College Coed Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Cutting Loose

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am a freshman at UCLA. I’m 5’6″ and 115lbs, with brunette hair, brown eyes, a tight firm ass, and beautiful, perky 36C breasts. For most of my first year, I have been a bookworm, spending the majority of my time in the library and in class. But now that I’ve gotten the hang of things, I’m ready to cut loose! Last weekend was my first night out in search of some hot fun, and it was so incredible that I had to share it with everyone.

Here’s what happened:

Last Friday night I was standing in front of the sink in the women’s community bathroom on our dorm floor, brushing my hair and putting on some lipstick, when my roommate, Kimberly walked out of the shower area with a towel wrapped around her body. She walked over, drying her hair with another towel, “You ready to have some crazy fun tonight?” she asked smiling.

“You better believe it,” I answered, wishing she was talking about the kind of fun I was thinking about. You see, one of the items on my newly-created-college-sex-checklist is to enjoy the sweet pleasures of another woman, and Kimberly is so incredibly beautiful with her curly, blonde hair and tender tits. Unfortunately, when someone mentioned the subject a couple of days ago, she reacted disgustedly, which disappointed me greatly. I have to hope that she just didn’t want to admit her bisexual curiosity in front of her roommate.

“There’s a frat party just off campus. There’s supposed to be a lot of liquor and a LOT of hot guys,” Kimberly shared as she applied some eye liner. When she wasn’t looking, I knocked her eye liner onto the floor, and as she bent down to pick it up, I snuck a peak at her beautiful ass. Often times, she walks around our room in skimpy outfits, or even just her underwear, but I rarely get such a good look as I did that night. I wanted to reach out and grab it so badly, but before I could, some girls entered, and the moment was lost.

Back in our room, we both changed into the sluttiest outfits we had. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Kimberly slide on some thigh-high stockings and a short skirt. As I pulled my black thong up over my hips and into place, I secretly ran a finger between my pussy lips, which were starting to get wet. I could barely contain myself at the thought of all the wonderful, new experiences that laid before me tonight.

As we approached the frat house, I could see that the party was already in full swing. Walking through the sparse crowd on the front lawn, I already found some guys that I would love to let pound me, but Kimberly diverted my attention, “Keep going, horny-pants! The REAL party is upstairs!”

Actually getting upstairs was a bit more difficult ataköy escort than imagined, however, as the entire ground floor was jam-packed with people dancing to deafening music. Kimberly pushed her way through the crowd, and I followed close behind. I could feel some hands rubbing against me, as some guys pretended to accidentally grope me. At first it was a little annoying, but once I realized that there was no way to tell who exactly was the culprit, it dawned on me that it was actually a really good idea! We started making our way up the stairs, which were also packed with people, and I couldn’t help myself. With Kimberly’s plump ass right in my face, I had to grab it just once. It startled her, and she looked at some guy beside her and said, “Watch it, mister!” He was completely confused, and his girlfriend wasn’t too happy about it either, which was pretty funny.

Finally, we reached our destination upstairs: a dark bedroom, filled with couples on couches, lit only by some black lights. Many random guys were trying to get into the room, but were not allowed. As hot females, however, we were granted instant access. A heavy aroma filled the air, which unmistakably was weed. I smiled as I recognized the scent, and looked over to Kimberly, who already was taking a hit from a bowl. As she inhaled deeply, her chest lifted, and her beautiful breasts became even bigger. She handed it to me, and I partook, holding the intoxicants in my lungs as long as possible.

Once my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room, the purpose of all the couches became apparent. Everyone was in groups of two or more, and in various stages of undress. Some couples were just beginning to make out, while others had moved on to oral pleasures, and some even were taking advantage of the king-size bed at the other end of the room. Very little time passed before two guys approached, and took us to separate couches. Between the intoxication from the pot and the excitement from events about to unfold, my entire body was tingling and I couldn’t wait to get started.

My fellow was about six feet tall and very fit; probably on the basketball team. He sat on the couch, and I immediately straddled his lap and began kissing him. Our tongues swirled around each other while I ran my fingers through his soft, sandy blonde hair. He put one hand on the side of my face, which I absolutely adore, and one on my waist. As his crotch thrusted up against mine, his growing bulge was easily felt through his jeans, and my skirt shifted higher and higher. I pushed down harder on his tent and put his face right in front of my chest, where he kissed my cleavage through my extremely low-cut shirt.

I could tell my man was quite experienced, as he bakırköy escort reached up under the back of my shirt, unclasped my bra, and pulled it off with my shirt, up over my head. The exposure was absolutely invigorating. Some of the guys who were denied entrance watched in excitement as my guy flicked his tongue across my nipples and nibbled on them softly. As he continued to give plenty of attention to my tits, I reached down, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled out his beautiful cock. After sliding his pants down below his knees, his thick shaft was free to stand tall. Pumping it with my fist a few times, it grew even larger, and I rubbed his swollen head against my thoroughly wet pussy lips.

Sliding my thong to the side, I sat up on top of his thick tip and slowly allowed it to penetrate my hungry entrance. I could feel his slick shaft sliding up inside of me, my pussy clenching around it tightly. My ass slid down onto his lap, his manhood completely inside of me now, deep and pulsating. Squeezing my hips upon his, I kissed him some more, letting him know the kind of tongue-work that I would soon be using on his cock.

I closed me eyes as I bounced up and down on his pole, working my ass forward and back slightly to let him hit the right spot. Arching my back, his hands and mine roamed across my body and bouncing breasts. By now I was completely high, and as I closed my eyes, an incredible wave of pleasure swarmed my entire body. The tips of my toes tingled as his dick slid deeper and deeper inside of me, and my pussy clenched even tighter, as I began to climax. As I started to moan, he fucked me with quicker, more deliberate thrusts, which were nothing short of incredible. The sound of his tight sack flapping against my ass with each thrust filled my ears as my moan turned to slight whimper and a powerful orgasm rippled through my insides for what seemed like an eternity.

When my climax finally dissipated, I lifted off him, knelt down on the floor, and slid his jeans all the way off. Spreading his legs and moving in closer, I stared for a moment, taking in the full glory of his large shaft, glistening from my pussy juices. On the couch next to us, Kimberly’s man was just beginning to glide his cock into her snug asshole. The look of pleasure on her face was enough to tell me that it was something I should definitely put on my list.

Bringing my attention back to the task at hand, I cupped his beautiful balls with my left hand, took hold of his cock with my right, leaned in, and slowly licked his shaft from base to tip. Being a very clean fellow, his skin was delicious, and even more tasty with my juices covering it. His balls were clean shaven, and when I put them in my mouth, swirling my tongue across their underside, his hips writhed in enjoyment.

Fully aware that my partner was anxious to finish, I ran my tongue up his shaft once more, then wrapped my moist lips around his tip, sucking on the end while my small hands stroked him rhythmically. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth, spasming slightly as I flicked my tongue across the hot end. Looking up at him, I smiled, with a rope of saliva stringing from my lips to his dick. His head was back and his eyes were closed, and I decided it was finally time to let him cum.

Sliding down his shaft, my wet lips hugged him all the way. Half way down, his head hit the back of my mouth, then slid farther into my relaxed throat. His cock was now as deep in my mouth as it was earlier in my pussy. I deep-throated him completely, my nose touching his body as my tongue swirled around the base of his shaft. Spreading his legs farther apart with my hands and bobbing my head up and down on his cock, my soft brunette hair swished below, caressing his tight sack, which almost instantly propelled him to climax.

I continued to suck his beautiful dick, as his hips bucked forward and his hands grasped onto the couch cushions. Cupping one hand under his balls, and wrapping my thumb and index finger around the base of his shaft, he began to moan aloud as his orgasm overtook him. I was a little nervous, hoping I would enjoy the taste of his cum, but nevertheless I was determined to be a good girl and let him cum in my mouth.

His hips thrust forward one last time, as he reached the height of pleasure, and his warm cum shot into my mouth with half a dozen spurts. I continued sucking on his massive tip, slurping every last bit of cum from his balls, but it was too much for my small mouth, and it began to drip down his shaft. His orgasm finished, and I took my mouth off his dick. Looking up at him, I opened my mouth to show him the pool of cum that had filled it. He was very pleased, and even more so when he watched my lips close and swallow every last bit of it.

I licked my lips and smiled with the realization that my hope had come true: I loved the taste of cum! Seeing the cum that had escaped my lips now dripping down his shaft, I immediately bent over and licked it up, then slid his mostly-hard dick back into my mouth and slurped it as small bits of cum continued to escape the tip. It was so incredibly delicious and I never wanted the night to end.

It was getting late, however, and Kimberly, who was also done with her man, came over to get me. “Save some of that energy, honey. We still have tomorrow night,” she reminded me while handing my blouse and bra to me. I responded with a smile, then got dressed and we left the room.

“By the way, you got a little something on your chin, there.”

“Woops,” I replied, as I wiped up the last bit of cum and licked my finger clean.

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