. Paul was staying at his mother’s for another two days. What adventures awaited them?

Paul banged on the front door and a few moments later, there was John, standing in a T-shirt and shorts. He must have been working out, as Paul could see patches of sweat on his torso. John’s face brightened immediately on seeing them.

“Come in, come in, it’s lovely to see you both,” he said. He ushered them in, gently slapping both Paul and his mother on the ass as they went past.

“Come and meet my wife Julie.” John gestured into the living room. “And my son Jake.”

Julie was tall and beautiful with long blonde hair reaching halfway down her back and shapely legs. She must have been around 40, and Paul’s cock stirred as he eyed her up and down.

Jake was also tall, about Paul’s height but thicker set. He must have spent some time working out. Paul reckoned he was a few years younger than his own 25 years. Paul shook his hand and the too exchanged warm smiles.

Everyone sat down again, Paul next to Jake, Julie next to Paul’s mother, and John on the floor. They all began to chat.

“So Paul,” said Julie, “John’s been telling me how he spent yesterday morning.” She was grinning broadly. Lord was she beautiful.

As his mind cast back once again to the events of the previous day, Paul’s cock hardened further in his pants. All of a sudden Paul felt a hand on his crotch.

“Need some help with that.” Paul looked across to see Jake smiling at him.

“Don’t worry,” said Jake. “I’m not gay or bi or anything. Sometimes it’s good to have someone else beat you off.” With that, Jake unzipped Paul’s fly and released his straining cockmeat. Paul was a little embarrassed. After all, he had only just met Jake and Julie. But he noticed that Julie had her eyes fixed on his crotch too. Jake began to stroke him up and down, all the while smiling at Paul.

“You can do me too if you want.” Jake unzipped his own fly with his free hand and pulled his shorts and underwear down his muscular legs. Paul watched as Jake’s member sprang free. It was already semi-hard. Reaching across, Paul grasped it in his fist and began to pump it to its full erection.

“Ohhh yesss, that feels good Paul. Keep going.” The two men continued to stroke each other.

On the floor, John had also dropped his shorts and pants to reveal his thick 8 incher. Standing, he walked over to Paul’s mother and reached out to pull her head towards him. She didn’t resist. Her lips closed over his cockhead and sank down his shaft. John began to fuck her mouth, thrusting back and forth. Julie was the last to join in. She reached down, hitched up her skirt and began to rub herself between her legs, through her panties.

All of this was making Paul even more horny, and his fully erect cock jerked and pulsed in Jake’s fingers. Jake paused his stroking action and looked Paul in the eye.

“You know what’s Escort also good for straight guys to do.” Before Paul could reply, Jake had leaned over and taken Paul’s cockhead right into his mouth. Paul gasped. He loved being sucked, but he had never had a man do it before. Of course he had sucked John’s cock, but John hadn’t returned the favour. Jake’s mouth felt so warm and wet over his thick shaft.

“Mmmmmlll, mmmshhll,” Jake bobbed up and down on Paul’s prick, his mouth dribbling wet saliva all over it. Paul threw back his head and sighed with pleasure. He thought about what he was letting Jake do. Paul certainly didn’t find Jake attractive in the way that he did a beautiful woman, but he was willing to enjoy the pleasures that, he realized, only men can give each other.

“Ohhh, yeeah, it feels so good Jake. Suck me deep.” To his slight dismay, Jake removed his mouth from Paul’s member, and sat up.

“Let’s 69,” Jake said.

Paul nodded ok, taking another step down this new road. After all, two men in a 69 must be gay or bi, or something very close to it. Or was it simply the lust of the moment? Anyway he was still straight, just enjoying some new ways of making love. The thought of a 69 with another man sent waves of excitement and trepidation through Paul’s body, and he lay back on the sofa, as Jake crawled over the top of him until his mouth was level with Paul’s stiff prick, and his groin with Paul’s mouth. Lowering himself, he took Paul into his mouth again, while Paul opened his mouth wide, and eagerly swallowed Jake’s thickness. The two of them licked and sucked and swirled their tongues over and around each other’s manhood.

Meanwhile, Julie had stripped off completely and was pulling off Paul’s mother’s dress and panties, even while John was continuing to fuck her mouth. No sooner were her panties off, then Julie dived towards his mama’s pussy, licking and sucking and tasting all the sweet wetness that was oozing from it.

“Oh mmmmm,” moaned Paul’s mother through her mouthful of stiff prick. Then John pulled out, deciding to leave the two ladies to enjoy each other.

John turned towards Jake and Paul, watching the two men enjoy their 69 for a few moments. Then he moved towards his own son’s upturned ass, grabbed Jake’s cheeks in both hands, and started to rim him. Paul could see this happening above his own head, and he almost couldn’t believe it. It turned him on even more, watching John lick Jake’s asshole, and then begin to thrust in and out with his tongue, beginning to open Jake up. Now there were three men, enjoying each other without restraint. Paul continued to suck on Jake’s cock as John stood and placed the tip of his own meat against Jake’s hole, and pushed. Jake groaned, but he was clearly loose enough, as he didn’t cry out. Paul watched John’s 8 inches slide smoothly and sweetly into his own son, and enjoyed the beautiful view. Perhaps he did now consider ass fucking to be a beautiful thing.

“He has a hot mouth, as you already know,” John said, looking down at Paul. “Why don’t we give him our meat from both ends. Paul released Jake’s cock from his mouth and swivelled round, gently easing his own cock from Jake’s mouth. Then he stood by Jake’s head and fed him his cock once more, gripping Jake’s head as he did so. Jake was being well and truly buggered by his father, but he still managed to suck hard on Paul’s meaty prick. Paul looked along the length of Jake’s back at John’s naked torso, pumping hard back and forth. Then he looked across the room to see his mother in a 69 with Julie. Escort Bayan They were both naked and licking each other’s pussy for all they were worth. All of a sudden, John quickened his thrusts, then cried out and shot his load deep into Jake’s asshole. Jake wriggled in enjoyment as he felt the warm liquid fill him deep inside his bowels.

“Why don’t you take over?” asked John, as he regained his composure. “It feels so good to fuck his ass. It’s another pleasure I’m sure you will enjoy.”

This was something that Paul hadn’t tried yet, and he pulled his prick from Jake’s mouth, leaned over and said to him:

“Let me fuck your ass.”

Jake nodded and moaned, and Paul walked around behind him as John moved out of the way. Paul could see that Jake’s asshole was already well stretched out, and cum was running out of it and down Jake’s balls, thighs and calves.

“Go on, he’s well lubed up,” said John lustily. Indeed he was, and Paul wasted no time, placing his cockhead at the entrance to Jake’s cum-drenched asshole and pushing in easily. Paul could feel John’s cum sloshing around inside Jake’s rectum as he managed to slide all the way into to his crotch. He held himself inside Jake for a moment, savouring the feeling. Then he pulled all the way out to the tip, and thrust back in again, beginning to get into a smooth rhythm. Out and in. Out and in. It felt too good to stop.

“Unnngh. Unnngh. Unnnnnnngh,” yelled Paul. John slapped him on the ass.

“I knew you’d love it. Now you’re one of us. You’re not gay or bi, you’re just a straight man who enjoys fucking other men. You can’t argue with the pleasures you receive.”

Paul couldn’t disagree. John was very persuasive in matters of sexuality. And Paul was loving the feeling Jake’s smooth fuck tunnel was giving his cock as he pumped back and forth. As he quickened his pace, he felt something on his own butt; something warm; pushing inside his own anus, probing him, penetrating his hole. He squirmed in delight as he realized that John was going to fuck him at the same time as he did Jake. He felt a pair of warm, strong hands around his waist, holding him firmly.

“Just take it easy, and enjoy my prick the way you did yesterday,” John whispered in his ear. Paul had certainly enjoyed yesterday’s ass-fucking, after a little initial reluctance, and he was game for more of the same pleasure.

Paul thrust his hips back and forth and John kept in time with his rhythm. With every forward motion, his dick slid into Jake deeply, and his ass slid off John, leaving it empty and hungry to be filled. With every backward thrust, he withdrew from Jake and John filled him completely. At this rate, he would come any minute. And so he did.

“Aaaaaaah, fuck me, oh yessss, so good, oh Jake, oh John it feels so tight, I’m so full up, oh lord yessss.” Paul pushed deeply into Jake and released his load, spraying it up into Jake’s backside. He could feel his anus contracting around John’s cock, and this sent John over the edge, who came immediately as well, filling Paul’s ass with his seed, driving his shaft deeper inside, giving Paul all of it. Paul realized that Jake hadn’t come yet, and he reached round and grabbed his throbbing meat, pumping it rapidly. It didn’t take long. Jake groaned and spurted his load all over the sofa, coming again and again.

Just as the men had cried out together, so then the women brought each other to climax, as they licked and sucked the juices from each other. The five of them rolled onto the floor.

The sight of Bayan Escort Julie’s naked body was making Paul hard again. He knew he had to have her. With one quick movement, he was on top of her, sliding his manmeat inside her delicious quim.

“That’s it,” cried John. “Fuck my wife. We all can.” John motioned to Jake who moved his groin over his mother’s face, and fed her his own cock.

“Let me take her in the ass,” John said to Paul, who obliged, rolling over onto his back and pulling Julie on top of him, readjusting and pushing back into her once more. She groaned as her husband crawled on top of her, placed his cock at the entrance to her shithole and pushed quickly in. Julie groaned. She was now filled in every hole. Paul was fucking in and out of her slimy pussy, John was building up a rhythm in her ass, and Jake was fucking her mouth.

“Mmmmffff. Mmmff.” That was the only noise Julie could make, but Paul knew she was enjoying the onslaught.

“Ahhhh, I love my wife, she’s such a good fuck,” John shouted out.

Paul’s mother was the only one left out for the moment. But she wasted no time. Straddling her son’s head she lowered her asshole towards his mouth, at the same time offering her sweet cunt to Julie. Paul thrust his tongue upwards to meet her, running it around her tight hole, before pushing it inside her. Julie paused to release Jake’s cock before starting to lick up and down Paul’s mother’s mound, pausing to flick over her clit, then burying her own tongue inside this beautiful woman.

Paul thrust deeper into Julie’s cunt.

John grabbed his wife’s asscheeks as he buried his tool inside her dirty entrance.

Jake pushed his hips urgently towards his own mama’s mouth and she took his cock in again once more, sliding her tongue around the rim of his prick.

Paul’s mother moaned as she ground her succulent ass down onto her son’s tongue.

The five of them fucked each other royally, lost to the delicious pleasures they were experiencing.

John instructed Paul and Jake: “I want you to all come in Julie. She loves being filled with our juices.”

They were all getting close. Paul picked up the pace of his thrusts, enjoying the soft wetness of Julie’s cunt. Then he was crying out as he came inside her, shooting his second load of the day deep into her. The pulsing of Paul’s cock was felt by John in her asshole, and he unloaded into the depths of her rectum.

“Oooooh, cum in me, my husband, that’s it,” groaned Julie. Only Jake was left. Before he could spray his own load into her mouth, Paul’s mother started to moan, and she came, her anus contracting around her son’s invading tongue, her love juices running down her pussy lips onto Julie’s face.

Jake fucked his mother’s mouth harder. Julie sucked him a little deeper, until she was almost gagging.

“I’m not gonna hold on much longer,” cried out Jake. “Raaaaaaggghhh, fuck yesss. I’m coming in my mama’s hot mouth.” And truly he was, his milky seed spurting against the back of her throat.

“That’s it, my love, swallow your son’s cum juices, all the way,” coaxed John, still recovering from his own orgasm. Julie swallowed it all down as fast as she could.

Then the five lovers rolled away from each other and lay on the floor, panting and getting their breath back.

What an orgy it had been, with all combinations of love-making witnessed! Straight and well-endowed men had sucked and fucked each other to completion, women had tongued each other to the brink of ecstasy. And in one final motion, Julie had been filled with the sticky load from three stiff cocks, one in each of her holes.

The atmosphere was heavy with the smell of cum and sweat and the five of them exchanged weary but satisfied glances. Mmmm, there would be more to come.

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