Come Over Pizza

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It was Sunday afternoon and my boyfriend Chris was getting packed and ready to head back to camp.

“Babe, have you seen my tool belt?”

I roll my eyes and mute the TV.

“Not sure babe, but I think it may be in the garage.” I say it in a sing-song voice so he can’t tell how annoyed I am. I just want him to get the fuck out. He’s been home for the past 3 weeks, and while it’s nice to have a hot cock at my disposal, I need some alone time.

Chris and I have been together for just over a year. We were on and off for a while a few years back, and I always vowed to never get back with him. But he’s such a good guy. Okay, scratch that. He’s not a good guy, he’s a good lay. He can tongue my pussy for hours and pounds me like nobody can. What can I say? I love a good fuck better than anything in a relationship.

“I’m all packed and ready to go babe. Come say goodbye to me” Chris calls from the front hallway. I go to him and immediately notice that he’s all shaved and smells so good, fresh from the shower. I can feel myself getting wet thinking about a goodbye fuck. 4 weeks away is a long time…

I wrap my arms around his neck and start kissing him slowly. I trace my tongue along the outline of his lips and then bite the bottom one.

“What’re you doing to me? You know I can’t resist it when you do that, but I gotta go.” He tries to pull away but I back him into the wall and kiss him harder.

“C’mon baby, fuck me hard and fast and you can be on your way. Don’t make me beg for it.” I step back and start sliding my hands over my tits making my nipples stand up under my tank top. Chris steps towards me and lifts me up so my legs wrap around him. He pulls the zipper of his jeans down and frees his 7 inch cock from his pants, already rock hard and dripping.

“You gonna miss daddy’s cock baby girl, huh? You need one last fuck to keep that pussy happy? Tell me baby, tell me how much you want it.”

“Fuck yeah baby, I need that cock. I need you to fill me up before you go. Fuck me.”

Chris carries me over to the dining room table and sets me down. I throw my legs up onto his shoulders and he takes aim at my dripping slit. He pounds into me hard and fast while I rub my clit.

“You’re my little cum whore, aren’t you? You want that cum inside of you?”

“Yes, gimme that cum” I whisper. “I want to feel that hot load inside my fucking pussy. Fuck me ’til you cum”

He thrusts so hard the last time, that I swear I can hear my cervix bruising. Hot spurts of jizz warm me from the inside. As the last stream of it enters me, I start coming around his cock. My pussy throbs around him and I kiss him frantically. My hand is covered in my own juices and his cum that starts to drip out of me as he slips out.

“Fuck baby, that was totally worth being as late as I’m gonna be” he says, resting his head on my shoulder.

“Mmmm, you’re damn right it was” I purr.


Four weeks later, it’s the night Chris is coming home, and I am horny as fuck. My vibrator gets the workout of it’s life when I’m left without a dick. It’s just not the same, and even a dildo can’t satisfy me like the real thing.

I’m watching TV and waiting for him to get home and fuck the shit out of me, when I get a text saying his flight is delayed. Fuck! Now I’m horny and hungry.

I pull up the pizza place by our house on my phone and call in an order. At least I can kill one bird and not be a ravenous for food slut, but just a slut.

Twenty minutes later headlights flash across the living room. I get up and go to the door, anticipating my delicious pizza. I open the door as the delivery guy is getting out of his car. Backlit by his lights, I can’t see his face, only his size. He’s huge. I’m not exactly short myself, being bursa escort at least 5’10, but this guy looks to be about 6’6. He gets to the door, and when I can see his face I notice that he’s not overly attractive, but something about him instantly has me thinking about how much I want him to do nasty things to me. Like, really nasty.

“Looks like someone is ready for some pizza” he says as he flashes a smile.

“I’m ready for something” I say back. He gives me a look of confusion mixed with amusement and hands me the box. “That’ll be 17 bucks please.”

I motion for him to come in and explain that my wallet is in the dining room.

“Just give me one sec. Come in and sit down.”

“I’m not really supposed to enter people’s houses, so if it’s cool, I’ll just wait here” he says.

“Why not?” I call to him from the kitchen. While in there, I’m taking off my bra and pushing my shorts lower on my hips. My nipples are standing at attention and I can feel my panties starting to dampen. I’m gonna fuck the pizza guy, one way or another.

“The boss thinks it’s inappropriate. So we’re told that no matter what, just stay outside, or at the door at the very least.”

I come back around the corner and he’s playing on his phone.

“Well that sounds weird to me. If someone invites you in, you should accept. Especially if it’s a hot chick that wants to gag herself on your man meat.”

This startles him and he drops his phone. “What did you just say?” he asks.

“You heard what I said. And by the looks of you, I’m gonna have a lot to gag on.” I move towards him and he starts to back up slightly.

“Look, you’re super hot and all, but I have a girlfriend, fiancè actually, and I could lose my job. As much as I want to let you, uh, do things to my man meat, I really can’t.”

“Look, I have a boyfriend too. He’s away a lot and is actually coming home tonight. I just can’t take how horny I am, and I want you to be the one to fuck the orgasm I need right out of me. Now, are you gonna man-up and fuck me, or not?”

Something in him shifts, I can see it happen in his eyes.

“Your boyfriend is coming home tonight?”

“Yeah, in a couple of hours” I answer.

“And you want me to fuck you before he gets here?”

“Exactly.” I take another step towards him. I can see his hard-on starting to show through his shorts.

“If I fuck you though, there’s one condition. We do it bare back. I fuck the shit out of you until I come inside of you. I want your boyfriend to feel my load in you when he fucks you later.”

I almost fall over at how hot that sounds. Suddenly I realize that this is the hottest thing ever.

“C’mere” I motion for him to follow me to the living room. Once we get there, he comes up behind me and puts his giant hands on my tits. I feel his cock pressing into my ass and I moan.

“I think you said a little something about wanting something to gag on. Will this work?” he asks.

I turn around and he pulls out a monster sized dick. 10 inches of glorious cock! I lick my lips and drop to my knees in front of him. I grab his cock and lick from his balls all the way to the tip, and then flick my tongue over it. He tastes a little musty and sweaty, but this turns me on even more. I go for the whole thing and when it reaches the back of my throat, I gag.

“That’s it, take it all. Gag on that cock. Shove it down your throat until you can’t breathe” he growls.

I move it further down my throat and my eyes start to water. My gag reflex is going nuts and I’m sure I’m going to throw up. He grabs the back of my head and starts fucking my mouth like a pussy. Bile starts rising up to meet his dick, and the next thing I know, I’ve puked on his cock.

“Fuck yeah, bursa ucuz eskort that’s what I wanted. To see you choke on it” he says. As I’m sputtering and trying to catch my breath, he pulls me to standing and kisses me. He starts to lick the juices off my face, that are a mix of his precum and puke. I’m so turned on by this, that I reach down and start to rub my hand on my pussy.

“I want you to taste my pussy. Taste how wet you make me” I say to him. He looks around the room and notices our chaise lounge. He leads me to it and lays down with his head at the opposite end.

“Come use my face as your fuck toy. Grind that pussy onto my tongue.” He positions his head on the corner where I can straddle him. I wiggle out of my shorts but leave my panties on. The crotch is soaking wet as I pull them to the side and slowly lower down towards his face. His tongue starts to lap at me while I hover just above him. He tucks into every corner and licks every inch of me. He settles on my clit and starts to massage it with his tongue. This gets me so worked up, that I start rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples. I can’t handle it anymore, and I start to lower further until I’m grinding on his whole face. I find the perfect rhythm with his nose almost inside of me and his tongue on my clit. I put my hands on his chest and start bouncing up and down on his face, and alternating that with grinding. I want to come all over his face so bad, but I also want to wait to come until he’s inside of me. No orgasm is as good as the first and I want to savor it.

I get up off of him and step back to admire my wet work. His entire face is slick with my juices and I can see some up his nose.

“I can’t believe you just fucked my nose like a little dick” he says. “That was so fucking hot”.

He gets up and comes towards me and I kiss him hard. I love tasting myself on someone else, and I start to probe his mouth with my tongue trying to taste it all.

He pulls away for a moment and asks “is your boyfriend gonna eat some of that pizza?”

“Probably, yeah.”

“I want to fuck you over that pizza so that my load drips out of you onto it, and I want you to feed it to him later.”

He doesn’t have to say anything more, to turn me on as much as I am right now. I go to the kitchen and get the pizza, and come back to the chaise lounge. I put the pizza down and then put my knees on either side.

My pussy is glistening and I reach back to rub my juices to my ass and then dip my fingertip into my asshole. I hear him moan behind me as he tugs on his dick.

I grab a piece of the pizza and start to wipe it across my pussy lips. It’s warm and the texture of the green peppers and mushrooms feel really good on my slit.

“That’s it, get that cunt nice and greasy for me. My big dick is coming for you”.

He comes up behind me and I feel the tip press into my hole. He eases it in so slowly that I think the end will never come. Once his full length is in there, he starts with little short thrusts.

“Just getting you used to it baby. It’s a big dick and I want you to take it all like a good girl.” He pulls out a little further and then eases it back in.

“I want you to fuck me hard. So hard that I can’t walk for a week. Make me bleed.”

At this, he pulls out all the way, so fast that there is a soft “pop” as the rim of his head slips out of my lips. A second later, he’s back in me, with a vengeance. He slams so hard into me my head snaps back. “Is that what you want, hard? I’m gonna give it to you hard then.” He pounds into me and I hear his balls slap against me each time. Tears well up in my eyes from the pain, but after a few strokes I’m into it. This feels fucking amazing! I grab another bursa anal yapan escort piece of pizza and reach underneath with it, until it’s wrapped part way around his cock. As his cock leaves the pizza slice, he slams back into me. Knowing this has me on the edge of coming and I can feel myself tightening around him.

“I’m gonna come. I’m gonna fucking come!! Don’t stop fucking me. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I drop the pizza and my hand goes to town on my clit. The pizza grease, my own pussy juice and the precum from him is creating a slippery batter that just adds to my ecstasy. I moan loudly as my orgasm grips me. I can feel it shudder throughout my whole body, and as it reaches it peak, I feel him speed up.

“Here it comes. My hot sticky load, so far in your cunt it’s gonna drip out for days. Your man is gonna have to suck it all out of you if he wants it gone.” With this, he pounds in one final time and unloads into me. I can feel his cock twitching as it spurts out of him into my womb. He grabs my hips and buries himself even deeper, until he’s sure every drop is in there.

“Now, I’m gonna pull out of you, and I want you to make sure whatever comes out of you gets on that pizza. Understand?” he commands.

“Mm hmm” I mumble, not believing that after my massive orgasm, I could still be this turned on.

His pulls his cock out sloppily and wipes his hand down the shaft, catching all the fluid. He rubs his hand across the pizza slices and grins.

I get off my knees and squat over the pie, clenching so that nothing drips out yet. He kneels down so that he can have the perfect view of his cum and mine sloshing onto the food. I spread my pussy lips and unclench and a giant glob of jizz plops onto the pizza.

“That’s it, get it all of you. Cover that pizza with my cum.” He reaches forward and starts to rub my clit. As he does, more juices drip out of me. “I know there’s more in there, so I want you to come so that you can push it out” he says as he works at my clit. Watching him do this, and seeing the food glisten with bodily fluids from our fucking is too much and I start to come. As I do, I can feel more and more flood out of me and another glob of his spunk escapes.

I collapse back onto the chaise lounge out of breath and happy.

“That was fucking hot” I say.

“I know, totally fucking hot” he replies as he reaches for his shorts.

“I’d better get dressed and get rid of the evidence before the bf comes home I guess.” I start to get up and put my clothes back on.

“I meant what I said though, I want you to feed it to him.” His tone has changed and he sounds really serious.

“Are you for real? You want me to feed my boyfriend your cum?”

He takes a step towards me and puts his hands around my waist. “Yeah, I do. Feed it to him, and then fuck him. And the next time he goes away, I want to come back and fuck you and hear all about it. Understood?”

Something about this guy is just too much, and I like it.

“Okay, I will.”

He kisses me and caresses my cheek. “See? What a good little cum dumpster you are.” He flashes a grin and slaps my ass. As he walks towards the door I watch him go, not believing how turned on I am. No one has ever made me feel like this. So dirty, but so good.

As he’s getting in his car I call out to him, “I didn’t seem to catch your name!”

“It’s Byron” he calls back.

Perfect. Now I know what to scream out in the future.

I close the door and go back to the pizza. It’s a little worse for wear, but it actually could pass for eatable. I smooth out all of the pieces and throw two of them away to look like I had eaten them. Just as I’m putting the box in the kitchen, headlights across the wall. Chris is home! I run upstairs and hop in the shower, cleaning off the nastiness of the night. When I come back downstairs Chris is in front of the TV has found the pizza and has taken a big bite.

“Hey sexy, did ya miss me?” he asks through his mouthful.

“I sure did! I was so happy you were coming home, I even ordered you a pizza!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32