Coming Home

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You knew I was waiting and smiled as I opened the door. No words were spoken as you caressed my face and kissed my lips before pushing me to the floor. I looked up at you as you reached for your belt…undoing the buckle as my fingers rushed to your zipper, fumbling in my excitement. Your cock, hard and already glistening at the tip, was released directly into my waiting mouth. You moaned from deep within…I felt it more than I heard it.

My hands gripped your thighs as my lips locked around the base of your shaft, my tongue pressing you to the roof of my mouth so I could feel you throb there. My throat muscles worked to pull you deeper inside me. God, I’d missed you. Your hand fell to my head, your fingers wrapping my hair into your fist as you thrust against me. My body trembled…already so aroused I felt the dampness leaking onto my thighs. You moved my head away until my tongue was flicking at the tip…lapping that delicious precum.

I looked up at you to see the smile that I knew would be there. As our eyes met, you pulled me firmly against your body. My nose pressed into your skin…my breath hot on you…coming now in short gasps as I struggled to breathe. I began to squirm…pushing away…needing air…but needing you even more. You slowly and firmly began to fuck my mouth…pushing harder and deeper with each movement. Through the sound of my own pulse pounding in my head, I heard you murmur what a good girl I was. I let my teeth touch your cock in recognition of your praise.

Suddenly, you pulled me up from my kneeling position and held me tightly to you…your lips seeking mine. I felt the same desperation in you that I felt within myself. As our lips touched and our tongues tangled, the roar in my head reached a crescendo. I felt my knees weaken at our kiss, grateful for your strong arms holding me. Soon, I felt the edge of the couch on the back of my legs. I didn’t even know we’d moved. We broke our embrace, our eyes still locked on each other.

I had dressed to please you and I saw by your eyes that you had finally noticed. I shivered as I felt your gaze rake over my body, taking in the black and white design on the short, tight dress I wore. ataköy escort You reached out, cupping my breasts in your hands, your fingers finding my nipples and pinching…twisting hard. You watched as my lips worked…finally a throaty groan escaping them, making you smile again. You released your grip on my breasts long enough to pull the bodice of my dress down. My chest heaved under your touch as you grabbed my nipples again…pulling hard, daring me to move, knowing my legs were trembling, seeing how long I could stand there.

I whimpered now, my eyes begging for you, wanting you. Your smile widened as you lowered your lips to one throbbing nipple, taking it in, suckling at first. Your mouth felt so warm and soothing after your sweetly torturing grip. Suddenly, I gasped as this time I felt your teeth grab my nipple. My hand flew to the back of your head as I arched my back, pushing my breast to you, aching so deliciously. Your hand still at work on my other breast, kneading it roughly as your teeth tightened and pulled on my nipple. The sounds I made were primal…deep and desperate. This excited you beyond reason.

You pushed me onto the couch behind me and stood over me…looking at what you’d done…my breasts swollen and exposed, my already short dress pushed up to give a glimpse of the black lace panties I wore, my eyes glazed as I tried to catch my breath. My gaze lowered from your face to your cock…rigid, pulsing and ready. You stripped off your shirt and let your jeans drop to the floor as you looked at me. “Show me,” you said. Somehow, one of my hands found its way to the hem of my dress…pulling it up to fully display my wet lace. You nodded and waited. I knew what you wanted. I spread my legs and pulled the lace crotch to the side of my pussy. My other hand slid up my thigh and I used a finger to part my pink, wet lips.

You made a noise, also primal, as you watched me slip a finger inside my sweetness. You took a step toward me, your hand on your cock…coaxing more precum to the tip…teasing me with it. I pulled my eyes away from that tempting sight so I could watch your face as I pulled my finger from my pussy and up to my face, coating my lips bakırköy escort with my juices.

You reached down and grabbed me by my hair once again, pulling my face up to your cock. I exhaled slowly as you moved the head of your cock over my lips, mixing your slickness with my own. I began to open my mouth, wanting to bring you into that heat once again. You pulled my head back, tilting it so you could see me. I licked my lips, whispering, “Please?” You shook your head, silent as you now dropped to your knees, pushing my legs apart. You began gently kissing my thighs. I let my head fall against the back of the couch, enjoying the sensations you were giving me.

You draped my legs over your shoulders as your lips reached my pussy, your tongue sliding up and down my slit before plunging inside. Unable to control myself, I thrust my hips, pushing at your face. I felt your muffled sigh as your tongue began to work its magic. My clit was already throbbing as you began to graze your teeth over it, finally nipping it firmly between your teeth and sucking…hard. My fingernails dug into the cushion beneath me as I started grinding against you, whimpering at the sharp bites you were now showering on me. You pushed one finger, then another into me, your lips and teeth never leaving my swollen nub. As my body began to move for you, you added a third finger, pressing hard and deep inside me.

I cried out as you used your hand to pound my dripping pussy. Even as I met your thrusts, my body was being propelled upward with your strength. You drew your face away, letting your thumb press against my punished clit at the same time your little finger slid through my juices until it was between my cheeks, pushing at my tightest hole. My body started to rock telling you I wanted more. You pressed harder…your hand assaulting me completely, your eyes intent on me as you watched me ascend into ecstasy.

I no longer had any control, my body entirely yours, bucking beneath your hand as I came. I felt a hot gush between my legs as I continued to cum. I knew your hand and wrist were soaked, as were my thighs and the cushion I was on. As the convulsions ripping through me slowed, you gently pulled your hand away, dragging it against my skin so I could feel the liquid heat you had wrung from me. I lay panting before you, returning your smile, my legs trembling. You pressed against me, reminding me of your need.

I opened my arms to you as you swung me around to recline, one foot on the floor, the other draped over the back of the couch. You kissed me, sharing my sweetness with your tongue as you entered me, completely and fully. I lifted my leg from the floor and wrapped it around your waist, my other leg moving to rest against your chest. Your first thrusts were slow and measured, enjoying the slick tightness you had missed these last few days. Feeling you inside me was pure heaven.

I closed my eyes as I let my hands wander over your arms, your shoulders, and your chest. My fingers found your nipples, tweaking them and them letting my fingernails rake over them. You inhaled sharply as your movements quickened. I matched you, thrust for thrust, feeling your passion so deep inside me.

I wanted to…needed to…feel you cum…feel your explosion inside me but no…you were not ready. “Cum for me again…be my good girl,” you said softly, raggedly. I needed no further encouragement, giving myself once again to the waves of pleasure only you can bring to me. My fingernails dug into your shoulders until I felt your skin give beneath them. Your balls wetly hit against my ass as my nectar flowed again.

I was gasping for air when I heard you whisper my name once, then again…our skin slapping together, your thrusts driving me into the cushions. Your body tensed and froze; your eyes locked with mine once again before you grabbed my ass and slammed into me hard, holding me there while your cock pulsed inside me. I felt the intensity of your release exploding…your cum filling me, running down my thighs to mix with my own.

I pulled you to me, feeling your heart race against my breast. “Yours,” I whispered in your ear while you emptied your passions inside me…enjoying the trembles going from your body to mine. I could feel your smile against my skin as you caught your breath, your arms moving to envelope me tightly. We lay like this, reveling in the oneness we felt, our skin slick and hot. You reached up to kiss me, slowly this time. I looked into your eyes once more. “Welcome home,” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32