College Judo Ch. 03

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I replayed last night again and again all day. The result, I was hard and horny when I arrived home. Tossing my briefcase to the chair, I flopped on the couch and loosened my tie. Grabbing my crotch, I started to grope myself as the amazing sex played through my head. I grasped myself hard, squeezing my nuts until they ached. Opening my eyes, I noticed something off to one side and remembered that I had tossed Shane’s drenched jock in that direction. I walked over and retrieved the now-stiff jock and as I lifted it to my face I saw the typical stray pubic hairs. Moving it closer, I was submerged in the smell of college boy cum and sweat.

Sitting back on the couch, I eased my now throbbing dick from the fly of my wool slacks. Jerking on the aching piece of meat between my legs, I crushed the jock over my mouth and nose. Assailed by the taste and scent of Shane, my nuts drew up as the natural lube dripped from my dick. I sucked on the jockstrap and the taste of warm cum again flooded my mouth. I was panting hard, the taste and smell of college cunt overwhelmed my system. My dick began jerking as it shot streams of cum. As my body jerked with the final waves of orgasm, I looked down to see my dress shirt and pants striped with sperm. I collapsed against the couch and smiled, tucking the jockstrap under the cushion for later. I made my way to the bedroom for a quick shower before going to teach the judo class.

Most of the students were using the time before class to practice, including Shane. Quickly changing to my gi, I bowed onto the mat having the younger black belts warm up the class. I paired up the class to begin the instruction on ne-waza or groundwork. After I made the last pairing, I realized that I had to work with Shane. As we went through the grabs and pins, it was obvious that neither of us were playing by the rules. A quick, hard grab to the nuts, crotches grinding, sweaty chests slipping over each other, after a short time of it I was so horny I wanted to rip his clothes off and power fuck him in front of the whole class. Realizing that the students were going to notice us, I called a halt and swapped people around. Time in the class moved at a glacial pace for me with my hard cock trapped inside its restraining jock. I breathed a sigh of relief once the class time finally lapsed. As the students began to change clothes I heard some of them question Shane about the bites on his neck, which he quickly dismissed. I laughed to myself and wondered if anyone in the class realized they were too large to be made by a college girl. But my musing was interrupted when Shane walked over to me.

“Hey I was about to pin your ass when you called new partners. I fuckin’ know you did it because I was about to nail your ass to the floor. I want a rematch fucker!”

I looked over as the next martial arts class walked into the room. “Shane, our time is up. The next class is starting. We’ll have to work on it next time.”

“Fuck no! That’s bullshit! Surely you can think of somewhere to grapple . . . Sensei.”

I looked at Shane and frowned, wondering what he was up to since he almost never used the Japanese honorific. I decided it was time to take him down a notch.

“Yeah. Ok, I have a small rec room in my basement. Some workout equipment and I have a mat down there. We can do a little grappling.”

“Fuckin’ A! Sounds great to me. Meet you at your house.”

I looked up in time to see Shane walk out the door, not even bothering to change out of his gi. I shrugged in dismissal and finished changing. Quickly making the short drive to my house, I found him standing by the front door with his arms folded. As I got closer I heard his mouthy litany.

“Come on old man. Let’s fuckin’ get in the goddamn house. I’m ready to thump your fat ass.”

As I opened the door, I looked over at him and scowled. It was time to show this young stud who is in charge.

“Yeah whatever. Get in!” I said as I shoved him ahead of me, closing and locking the door behind me.

Moving down the stairs, we went to the practice mat that I’d setup several years before. Shane retied his belt as I stripped again, putting on the rug-heavy gi top. I tied the wide black belt around my hips and then moved toward the practice area. As soon as my foot touched the mat, Shane attempted a leg takedown. Oh, this was how we are going to play the game, I thought.

“Hey, you want to grapple or do you want a full out match? ‘Cause leg takedowns aren’t grappling.”

“Yeah, whatever fuckhead. I’d fuckin’ nail your ass in a real match.”

“Really? You got something to back that up, big man?” I retorted.

“Like what? You know I’m broke. Shit I ain’t got no fuckin’ cash. I’d just be bettin’ my ass away.”

“Actually I was thinking more your mouth. You lose . . . I get your mouth however I want it. You suck my cock and swallow my jizz. How’s that sound mister college jock.”

“Fuck that’s nasty! I ain’t suckin’ your dick!” Shane said.

“Whatever, you’re the one who got gaziantep escort all up in my shit.”

“Fine fuckwad, cause I ain’t gonna lose. But when I win, I’m fuckin’ your ass!”

I paused for a second, thinking about the ramifications. “Yeah. Good. You’re going down pretty boy.”

“Yeah!” said Shane, exploding across the mat at me.

Twisting free of his first rush, I grabbed the sleeve of his gi and almost made the throw, but Shane shifted his weight just in time. Jockeying back and forth for a hold, we lunged across the mat. Sweat dripped from our faces and disappeared into the weave of the thick gis. We gasped for air as hard muscle collided and strained, with each of us struggling to defeat the other. The inevitable missed hold occurred, landing both of us hard on the mat. As soon as we hit the floor, I scrambled to put Shane in a chokehold, only to have him break it at the last possible second. We writhed across the mat, each of us trying to pin the other. The gi tops were torn open with the effort, our sweaty chests slid over each other. Although the match seemed to go on forever, I was carefully waiting for an opening. I knew that while Shane was as strong as an ox, he didn’t have my level of endurance, so the match became a waiting game. Finally the pause I was waiting for surfaced when he hesitated a split-second too long before moving.

My hands quickly slid up his collar, yanking it into a constricting chokehold. Shane fought like a wild man, trying to break the hold. His face turned deep red as the strangle-hold tightened. I began to wonder if he was actually stupid enough to pass out rather than submit. But I refused to lose to this pup. As my arms began to scream with fatigue, I finally felt the quick tap on my arm. I immediately released the grip and Shane rolled to his back, gasping for air.

As Shane recovered my lust was mounting, the competition having filled my system with testosterone. My mind focused on only one thing, using Shane’s mouth until I was satiated. Standing up, I dropped my pants and moved in front of Shane. I grabbed his gi collar and yanked him to his knees. Trapping his head, I crushed his face against the straining pouch of my jock.

“Suck it! Eat that jock!”

Shane moaned as the cloth rubbed across his face. After a few passes he dove into my crotch, sucking and licking everything he could reach. Leaning back slightly, Shane grabbed my jock and yanked it off. Diving back into my groin, he kissed over my now exposed balls and sampled the clear honey seeping from my cock. He gripped my dick in his hand and gnawed on my cockhead, causing waves of pleasure to surge through my already amped up system. Not wanting this to end too quickly, I yanked him off my cock and rubbed my exposed nuts over his face.

“Lick’em! Suck the sweat off my nuts!”

He dove into my crotch, licking and rubbing my balls on his face, coating himself with my smell. Watching the incredibly horny college boy service me, I decided to go for more. I push him backward as he strained to reach my dangling balls again. Pressing his body against the floor, I quickly move to his face and spread my ass over it.

“Eat it. Lick my butt!”

“Ohfuck. That’s so fuckin’ nasty,” Shane said with a moan.

There was a pause as I pressed my ass against his face. I wondered if I’d misjudged and went too far. Then I felt the first tentative lick on my exposed hole.

“Oh yeah. That’s it. Eat my ass.”

The warm, wet sensations escaladed as Shane began to feast on my butt. Soon his powerful hands were prying my cheeks wider so he could dive deeper into my tunnel. The moans and wet sounds added to the amazing rim job that Shane was doing, building my body’s need for release. His tongue began driving into my hole, over and over as he attacked my asshole with amazing tenacity. I crouched on all fours and rubbed my ass over his face. The incredible job Shane was doing drove me crazy, building the heat in my groin. I knew I had to have that mouth soon; I had to fuck that hot college boy face and jizz all over it. I slid my ass down his body, reluctantly leaving his talented tongue but ready to ram my leaking dick into his face. I crouched on his chest and gripped my throbbing hard dick. Slapping Shane’s face with my dripping cock, I covered his hot scruffy face with trails of viscous precum.

“Open up college boy! My dick needs sucked. Get ready for your protein shake for today!”

“ohfuckgoddamn . . . I don’t . . . fucker . . . so fuckin’ hard,” said Shane with a moan.

“That’s it stud. Open up. You want a taste of man juice.”

“Ohgod. Asshole! Shit . . . “

Shane lurched up, sucking the engorged head of my dick into his mouth. His enthusiasm more than compensating for his lack of technique as he sucked and licked everything he could reach. I leaned forward, trapping his arms under my shins as I start to face fuck this hot man under me.

“That’s it. Suck it. Lots of tongue,” I said as I reached down and slapped him lightly on the face. “Watch the teeth!”

I groaned and began moving in and out as his hot wet mouth enveloped my throbbing dick. Arching my back, I hit a rhythm with us crashing together and then apart in an amazing symphony of hot man sex. As the pressure built inside me, I rose to my toes, pushup fucking his mouth, our only point of contact his hot mouth on my aching cock. Rapid-fire hip thrusts rammed my cock hard into his mouth. Shane gagged with the deep face fucking, but I was too far gone to care. Feeling the tingle begin in my nuts, I dropped back to my knees and tried to slow down. Shane’s hands swarmed over my ass; I gasped and involuntarily resumed pistoning in and out of his face. Feeling his fingers slide up and down my ass crack, I reached the point of no return. Just as my load rocketed from my nuts, I felt the tip of his finger slip into my wet ass. My body locked as every sinew of my being fed into my orgasm.

“Fuccckkkk!” I screamed.

I hosed Shane’s mouth and he sucked and swallowed, transformed into a cum hound as he tried to catch every drop. My revved muscles finally released and I slumped on top of him and then collapsed back onto the mat, gasping for breath. Shane crawled between my legs, nursing the last white cream from my expended dick. Finally able to speak, I grabbed his face and pulled him up my body.

“Fuck! You gotta stop dude. It’s sensitive!” I said.

“Tastes yummy!” said Shane with a shit-eating grin.

I moved over Shane, gripping his pants and pulling them off to expose the jockstrap covering him. I reached down and gripped his jock, squeezing it, and then yanked them off his muscular torso. Pressing them against my nose, I inhaled deeply and enjoyed the heady smell of hot college boy. Finally tossing them aside, I raked my eyes over his body and enjoyed the sight of cock reared from his groin like an angry red pillar. I moved over his chest and pinned him to the mat. Reaching down, I wrapped my fist around his cock and squeezed.

“What’re you-” began Shane, “Oh shit.”

Shane arched his back, thrusting into my fist and coating his throbbing cock with the boy juice running from it. I focused on the head of his dick, roughly sliding over the edge of his glans with each pass. I ran my other hand over his chest and lightly rubbing his nipples, wondering how tender they were from last nights activity. I heard his gasp as I caressed one nipple and slowly moved from one to another, deciding to not further abuse his tender chest, for now. Watching his cockhead pop in and out of my fist, the speed of my strokes increased.

“How’s that Shane, do you like my strokin’ your fuck stick. You wanting to jizz college boy?”

Shane groaned loudly in response. Thrusting up hard, he tried to hit the best spots on his cock. Rubbing my hand over his face, I slid the tips of my fingers over his lips.

“Open up boy, suck my fingers and I’ll ram them in your fuckin’ ass!”

Shane groaned and sucked my fingers into his hot mouth. Coating them with saliva, he nursed them like they were my cock. My body responded to his suction causing my cock to inflate again. I pulled my fingers from his lips with an audible pop and moved toward his furred ass. Shane’s legs flew up and opened the second he felt my fingers trail over him. I renewed my efforts on his cock as I began to finger fuck his hole.

“Oh! Holy fucking hell! Goddamn! Fuck that hole! Fuck!” Shane squirmed under me. Lost in the feelings as a torrent of inarticulate words, mingled with animalistic sounds, flowed from his lips. Knowing he was close, I decided to prolong the orgasmic precipice and pulled my hand from his throbbing cock.

“Nooooo!” screamed out Shane, grabbing at his cock to blast his load. I intercepted them and pinned his arms to the floor and watched him air fuck, his glans turning almost purple in the need to ejaculate.

“Fucker! Goddamn sadistic asshole! Let me come! Fuckin’ let me shoot!”

“I don’t know, Shane,” I teased. “What’s in it for me? What will you do for me?”

“Anything! Fuck! Just let me shoot,” he said with a sob of need.

“Anything? Hmm, anything at all?”

“Shit yes you fucker! Just get me off!”

I chuckled, grabbing his wet, hard cock and moving into overdrive as I pounded his cock with my fist. Knowing he was seconds away, I buried my fingers deep into his hole and jerked his dick harder and faster. His body tensed in my hand as he began shooting, the first volley hitting him squarely in the face, followed in rapid succession by two more. It seemed like Shane’s balls were turning inside out to drain every sperm cell he has ever made onto his convulsing body. With a last massive groan and tremor, Shane collapsed to the mat, panting for breath.

“Oh . . . fuck . . . amazing.” Shane said between the gasps.

“That was hot. Damn was that hot! And now you owe me dude!” I cheerfully pointed out.

“Owe you? How do I fuckin’ owe you?”

“Dude you said you’d do anything if I got you off, anything.”

“Oh. Yeah. Fuck, whatever.” said Shane, his gasps subsiding.

I moved behind Shane and spooned against him, wrapping my arms around his thick chest. I was surprised when instead of the usual loud denials of such an act, Shane pressed back against me with a sigh. The rough texture of the gi jackets ground against our skin as we lay entwined for several long minutes, enjoying the post-orgasm drifting. Slowly I realize that my semi-hard cock was nicely nestled in Shane’s hairy butt crack as I began to rub against it.

Shane looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. “The little fellar seems to be awake again.”

“Yeah, your hot ass seems to get him excited.”

“So, he likes my bubble butt, huh?”

“Oh yeah, he really likes your butt.”

Shane wiggled his ass against me, my cock filling as need rose inside me. Staying in this position we moved slowly against each other, the mix of skin and cloth creating an amazing heat. I leaned down and kissed his neck. Trailing kisses lower to his shoulder, we became joined in need. My cock hardened and began to burrow for the opening that it knew was between the muscular cheeks. Rubbing over Shane’s wet hole, I pressed inward slightly and felt the delicious heat from Shane’s ass, his butt lips seemingly curling around the tip of my dick. Pulling back slightly, I rolled to my back, my cock waving in the cool air.

“Come on Shane. Ride it. Fuck yourself on my dick.”

Amazingly with no argument, Shane moved to his hands and knees to crawl over me. As he started to turn his back to me, I gripped his massive bicep.

“No, face me. I want to watch you as you do it.”

Shane turned with a slight groan. As he moved over my cock, he took it in his hand and carefully aimed it at his hole. Again I felt the kiss of his asshole on my boner and it opening as Shane relaxed. He locked eyes with me and then began lowering himself, his gi almost completely open, providing a sensual framing for his hot body. My head spun as the hot steamy interior of Shane’s ass surrounded my hard cock. Realizing he wasn’t stopping, I watched as my dick disappeared into his ass. He paused, a slight grimace on his face as he adjusted to my girth. Then I felt his sphincter relax and a look of pleasure flashed across his face. His eyes closed as he rotated his hips. Feeling my cock sweep his ass, I let out a small gasp of pleasure. I enjoyed the show as Shane undulated his hips with my dick firmly planted inside. His cock swung with the momentum as it again hardened and stretched to his navel. His breathing became more labored as he lost himself in the pleasures surging through his body.

Leaning down and putting his hands on my stomach, Shane started sliding his ass up and down on my crotch, ramming my cock into his prostate with each thrust. His cock spun out threads of precum over me as his hands roam higher. Reaching my chest, he grabbed both nipples and started tugging on them. I moaned at the building sensations, ran my hands over his back, and then through the hair fanning across his chest.

“Damn Shane, you’re fucking sexy,” I said.

Moving quicker, he opened his eyes and smiled down at me. He leaned down and kissed me hard. My eyes flew open and shock wracked my system at his stolen kiss. I opened my mouth to speak, and then decide this ride was just too amazing to screw up with thinking. Shane’s efforts continued, building and receding, neither of us feeling any urgency as we enjoyed the slow delicious sex. Eventually I heard mutterings from Shane.

“What?” I asked.

“I gotta get my nut. Your cock feels too fuckin’ good.”

“Go for it stud!”

Shane grabbed his cock and started jacking furiously as he worked over my throbbing cock with his ass. I leaned back, enjoying the show as his body flushed with the impending ejaculation. I grabbed his nipples and twist them back and forth as his hand became a blur above me. Listening to his labored breathing, I began tugging on his chest hair as my hands roamed over his body. Shane’s response was a litany of loud groans and cries of pleasure. With no additional warning his cock exploded, gouts of creaming liquid shooting on my belly, I moaned at the wonderful, warm feeling as the small pool of man cream gathered. Shane released his cock, his ass still pulsing around my dick as he looked down into my eyes.

“Damn that was fuckin’ good!”

“Yeah, I’m not finished yet!” I said.

Never removing my cock from his ass, I rolled Shane onto his back. As he rested on his shoulders, I frantically fucked his loose hole. Our judo jackets twisted around our bodies as our flesh met over and over again. Pounding hard, I sought release as he squealed softly with each thrust. My legs begin to tremble with fatigue as I felt my cum release. Pinning Shane under my hips, I drained the contents of my balls into him. Emptied again, I fell on the mat beside him, my body shuddering with the latest release.

“Oh shit. That was amazing.”

Shane turned his head and looked at me, scooting closer he kissed my neck and then exhaled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32