Come Together Ch. 04

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“How come you are back so soon, Priya?” Jeetu asked her when he entered the house.

She smiled at him. “Meeting was called off at the last moment. And did you locate what Sunny wanted?”

“A lucky break. Met a pal of mine at the station and he was looking for a client to take his place on lease. Just the place that Sunny described. It’s fabulous!”

He accepted the cup of coffee that she poured for him and they sat in the living room talking about general things like their jobs and their working hours.

“It’s almost lunch time, Jeetu,” she finally said, glancing at her watch. “Lets have some grub and then maybe we can talk more.”

“I got a better idea,” he told her. “Those sisters have gone to the farmhouse with their brother and husband. What say we give them a surprise? Let’s grab some beer and chicken and join them.”

Sunny had taken the station wagon, so Priya found the keys to Nitin’s new Opel. She packed cold chicken in a large steel box and they bought a crate of beer from the local shop on the way to the farmhouse.

While he drove, he explained to her about the place that he had managed to get for Sunny at what he thought was for a bargain price. She told him about how her meeting had to be cancelled.

“That bitch of my MD got a call from her husband. He had just flown in and is supposed to leave within a day or two. I guess she didn’t want to waste any time around the table; reckon she thought it would be more interesting if she spent it with her hubby instead.”

“That’s what happens when I visit home during long tours,” Jeetu replied. “I seldom have a day or two between them and when I’m home, I would rather spend my time with Preeti than at the office.”

“I bet you two miss each other when you have to go away for long tours, Jeetu,” she said.

“You bet we do! Even though we do talk on phone almost an hour a day when I am away, it isn’t like actually being together. When the tour is for more than a week, she prefers to come down here to spend her time with you folks, and that sort of comforts me.”

She glanced sharply at him. They both knew that Sunny and Preeti had been real close together and at least she believed that her husband was through with those flings.

“Mind if I ask you a question, Jeetu?”

“Go ahead, Priya.”

“Do you think that your wife and Sunny are behaving?”

He flushed. He looked at her for a long time before turning his attention back to the road.


“What do you think, Priya?”

She hesitated. “I – I really don’t know. But I thought that Sunny asking you to search for a place today was a bit disturbing. He normally does these things himself.”

“Sunny’s a complex guy. But I don’t see what that has got to do with his relations with his sisters.”

“Don’t you feel upset that he used to have sex with your wife?”

He hesitated. “They are a complex family, Priya. I love them for their straight forwardness. At least, I knew about them before I got married,” he lied. “Did Sunny tell you about their affairs before he proposed to you?”

“I had always suspected. So I asked him before our marriage about them. Sunny did not hesitate to tell me the truth. But he also told me that having me around him meant that he no longer cared to get his sisters to screw around with him.”

“And you think that they are still into it?”

“I don’t know. It’s just that…”

“Just what? Look, Nitin is with them and I don’t think they would take a chance fooling around.”

“Nitin isn’t exactly a saint. I can see that he’s got a eye on your wife.”

“No way!” he exclaimed.

“Think about it, Jeetu. He’s always staring at her when he thinks no one is looking. Trust me. Women’s intuition, I suppose.”

He looked forlornly through the windshield. “I guess if that’s true, I certainly deserve it. I wasn’t exactly a saint either. Even when I was dating Preeti, I had quite a few flings with other women. Sunny knew about it and he still knows about some one night stands I have with a few of my girl friends.”

“Even now, Jeetu?”

“Especially now,” he sighed. “It’s extremely frustrating not to go around without any huh, sex, for such long times.”

She laughed. “I guess all you guys are the same. With Sunny hardly ever having to tour like you do, we have no such problem.”

“Then why do you, er, I mean, why do you think that he would need to make it out with the sisters? I- I mean you are one hell of a sexy lady and I don’t think he would need anybody else.”

“Why, Jeetu, thanks for the compliment!” she laughed again. “But I wonder whether you know what Sunny’s appetite is like.”

“Come again?” he asked.

“Aw shucks, Jeetu! Your brother-in-law is constantly in a stage of arousal! He’s simply insatiable!” She suddenly realized that maybe she had said a little too much and blushed, glancing quickly at him. “Uh, I- I am sorry if I…”

He laughed. “Aw shucks, Preeti,” he imitated her, “we weren’t exactly talking about fairy tales. You started Gaziantep Saatlik Escort asking me about whether I suspect if Sunny is still involved with his sisters. I don’t know about Rita, but I can’t tell about my wife either. At first, I thought they were real sick. But with time, I had to accept the inevitable. They have always been a very close family, you know. And talking about Sunny’s appetite, well hell, who doesn’t know about it? I mean, Preeti had told me about it before.”

“She did?” exclaimed Priya.

He shrugged, pulling the car off the highway to enter the by lane which led to the farmhouse. “I told her that it’s better I know the details before somebody, maybe Sunny or Rita, fill me on them.”

She was quiet and she stole a glance at him. He seemed to be pretty unperturbed about the discussion and she had this feeling that maybe he didn’t mind if Sunny was still getting into Preeti’s pants. He acted like maybe he would get a kick out of it!

She thought about her husband and her mind went back to what her father-in-law had told her.

“That chaps a rebel all right, Priya. He’s very head strong and quite adamant. Usually gets what he wants.”

She wondered what her reaction would be if she would come across her husband still making it with either one or both his sisters.

She was about to find out.


They parked the Opel behind the van and he was about to ring the bell when he heard voices and loud music. He froze and looked at Priya.

The sounds were coming from the first floor and the voices didn’t sound like people having any kind of conversation. Though the words were not clear, it was obvious to both of them that they were more shouts, groans and moans than any specific dialogues.

She felt her heart suddenly thudding out and blushed. She also felt the anger rising within her. That bastard! He had to go and do this. There was a look of fury when she turned to look at Jeetu.

When she saw his face, she was surprised. He was actually smiling sheepishly! And, he had that look on his face that she knew only too well for she had seen many guys, more particularly her husband, who looked like that.

Jeetu was turned on!

He motioned for her to be quiet and tried to open the door.

“Shit,” he whispered, “it’s locked.”

In a hoarse voice, she said, “I-I’ve got the second key.”

“Well then, what are you waiting for? C’mon, give it to me. Let’s catch ’em with their pants down.”

She blushed and averted his eyes as she fumbled in her purse and extracted the key, handing it over to him with trembling hands.

He didn’t bother about being quiet with the key. He was sure that any sound that he would make would surely be drowned by the music and the high-pitched voices that came from inside. He unlocked the door and after they entered inside, he locked it behind them.

They heard mumbles from the first floor and he motioned her to follow him up the stairs. They crept up to the rear wing, and standing in one bathroom sandwiched between the two bedrooms, peeped inside.

Involuntarily, she gasped.

Preeti was lying on her back across the chair opposite the dressing table. The chair was wide enough to support her back. But it wasn’t long enough to support the rest of her body. Her head fell off one edge and her buttocks rested on the opposite edge. Her legs were wide apart and her heels rested on the floor.

Like the rest of the people in the room she too was start naked.

Sunny stood at her head, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. He was cradling her head as he fucked her mouth earnestly. Opposite to him, Nitin was hunched between her legs. His cock was plunging in and out of her cunt. Rita was kneeling on the floor beside her sister and was avidly licking and sucking Preeti’s large tits.

“Give it more tongue, you little slut,” Sunny grunted.

“She squeezes her cunt like nobody I’ve ever known do it,” Nitin gasped, pounding steadily into his sister in law.

They were all reflected in the mirror of the dressing table and to Priya and Jeetu, it looked like there was a major orgy going on with eight people; rather, with four sets of twins.

Priya felt the blood rushing to her face. She had never seen a couple fucking before, except for those raunchy videos that Sunny had, and here she was watching not one, but two couples in the flesh. Added to it was the element of watching two sisters and their brother as three of the four participants, and her anger had already melted down to shocked and raw excitement, the kind of which she had never experienced before.

To her own astonishment, she found herself getting wet between her legs and her nipples hardened inside her t-shirt. Try as hard as she could, she wasn’t just able to tear her eyes away from the frolicking foursome.

Sunny had described to her more than a dozen times about the various positions he had used to please his sisters. Though his descriptions had set her off blazing with anger and jealousy, she had often been turned on. She had always thought that Sunny was exaggerating and trying to make her more jealous; perhaps, she had thought, he was trying to bring out the edge of competitiveness from her.

She watched now, as her husband fucked his youngest sister’s mouth, uttering obscenities that would have made the street urchins blush. He was now guiding Rita’s head over Preeti’s tits.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck those big tits, yes, like that, lick on those bitchy hot nipples, oh yeah, suck my cock, you slut, harder now, harder.”

Nitin was even worse. “Oh good god, is this a cunt or what? It’s sucking my dick tighter than Rita’s mouth, oh yeah baby, lift your ass like that, yeah, fuck me back, you gorgeous bitch, fuck me, fuck me!”

The music was blaring from the tape deck placed on a desk by the side of the bed. The rooms were big; so that despite being able to see and hear everything inside the room, Priya and Jeetu were quite far away. The angle of the door of the bathroom leading into the bedroom was also steep. It was impossible for the four of them to notice that they were being watched unless one of them walked inside the room.

Priya was finally able to tear her eyes away. Embarrassed, she glanced at Jeetu and she was in for another shock.

He had unzipped his fly and was stroking his cock, his eyes riveted on the scene inside the bedroom. It was almost as if he had forgotten that she was there too. She noticed his large and erect cock, glistening with the pre-cum juices as he masturbated feverishly.

Suddenly, he glanced at her and noticed that she was watching his hand. He stopped all movements and a split second later, their eyes were locked together.

Slowly, she turned her head back to watch the proceedings inside the bedroom. Imperceptibly, she slid to her right and was now leaning against him, slowly rubbing her thighs and breasts against his body.

Almost nonchalantly, he resumed masturbating. His cock was sticking outside his pants and he had not bothered unbuttoning.

He pushed back against her turning a little towards him. This had the effect of her right tit rubbing against his arm. When she looked at him again, he could see the fire in her eyes. A contortion of her face revealed that she was just as horny.

She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. He stared at her and she licked her dry lips, lowering her eyes. There couldn’t have been a more obvious signal than that. Her ample chest was heaving and her breathing was ragged.

“Oh god, Nitin, fuck me, shove your cock inside me, oh yes, harder, harder,” Preeti’s mouth was free since Sunny had pulled out his cock and was instead, leaning over her to rub it over Rita’s cheek.

“Like this, bitch? Like this?” Nitin grunted, plunging his cock in hard and furious strokes.

“Ah yes, like that, only, faster, faster,” she screamed.

Sunny was laughing as he watched from close, Nitin’s cock impaling his little sister’s cunt. Rita had stopped licking Preeti’s tits and had raised her head up so that Sunny could jam his cock inside her mouth.

Priya started to move away.

“Wait!” Jeetu whispered harshly and reached for her shoulders. His hands missed her shoulder and instead landed on her large firm tits.

“Yes,” Priya moaned, pressing her hand over his. She put her other hand over the back of his neck and pulled him to her. The position was awkward; so he turned to face her.

Their mouths opened even before their lips met. Her tongue found his first. He felt a flood of heat flowing down from his mouth to his cock. He pulled away his hand from his erection as it stiffened further. He pressed it against the soft expanse of her belly that was exposed between her skirt and t-shirt.

He wiggled and squirmed one hand inside her t-shirt finding the lacy cup of her bra. She hunched her shoulders and his hand sneaked inside the cup. At the same time, because she hunched her shoulders, he could see the top of her tits bunching together to reveal the enticing cleavage.

Sunny had married almost a year after Jeetu had married Preeti. The first time he had seen Priya he was immediately stuck by her stature. She was tall and slender all right, but her assets were obvious.

Jeetu knew that Sunny liked his women who had big tits. That much was evident when he had seen Priya. Preeti had huge tits all right, but Priya’s were by far bigger. It was only because Preeti was shorter that she seemed to have larger tits.

He felt a stab of excitement as soft flesh filled his hand. The strap of her bra tightened when his hand entered inside completely.

She moaned, her arms tightening around his neck, shoving her tongue in his mouth till the tip was almost tickling his tonsils. She pressed her belly harder against his naked cock. He felt her nipple harden against his palm and he now squeezed her tit gently.

She wiggled around so that they could see the foursome at the same time. The sisters were now on their knees, beside each other and on the floor. Nitin was now fucking Preeti from behind while Sunny fucked Rita’s mouth. Somehow, the two of them had managed to knead the tits of the woman they were not fucking or sucking; Sunny massaged Preeti’s dangling tits, while Nitin was content to pinch his wife’s nipples. The music blared on.

Priya moaned into Jeetu’s mouth and pulled away. When she spoke, her voice was harsh and rather high pitched.

“Fuck me!”

It was a command. And he took it as a challenge.

He pulled up her skirt as her hands, carefully avoiding contact with his cock, fumbled with his pants.

“Wait,” he said again after her skirt had dropped to the floor. He reached below and swiftly undid the buttons of his pants, shoving the garment down over his hips. By the time that his pants were around his ankles, Priya had thrust her panties down around hers.

He jerked her skirt back up and she pulled his underwear down and out of the way. His cock sprang up again, slapping her warm and soft belly. This time, he groaned as her hot and sweaty hand grasped his cock and pushed it down to rub it over her moist pussy. She pushed her hips forward, eager now, and his cock head slid across her slippery slit.

Almost crying with desire, Priya tried to wedge his cock head between her cunt lips. The feel of her hand and her cunt against his cock made it throb and sent thrills into his balls.

“Wait,” he said for the third time. To an average onlooker it would look like she was almost trying to rape him. He managed to push her back toward a shelf that was carved along one wall of the bathroom. It was waist high on him so that when her back hit it, all she had to do was hop up and settle down on it. Her hands had slipped up to his shoulders and when she had jumped up onto the shelf, her skirt had come back down. So, he knelt down on the floor to pull it back up over her waist.

He looked at her naked cunt and let out a gasp. She was completely shaven there and this was a novelty. Preeti trimmed her bush every week, maintaining a tiny inverted triangle over her slit. He had already seen that Rita too followed that ritual. But Priya’s cunt was bald.

“I like it that way,” she breathed when he looked into her eyes.

He stared back at her cunt. The light pink outer lips were taut and firm, hiding her opening. He thought that her cunt looked almost virginal.

She stifled her cry when he touched her cunt and pried the lips open. Hidden between them were the thin smooth inner lips, straight edged and pinker than the outer ones, now glistening with moisture.

He leaned forward and kissed the hollows formed by the tendons of her slim thighs. He stuck out his tongue, suddenly wanting to taste her. His mouth moved closer to her center of pleasure.

She shimmied her hips, pressing her cunt hard against his face. He brought the fingers of one hand into play, stabbing her clit and she arched her body, quivering like a drawn string of a bow.

When he inserted the tip of his tongue inside her slit, she let out a soft cry, her fingers digging into his shoulders, bunching up his shirt.

“Oh yes, do that,” she breathed.

With excruciating slowness, he lapped her pussy, studiously avoiding licking her clit. He slipped his fingers off her clit and watched the fleshy hood pull back. To him, it looked like a little cock sticking out of the hood.

She was a writhing mass of flesh, moaning in ecstasy. He could stand it no more and ran his tongue over the hard and wet nub, sucking it into his mouth.

“Oh god, yes, yes, ugghhh, aahhhh,” she moaned, now grabbing his head and pressing it further into her cunt. He felt her juices washing him as she reached her orgasm.

She pulled his head by his hair and bent down to kiss his mouth. Her tongue licked his mouth as though she wanted to taste her own juices more than he had wanted to. She pulled away and looked at him, her eyes dazed and burning with lust.

“Your cock,” she gasped, bending further down to grab it. “This, this cock, your cock, give me!”

When he stood up, she grasped his shaft in her hot hands and jumped off the shelf, going down to her knees. It was his turn to arch his back when he felt her hot tongue slither up and down over his cock.

Suddenly, she pushed the flesh inside her mouth, closing her lips over it and he went stiff. He sank his hands in the mass of her lustrous hair as she bobbed her head up and down over his cock, sucking him savagely.

As she sucked him, he craned his head to watch the inside of the bedroom. Preeti and Rita were on their fours, facing each other as Sunny fucked Rita and Nitin Preeti dog fashion. Their thrusts drove the girls towards each other and they were kissing.

He knew he would come if Priya would suck him for another minute. But he wanted to sample her cunt: this time with his cock.

He pulled her up and she understood. She hopped back onto the shelf and opened her legs wide.

Holding his cock in his hands, he took a step forward after positioning himself between her legs. He felt his cock head nudging her cunt lips and sobbing, she reached down and separated them.

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