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Cock Riding

Christine — Mother, 39yo, 5’11”, dark brunette, shoulder length straight dark brown hair, 32B 24 32, Spanish heritage

Tod — Son, 6’3, dark brown hair, short cropped, dark complexion.

Lily — Christine’s best friend. Long dark brown hair, 5’5″, long legs. 34c 28 36 Chinese heritage

CT — Lily’s son


Every Mondays and Thursdays, was lunch with friends. It started when Tod was in final years of High school. At first there were 3, Sally, Amy and Elaine. All happily married just 3 years ago, but now that our kids are in universities, we are all singles again. I guessed people wait until their kids finished high school, and then all marital problems surfaced. As for me, I think my marriage would survive if my Terry was still alive.

Sally, Amy and Elaine were good friends. We supported each other through our difficult times. Six months ago, a new neighbour Lily and CT moved in a few doors down. She was from China, educated in the US and moved to Australia for her son CT’s education. She never hid the fact that she hated her husband, but will never divorce him for cultural reasons. She was content with staying here while her husband was back in China. I introduced her to our little group. After a few meetings Sal, Amy and Elaine decided that it’s better off having just the four of us. I think they were not used to the way she said things. It’s very direct and confronting at times. Well, she was the only person with a Master’s degree. We were all full time mum, so I guess Master degree won’t have any benefits.

So, I meet Amy, Sal and Elaine on Mondays and Thursdays, then have lunches with Lily other days. We quickly became good friends. I was easy going, that may be why I could put up with her very direct questions and answers. I suspected that she may not have many friends here.

Since Tod started Uni, I had a lot of free time. I was contemplating going back to work at one stage. Terry left us enough for a comfortable life, although not luxuriously well off, I didn’t have to worry about money.

Lily and I talked about everything. I tried to avoid politics and money market. After all that was her major. However, she gave me some tips on the stock market. Soon enough, we put a few grand together, opened an account and we both made a profit from that. We decided to go for a short beach holiday from our profits. Couple of weeks before our holidays we went shopping for our holiday outfits and swimmers. We started off with lunch in the shopping centre. We talked about possibility of going diving, long walks on the beach. Lily jokingly said she would pick up a one night stand. We have hot talked much about sex, but the holiday mood seems to loosen us a bit.

“You know, I would like to find someone to make love all night.” Lily said, “Sometime, I just feel like letting off steam.”

I chuckled, “What about me?”

“You find your own stud. After that, maybe we can swap.” We all laughed. We maybe just joking, but it triggered something inside me. It has been a years since I had sex. It may be the idea of a carefree holiday that triggered a release of frustration.

We went to a busy swimwear shop after lunch. Lily picked a skimpy bikini and urged me to do the same. I was a bit hesitant. I always wear one piece swimmer. “Hey, why don’t we get the same as me, we can be sisters.” Without waiting for my answer, she turned around, grabbed the sales girl and demanded 2 bikinis to try on. A moment after the sales girl came back with 2 new bikinis still in the packet, Lily pulled me into the only available change room, narrowly beating another girl heading to the same room.

After locking the door, Lily handed me a set and whispered, “Look at this, it’s new, not opened yet. I know we’re not supposed to, but I think we can really try this on, and not over our undies.” With that, she threw her handbag onto the only chair in the room and started stripping. I followed suit without a word. She was completely naked before she tried to open her bikini packet. We both stood there naked and fumbling at the packet trying to get the sticky tape off. I snug a peek at her body. She was fit with pale skin, rounded breasts, have no signs of sagging with small pinkish nipples. Her areolas were the size of 50 cent coins. For a moment I wanted to feel them. “OMG, I must be desperate.” I thought. Looking down past her flat stomach, her brown bush was neatly trimmed. My heart raced. I’ve never felt like this with another woman. In my younger days I didn’t even thought of kissing a woman, and now I was thinking of taking her breasts into my mouth.

“My god!” Lily whispered. I looked up and realised Lily was looking at me as I was at her, except I did it in silence. Lust was in her eyes.Her gaze concentrated on my shaven pussy. For a moment, we stood naked, facing each other, then as if a sudden realisation, we both turned and put on our bikini. When we finished, we turned towards each other again.

“You are sexy whatever you wear. It fits you just right, but let me adjust this…” Her eyes were on my tits as she reached over and Gaziantep Fetiş Escort pulled the sides of my bikini top, stretching the material that pressed on to my erect nipples. She just let her fingers slide over my nipples as she moved her hands to my bikini bottom and pulled the straps up higher, pressing the material to my pussy. I almost let out a moan. My heart beat thundering in my ears, wondering how far this would take us, and how far would I go.

“What about me?” she said, as she turned to face the mirror. She looked up and our eyes met through the mirror. We held our gaze for a little while before I guiltily looked away, pretending to adjust her straps. “I think it’s perfect for you too.” I said without looking at her.

There was a knock on the door to hurry us up. We quickly changed and paid for our garment. We walked in silence for a while before Lily said, “You want to have coffee?”

“Ummm, I think it’s getting late. I won’t be able to sleep if I have coffee.” I answered, walked a few steps later.

We paced another few steps before Lily said, “feeling a little weird, huh?”

“Uhhuh.” I nodded.

We kept walking and looking into stores, but we weren’t looking at all. Suddenly, Lily turned to me, “You’re my best friend, Chrissie.” I didn’t know what to say, so I hugged her. It felt good, but somehow, the hug was different than our hugs before.

We parted ways and agreed to call each other tomorrow. I was still feeling tense when I got home. Tod was home too. He had his books sprawled all over the dinner table. Tod looked up and said hi. I was not content with just that, so I walked towards him, gave his forehead a kiss and gave him a big long hug. A thought flashed in my head, “what if Tod turned around and started playing with my tits……. My god, get a grip of yourself.”

I let go of Tod. He looked up quizzically. “Everything alright, mum?”

“Yeah, missed you, that’s all.”

“Love you too, mum.” Tod reached over and gave ma hug, placed his head on my stomach, just under my tits. Vile thoughts entered my mind again.

“Get back to your work,” I commanded, “I’m going for a shower.”

“Oooo, new swimmers?” Tod pointed to the small plastic bag I was holding.

“Well, never you mind.” I stuffed the plastic bag into my purse.

The bath was great. I felt the wetness when I took off my panties. I was so turned on that I brought myself off twice. I was sure my problems were over, until Lily called.

“Hi Chris, ….can I, … should we, ….. do you want to come over tomorrow? Or I can go over to your place, or whatever …”

“Sure. We … we can decide … err … what to do tomorrow.”

“oh, ok. ….. I’ll call you tomorrow then.”


After I put down the phone, the weariness came back, as if I was a teenager again. I was tossing and turning all night, thinking of Lily, picturing her breasts and her well-trimmed pubic hair, wondering if I dared kiss a girl.

I was woken up by the sounds of hammering and electric saw. Someone was renovating a few doors down. Tod was gone by the time I went to the kitchen. Lily called before I could make myself a coffee.

I went over to Lily’s place for breakfast. We sat down near the pool with our coffee and breakfast. It was a sunny day; the temperature was just right under the shade. We looked at each other and wondered who would speak first.

“BFF” Lily spoke first.


“You know, best friends forever. B.F.F.” She looked at me in anticipation.

“Yeah, of course.” I stood up, walked over and gave her a hug.

“So, we can tell each other everything, right?” Lily said as I sat back down.


“We can talk about yesterday, right?”

“……. Sure.” I didn’t think I sounded convincing.

“Ok, … you first.”

“WHAT?” My expression must be comical, Lily laughed. The tension broke somewhat.

“Alright, chicken, let me start…. Ok ….. right, I’m not a lesbian.” She kept her eyes at me when she was trying to get the words out.

“Me neither.” I said.

“But I’ve never felt like THAT.” signalling the event in the change room. “I came back from the shops and … and … did it to myself a few times, and I thought the feeling inside would subside….but …” She let it trail off.

She looked at me, waiting for me to confess. “Yeah, …. Me too.” again, sounded unconvincing.

“Crap! We both need a man quick smart.” We laughed and went back to our breakfast.


Lily upgraded us to a pool villa without consulting me. I was commenting that the room looked a lot better than on internet when she confessed. There were two king single beds, a bathroom with claw footed bath, rain water out door shower with nothing but greenery surrounding the shower on all side except facing the room. Next to the pool was a large day bed and a shallow spa. Door to the beach was on the other side of the pool. We were tired after a few hours of travel, so we organised a dive for the next day and went back to our patch. We were in the pool cooling off when our cocktail arrived. It was really relaxing, sipping cocktail on the day bed. We took pictures of ourselves, with cocktails in our hand, making faces to the camera.

The cocktail was strong. I was not used to drinking; in fact, I could only drink one or two before I reached my limit. With our salty snacks, I downed the drink pretty quickly. Soon, I was giggling like a school girl. I knew what I was doing, but just thought everything was funny. Lily thought it was funny and snapped away with her camera. On impulse, I pulled my bikini top off and threw it at Lily. Lily complaint of water nearly got onto her camera, and she put her camera aside, took her top off and threw it back at me. Between giggling and dogging, I fell into the pool.

We were feeling bored after a few hours in the room, so we decided to call for massages. Two girls came with their massage beds. They asked us to strip and shower before massage while they prepare the beds. Feeling like teenagers, we took off our bottom and jumped into the rain water shower together. It was big enough to fit both of us. I gave Lily’s butt a smack to hurry her up, she returned the favour as she followed behind me. We asked for a relaxing massage. The massage was anything but. It was very sensual; light touches in the right places. With the aroma from the candles, the curtains drawn, the sound of distant waves, I was relaxed, but I was aroused. Soon the girls finished and whispered that someone will come back to collect the massage beds, and left us lying there with towels draped across our abs.

I liked the constant state of arousal. Sometimes it’s better than a climax. I used to take myself into a state of arousal for a few hours before finishing off with my husband before bed. We were lying there are a while before Lily got up from the massage bed. She let the towel fall onto the floor and walked towards me. Her eyes looked the same as when we were in the change room. She stood next to me and whispered, “Best friends forever?” I nodded and whispered yes.

“Forgive me!” she said, as she planted her lips to mine. I felt her tongue probing, prying open my lips. I opened my mouth to accept her, my tongue darter out to meet hers. “Oh god, I kissed a girl.” I thought, but I couldn’t stop. I felt Lily’s hand on my breast; she gave it a squeeze through the towel before she pulled the towel aside. Her hand explored the smooth skin of my creamy breasts, touching my nipple with her fingertips. I let out a moan through our kisses.

We broke our kiss when we heard a knock on our door. I jumped up from the bed and pulled the towel around myself, Lily did the same in a hurry. A man came in and cleared the beds and opened the blinds, then excused himself. We were relaxing on the day bed when we were left alone. As if on cue, Lily let her towel drop, exposing her breasts. With a sly smile on her face, she whispered in my ears, “I guess this will be our first time.” She hooked her finger on my towel and pulled it down. She started kissing my neck, then to my shoulder and slowly lowered herself and took my nipples into her mouth. The feeling was so strong I let off a loud moan. Her hungry eyes looked up at me as she grabbed my other breast. I didn’t want to be inactive, so I reached over and let my fingers glide across Lily’s breasts. A sigh escaped her.

My hand stayed on her tits for a little while before shifting lower. I felt lower to her belly button and then her Mohawk. Curiously, I ducked down under to have a closer look. I felt a wet kiss on my belly button that made me shudder. The excitement was building. Lily put her leg over my shoulder, positioned herself directly above me. I could smell her musky pussy. Without hesitation, I put my hand on her vulva; I surprised myself with my lack of inhibition. Lily was licking her way down and now reached my opening. “Oh my god, I don’t believe I’m doing this.” I heard her say as she dived down and planted her tongue on my very wet pussy. I let out a little squeal from the sensation before returning her a favour. It was surprisingly easy once your mind was made up that you wanted to make love to another person. I did to her what I liked my husband to do to me. I pulled her down towards me so I could put my tongue onto the length of her opening. I continued my attack until she reached her first climax. I felt her pussy convulsed over my tongue; her soft moans almost set me of off.

Lily lifted her head from my belly, after catching her breath. For a moment I wonder if she would continue. She did. Her kisses started where she stopped. Her tongue darted out in search of my clit. She found it with deadly accuracy. With her tongue flicking back and forth, her fingers started exploring the rim of my entrance, paying attention to the small space between my anus and pussy. I cried out as she lightly touched the area; spread my legs wider for her. It only took a few more seconds before I came. It was powerful. My pussy muscle twitched hard as Lily continued to suck my clit, prolonging my orgasm.

Lily turned around and kissed me full on my lips. I could taste myself. We embraced each other for a long time, didn’t need to talk, just light fondling and kissing. Lily spoke first, after a long silence “Are you feeling guilty?”

“No” I shook my head, looking into her eyes. “I guess I was prepared for this.”

Lily raised her eyebrow, cocked her head and smiled her sly smile, “me too. I even thought of ways to seduce you.”

It’s my turn to raise eyebrow. “You did?” I only thought of what ifs, and not actively seducing her.

“You know, your pussy is beautiful when you come. You even have a little ejaculation, I think.”

“Really? I’m sure I didn’t spray like those in the movies.”

“Oh, you watch those movies?” Lily mocked, didn’t wait for me to respond and said “you didn’t spray like in the movies, but more of your pussy juice leaked out. It’s beautiful, watching your lips open and shut, and your juice flowing out onto your anus.”

“I have no idea.” I blushed, “I didn’t look at yours.”

“You’ll have time. Unless you think this is a one time thing?” Lily said with a smile, knowing what my answer will be.

I responded by pressing my lips on her, tongue darted deep into her mouth.

We spent almost all our time locked in our villa, naked, exploring each other, talking about our husbands, dead or alive. We only venture out of our villa for dives, meals and a very sensual couple’s treatment. Lily told me about her loveless marriage, about the agreement with her husband and why divorce was out of the question, and so was taking in a lover. “Face is everything to him”, she said. She suspected that her powerful husband had her followed from time to time. “But they won’t suspect you.” She said confidently as she planted a kiss on my pussy.

We came to consensus that we need to keep our relationship secret from everyone, even to our sons.


First night home, I was restless. I masturbate thinking of the love making sessions we did in every corner of the villa. I woke in the middle of the night hoping to feel Lily between my legs. I woke up to an empty house, the next morning. Tod went to an early lecture. I made myself a coffee, and before I could sit down, the phone rang.

“Hey Chrissie.” It was Lily, surprise!

“Hey Lil. What’s up?”

“What do you mean what’s up? My nipples, my clit, even my butt is tingling for you.” Lily said, exasperated with my layback answer. She is always in a hurry, even when making love.

“Me too.” I said. “Wanna make love?” I teased.

“Can I come over? CT is still at home. I need to hold you now.”

“Yeah, come over. Tod went …” The call terminated before I could finish my sentence.

I placed the handset back on phone charger and sat down with my coffee, wondering what happened to the call. Before long the doorbell rang. Lily rushed in as soon as I opened the door. She just stood there with her eyes darting up and down my body. Lust was showing on her face.

I was wearing a black and red knee length silk robe. Underneath my robe, I wore a short pink nightie that just covered my crotch with matching pink undies. Lily was wearing a pair of light blue coloured jeans and a red shirt. I could tell there’s no bra under the shirt. Lily always wears a bra.

“You want a coffee?” I asked as I shut the door. Lily didn’t answer; instead, she pulled me in and kissed me deeply. I was much taller, but she was the “man” in our relationship. Our tongue fought and our hands explored each other. We somehow got to my room with our cloths still on. Lily pushed me onto the bed before she pulled off her shirt and pulled down her pants. No bra, no panties, I noticed.


Four months since we came back from holidays, we see each other morning noon and night, made love when our sons were out. Tod and CT became close as well. Tod being older and in university, CT looked up to him and the boys studied and played together. In a couple of months, Lily’s son’s CT, have to sit for his university entrance exam. I can see the stress level building for the pair.

A month before CT’s exam, the pair of mother and son decided to stay home a little more. Lily and I decided to put a gate along our fence a month ago. The gate was never shut so we could “pop over” without walking too far. We contemplated taking the fence down, but we Lily’s husband wouldn’t like it. Lily and CT still come over for meals, I cooked most days now, but CT hopped back to his studies straight after. Some days when Lily didn’t turn up for breakfast, she usually calls me. I guessed our love making sessions went down from couple of times a day to once a week, if I was lucky. I remembered that Tod was not as stressed doing his entrance exam.

Lily made a comment the other day which made me a little worried. She said that the more CT stress, the clingier he became. She said CT liked to cuddle more often, and like to nestle his head on her breasts. She was worried that she will find her son mental breakdown in a foetal position, so she tried to stay close to him and won’t let him leave her sight. Somehow, with all that, we were still on the phone most time of the day, albeit whisper to each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32