College Break at Home

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Jamie was a senior in college, back home from school for Fall break. Normally, he would’ve stayed at school for the vacation so that he could just relax and get drunk with his roommates. But this year, his parents were throwing a big, black-tie event at the house and they’d requested he come back to help out. Although not his ideal vacation, Jamie figured the party would be a good way to score some free booze to bring back to school.

When he’d arrived home, his parents told him that an old family friend, Mark, would be staying at their house before the event. Jamie liked Mark. In his late-40s now, he was still in shape with a full head of dark hair and a strong jawline. He was a guy’s-guy, friendly and a little ridiculous, the life of the party. Of course, the partying may have got him into trouble at home: He and his wife were in the final stages of a divorce, so he would be attending the party stag.

Partly due to pity from the divorce and partly due to him traveling across the country, Jamie’s parents had offered Mark stay in their home instead of finding a hotel. After all, he was basically family. Since Jamie would sleep in his childhood bedroom and Mark would be in the guest bedroom, the two would have to share a bathroom.

The day of the party, Jamie slept in until 11am. He was wiped from all the party preparations, but excited for the night ahead. He went to the kitchen to grab some coffee, finding that the house was silent. He figured that everyone was out running errands.

Being at home meant he almost never had any alone time, so he took the opportunity to get some sexual release. Jamie went back to his room and stripped off his clothes, inspecting his body in the mirror as he started to get hard.

Jamie was a “jock” in the gay world – masculine, muscled, but definitely gay. He went to the gym nearly daily, bulking up his biceps and abs into pique physical condition. With short blonde hair and shaved pubes, he loved the way he looked. It didn’t hurt that his physique got him hookups easily on the gay apps, mostly with other fit college guys.

He laid down on the bed and pulled up some porn on his phone, a video he loved where two “straight” jocks have sex for cash. But as he reached over to his bedside table for lube, he realized it wasn’t there anymore.

Huh, he thought, maybe I left it in the bathroom last time I was in town.

He got up, fully nude and dick at full staff, and barged into the bathroom without knocking.

“Woah, hey Jamie!” said Mark in surprise. He was standing at the sink in just a towel, combing his hair. Jamie immediately noticed his huge arms and big pecs covered in trimmed, black hair. His eyes followed the hair down his toned stomach and to his pubes, which barely peeked out above his towel.

“Oh shit,” said Jamie, catching himself staring and clearly embarrassed. “Didn’t think anyone was home.”

He awkwardly tried to cover up his erection with his hands, not wanting to make Mark uncomfortable. But he was calm about it, clearly unaffected by the moment.

“No worries, Jamie. If you need to use the bathroom, don’t let me stop you. There’s plenty of room in here for both of us.”

Jamie casino oyna found that was oddly progressive of Mark, obviously not caring about seeing each other naked. Even so, Jamie didn’t have to pee and didn’t want to admit he was just grabbing some lube.

“That’s cool, Mark,” Jamie said nervously as he tried to make up an excuse. “I’m just here to, uh…, grab my deodorant.”

Mark obviously didn’t believe him, giving Jamie a knowing look as he peered down at his erection.

“Sure you weren’t looking for this?” Mark opened a drawer and pulled out the bottle of lube. Jamie nodded sheepishly, caught in the act.

“I was looking for some last night when you were out and grabbed it from your nightstand. Hope you don’t mind,” Mark said with a wink.

“Not a problem,” replied Jamie. “Hope you liked it, it’s the really slick stuff for us gays.” He figured if he wanted to get out of this encounter unscathed, he had to play cool.

“Oh for sure, Jamie,” Mark responded casually. “Never dried out. I bet you fuck dudes for hours with that stuff.”

Jamie laughed, starting to feel at ease with Mark. He appreciated how normal Mark was about him being a young, horny gay dude, the complete opposite of most dads he’d met.

Mark casually removed the towel from his waist and hung it up on the rack beside him. Jamie first got a glimpse of Mark’s ass, a perfect half-orb. Jamie did squats every day trying to get an ass that round!

But when Mark turned around, Jamie completely forgot about his ass. His dick was at least 5 inches soft, with a huge mushroom head. It draped nicely over his balls, which were shaved clean and still tight against his groin. Jamie had never been sexually attracted to older guys before, but Mark was a thing of beauty.

Mark was completely unashamed, noticing the way Jamie stared at his dick.

“Like what you see?” He smiled jokingly, pulling at his cock as he teased Jamie.

“Damn, Mark, you must be popular with the ladies.”

Mark chuckled. “Yeah, maybe too popular. To be honest, Sarah and I divorced after she caught me sleeping around. I just can’t resist a good fuck.”

Mark kept tugging lightly at his dick with his right hand, which began to grow. It stiffened to 8 inches, with veins protruding from the shaft into the biggest cockhead Jamie had ever seen.

“Well, I don’t mean to keep you from jacking off,” said Mark as he extended his left arm out to hand Jamie the lube. But when Jamie reached out to grab it, Mark retracted just a bit.

“Unless, of course, you’d want to jack off my big cock too?” He smiled lustfully and earnestly at Jamie.

Jamie felt the adrenaline rush through his body as he moved closer to Mark, signaling his agreement. He grabbed the lube and poured some into his right hand. Without a word, he wrapped his palm around Mark’s dick.

They kept eye contact as Jamie began to stroke Mark. His hands seemed small in Mark’s cock, having to move far up and down in order to reach the whole shaft. Slick from the lube, he massaged the tip with his palm while tugging on his balls with the other hand. Jamie felt Mark’s breath on his lips as they moved closer slot oyna together.

“I want to worship your cock,” Jamie whispered. Mark replied with a passionate kiss, their tongues trading saliva as he grabbed Jamie’s ass cheeks with both hands.

Jamie broke away, lowering to his knees on the bathmat. Continuing to stroke Mark’s balls, he wrapped his lips around his dick. He tasted the lube and smelled the sweet, manly musk from his groin. Mark shuddered as he watched Jamie work his mouth deeper along the shaft.

Jamie felt the tip of Mark’s cock hitting the back of his mouth with a few inches left still on the shaft. Opening his throat, he pushed his mouth deeper and deeper, holding back his gag reflex as best he could.

Still unable to finish the job, Mark grabbed the back of Jamie’s head and rammed his cock fully inside. Jamie choked a little, but kept it down.

“You’re so good at taking dick, Jamie,” grunted Mark as he began to fuck Jamie’s face with his cock. With each thrust, Jamie gagged as the tip went completely down his throat.

As Mark continued fucking his face, Jamie reached around and grabbed Mark’s ass, in part just to provide some stability. He massaged Mark’s tight cheeks, slowly pulling them apart. He traced his finger up and down the crack, feeling the short, soft hair. Mark was a little sweaty from the exertion, which only turned on Jamie more. Finally, he placed his finger directly on Mark’s asshole, pushing in firmly. Mark clearly loved it, letting out a deep moan.

Jamie knew what he wanted. Still on his knees, he pushed Mark’s groin away from his face and spun his body around. Mark leaned over the bathroom counter as Jamie grabbed his hips, positioning his face right in front of Mark’s perfect globe of an ass.

“Ever had you ass eaten, Mark?”

“Never, Jamie,” he responded.

Jamie pulled apart Mark’s cheeks and admired his tight, pink asshole up close. He spat on it, then ran his tongue along the taint. He tasted the lube and Mark’s sweat, making him horny as ever.

“Fuck that’s incredible,” Mark moaned.

Jamie traced the hole with his tongue, and then began to rim him directly. He flicked his tongue against Mark’s pussy, lapping it up ferociously.

“You taste so good, I could eat your ass all day,” Jamie said shamelessly back to Mark.

Jamie could see Mark’s right hand jacking off aggressively as he continued to rim him, sending his balls flying back and forth into his taint. Mark moaned loudly up against the bathroom mirror, loving the pleasure from both ends.

But he wanted even more. Mark turned around and pulled Jamie up, holding him tightly as they kissed passionately once again. Their hands ran along each other’s muscles as their hard cocks pressed together.

“I can taste my ass on your mouth,” Mark said sultrily to Jamie. “You ready to get fucked?”

Without a word, Mark whipped Jamie around and bent him over the sink. Jamie could see himself and Mark in the reflection of the mirror. Mark poured more lube onto his right hand, first stroking his own dick and then rubbing it along Jamie’s asshole. The lube felt warm on his body, heated up by Mark’s strong canlı casino siteleri hands. Finally, he pushed two fingers inside Jamie’s hole.

Jamie let out a sigh of relief, knowing he was ready to get fucked.

“Put your dick in me, Mark!”

Mark was ready too. He forcefully pressed his erect member against Jamie’s hole, breaking the seal on his first push and sliding right in. Jamie gasped, not expecting to be entered so fast.

“Fuck Mark, you’re huge!”

Mark just smiled as he began to thrust long and deep inside Jamie. Soon, the pain subsided and Jamie began to enjoy the dick inside him.

They stared at each other through the mirror. Mark’s biceps flexed as he held on tightly to Jamie’s sides. He abs were clearly visible as his hips rocked back and forth. Jamie felt like he was being fucked by an older, Greek god as Mark’s cock hit his prostate with every push.

“Pound my ass, Mark!” Jamie was ravenous.

Mark sped up, slamming his groin into Jamie’s ass. The clap of each thrust echoed throughout the bathroom as Jamie moaned loudly.

“Fuck, your ass is so perfect Jamie,” Mark grunted, staring right into Jamie’s eyes.

Jamie leaned back, wrapping his left arm around Mark’s shoulder. He felt the sweat on Mark’s body, the smell of sex emanating from his pores.

“You’re gonna make me cum, Mark!!” Mark reached around and grabbed Jamie’s dick, jacking it off rapidly as he continued to pound him.

Jamie exploded. Thick ropes of cum shot out from his dick onto the bathroom counter and mirror as Mark continued to stroke his cock. Jamie shuddered, feeling his ass contract around Mark’s dick with each pulse. His load coated Mark’s toothbrush and comb, as Mark moaned deeply in approval. When the orgasm finally stopped, sweat poured down Jamie’s chiseled body, hot and heavy from releasing his seed.

“Fuck, that was a huge load Jamie,” Mark whispered into Jamie’s ear.

Mark ran his hand along Jamie’s rock-solid chest, making it sticky from his own cum. His pace increased once more as his breath became short and uncontrolled. Jamie knew Mark was about to finish.

“Breed my ass, Mark!”

Jamie’s command threw Mark over the edge. He grabbed Jamie’s body tightly as he rammed his cock inside his ass one final time.

“FUCK!” Mark screamed as his dick erupted. Jamie yelled in pain as Mark’s dick went farther inside him than ever before, his strong grip nearly crushing Jamie’s body. Mark’s eyes rolled back, unable to stay focused on anything but the orgasm.

Jamie felt the cum rush into his hole. Mark’s cock twitched violently against Jamie’s prostate as his balls unloaded, filling up Jamie’s boy pussy with his seed. Mark grunted quickly as he came, unable to control his body as he orgasmed.

When his load finally ended, Mark kept his cock inside Jamie as he began to kiss his neck. Their hot, sweaty bodies rubbed against each other, muscles flaring from the workout. As they caught their breaths, Mark looked right into Jamie’s eyes.

“Damn Jamie, it felt so good to pound your ass.”

Jamie grinded down on Mark’s dick, making him shudder once more. “I love your dick inside me. But let’s clean up before my parents get home!”

Mark pulled out of Jamie, spilling his seed onto the bathroom floor. But he knew this wouldn’t be their last encounter before the weekend was over.

To be continued.

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