College Girls Ch. 06

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I should’ve been studying for my sociology exam. Instead, I was out partying with my sorority sisters at a local bar. It was quite a party. First, they had a pogo stick contest. The girl that bounced the longest won a T-shirt. Kelli was wearing a very short skirt. Each time she bounced, her skirt flew up exposing her little thong panties. Kelli’s smooth muscular butt cheeks swallowed up the tiny piece of material. From the back, it looked like she wasn’t wearing any panties at all!

Some other girl won the contest. She was wearing a pair of very low-cut jeans. As she bounced, her jeans worked their way down exposing half of her butt crack. She was also wearing a T-shirt that was cut-off right at the bottom of her breasts. When she went up and down, her shirt would rise up exposing her bare titties. The tall blonde must have gotten off on the attention because she continued bouncing even after the contest was over.

Next, they had a limbo contest. I couldn’t believe Kelli entered the contest wearing such a short skirt. The guys really cheered each time they set the bar a little lower. Kelli was up on stage and the limbo position forced her to spread her legs for the crowd. Her short skirt inched its way further and further up her legs with each pass under the bar. The guys were dying to get another look at Kelli’s skimpy thong panties.

Just as Kelli’s panties were about to come into view, her large breasts bumped against the bar and she was eliminated from the contest. The bar was replaced a notch lower and the crowd went crazy begging for Kelli to get another turn. As Kelli leaned back and tried to limbo under the bar again, her short skirt rode up, but her panties weren’t showing. That’s because she’d secretly taken them off before the limbo contest started! All of the guys were staring at Kelli’s smooth bald beaver.

As Kelli stood up, some guy yelled out, “Hey blondie, you forgot your panties!”

Kelli slowly lifted the hem of her skirt to her waist, looked down and said, “Oh my, I did forget my panties!”

She acted embarrassed and quickly walked off the stage. In a typical Kelli move, she forgot to let go of her skirt. The guys got a good look at Kelli’s bare buns as she left the stage. Ironically, Kelli won a pair of panties with the bar’s logo on them.

I entered the last contest. They put up a sheet in front of the stage with a light behind it. The object was to be the first girl to remove all of her clothes, put on one of the bar’s T-shirts and come out from behind the sheet. With the light behind us, the guys in the bar could see our silhouettes as we removed our clothes. The tall blonde entered the contest along with two brunettes of medium height. They all had bigger breasts than mine, but I wasn’t intimidated.

The contest began and I quickly pulled my shirt over my head, then unhooked my bra dropping both on the floor. The tall blonde was ahead of me because she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could hear the guys cheering as the shadows of our naked breasts were displayed on the sheet. As I pushed my pants down, I looked over and saw that the tall blonde wasn’t wearing any panties, either. Her firm butt and the little triangle of blonde hair between her legs were exposed, while the brunette and I still had our panties on. The brunette next to me was sliding her panties to the floor, so I hurried and pushed mine down, too. The tall blonde had trouble picking up her T-shirt, so we were tied. All three of us were completely naked!

In the excitement, I failed to notice that the brunette at the far side of the stage was already putting on her T-shirt. She’d started with just a sundress and a pair of panties, so she was able to undress much faster than we were. The three of us knew we’d lost, so we dropped our T-shirts to the floor.

The brunette was supposed to walk out from behind the sheet, but instead, she reached up and pulled the sheet down. The three of us stood there in front of a bar full of people without a stitch of clothes on, while the other brunette laughed at our misfortune. The guys were getting a good look at my bare buns as I bent over to pick up my panties. The brunette next to me was feverishly trying to put on her panties, but she couldn’t seem to get her foot through the leg hole. The guys were staring at her firm breasts, pretty pink nipples and neatly trimmed brunette bush as she fumbled with her panties.

The tall blonde slipped her T-shirt and panties on in no time, then left the stage. I also put my jeans and shirt on quickly, leaving my bra lying on the stage. The brunette however, was getting all flustered. As the guys gazed at her naked body, I saw her eyes begin to tear up. She was paralyzed with fear, so I knelt down between her legs and held her panties open.

I let her put each foot through the leg holes, then gently slid the panties up her legs. Her little patch of pussy hair was only inches from my face. The guys yelled for me to lick it, but I ignored them and finished pulling up her panties. I did the same with her denim shorts. The shorts were very tight, but I was able to button them and pull the zipper up for her. After I picked up her T-shirt from the stage, she reached her arms high in the air giving everyone a view of her firm breasts and luscious pink nipples. I tugged the T-shirt over her head and the brunette was able to breathe a sigh of relief because she finally had clothes on. We gave each other a hug and left the stage as the guys applauded.

When I got back to the sorority house, I pulled off all of my clothes and laid my naked body down on the bed. I picked up my sociology book with the intention of studying, but I kept thinking about all those guys looking at my bare breasts and auburn bush. I tweaked my nipples, then began rubbing myself until I reached a powerful orgasm. When I was through, I fell into a deep sleep. It didn’t matter that I was unprepared for the exam. I overslept and missed it anyway.

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